The Phantom's Remorse

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  1. Hello all.

    I have a open roleplay I am looking to do.

    I am looking for a Phantom of The Opera roleplay, that is based five years after the incidences with Christine and Erik in the Opera house.

    Basically, Erik fleed from the Opera house in the midst of turmoil with Christine. And he made a vow, that he would never sing again. WELL, then he meets someone, or rather. Someone meets him. A female, walks into the old Opera house. Noticing the dust ridden curtains, the old wooden stage... And the beautiful intoxication in which prevoked her. She's a amatuer singer, on her way to playing in Opera's, and musicals. Her name is Evangeline.

    One evening, it's raining. Parting the doors, she walked down a road, her hair drenched, her satin gown soaked until she felt her skin raise beneath the fabric. Noticing a small opening in the side of the Opera house, she scrunched downward and fled into the warmth. Picking her fragile body up, her hands mushed the dirt from the folds of fabric. Looking up, she noticed the dim gaze of the dust covered chandilere which hung in it's previous glory.

    Walking closer, her hands lets unfirled grasps against the wall, a trenulous face as her feet made echoes in the midst of the basement, from underneath the Opera house's floor. Her soul was enchanted with the same spell that took Erik.
    Who emerged from the shadows, as he heard a echo through the halls. The closer the female drew from the floor, to the stage, her feet echoed as she pertained into and onto the stage. Her hair grew dry, her dress as well. And as she stood in the middle of the stage, her eyes closed, only to illuminate and open. There was a crowd, the dust was gone and visions of the stage being lit up, showed her as her voice opened, and rang out. Singing the same song, Erik enchanted Christine with so many years ago....

    The music of the night....

    Erik watched, from the shadows. Listening to the power and vitality. The beauty in her voice, captivated him... remembering what he used to be. As she sang, he listened to the lyrics, as a officer burst through the door and screamed. The female would fall back in astonishment and worry. Her illuminated dream no longer but cold reality as she stood in wet fabric, her admiration of green hues and soft locks dimming to see the disrespectful man walking toward her with a hilt of sorts. A officer's band. Demanding she get out of the Opera house at that moment. She began to run, and he would run after her, catching her by her hair, jerking her back.

    What would Erik do? Stand there? Let her get beaten? Or save her?

    ((So basically I'm looking for someone to play Erik. And his former self. I'm wanting to do a future , five years. I would like it to be a romance, where Erik finds love... ))
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