The Phenomenons ~RP~

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  1. Rei awoke to her alarm clock. She turned it off and got up. The sky was still dark and it was 6:30 am. She yawned and stretched before she got undressed. She put on a white bra, blue boot cut jeans, light blue loose tee with dark blue side stripes, black comfy sneakers with white laces. The shirt started at the middle of her shoulders and went down to below her belly. She walked downstairs and grabbed an apple. She ate it to the core and drank all of her orange juice before she ran outside and hopped on her bike. School started today and she was going to be the new student of class C, unaware of the danger. She rode to school.

  2. Yuka sat languidly at her desk, already at the school at this ungodly hour. Of course, she always was up there early, enjoying the comforting atmosphere of her classroom while she read her novel. Her novel of today happened to be Bad Behavior, a favorite of the woman's, which was precariously propped up atop her legs, which were unceremoniously settled atop her desk, as, she had no care to be ladylike in the presence of nobody. Little went noticed by the woman, except for the scent of her Chai tea that wafted through the air, filling the classroom with the smell of cinammon and ginger, a favorite combination of hers. 'I wonder when the students will arrive...I probably should move and set my book back in my purse,' she thought after a few moments.
  3. Every morning, it was hard for the twins to wake up. Nevertheless, they managed to wake up in time for school. Both took a ten minute shower each, before getting ready for school. Today, they somehow managed to wear the same colours. Kaori wore a deep red hoodie, a black skirt that stopped mid-thighs, a pair of black knee high socks and grey sneakers. Toshiya wore a loose long sleeved black shirt with maroon coloured pants and black sneakers. As soon as the twins were ready, they took their lunch package that was prepared by their mother before she left for work. As if it was rehearsed, they both yawned and stuffed their lunch into their matching black school bag. They left the house and made their way to school, which is a fifteen minute walk from their house.

    The night before, none of them could fall asleep after knowing which class they would be in for the new school year. They only heard rumors about those who ended up in Class C. For example, their cousin. Toshiya let out a huge yawn, ruffling his messy black hair, his fringe fell in front of his face, covering his right eye and making his left eye the only eye visible. He glared down at his shorter sister, the normal creepy smile on his face, "Do you think anything will happen? I mean, do you remember Cousin Shimizu~?"

    Kaori looked up at her taller brother, a sad look on her face even though she isn't, "Please don't mention him. Haven't you forgotten what our parents and auntie and uncle said?"

    With that, she faced front. Toshiya wanted to respond back but chose not to. The rest of their walk to school was a quiet one, though they do enjoy each other's company. A few minutes later, they reached the school. It was their first time to reach school and be one of the earliest. They saw a few students walking around the school in that early morning, some looking at them while some were minding their own business. Soon, they were walking in the corridor of their new classroom. The students that were there were looking at them in curiosity. Once they stood in front of Class C's classroom, they could almost hear the whispers getting louder. Glancing at each other, Toshiya knocked on the classroom door a few times, "We're coming in."
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