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  1. In 1985 a student from Kyota High in class C died in a field trip. They were staying at Akirabi Shrine for three days and two nights. On the second night, she was standing on the edge of a cliff, looking out into the city when the party where she was standing broke away and fell. She died instantly but after graduation she appeared in the back row as pale as a ghost. Only her sister saw the photo as well as the librarian and principal but no one else. Now, every year weird deaths happen to the kids in class C. It could be a family member, the class teacher or class assistant, bug mostly the students. No one knows how to stop this but it happens from the begging to the end of the year and many people die by strange accidents. Will you survive the strange phenomenons?

    ~The RP thread~

    The Form (open)

    Student or Family?:

    My Form (open)

    Name: Rei Hiroshima
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Meet her
    Looks: Above
    Family: Her aunt
    Student or Family: Student
    History: Her mother was in class C and died when a bus ran over her. She lived with her aunt ever since.
    Other: Nope
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  2. Do you mind if I have two characters?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Kaori Takeda || Toshiya Takeda

    Age: 15 || 15

    Gender: Female || Male


    The twins are described as mysterious, to others. Both of them have an inseparable bond.
    Kaori is a quiet girl. Usually, she would follow her brother's lead. People often thinks she is a gloomy kid. She is described as a wallflower. She will always look out for her brother. Whenever she speaks, one can describe her tone as monotonous.
    Toshiya is playful and mischievous. Because of that creepy smile on his face all the time, people often think he's up to no good. Unlike his sister, he is an extrovert. He is adventurous but can be a bit of a coward sometimes. Nevertheless, he will always protect his sister.


    She stands at 5'5". She has dull grey eyes. Her face is naturally a frown, making her seem sad most of the time. Usually wears monotone colours, like black, grey and white. Some days, she might wear red. She has three piercings on her right ear and two on her left. The most prominent thing on her outfit would be the number of bracelets and wristbands on her left wrists.

    He stands at 5'8". He has grey eyes, like his sister. Unlike his sister, he has that creepy smile on his face most of the time. Usually wear red or black. He has five piercings on his right ear and two on his left.

    Family?: Mother and father.

    Student or Family?: Students

    History: Their cousin was in Class C a few years back. He survived but seems mentally distraught.

    Other: They are both hardcore paranormal and myth believers. Often, Toshiya would jump into conclusions if anything funny is going on. Toshiya is older then Kaori by a few minutes.
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  3. (Accepted)
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  4. Appearance (open)
    Name: Yuka Morizawa

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Yuka is a kind woman with a gentle mannerism towards her students. Often, she takes her time after school to tutor those who ask her. Rarely, does the woman become angry with her students, but the times she loses her temper end up disastrous almost, the woman almost always sobbing by the end of her outburst. Nevertheless, her students tend to like her, and on days when she isn't tutoring, some just stay after to help around her room or talk to her a bit, curious to know more about the kind, but mysterious woman.

    Looks: Yuka has long pink hair that is normally tied up in a bun, pulled away from her face on which glasses are perched. She is fair skinned and is nicely curved, being well endowed, but unusually, she falls to stand at 5'4", a rather small stature. Often, she wears pencil skirts and a white button up to the school, but occasionally, she shows up to school events in normal clothes, often being a shorter skirt and a loose sweater, much like many of her students wear.

    Family?: None. She lives alone, and has no close family she keeps in contact with.

    Student or Family?: Teacher

    History: Yuka graduated from one of the other classes, but was friends with a girl who died in class C. She speaks little about the paranormal events that seem to transpire, often getting extremely quiet when the subject is brought up. However, after she graduated, she found herself pulled back to work at the school, having no other job opportunity open to herself. Now, she tried her best to keep her students safe, knowing the inevitable is upon them.

    Other: Yuka is hell bent on trying to keep her reputation decent, but finds it increasingly harder, as she is nearly the same age as some of these students because of her early graduation, which has caused her taboo attraction to some students.
  5. He is the one on the far right
    Name: Tadashi Kurunagi
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He is a rebel and gets in trouble a lot but is very brave and bold. He is usually rude and cold hearted but if he finds someone to care about he becomes kind and loving towards that special person. He is also quiet when he isn't being rude and he minds his own buissness
    Looks: Above
    Family: He lives on his own
    Student or family?: Student
    History: His mother and father left him and never came back and last year he found out that they had been mountain climbing but a rock slid happened and they were killed
    Other: Not really​
  6. Name: John Eisert
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: honest, intelligent, worked hard in school, lived in the suburbs most of his life, works out and is kind
    Looks: above average
    Family?: one sister and his mother
    Student or Family?: student
    History: his fther was murdered when he was 5, he feels he still haunts him to this day, lived in Germany until he was nine and then moved to Japan
    Other: he is somewhat depressed, he has anxiety, also is bisexual
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