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    Let's start out with a simple Hello. Now for the important parts. Oh who am I kidding talking about me is important.
    I am a wrighter and have been roleplaying longer then I thought. About 5 years or so experience.
    I play anything from incese to that random ass story about ninja's.

    Romance is okay for me but strictly romance is a no. I like to think as RPing as doing things that you know you could never do. Being a person you wish to be but know you will never be. Imagination is key.
    I'm not a grammar Nazi but if I can't read it then I won't reply. Please make it read able. So please be intermediate or higher.

    Also I tend to play guys more the girls.

    Now let's get to the good stuff. Plots! FYI these are only a few. I have more. Also if u wish to suggest go for it.

    • A cruel cold hearted vampire next in line to rule finds himself caught up with a human girl. One day while wondering the castle grounds he finds her on her last strand of life. She begs him to save her only to find she made a deal to be his slave.
    • She spent her entire life being laughed at for being a fat nerd. Her at home life wasn't any better. Finally having enough of it she decided to do reasearch. Coming a cross an old book used for summoning demons. Doing what the book instrucked she summoned a demon of royalty. "We bleed for our royalty." Selling her soul she becomes what she wished but now has harsh consequences.
    • She was nothing more then an average girl. She was a fan but no crazyed fan girl. Lies a popular rock boy band comes to town. Somehow she manages to get onto their tour bus without even knowing it and before they realise it they are already out of that country.
  2. Hiya, I'm interested in doing the first one, if you'd like :)
  3. I'm fine with it. ^.^
  4. Cool, I'll pm you and we can discuss details then!
  5. I'd love to do any of those, but preferably the first or third ones
  6. I'd like to do the second one!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.