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  1. Welcome to my new weekly challenge!! After much help from the lovely [MENTION=8]Diana[/MENTION], I've found something I will be able to stick with. :3

    So, the point of this challenge is to read over the bio for the character I post and try to come up with the best romantic match for him/her.

    I will be choosing the one that I think best matches and giving out gold stars!! :3

    Also, if you have a character that you would like to feature in this challenge, submit it to me and we will see who comes up with his/her perfect match!

    So, without any further delay, here is this weeks character:

    •- Race: forest elf
    - Age: 26
    - Weight: 290lbs Height: 6’7
    - Skin color: Tan/Olive
    - Eye color: Hazel
    - Hair: Dark Brown
    - Body type: Muscular, tall, wide, solid
    - Special features- a scar on his right arm where he had to remove poisonous fangs from his flesh. A long scar on his back from training.
    - Clothing: Dark brown leather armor with leather boots and leather gauntlets, civilian clothing is a off white linen shirt and hide pants
    - Weapons: Druid but also adept at trap making and the occasional use of swords or axes.

    Eralion’s Bio:
    Eralion is a very kind druid who was exiled from his tribe when he realized he could take more than on shape; his druidic gift enabling him to bond with all creatures comparable in size. In his loneliness, Eralion trains himself in solitude until one day he is attacked and caught off guard performing one of his training exercises.
    Eralion is normally very calm and doesn’t enjoy bloodshed, but if he has something or someone to protect-he becomes a very dangerous opponent. Eralion is the first person to offer help and the last person to start a fight.
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  2. Name: Lyra
    Race: Fire Elf (Assuming that since there can be forest elves, there can be other kinds elves too.)
    Age: 27
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Skin Color: Pale
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair color: Orange/Ginger
    Body Type: Thin, toned, not too curvy
    Special Features: Tattoo on her back
    Clothing: Thin, cheap copper armor and leather boots with leather gloves, civilian clothes are usually a dark green tunic and black long-sleeved undershirt and leggings.
    Weapons: A bow and arrow, has a small jug of lamp oil she uses to light her arrows on fire

    Lyra's bio:

    Lyra is very independent from her clan, though they always can count on her if they are attacked. She has an affinity for music and is often seen playing a pan flute. She travels the world, hoping to bring joy with her flute.
    Lyra is very rough with others and knows her own limits. She tries to show people their own limits too to help them better themselves. She gets into fights often, but usually doesn't hold a grudge. She lets people be independent from her and tries not to be too protective of them. She's very bright and tries to bring the same brightness out in others.
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  3. Name: Ay'leen
    Race: Half elf
    Age: 24
    Weight: 167 lbs
    Height: 6'1"
    Skin colour: Tanned
    Eye colour: Grey
    Hair: Sand blonde waist long hair, the top half of it is drawn back behind her head and braided together to keep the hair from her eyes.
    Body type: Tall, wiry, her body is built for speed and lithe strength not soft curves, her ears are human like with a short point.
    Special features: After a fall during her climbing escapades as a child Ay'leen has a scar down her lower leg. She also wears a simple necklace, a pice of dark, smooth wood carved into the shape of a tree, given to her by her half sister so she would always have a part of the forest with her.
    Clothing: Dark beige tights tucked into soft, worn leather boots, a beige shirt with elbow length sleeves that are wider at the end of the sleeve and a moss green knee length tunic with a subtle pattern of ivy and leaves sewn with a thread a bit lighter than the tunic, it is slitted sides up to her thighs to allow Ay'leen to move around freely. She has a brown belt tied around her waist where her daggers rest in their simple leather sheats.
    Weapons: She relies mostly on her skills in unarmed combat but she carries two daggers that she can use together with her martial artes.

    Ay'leen's Bio:

    Born to a human mother and an elven father Ay'leen grew up in both worlds, learning early the contempt against half bloods but also that to her friends and family, people that mattered, her background didn't decide who she was, she was herself and that was enough. Her secure and supportive childhood has left her an independent and confident young woman, and although remarks about her being a half bloods can still hurt at times she doesn't let it bother her. Never been very fond of weapons or fights in general Ay'leen has trained extensively in unarmed combat, finding it both fun and a great way to release energy and any pent up feelings, she does carry daggers that she can use as she recognize that her martial artes may not be enough.

    For Ay'leen who isn't fond of violence and only use it in defense or for survival it felt natural for her to start learning healing, both with and without magic, the calm and disipline needed to handle that were not that different from the focus in her training. She is a down to earth kind of person, calm and easy going most of the time but she has a lot of energy and if she doesn't get to release it after a while she will get irritated and become almost incapable of sitting still. Ay'leen loves heights and climbs what she can find, and although she lacks the natural grace and balance of elves but stubbornly tries again if she falls however her determination to never give up has not worked in mastering the aim and speed of the bow that elves are known for. While empathetic and trusting Ay'leen is not naive and has no illusion about every person having good intentions, but her peaceful nature would love for that to be true and she normally wont judge people until she knows them better. Something she is bad at is sharing her feelings with others, preferring to deal with others problems and feelings than her own.
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  4. Viortu, Daughter of Rindle & Omatur

    -Race: Orsinal Vulgaris (Common Orc)
    -Age: 28
    -Height: Six feet even
    -Build: By the standards of her kind, very lithe and sharp. She's muscular but more tall than broad, with practically no body fat due to her peoples' rough lifestyle.
    -Hair: Carroty orange, in curls down to her ribs - two recessive genes rare among her clan.
    -Skin: Golden-green, paler and less leathery than most of her kind, dotted with dark green freckles.
    -Special Features: Her left nostril and eyebrow are pierced. Her ears are pierced twice per lobe and thrice in the cartilage. Her nipples are also pierced, a more rare practice for Orcs. She has no tattoos but as a shaman often paints designs on herself for strength, stamina, health, inability to conceive, and other blessings.
    -Skills: Viortu has done her fair share of hunting, and can collect edibles & herbs from most environments. Her shamanistic practices give her the ability to communicate with spirits of nature and ask them for blessings and help. She cannot work true magic but is a skilled alchemist, and decent when it comes to combat.
    -Clothing: Leather and armor are the favored garb of most Orcs, but Viortu has a soft spot for woven materials, often wearing a linen skirt slit up both thighs. When the weather permits she prefers to go topless, not an uncommon style choice among Orcs but one that tends to get her in trouble around other races.

    Born to Omatur, Chief Shaman of the Orc Nation, and his bride Rindle, second daughter of the Warchief Rindarr, Viortu had high standards from the first. Though Orcs place less emphasis on rank and title than most other races, everyone knew her family and she was raised by a village indeed. Learning skills from the various walks of life, she was allowed to choose her own path and chose the Shamanistic arts.
    Superstition surrounds gingers in Orc culture; while she is a very talented young woman many feel that her bright hair and freckled skin attract the wrong kind of spirits, and though she can sell her potions and no one hesitates to hire her to apply their war paints, no clan or village will take her on full time. For the moment she tries not to let this bother her as she is perfectly happy wandering solo, but she hopes one day to find a place to settle down.
    Viortu is a kind woman, always willing to use her arts for the greater good, though she is a rough and wild woman who finds her manners not at all improved by being separated from other people for weeks at a time. It is difficult to get her angry, but like most Orcs she has a berserker temper and her aggression must run its course before she returns to normal. This has gotten her into trouble in the past and she's learning to use anger management techniques around other races, and through years of interaction is learning how to act around humans, Elves, Dwarves, and most other hospitable races.
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    Enjoy you're gold star!

  6. Just curious, what criteria do you use to determine 'best match'?
  7. I was actually going to post a description of why when I got home! You should see it added to my post later <3
  8. m'kay. I may try out the next one when I see it

    I find These Articles handy for writing couples, btw, since you're a romance fan I thought I'd share :)
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