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  1. So as the title states this is my idea. It's a roleplay about a phoenix and a werewolf, below is the setting and idea for this. If you're interested I'd really like to do this! :D

    Setting: The finding of Uniques sent the world into massive panic mode and soon they were testing for unique variables in everyone’s dna sequence. They sent up different camps for those who test tested different than everyone else.
    They began the ethnic cleansing at first. Killing thousands of people, and then a man rose up and suggested that they use the unique’s to seek out other unique’s, to make them fight each other like dogs, or use them to conquer our enemies. Soon mass murder turned into capture and retrieve. If you didn’t join you were tested on, if you joined you were given a tracking devise and a chip implanted in your heart. That way if you tried to turn on them they could flip your kill switch. Several Unique’s began to band together growing in masses to fight back, to have freedom once again. Soon the land became riddled with the scars of war and towns were evacuated. Normal people lived in area’s considered ‘Unique Safe’ zones. This entailed that no Unique’s were there, or they were registered under the government.

    Plot: She's been in a facility for as long as she can remember. Tortured and experimented on she hates what they have done to people like her. He is helping the rebellion and breaks into a facility to destroy it, hoping to help stop the chaos. When he is in the middle of destroying the facility he finds her being experimented on. Killing the scientists and freeing her she begs to come with him and take down the people who have tortured her. He agree's and now the government is after them and they try to destroy more facilities and bring back peace to those like them.

    She's the Phoenix and He's the werewolf. I'm looking for somebody to play him! I prefer do rp over pm's mainly because all the forms i join in just seem to die or get lost, but I will consider it if that is what you prefer.

    I am willing to do a couple versions of this one, but if you also have an idea maybe you'd want to try I'd like to hear it! :D
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  2. Gosh it's hard to turn down a chance to play a lycanthrope in RP...

    Hit me up if the offer still stands. I'd love to know more!
  3. Hi! Sorry for an extremely late reply but if you are interested I'd like to start another one.
  4. Ohmy yes! I'd love to try this~ and i too love rolelaying in pm
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