The Perfect Crime

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  1. April Mendez was your normal every day 26 year old woman, she's married her highschool sweetheart at the age of 19 and they had been living happily every after up until recently. April suspects her sweetheart is sleeping around on her with a female from his workplace. She's devastated by this, but when she attempts to confront him about it he gets abusive. This was 6 months ago and the abuse has continued, but poor April is too terrified to leave him due to the fact that he has threatened to kill her if she even tries to leave him.

    This hasn't gone unnoticed, the girls best friends since grade school (Female&Male) has noticed sudden shift in the usual happy girls persona and attitude. They've also noticed the bruising and scars from her so called husband. Now her guy best friend has had a thing for April since they were younger and finds himself very protective of her and has a plan to get rid of her husband once in for all. What hes not aware of is shes been having the same feelings for him. Will they run away together? Or will they commit murder?

    April Mendez *Taken*
    Phillip Brooks(husband) *Open*
    Jonathon Moxley(MaleFriend) *Open*
    Lydia Michaels(FemaleFriend) *Open*

    April and Jonathon have set Face claims, Lydia and Phillip do not.
    I'll post a picture of April and Jonathon below
    -Jonathon's face claim is, Dean Ambrose-

    -Character Sheet-
    ( 20-30's)
    ( Their past is up to you, keep in mind, Jon, April and Lydia are life long friends)
    (Jon's is the only set one.)