The person above me died because....

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EXAMPLE: Kitti died because she saw Pao in RL as a normal average person.

got it?

Asmo died because people forgot to push him down the stairs.
TK Died because she couldn't to Mur anymore.

Like that?
(EXACTLY, but it can be even more random!)

GMK died because he choked on a banjo.
TK died because she was Pecked to death by a cockatoo.
Died from having relations with a vacuum cleaner.
Octubre murió porque los gatos de la anciana loca le atacaron a él.

(Translation: October died because the crazy old lady's cats attacked him)
Acqua died from a completely random Hannah Montana fan uprising trampling her. o_O
Miru dead BECAUSE I TOOK A CHAINSAW TO HIS THROAT! and high colestrol.
Vay died because I contacted my old deathwatch team.
GMK died because he was somehow beamed into a version of Jeapordy where if you get a question wrong . . . *moves finger across neck like a knife*
Acqua died from getting too close to pretty water and then getting jumped by and Alligator and getting mauled to death. <3
Shadow died by the master of the light shining his light on him

*Gilliad Is a Male*
Gill died from my evil cupcakes. >>
Ike died when he/she was hit by a bungee jumper.