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    The chain links jingled together as Captain Death was forcefully brought to the Royal Court. Being the reason for the Kingdom's greatest loss was rather easy, but held many consequences. Prince James was no longer alive and Captain Death was the cause of it.

    "Get in there." A guard spoke as he pushed Captain Death into the court like room. Inside stood many old men in robes and the two people Captain Death hated most. Queen Elinor and King Louis. Secrets that are unimaginable took place between the young captain and the royal family.

    A man in a robe that was rather bulky on him stepped forth and unrolled a long scroll that's end hit the floor.
    "Captain Death, for you crimes against the crown you have been brought her to face punishment. You have been charged with countless acts of thievery, murder- including the brutal homicide of our beloved Prince James, may he rest in peace..." The council men took his seat after completing the list of crimes that one man had committed.

    They were all worth it.

    "Bring him here." The Queen spoke, shocking much of the council. A guard did as she requested and brought the man forth. "I want to look into the eyes of my son's killer." She said in a low tone. Her eyes, a ice blue, teared up, but not one tear escaped her eye.

    Captain Death, a man with the same eyes as her majesty, smiled without guilt. This woman before him was nothing more than the filth of his shoe and she knew it. Her dark past was lurking right in front of her and that scared her more than Captain Death being a killer. One little slip of his tongue and this Queen's reputation would be tarnished.

    "Have you no remorse for your actions?" She asked.

    Captain Death shook his head and shrugged. "I enjoyed it." He said. Sure he was acting quite psychotic, but it did not mind. His respect for the crown was zero, everyone knew that.

    A fit escaped the Queen, Council, and King, but it was soon resolved with many hushed tones and whispers. During that time, Captain Death had took notice in the King's rather pale complication and dark eye lids. He was sick. Dying even.

    So they haven't brought me here to die. They would've just hung me.

    A small smirk formed on the Captain's mouth. His dark features were devilishly handsome and his beard framed his face in a gorgeous manner. His hair, despite not being done that day, was still rather smooth and breath taking.

    "We have a offer for you..." The King began. It was a long speech about his health and the chance of Captain Death making it into heaven.

    "Get to the point old timer." The Captain said. He was tired of hearing such a formal speech and words he didn't want to figure out what they meant.

    "Captain Death.... Liam Beckett.... for your crimes you will be put to death, but you may prolong your death by retrieving the Holy Grail for your King."



    This day would forever rest heavy on Liam's heart, this was the day he had consented to working for the crown. He sighed as he walked down the docks. He practically had sold his soul to the devil and for what? Another week, month, year to live? Though he wasn't going down without a fight. Liam was good at plotting things and this time he was plotting to escape his fate.

    As the Phoenix, Liam's trusty vessel, came into sight he smiled and the sorrow escaped him. This ship was his home and his way out of reality.

    "Captain is back.... surprisingly." A young man by the name of Smith said. He was short for a right hand man, but he was worthy. His dark features was matched with dark brown hair. Smith had little facial hair, his eyes were a sea green, and his clothing was rather poor quality. Though he did not mind any of this.

    Liam chuckled as he bordered the ship. "That's right! And I got our next adventure..." He said before taking a select few men below deck.

    The ship was quite a beauty. It was not a sloppy ship like a normal pirate ship, but instead it was neat and almost new. That was why it was called the Phoenix. No matter how many fights it was in or years it sailed it was new. Liam had received it from a woman he once loved, or should he say still loved deep down, but his reputation didn't permit for him to love a woman of such power.

    Explaining all that had happened since his disappearance from his ship and crew, Liam told them of the Grail that they now sought and the need to devise a plan to escape. "Both are critical, but my life is far more important." He told the crew.

    "But how do we rid ourselves of the Navy?" A man by the name of Elijah said. He was quite old, but was quite a friend to Liam.

    Liam smiled. "Easy. We are going to lose them." And that they would do.

    As soon as the ship had sailed out of the cove, Royal naval ships had made their way behind the Phoenix. Funny how they wanted Liam to retrieve an item that he knew they would take credit for finding, yet none of them had the balls to get.

    "It's almost time, Lads." Liam said to his crew. The men, and few women, took note and readied themselves. The Phoenix was about to leave those goody-goody ships in the dust, just as Liam wanted. As Liam saw the last naval ship leave the cove, he yelled to his crew to lower the sails. In seconds the mighty ship took full charge, the naval ships behind the Phoenix tried to do the same, but failed. No ship on the open sea had such great power.

    Warning shots were soon fired from the canons of the naval ships, but in no way was those ships in the shape to reach the Phoenix and take it. No one had done that in the past and no one was going to now.

    A dark chuckle escaped Liam. This was exactly what he needed, now if only he knew what was coming next was going to change the course of his actions dramatically.
    The night had began to fall, Liam was rather tired from his journey across the sea towards the south. However, his sleep would have to wait as the tides took a turn for the worse. For such claim waters, Liam didn't understand what had happened until he realized what stars he laid under.


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    Nixie Goddess of the Seas or Nix

    The water lapped at the shore line and hungry clawed at the female who stood at the waters edge. She was in a blue green dress that matched the sea. Her eye's watched as a ship sailed away from her waters and out into the open. The females look was one of anger and anguish. She despised the man, They called Captain Death or Liam Beckett He had stolen from her and broke her heart. Something you did not do to a goddess especially not one who controlled the seas the other sailed on. She had told him, she would go where he would go if only he would just take her with him. He however left in the middle of the night after drinking with her and getting her to sleep with him. When she woke on the soft animal fur alone, she ran out to see the ship sailing away. Her screams were heard across the waters. She cursed his name and breathed out angrily. She had not realized he had stolen from her as well. Her symbol, the thing that made her a goddess was stolen by him. The Neklace of Neptune, the one thing made for her. It would only glow in her presence and tug to be in its rightful place.

    This woman who had been scorned was not just a human woman, but a Goddess. She was the Sea Goddess Nixie. She also went by Nix. However you would be having a very bad day if she caught you comparing her to Nyx the Goddess of night.

    Now No ship passed through her waters again with out her approval. The waters lay still, till she was sure he was not aboard. Many a ship lay at the bottom of her waters due to the men's idiocy. Navy, Merchant and Pirate ships a like all lay at the bottom of the sea many men sent to Davy Jones locker.

    Years passed and still no sign of the pirate who had scorned her. Nix would not give up, he would be back in her waters and under her thumb he would bring her Neptune and she would sink his ship along with the crew he had brought. She had raised that ship from the depths for him and she would bring it back down along with him and his crew. One thing you did not do was scorn a woman especially not a Goddess. The sea did not forget so easily and neither would she.

    Fate seemed to be on her side as the tides turned in her favor. In her hut on the beach Nix was writing in her book of how many souls she had taken when a strong breeze tugged at her Green and blue dress. It seemed to drag her out of her hut and to the surf where the water hungrily lapped at her feet. She could feel it in her bones. He was back, her love who had scorned her. A dark grin spread on her face. His ship would enter her still waters soon enough and she would be their to greet him. By the day light she could tell his ship would reach the point of no wave break as night approached.
    As the evening approached Nix stepped out to the surf and saw a ship as it slowly stopped in her calm waters. Nixie stepped into the water and she walked out till she could dive under the calm water and swim to the ship. She used a mermaid tail to help her swim faster. Her tail surfaced on one side then the other. The crows nest called it."Captain their be something in these waters. It's right their and again." The man said and felt uneasy about being here. He stopped looking at the sky and the world around them. He gulped.

    " Sir it's her isn't it." He said with out hesitation. The crew knew what he had done and only a few stayed with him after he did it. They were afraid of the sea now because of what he had done. The one woman not to mess with and the captain had done it. The crows nest went silent the water had gone calm again no sign of a flicking tail He knew his captain was looking for her as well and yet their was to be no sign of the Lady In the Water. The man in the crows nest didn't like this at all. He was not ready to drown.

    The man did not see the woman slip on to the boat and sit on the railing by the helm. She was as silent as the water grave she had created for men. Her legs hung lightly off the railing as she saw the man she had once loved, well to be honest still loved. Yet she would not let him hurt her again.
    "Nixie..." were the words he had spoken. She appeared when called.

    "Good evening Captain, I see your travels lead you back to my waters. Years ago you left me alone on the shore line, and stole something very dear to me." She spoke softly and coldly. Nix hopped off the railing landing on the deck with no thud and no sound. Her steps however missed no beat. Cold calculating Goddess with a dark look in her eyes.

    "You call I have come, come do not looked so shocked."a sly smirk reached her lips."So Captain Death what brings you to my waters on this very night?"She asked coldly. No love or affection showed in her voice towards him just coldness like the water below."Here to steal more from me, grovel for forgiveness and ask me to let your ship pass?"Her cold voice harsh and her eye's were cold."Tell me something do your new crew know they sell with a condemned man who will lay at the bottom of Davey Jones locker?" She asked him. Water dripped down her hair along her dress and down to her bare feet yet it did not pool just disappeared.​

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    How could be be so stupid to venture his vessel back into the home of his old lover? For years, Liam had avoided these waters for good reason and now he was back. A chill ran over his body, she was here. For so long Liam had avoided this part of the open seas, from sailing under these stars, from seeing her again.

    There were so many things he could say and yet he stood silent as he saw the color leave his crews bodies. For the most part many stayed with him, loyal to the end, but now he could see they feared for their lives. Some, however, did choose to leave for they had families that they cared deeply for. Sure Captain Death was a dead man to some, but he also was the best damn pirate on the seven seas.

    He was shocked that she had came instead of just sinking him to the depths of the sea. It would've been easier that way. Then she could just see her revenge acted out, but she still wouldn't have the thing he stole from her. Neptune's necklace. But was that really what she wanted? A dull old necklace instead of the man she had confessed to love deeply.

    "So you came because you wanted your necklace back?" He said to her. Liam had once needed that necklace gravely, but that was not the reason he had fallen for Nixie, not even close. "Not because you wanted to see me...oh how I am hurt." Liam smirked, speaking quite sarcastically. If she wanted to be cold he could be even more sarcastic than he normally was.

    He knew far too well that she still loved him, because if she hadn't she would've killed on the spot. Though she didn't know that he still desired for her love immensely. Nixie had been the one, and only, girl that Liam had fallen for. But how could he still hurt her? It even baffled himself. Why hadn't he been honest with her and told her what he needed the necklace for? Maybe he could have borrowed it from her instead of stolen it.

    Taking a step back from her, Liam looked at her. She was still as beautiful as ever. Breath taking and timeless with dark pools of chocolate eyes that Liam could've been lost in forever. Unlike her, Liam had aged two years, but looked even more handsome than before.

    "It's so nice to see you, love." He said sweetly, he meant it. He missed her dearly and wished she would know that. However, this issue between them was not going to be resolved in one simple sentence. A lovers quarrel was never that easy to fix.
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    Nixie Goddess of the Seas or Nix

    "Nice to see you is what you have to say to me after leaving and stealing my sign of power. Saying I love you and taking off. Was that to just get me in bed with you or did you really mean." She hissed through her teeth. The water under the Ship started to bubble with her anger and her annoyance to him."Where is it? what did you do with it?" She snapped glaring at him."Yes I came because I wanted it back, before I drown you and your crew. I gave you this ship I can send it right back to the depths of Davey Jones." She huffed at him. she was less mad now. He was the man she loved and her temper was one to fly off the handle then cool way down again. She let the water ease to a stillness and gave him a dark look.

    "I missed you as well, Dear." She said still slight venom to her tone. She had missed him and she couldn't sink him even if he gave her symbol back . she loved him to much, now letting his ship leave her seas that was not going to happen for she had grounded it and their it would stay stuck and not moving till she sunk it or let him go. He had aged two years, she could see that yet he looked even more spectacular then when she last saw him. She had offered him immortality she wanted him to live forever. Well she had, she was unsure of it now, She was still very upset with him.

    Her eye's followed him, He had stepped back from her and She let out a small huff."Just give it back, that's all" She said. she would let him go and tell him to never return. She didn't want to hurt any more and standing here was killing her. Seeing him hurt a lot. Yes of course she was mad. He left and stole from her and yet her love for a mortal man was killing her inside. She wanted him to stay. She wished to make him immortal. To be with him and yet she was sure he did not wish to be with her. Yes she was sure he had missed her, but did he even still love her. Pain and betrayal flashed through her eye's as she watched him.

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    A Smile cracked from the young captain's face. Nixie was just a blunt and lively as ever. Liam eyed her as she spoke to him. "Doesn't work like that, sweet heart." Liam said walking away from her and towards the lower part of the deck. Sure he should have feared Nixie after all she was a goddess, but he didn't. He couldn't.

    Tracing his hand over the railing of the ship, Liam thought to himself. Where was that necklace? He knew, but he wouldn't give it up just for nothing. He had leverage.

    "Neptune's necklace is stored safely, far away from this ship." Liam informed her as he turned on the heel of his boots. There was no way he would travel with such an item, especially here. As long as he didn't have that necklace on him, she couldn't sink him. "Why so gloomy, darling? Sad I don't have what you want?" He asked her, a smile plastered on his face. He vaguely remembered the goddess saying she loved him for that smile. A smile unlike any others that was for sure.

    Upon hearing that she did miss him, it confirmed Liam's thoughts. She still loved him. The only woman that would ever love him after he did such a thing was she. He sighed, partially in relief. Nixie was fierce, but she couldn't sentence a man to death she loved. At least Liam hoped so.

    "There it is." Liam said with a smirk as he re-approached her. "That venomous tone to keep you from admitting what we both know..." He said before trailing off. Now he could tell that Nixie knew he could read her quite well.

    Liam walked over to his crew mates, whom seemed to claim themselves as they noticed their Captain was claim. "Back to work." He said to them before walking towards his own quarters. Opening the door, he looked at her. "Come on in." He then stood there and waited for her to enter before him.
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    Nixie Goddess of the Seas or Nix

    Nixie almost let out a frustrated screech of annoyance. She would sink this ship to get her symbol of power back. He was toying with her again and she didn't enjoy being toyed with. Yet he still had neptune.She could dag the ship down and drown his men and leave him stranded till he agreed to give her symbol power back. Though she did have his ship completely imbolized even the strongest wind would not budge that ship a hair line it would stay put where it stood till she wanted it to move. Her eye's went dark and the sky turned grey and thunder rolled in? She would kill him if he sold Neptune. Her symbol of power was gone. Nixie glared at him and let storm continue to rage and brew with her anger. The rain started to come down in sheets and hail along with it.

    She walked in when he offered it. She left his crew in the rain and hail. " What? you do not have what you stole from me then we no longer have anything to speak about. You want to make a deal fine I want my symbol of power back and you and your crew can be on your way never to return to these seas again. Next time you will find a way around." She said. Her arms were crossed."I have no qualms about letting you and your crew starve here on this boat,no winds means nowhere to go, then the madness of cabin fever sets in and your whole crew goes mad till one day their so hungry they eat one another from starvation." She said and went for his window to jump back into the sea.

    Nixie stopped and turned, she looked at him. Their was a longing in her eyes. She slowly walked over to him deliberate steps. She stood before him and sighed looking up at him."why did you leave me behind I offered you the world and you broke mine. why come back when it just causes to much pain for both of us. I know you love me still you can see it in your eyes as much as mine." She said.

    "You provoked a goddess, no sane man would do such a thing to someone who controlled the seas. Your crew Fears their impending death your their captain they trust you to do something." She said,"So how does Captain Death plan to save his crew, toy with a goddess once again and hope to hell She let's your ship leave with your men intact." She asked.Her lips were close to his.

    Nixie stood on her toes and kissed him on the lips. She was in a dangerous mood, if she wished she could drown him with this kiss but she wanted him alive, she moved her lips back from him."Your going to come back to land with me and we're going to talk about why your traveling through my waters with out Neptune and what your running from? also why I am holding back the royal navy at the edge of my waters." She said and looked at him giving him a knowing look like he was hiding something. She knew him just as well as he knew her.

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    Nixie was always her own person, very independent and stubborn. Liam was the same. He wasn't someone to rely on others and in fact he didn't appreciate many a person. "Let them starve. I won't be blackmailed, love." Liam, Captain Death, mentioned to the goddess that stood in the same room as him. Liam's harsh and stubborn ways was something of legend.

    Walking over to the back windows, Liam looked out. Far on the horizon stood five naval war ships, each just as stuck as the Phoenix was. Interesting. Nixie didn't want a fight at her front door that was clear, but why not if she wanted him dead? At least he wouldn't die at her hands and she wouldn't have to feel any guilt from killing her love.

    "Stop talking with such anger, it's boring me." Liam muttered as he turned around. He wasn't much a fan of hearing the same tone for so long. Or the same question. "I don't have it here, Nixie. You should know that." Liam said leaning asked his desk as he watched her every move.

    Liam sighed and looked down for a moment. "I left for a lot of reasons, Nix." He confessed. There were much more to his reasons than just stealing a treasure. He felt he was protecting her, but in return ended up hurting her. It was messy that was for sure, but how else was leaving a goddess behind going to result in?

    Standing up as she approached him, Liam smirked. "You're not going to kill them." Liam informed her before accepting her kiss and kissing her back. It had been so long since he had felt her lips against his and he loved it. "I can't captain a ship of no men, and when I leave I am going to need them." He said to her.

    Walking after her as she led him away from the desk, Liam sighed. "Then let's go." He said to her.

    Liam, led by Nixie, walked across the floor of her home back and forth. "So, what would you like to hear first?" Liam questioned her and he watched the ship outside. It looked breathe taken just like the day he had received it. "My betrayal or why I am being hunted down?"

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    Nixie Goddess of the Seas or Nix

    "Stop talking with... stop talking with anger? how am I supposed to stop that when you betrayed, lied, and stole from me and still don't have what you stole from me, to even return it to my hands. How do you expect me to react with open arms and say their their everything is okay. I forgive you for being a despicable human being. when I did nothing to deserve it and yes you would need a crew if I killed them and it would be my crew you would take with you." Nixie said with a glare at him. He could smile and sweet talk her. Yet she would never forget, his betrayal. Her eye's still followed him he had kissed her back. She hated herself for feeling this way about him.

    Nixie watched as he agrees to go ashore with her. They walked out into the pouring rain on the deck and into a long boat. They went a shore to her small hut. Her feet touched the water as they get out and she stepped across the sand towards her place.
    Her place was sturdy and built between trees. It had steps up to the door and stayed far off the sand and the water that gathered under the hut. The hut had many different sections, to it, the main was at the front. Her feet stepped up the rough wood, as she had no shoes on. Her hands opened the rough wood door. Beads hung every where as well as jars and many other things. She went to start a drift wood fire and sat at the table covered in the map. The map was of the world she could use it to pin point anything in the seas or on it.

    "Well start at the beginning where you left me behind and move to where my symbol of power is and how your going to return it to me and why I have Royal Navy Ships at my shorelines." She said. Nixie disliked the Royal Navy. They took over everything and did not like those who defied them. Also they were a superstitious bunch and her being a goddess would get her hung. She had the urge to let them sink. Yet she wanted to know why they were after Liam. She loved the man, yet she really hated him so she had two options sink the ships or let them come get her love. However she wished to hear what happened before she made any decisions. She grabbed two cups and poured Rum for him and nectar for her. A drink only a immortal could have pass their lips. She was watching him closely. She didn't want funny buisness or lies. The ocean calmly lapped at her shores and the rain continued as she drank her nectar. "Sit, no pacing, have a drink." She said.
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    Nixie was always an eager woman, never giving up the topic she wanted most to know about. Though Liam had no intention on giving away that ancient items location just yet. Of course he would return it some day, but today was not that day.

    Pacing around the room, despite Nixie's wish for him to not, Liam thought to himself. Why did I leave you behind, huh? He thought silently to himself. "I didn't wish to do so..." It was a beginning that he found so unless to this situation, but it was the truth. "I want to take you with me, but then a target would soon be placed on your head as it is on mine." Liam spoke, his voice full of affection.

    All those years ago, if he could have taken her with him without fear of the navy wishing her harm he would have. He loved her, but it was his love that drove him to leaving her. How could he have been so stupid all those years ago, he could have been sailing the open seas with the woman he yearned for for quite some time. Now here he was, again, located right at the place he wanted to be.

    "If I wanted you in danger, Nixie, I would have sailed away with you that night. No questions asked." Liam finally stopped pacing a settled down in the chair across from her. "I would have had you by my said day in and day out, but I was afraid of losing you in such a chaotic world." His words were sincere.

    Liam looked down at his wrist for a moment. There was a leather black cuff link that was given to him long ago by his father. What would he have said about all this? About his son being a pirate, one of the most notorious ones at that? Liam couldn't help but believe his father had a small pit of admiration, yet regret in his father's eyes. His father loved this life, but did not wish it for his son's adulthood.

    Again Liam rose, inhaling deeply as he starred out into the bay. Over the shore line and past the Phoenix was the navy themselves. "As for them..." Liam began as he turned back to face her. "They want me dead." It was a short simple phrase that packed a punch. "I've done things, Nixie, that I don't regret, but the world views it as evil."

    Killing someone that was blood was a complete story from killing a stranger. It took a act of pure hatred to do so, but yet that was not Liam's reasoning. His brother, despite no one knowing about his true heritage, was a man full of secrets and lies. His intentions were no good and Liam had to look after his own mother after all. So yes, Liam killed his brother and no he did not regret it.

    "Those men on that ship are to come and fetch my head or escort me to a treasure I am to retrieve for them before my death." Liam admitted. It was weird talking about his own death. Captain Death had in fact been sentenced to death, but he still wasn't going down without a fight. "I don't plan on letting them kill me."
  10. Nixie sat as she watched him, she listened and was taken a back by his excuse for leaving her behind." I am not a helpless human, nore am I a weak Goddess, I can handle a price on my head the same as you." She said." I am not as fragile as you think. I could of gone with you." She said." Evil no, not the best choices maybe. As for the Navy they will not bother you. You will get a head start if I can help it, on one condition Liam your taking me with you, it's not a question or me asking you. I am going with you, end of the argument." She said and walked over to him with a small sigh as they said were here to kill him.

    "They will not have you or your head." She said and walked away from the window, Nixie went to her chimes and ran a nail across it and looked into the pool of water. The water bubbled and gurgled." My sweet sweet pet, 3 royal ships await you to sink them. Happy Hunting." She said and the water went still and she smirked darkly, She had a strong dislike of humams so killing them was nothing to her and 3 whole ships nothing. A God was cold and a goddess was cruel. The Deitys had no remorse."Watch the horizon Captain Death this will buy us enough time to put distance between them and us." She said. The ships started to rock and go down one by one. She watched with cold unwavering eye's. "So Liam where is our heading?" She asked and looked at him. She was still slightly angry he hadn't answered her about her necklace of power and she could not even see it in his mind. However her mood had considerably changed from anger to intrigue.

    "one minute" She told him.Her small feet moved from him and the window. She went in search of something. Her hands stopped on the immortality cup, all those who drink from it would live on forever. She moved on and stopped at a black box. It was sealed, no opening no seem just a solid box of black. So it seemed. However with on drop of her blood it opened and out came a necklace it was a green round like marble that had a swirling green and blue color in it. She tied it around her neck lightly. she had grabbed a bag and few things she would need as well as the eternal cup. She make him an immortal yet. Nixie finally walked back into sight."Typhoon will help get the ship unstuck and out of the still waters, I can not make them unstill till I get Neptune back. Neptune was more then a sign of power controlled a good many of things. Like my emotions and much more Typhoon is Neptune's twin brother but has a lot of the opposite effect. I will help you get what you seek I know exactly where it lies. However I want Neptune back and around my neck where it belongs." She said." Tell me why you took it, I am obviously not getting it back yet." She said.

    "It better be a good reason to steal a Goddesses symbol of power." She said gently. Nixie had the bag on the chair and she walked over to Liam. Her hands went to his shoulder and she slipped her arms around his muscular body." Damned if you damned if you don't but, by God you are a damned man Liam and hell I wouldn't have it another way. Now shall we rest a bit before we set out for what you seek?" She asked him. Her eye's were on him and she moved around him. Her body pressed to his, she knew how to manipulate him with a look, he was hers and she was his. A small plea would make either do as the other asked.
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