The Perfect Life In the Perfect Cage

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  1. Science – it’s a tool.
    To be used for or against people, is the decision its user must make.
    Inventions and discoveries can change the world for the best – penicillin, telecommunications, that wolves could be tamed to the point they became dogs. All of these and more have changed humanity, and the way it operates. It has changed the world for the better, and people have been helped as a result.
    But science is a double-edged sword.
    Chemical warfare, the nuclear and hydrogen bomb, the things that turn men into monsters. Science, though used with good intentions, has turned men, women and children into snarling monsters. Distrustful, hateful, intolerant – weapons change a man. Once you have killed a man, once you have shot him, stabbed him or blown him to kingdom come there is no turning back. You turn into something else.
    There have been lots of stories about breeding weapons - people that do not show mercy or compassion. People who follow orders without remorse. People who are machines. But, as of now, scientists find that impossible – a person cannot be bred to be like that. They can be raised that way, but they are still human, and will always have some human trait or other that restrains them. They will always have something wrong with them.

    So what to do with the failed experiments, the test tube children that were never meant to be? Killing them was out of the question. Somebody would find something – somebody always did. There was never any use for them in the normal world – if their origins or their talents were discovered, the resulting uproar would be tremendous. So what to do with them? The answer was the same to how they would neutralise an immortal being – trap it.
    The experiments would be raised in a city, where only the bare minimum of normal humans was allowed in. They would be raised, out of view of the public - out of everyone’s view - and taught only what their creators wanted. They had to be taught what they were able to do, and how to manage it. They were to be raised in a perfect city. And they would never be able to leave.
    Tales were slipped into the city of what happened to people who strayed too far outside the city boundaries. Bodies of those who dared to venture out were left hanging on the trees nearest the border, with ‘TRESPASSER’ crudely drawn onto a wooden sign hanging around their necks. The word was written using their own blood. This kept the citizens in check.

    Generations have passed, and the city is – strangely enough – the same as it ever was. Stuck in the year 2036, though the citizens think nothing of it, happily wiling away their lives. They dream of the outside, but the same thing happens whenever someone tries to venture out. They die. Monsters, men, a secret government conspiracy – the theories and folktales are all there. Our story focusses on the lives of students attending Alistone High School – not particularly special to them, but when you consider their lives are exactly the same as ours, even when they have to be taught what they are and how to contain themselves, you can marvel at how well a trapped group of individuals can cope.

    So, that's essentially it. Of course, this needs a direction to be nudged in. I plan to introduce something once everyone's settled into the RP - the population has to be kept in check somehow, you know.
  2. Um, I held a story similar to this - a group that has grown from birth in a controlled dome-ecosystem where they learned, trained, existed; unaware that their real life was just outside the impenetrable walls around them.

    One of them overheard a few lawholders (one of their officials) talk about something outside of the dome, and he told his friends. They started to do some research, using their jobs within the lawholder's infrastructure as access points into restricted areas. What they found was staggering. They felt the need to find a way out, now realizing that their lives were fabricated. That their real lives were - outside; and that alone was odd to hear - like learning that the world is not flat.

    They escaped, and the lawholders sent their troops out to get them because each one of them held a secret that only they knew about. But, they were not the only ones.

    There is a small group on the outside - led by a person who had actually escaped the facility years ago - and survived. He created a small group of trained individuals, worked on collecting data about the 'suppose' abandoned earth-dome on the outskirts of town. The people in the area were told that the ecosystem was shut down after an experiment gone wrong. The building is contaminated. But that one person knew the truth... and he was determined to end the lawholder's twisted control over that town and the poor people trapped inside.

    The little twist with this was that the guy who escaped was a bit mental and most of what he recalled about the place was a mixture of reality, fiction, and dreams. It was hard to say if what he spoke about was real. The people in the real world didn't believe him about the ecosystem, and he's pretty much wanted by the FBI because they believe he's connected to a long stream of kidnapping incidents dating back a ways... according to his stories. So, he's not sitting pretty at all, and it was hard for the new escapees to trust a lunatic on the run. But through him, they learn why they were lied to and why they are so - important to the lawholders....

    Now... the rest of the RP didn't go any further than that because we were trying to come up with a unique and seriously epic reason the lawholders were doing all of this experimenting and such in the first place.


    One: I'm interested in being a part of this RP, and helping you out with your concept.

    Two: If you want to take from above, by all means do so.

    Let me know!