The Pharaoh has arrived :D

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  1. Hello fellow members, the Pharaoh of all things have arrived :D :D :D

    I've been in the role playing scene since middle school and it has had its ups and downs. My personal favorite role play being one I created

    History of my favorite and most popular role play story line that you may or may not care about, but regardless am so gonna attempt to make an incarnation here one day to see if its first incarnation success can happen again :D
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    It was called "Black Nova Research Facility RP" it lasted so long that the forum it was made on shut down for maintenance so we had to go to another forum and do it in PM there... Then that place got shut down too XD eventually real life stuff happened to the other RPers and it finally died. The funny part is that it was originally intended to be super short with an ending that the RPers characters choose (The bad ending would have happened due to the characters choices in the RP XD) but the RPers showed that the RP was also designed to be self sufficient as long as the RPers made their own plot points and created drama that would happen in those situations (I'm super flexible, if I have a main plot point but your characters would go on a side plot? So be it, do what your characters would do, not quite what you or others would want your characters to do)

    I made a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th incarnation at other places but those went down hill. The 2nd incarnation was basically taken over by RPers that take over other peoples characters and I was like "Yeeeeaaaahhhhhh I'll let them have their fun." Honestly, I think its still going even to this day XD I just don't like how they RP so I let them hijack it as clearly they are having a blast. (Or were when I was still following it when they hijacked it)

    the 3rd version was strictly RP with a friend, this one mainly followed a relationship and the hardships of a few missions... It got dark o.o So dark that we had to reset it due to how screwed up the RPers characters mind got. THEN there was the 4th incarnation. The RPers weren't exactly as self sufficient as the first incarnation RPers and I didn't quite have the time to keep the plot moving so that one died due to inactivity (And one of them thinking their character was protected when my rule page quite clearly stated they weren't DX His character literally pissed off EVERY other character and thought he was safe when my rule page basically said "This RP is heavy about consequence. If your character makes terrible decisions and gets many people wanting to kill him, then that character is going to die. If that happens, you can make a new character, or start fresh with the character you were using before" (But worded MUCH better)

    So Lately it's had its downs as forums I've been to has been lately have been quite toxic (You wouldn't believe the people I've ran into o.o)
    And because of that, Now a days I only RP with a few people, the one I know in real life, and the someone who showed me this place. I hear this place is super cool and chill which I've started to think doesn't exist anymore XD But if what he says is correct, then yay ^^

    (O.O O.O O.O O.O that was CLOSE! I BARELY tapped my power cord and my PC shut off, SOOOOOOOOO glad this forum saves your post o.o)

    ANYWAY XD I hope that we all have the MOST of fun during our RP's and gfaiwe nfgaiowh aiowehjfaiow j
    Hello good RPers, I am a character Shadon created, Ashela Roselina. I am so awesome, badass, and in depth that I was able become a real person, tackle Shadon to the floor, and take over this introduction >:D Fan favorite characters used of Shadon has been the totally insane Agent Aki, the pretty cool Agent Aqua, the deadly and super sexy badass woman code named Corruption, and the absolute best and favorite, the silly and TOTALLY AMAZINGIST RP CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Myself. I am so cool and unique, that someone once asked in PM if Shadon had mental issues XD The answer to that question is a solid YES! Only someone that's fucking crazy can create someone such as mahself :D And no, "mahself' is not a misspell. Andfhaiweawo jiwjfioj aeiowjf iewjf

    Sooooooo yeah, that's probably the craziest intro to a forum I've ever done XP Let's see if it breaks or makes me here o.o
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! Saw you in General Chat, you're already fitting in >:)
  3. Welcome to Iwaku! I'm sure you'll be right at home in our crazy little corner of the internet :) If you ever are bored or need a hand, feel free to "start a conversation" with me!
  4. Already fitting in? Ye-yeah ^^

    And I'll be sure to do that Minibit :D

    One more fun fact I forgot to mention. Currently I have 125 characters in my main universe (That's not counting my other universes I created nor is that counting machine models/weapon names/etc etc, just plain characters, that number may be closer to 120 if you only count fully fleshed out, but whatevs, point I have ALLOT :D Which makes it a bit hard for me to decide who to use in an RP DX I wanna show them all love, but I cant.

    Does anyone know any good character creation thing out there? Ive made quite a bit of my characters using soul calibur 5 and the program used for my avatar, but those are a bit limited, at least for what i'm needing for most my characters.
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