The Perfect Match #2

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  1. Welcome to the second Pefect Match Challenge!

    So, the point of this challenge is to read over the bio for the character I post and try to come up with the best romantic match for him/her.

    I will be choosing the one that I think best matches and giving out gold stars!! :3

    Also, if you have a character that you would like to feature in this challenge, submit it to me and we will see who comes up with his/her perfect match!

    This weeks bio is:
    -Race: Sahrian/Aluvian (most common name is forest elf/ most common name is white elf)
    -Age: 23
    -Weight: 150lbs Height: 5’8
    -Skin color: white
    -Eye color: blue
    -Hair: black
    -Body type: Lithe, hourglass, very sensual
    Special features: Due to her regenerative ability, her skin seems to glow in the moonlight.
    -Clothing: black leather armor with gladiator sandals and metal gauntlets, civilian clothing is a blue silk sundress with braided silk crossing the chest and wrapping the ribs.
    -Weapons: Poisons, daggers, bow & arrow, beasts and traps

    Ellelunia’s bio: Ellelunia is a tortured young woman born with a genetic difference to the rest of her Sahrian brethren ( later finder out she was born of a Aluvian father). Her mother Prianne sold her to a travelling circus when she was little to pay off her debt and provide a healthy life for her unborn child. She did this only after Ellelunia was promised to be taken care of and educated.
    The circus caravans were attacked while traveling and Ellelunia was stolen off in the night by slavers who sold her into prostitution. It was at this time that she realized her body’s reconstructive abilities. She was the prized possession of the slavers, being able to be beaten and cut and instantly heal. Their clients could do absolutely anything to her and she would heal immediately.
    She became known as the “Little Goddess” and was marketed and sold as such to customers. It wasn’t until Morial, a barkeep, saved her by stealing her away. Ellelunia does not like being in a town for longer than she needs to, she would leave Morial’s home and live in a cave with Orion until she felt the need to come home.
    To make extra money, she would leave a lantern on outside the cave to attract lecherous clients. Ellelunia has since been reconnected with her two sisters Trellisa and Lamira- of whom she never knew existed. Trellisa persuades her to help with her cause and promises that she won’t have to live the life of thievery and self-loathing anymore. Ellelunia is weary of her sisters’ sudden appearance in her life, but she is happy to earn money in the first respectable way she is capable of.
    Due to her past, Ellelunia is very weary of men and not easily trusting. She loves danger and craves excitement. She is easily angered and very stubborn. Though she hated her life as a sexual slave, Ellelunia tends to fall back into her old ways, hating herself after realizing what she has done.
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  2. I guess I'll try this. I don't know in what format this is normally done, but here I go.

    Name: Rory
    Age: 20
    Weight: 160
    Height: 6'1
    Body type: Slim and lanky.
    Eye color: Blue
    Hair color: Coal
    Clothing: Plain shirt and trousers, both heavily worn but carefully patched in many places and well-maintained.
    Bio: After his father's death, Rory took over the family clothier shop, where he spends most of his time. Despite his great skill and diligence with his sewing, Rory struggles to get by. He is aloof and quiet, rarely seen talking to anyone, which earned him a reputation of the town simpleton. He too prefers the wilderness to the city, walking around the woods and reading old fairy-tale books when he's there. Despite being reluctant to socialize, Rory is kind at heart and quick to help those in need.

    How they would meet: Rory would stumble upon her cave, and mistook her for a spirit, returning there every day since to leave an offering of bread until they finally spoke.
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  3. Name: Trevor Balstef

    Race: Human

    Age: 25


    Trevor has a strong, stocky build, which he does need to be able to wield his hammer as lightly his possible. His hair is straight and dark, and his eyes are a dark, earthy brown. Beneath his armor there are many faint scars from claws, bites, and blades. But no major scars.

    Clothing: When he's outside his armor he tends to wear simple clothes. Tunic, boots, trousers. He lives practically, not extravagantly, and that shoes with his simple, practical choice in clothes.

    Weapons: Besides his great hammer he carries a short sword and a knife.

    History: There is evil in the world and there are monsters. And so long as there are, there will be orders of warriors who organize to fight them, and that is what Trevor does. At a young age he was apprenticed to the Order of the Silver Hammer, and at 18 became one of their knight-errants, walking the word to practice his craft to try to leave the world a little brighter in his wake. He is quiet and dedicated, but when he does speak he does so clearly. It's difficult to get a rise out of him, one of the things impressed on him in his years of training was a strong sense of control. He is, however, very kind and helpful, another thing impressed on him in his training. When he fights he adopts a defensive, patient stance until it's time to strike. With his great hammer he tries to finish things with one single blow.

    He'd be drawn to the village Ellelunia lives near for because of his work, because of some threat in the area. They might get some glimpses of each other in the town but I more imagine them meeting at or around her cave. Either he would stumble upon it accidentally while returning from a battle against a monster or visiting her because he heard about the elf that lives in the cave and wants her to come into the town when it's safer. And maybe when they meet it's evening or night and she has her lantern set out. He would definitely be heavily tempted but he wouldn't accept the offer for a long time until he'd be sure she knew what his real emotions were.
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  4. Name: Samael
    Race: Human
    Age: 26
    Skin Color: White
    Eye Color: Sky blue
    Hair: Jet Black
    Body Type: Fit, Muscular, Flexible.
    Personality: Noble, Challenging, Energetic, Determined.
    Show Spoiler

    Clothing: Combat Clothing: He tends to wear lightweight studded leather armor to allow free movement. Civilian Clothing: He tends to walk around either in a casual tunic and pants or just pants with no shirt. Always has cloth wrappings around his hands.
    Weapons: Fists, any sort. Gauntlets and knuckles. Anything that involves his fists connecting to the opponent.

    History: Samael spent his childhood days with his family of farmers. He worked the fields and lived a simple life until his parents were taken by a plague. He wandered the city alone for a year, living in a decrepit and rotting farmhouse until a travelling group of monks took him in to their monastery. Sam stayed with the monastery until he was eighteen, the monks taught him the way of the fist as well as how to control ones emotions, although the latter did not stick well with him. The day that he left the monastery the head monk handed him a finely trimmed pair of gauntlets as a sign of his manhood and that he had earned his place in the monastery should he ever wish to return.

    He spent the next couple of years wandering the continent and perfecting his brawling techniques. His body had become rigid and tough due to the blessings of the monastery, this allowed him to keep a well of stamina and physical fortitude that most humans would not be able to attain. During his travels he crossed fists with many other brawlers and warriors, none of which had bested him despite the challenge. It wasn't until he was twenty-three that he met an opponent that had defeated him. He was left bloody and near death from his scrap with a demon of terrifying power, the man had told him to survive this encounter and come again when he was worth the time.

    The next couple of years he trained even more rigorously than he had before, taking on near impossible challenges and fighting the toughest of foes with only his fists and guts. Each time he visited a town they would greet him with delight and offer him plenty of food and water. He had brought great glory to the monastery despite taking the course of a fighter. His years of fighting rogues, monsters and demons left him with a delightful reputation as well as a group of challengers constantly attempting to take him down although he has yet to find his opponent once more.

    Samael had seen Elle around town a few times when he was around but never gave it too much thought. One day she had delivered a few sets of armor to him which is when he got a good long look at her. She was dazzling and it made him think back to how much he ignored his normal life. He spent a majority of his time training and never gave much thought to romance.
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