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  1. You were only a young child when you were taken by the men in the van. You know, your parents always said don't talk to strangers, and maybe you didn't, maybe you did but it didn't matter. At some point you were taken and you were never seen again.

    A doctor had found that it was possible to bind a humans DNA with an element from the periodic table. He tried with animals, and found that afterword the animals had new
    Abilities and slightly altered appearances. He wasn't able to see long term affects because, well when you give tears abd monkeys superpowers they tend to kill themselves accidentally.

    Dr. Scientist knew no one anywhere would approve experiments like that on humans seeing as how it was incredibly painful, even for years after. So he spent thousands and made his own lab, remote in the Rocky mountains of the western United States.

    He tried experiments on many different ages of people and found if they were over a certain age, the chemical wouldn't take as well and had different side affects. If the patient was too young, they usually died do to inability to take the bond. It hadn't been fully explored yet, but he had found that regardless of age, that the patients entire memory was wiped.

    He found that roughly in between the ages of 8 And 12 the patient would survive and take the element. And so He acted accordingly, abducting children from all around the world and binding them with elements.

    Now your being kept in a secret lab, escorted everywhere you go. You have very little free time and everything is scheduled. So what are you all gonna do? Escape? Take revenge? Why not both?

    So here's how it works. From binding your given some super powers. Don't god mod, but feel free to get creative. I would ask you to stick to one kind of superpower. There's only one rule, your powers have to be related to your element. It can be through whatever Bullshit science you can come up with. Iron has super strength because it's constantly repairing his muscles, go ahead and be creative!
    Here's the CS.
    [Prior Bonding]
    Age of Bonding:
    Appearance: (pic or description, you CAN do both but no need to. I'd ask you to go anime for a picture. If you really hate anime let me know and we can work it out.)

    [Post Bonding]
    Name: (to prevent them from Googling their old lives he gave them new, yet similar names)
    Current Age:
    Powers: (And explain why that element gives you that power)
    Affects: (differences that aren't directly a superpower, metal skin, new hair color, affinity fur cheese. [I played this it out before with a girl who played lithium, her hair was attracted to metal objects] Think of them as like secondary or tertiary powers as well as how this may create weaknesses)
    New History: (just what they've been up to since bonding, I don't expect a whole lot here)
    New Personality: (Have you been following the rules in the lab or not? Did the chemical affect you personally? [Being bonded with uranium MAY have made you a but more unstable.] you don't need to write an essay here, in fact you don't have to write anything if you don't want, it didn't have to affect you, buy it could have)

    1. So there's the general rules of the site
    2. Language, I'm okay with every swear word under the sun. I love Em all, they're great. Feel free to use them, just not excessively.
    4. Only 1 element, you can't be bonded with 2 elements
    5. There's only one allowed of each element, first come first serve.
    6. We dont need 5 people who are all super strong, if you see someone else has your power already try to create a new one, out you REALLY want a power that already taken, okay, just make sure you differentiate yourself somehow.
    6. Please try to balance your chatacters

    Sorry for the lack of professionalism, I wrote this whole thing on my phone.
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  2. [Prior Bonding]
    Name: Aedan McGroarty
    Gender: Male
    Age of Bonding: 9
    History: Aedan was born, the youngest, to a family of 5 in northern Ireland. Two older sisters who were star children. His oldest sister Mary was the best athlete in the school system, and the middle child Brianna was a straight A student. Now Aedan was taken at the age of 9, so it was really too early to tell if he had a particular gift, but you could for sure he say he was inquisitive abd adventurous. With 2 extremely talented children, most would say it was because they had money to spend on hobbies, but that wasn't the case with the McGroarty's, it seemed god was smiling upon them was all.

    Aedan was taken at the age of 9, his sisters were 14 and 19. Him and his family were simply on vacation. They had gone to see the grand canyon of the American west abd Aedan simply wandered off like always did, but the problem was he never returned. The scientist grabbed him, and that was that.

    It was a sloppy kidnap as it was the first time he had done it, the only one that the only one that the authorities ever got close to solving, eventually they settled in he had just walked off and been eaten or starved or something.

    Personality: Aedan was, and is still a very inquisitive and adventurous soul. He would willingly walk into an area he knew was dangerous simply because he was curious about it. He got along with his sisters well enough but never got around to developing feeling of protection, not to say he couldn't, just hadn't yet. He's generally always looking for something to do, and hates sitting around doing nothing. Unfortunately there's a lot to do in a scientific lab, so he ended up getting in trouble a lot. It was because of him they reluctantly decided to add a "recreation room".

    He's got no particular love of the rules, but understand why they're there, and generally follows them. And from time to time even offers help in the lab. He understand the need for leadership abd isn't afraid to step up to bat. He's very curious about who he was before, and hopes that eventually, the scientist will tell him through mutual trust abd understanding.

    The only other thing worth noting is his accent. He was born and raised, mostly, in Ireland and the binding didn't release his muscles memory of speech. I will write in an Irish accent.

    Pre Bonding Appearance

    Post-Bonding Appearance:
    Aedan stands 5' 8" with shorter black hair that he usually keeps about an in long. He keeps a light goatee that just barely connects and no sideburns. His ears are a little large, and more forward, making them seem larger than they are. He's got wider shoulders giving him the appearance of having more muscle than he really does. Having said that, he had an athletic build and actually has a fair bit of muscle. His face and jaw and hairline are straight all straight with a rounded chin.

    [Post Bonding]
    Name: Steven McGroarty
    Current Age: 19
    Element: Fe (Iron)
    Powers: Super strength and ability to turn skin to metal (max of 726lbs[327kg])
    Affects: As a result of the iron binding his bones transformed into iron. As a result he is much heavier and cannot swim anymore. Furthermore since iron is a much greater conductor of heat, he is more cold blooded than warm blooded, high/low temps can be fatal over a long period time. Finally his iron bones make him a greater conductor of electricity. Making stun guns, tazers and even defibrillators potentially fatal.

    New History: Being the earliest experiexperiment he knows the scientist better than anyone else. He's been around longer and is generally trusted more by staff and there for treated a bit better.

    He's got no particular love of the rules, but understand why they're there, and generally follows them. And from time to time even offers help in the lab. He understand the need for leadership abd isn't afraid to step up to bat. He's very curious about who he was before, and hopes that eventually, the scientist will tell him through mutual trust abd understanding.
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  3. [Prior Bonding]
    Name: Jenna Castle.
    Gender: Female
    Age of Bonding: 10
    History: Her parents were not well off but neither did they struggle for money, they lived a happy normal and rather boring life, their daughter never misbehaved or broke the rules and they counted their blessings for that daily. Though quietly Jenna would make up grand adventures, using drawings or books as an outlet to live the adventures she was too scared to have. After turning ten her parents allowed her to start walking herself to school, the school was not far away and the streets were quiet and safe.

    Though one day she didn't make it home, her parents were frantic of course but Jenna didn't know that, she was busy being driven off in a car, confused, scared and excited.

    Personality: Jenna was always a quiet girl, she liked the peace and quiet found in books opposed to being outside with other children. She worked hard at school and was always praised for her manners and studious nature, while it didn't win her any friends, she was never really a subject of bullying. She was never really prone to mood swings, in essence there was little one could really pick out about her personality, she was just a nice girl.
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    [Post Bonding]
    Name: Genie Castelle.
    Current Age: 18
    Element: O (Oxygen).
    Powers: Can break down her own cells and turn herself into a gaseous free moving spirit.
    Affects: Isn't great around those smoking, or sparks in general really. Is prone to combustion when exposed to such conditions. Has a habit of unintentionally making those around her a little light headed/high, which with long exposure can lead to a minor addiction. She can also unintentionally 'steal' peoples air from their lungs which has quite put her off kissing or being too close to people.
    New History: The first year was rough, while she didn't understand what was happening, or why she found herself in a new routine and by the second year she quite looked forward to being allowed to interact with the other children as it distracted her from that horrible feeling in her chest and the loneliness she felt.

    There was though an accident, while playing with one of the children they started having trouble breathing and when Genie started to cry it made things worse. From t hen on she was only allowed supervised, minimal contact with the other children who were all a little afraid of her, or so she assumed. In the end she stopped going all together and remained in her room for days at a time, seen only for meals and occasionally in the presence of a scientist she'd sit in a window and read.

    New Personality: She is still quiet, preferring to read or listen to music than socialize most of the time, though such is to be expected when you nearly suffocate your first real friend. She is though more carefree than she used to be, expressing herself more readily and quicker to forgive, forget and move on. At times she can be quite the air headed, apparently listening to something that very few others (if any) can hear. her new found carefree attitude does make her prone to the occasional volatile outburst, though they are rare, brief and usually utterly deserved only ever truly losing her temper when provoked. Due to her quiet nature she does make a very good listener and seems to have a soothing affect regardless whether she appears to listen or not.
    New Appearance: [​IMG]

    Oxygen Form [​IMG] For a few seconds after her shift this is what she looks like, then she's almost impossible to see at all.
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  4. Definately digging it :) accepted. I'd like you get 4-6 people before we start, that cool with you?
  5. [Prior Bonding]
    Name: Kiyoko Yui
    Gender: Female
    Age of Bonding: 11
    Personality: She had two supportive parents with no siblings, but that was alright with her since she spent her time outdoors being easily fascinated by any little thing. She never paid much attention to the other kids and was quite an airhead. She had a vast area of knowledge about stuff that was never taught in school and wasn't necessarily helpful in life, she was just letting her curiosity guide her mind. After all, she lived by the quote "Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back." Just simply seeing the leaves move or a bug flying could cause her to think up all sorts of questions, pushing her thirst for adventure even further.
    History: Kiyoko grew up with an American family in the northern hills of Japan, hence why her name is Japanese but she speaks and acts like an American. When she was 11, her loving parents gave into her desire to explore new things and they decided to take a week-long vacation to the most Southern area of Japan. On the last day of their stay, Kiyoko's curiosity got the best of her, as she slipped out of her room at midnight to try to inspect a strange noise coming from the woods. She was quietly tiptoeing around before the last thing she ever knew of her previous life was a black bag over her head and being shoved into a car.
    Appearance: Kiyoko had pure black hair that was just above her shoulders and bright lime green eyes. She was small and fragile at 4'7" and her soft face enhanced that. Her nose and lips were tiny, while her eyes and hair stood out, framing her face innocently.

    [Post bonding]
    Name: Kaoru Yuki
    Current age: 17
    Element: Ne (Neon)
    Powers: Her hair and eyes can simultaneously light up, instantly filling a large area with bright light for a long time. If she puts enough energy into it, then she can temporarily blind an enemy from her brightness.
    Affects: Her hair and eyes are unstable, meaning that if she gets too emotional in any way then she could start glowing, and some people saw her as a freak because of this. Whenever she starts to glow, 25% of her energy is instantly drained and her energy goes away faster. Her hair is also very delicate in any sort of sudden temperature or environmental change, in which her hair starts to drain health from the rest of her body to try to level itself out again.
    New History: For the first couple of years she tried to explore areas that she wasn't supposed to because of her curiosity, in return she was specially watched over for quite a while, making sure that she wasn't going anywhere restricted. Now she doesn't move around much for fear that she might be watched over again, locking her wild and free spirit in place even more so than it already was. She just sticks to the schedule and doesn't bother with anybody, living a monotone life, with monotone thoughts.
    New Personality: Her curiosity definitely remained, but because of the conditions she's now in, her mind has become dull and boring because of how repetitive everyday was. She has become evermore willing to break the rules in order to find excitement, but because of all of the men in charge of the lab supervising every single area, she hasn't had a chance to explore. She has also become less varied in her emotions in an effort to try to control her hair and eyes from randomly glowing, but she is becoming less stable by the minute, trying to find something new in everything around her, causing her emotions to be sporadic.
    New Appearance:

    (Let me know if I need to change anything! c:)
  6. Looks good! I know neon is a super unstable element so i like that you incorporated that into your character! You didn't have to make her so unstable if you don't want to though! If you do by all means fine with me! I hope we get another guy soon XD
  7. Lol, some of her "unstable-ness" will probably not be as prominent in the actual roleplay, though I also admit that I was just feeling like creating a sort of unstable character like this... xP
  8. When i originally did this with my friend i asked her if i could be bonded with uranium, my power being the ability to just make people insane, drawback was that I was slowey going insane, and leaked radiation, abd always have to wear a HASMAT suit. She didn't let me lol
  9. [Prior Bonding]
    Name: Dimitri Ivanov
    Gender: Male
    Age of Bonding: 10
    History: Dimitri grew up in a small town in one of the northern most regions of Russia. His home was simple and small and he shared it with his mother and older brother. His father was tragically killed when Dimitri was only three and thus he barely has any recollection of him. Dimitri and his brother often spent heir days out in the wilds surrounding their home and this was ultimately the cause of Dimitri's abduction. One day the brothers were playing a typical game of hide-n-seek when Dimitri simply disappeared. His brother and mother had thought him dead but in actuality he had been kidnapped.
    Personality: Dimitri was a sweet boy and always did his best to please his mother and make the absence of his father easier for her. He was very close with his older brother and the two of them were practically inseparable, despite their four year age difference. As a child he loved to read and explore and his curiosity for all things having to do with nature was unmatched.

    [Post Bonding]
    Name: Nikolai (Nik) Ivanov
    Current Age: 20
    Element: C (Carbon)
    Powers: Has the ability to draw the Carbon out of any organic material.
    Affects: Can accidentally steal the carbon from things he didn't necessarily mean to. Can be rendered motionless if subjected to very high temperatures/pressures. His body can harden or soften depending on how much Carbon has been absorbed. (More carbon = harder; less carbon = softer)
    New History: Nikolai still reads and has now developed a talent for journalism and poetry. Still loves to be outdoors, even if it can now prove harmful to the environment around him.
    New Personality: Nikolai's sweet demeanor vanished once his memories were erased and instead he became rather distant and mistrusting of pretty much everyone. He doesn't like the fact they're kept inside so much; something about nature seems to call to him and Nikolai is always comforted when he's outside exploring. This also causes him to get in trouble pretty much all the time- he doesn't much care for the rules and basically does what he wants. The effects of being bonded to carbon have had a profound effect on Nikolai's emotional status. After accidentally killing his beloved husky in a fit of rage, Nikolai spiraled into a dark depression. Eventually, Nikolai learned to control his very unpredictable power and now he lives stoically, never letting himself get angered or out of control.
    New Appearance:

    (I had to join this; it just sounded so cool xD )​
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  10. Haha your good man. I don't quite understand what his power is though? He can harden his skin?

    Also, the chemical bonding wipes their memories, they have no recollection of their past lives. Other than that you look good, so if you could fix that, your fgod to go.
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  11. Sure thing; I'll go back and fix it. I kind of read through the information at the top rather quickly so I missed that little bit. Oops.

    And as for the power:

    Carbon is essential for all living things and therefore it is in all living things. Basically he kind of acts like a giant carbon sucking sponge and anything that contains carbon can be effected. (I guess the skin think is sort of a side-effect as a result of being a giant sponge because carbon has a quality that can make it soft (like graphite) and impossibly hard (like diamonds)....probably should move that.) Any who, I hope this helped. xD
  12. So your character can make things harder or softer at will?
  13. Prior bonding

    Name: Sivenia Clustier

    Gender: female

    Age of bonding: 8

    History: Being born in a cold and brittle village just along the border of China and Russia, she acquired the name Sivenia to reflect the from wasteland that she was born upon. Her mother and father did not get long very well, her mother being Chinese wished for her to stay in China, while her half Russian half american father wanted to go to America. Eventually it was her father who won the fight, the family moved to southwest United States (I'm really bad at geography so I'm not even gonna try to go in detail.) There the family raised her until she was four, when she entered preschool the teachers there found out that she was gifted with above average intelligence. After studying some basic computer sciences that was above her age level at 6 years old she grew interested in it and wished that she could have a way to control electronics in a more advanced fashion.
    The kidnaping of her was quiet simple, since she is extremely out of shape fitness wise even for a child. One night when she wandered off seeing some old CPU beside a trash can and wandered away from her parents, then poof.

    Personality: Sivenia wasn't the most outgoing, but she could get along with most people normally. Being border lined genius didn't really get her social life more awkward then regular. Although she does has a tendency to overwork herself even in early childhood, but somehow has a weird ability that lets her work non stop for three days then sleep though three days straight. Having a extremely messed up daily schedule she some how remained healthy enough, so she isn't frail as many people think she is.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Post bonding

    Name: Syven Clester

    Current age: 14

    Element: Silicon (Si)

    Powers: Syven can control and communicate with electronics, especially computers at a certain extend. By a certain extend means that she can't just go and hack NASA, but can blow up the CPU if she gets close enough. So destruction isn't really hard, what's hard was the control. This is because high quality silicon is used in integrated circuits and many other modern technology, and perhaps only the best quality of elements will get bonded onto a human subject.

    Affects: The element didn't do much, on the outside that is. By just looking at her you can only see that her hair is in more of a dark blue color now, and the fact that she doesn't have much feminine features. But inside her the element has managed to effect her brain and is making it function similar to a computer, enhancing memory and analysis skills. Though her brain is now a moving supercomputer, it reduced her social skills down a level and needs cool down time after intense thought processes.

    New history: When she just gotten her powers, she was curios about all of the electronics around her, so she "accidentally" blew up a few parts of them, resulting a year of separation from anything that has a screen. (She did manage to blow up a electronic toaster during that though) After she managed to control her powers she got her own little world that she floats in currently.

    New personality: She kept her odd yet strangely productive way of life, sometimes falling asleep in hallways. Now she is more messy then before, having the ability to remember where everything is she no longer organized anything that she owns, which likely made the cleaning ladies faint when they see what she's done to a room. Syven isn't really that antisocial although her social skills where reduced, she is still likable since she can also enhance wifi signals with her powers.

    New appearance: I'm not kidding when I said that she looks a lot like a guy.
    PS: The pictures are from one of my friend's periodic tables personification project, I might change or post details in the future XD
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  14. Reserved away.
  15. Hot shit. Accepted, Please get those pics up soon!

    I was going we'd have a tech! I'm also hoping imo not the only guy XD
  16. It alright, in a lot of my RPs my characters are female but extremely "guyish", gender is just this thing for show since most of the times it dosent matter that much unless you wanna do smexy stuff XD
    I usually do draw the picture myself and I'm not the best (sometimes I get help from my little friends in China and all over the places XD
  17. I usually am not interested in these types of plots... but you appealed to the chemistry nerd within me.

    Character (open)

    [Prior Bonding]
    Name: Jan Scheele

    Gender: Male

    Age of Bonding: 11

    History: Originally born in Denmark, Jan's family emigrated to the United States. Unfortunately, barely being able to speak English proved to be a major challenge as Jan had difficulty adjusting to life in the US. Thus, school was somewhat difficult for him as he couldn't communicate with other students, and he couldn't really make any friends. It was only a few months after arriving in the US that Jan was abducted. However, Jan's case was a bit... unique. He had actually somehow been able to escape his captors, but when he tried to get help, no one could understand what he was saying. Soon after, he was taken once again.

    Personality: Jan was a free soul. There was no rushing him. He lived life at his own pace despite what everyone else wanted or expected from him. In fact, he has a set foundation of principles that he followed such as trying to not allow superficially judge things and that people can achieve what they want if they work for it. That said, the sudden emigration to the US was something that he had difficulty adjusting to. So, a lot of people thought that he was a quiet, shy guy when in actuality Jan wanted to talk with them and laugh with friends, but he wasn't sure how. He did try. But, no one seemed to notice or care.



    [Post Bonding]


    Name: James Shields

    Current Age: 21

    Element: Cl

    Powers: James can absorb electrons and thus can tolerate and suck electricity if he is physically touching the source. This power is likely due to Chlorine's capability as an oxidizing agent, which means that it will do its best to obtain an electron to become chemically stable. However, he is capable of releasing this energy when physically holding a cation (certain metals). This discharge can't be controlled once James releases the energy.

    Affects: James is well known for his friendliness and team work abilities. In fact, he thrives around people and often hangs around others. But, when he feels dejected and alone he becomes emotionally unhealthy and becomes destructive, but this phenomena has only been observed by scientists. It's also interesting to note that due to his powers he often wears gloves so that he can insulate himself.

    New History: As one of the older test subjects, James has been acting as somewhat of a big brother/mentor to the newer/younger test subjects. It could be anything from emotional support and teaching English to making them a cup of warm milk to help them fall asleep.

    New Personality: James is very friendly, but perhaps to a fault. He goes out of his way to take care of those that he calls his friends even if it is to his detriment. Some people are a bit put off since James often does huge favors for his people, but he refuses to accept any compensation. In fact... it's rare to see James alone for a long period of time since he just simply enjoys talking, helping, and hanging out with people. That said, despite his willingness to help people with their problems, James remains silent about his own issues and hides them very well.

  18. Your in.

    To be clear, basic control of electricity?
  19. Pretty much, he attracts electrons and sucks them in when he physically touches anything that conducts some. Then, when he touches another conductor, all of that is released.
  20. Yayyy.... Im not made of ion or anything....


    Also so everyone is aware. Were at 6 people now, which was my original max. Im going to possibly go up to 8 or 9. Sine peyote showed interest initially abd in going tot get an answer from them, an IC should be up within a few days
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