The Perfect Couple

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  1. Siren sat in her compartment on the train, waiting for it to leave.
    She'd packed all her things that week, and had it brought on the train.

    Siren had found an empty compartment, and sat in it gladly.
    She heard the announcement that the train would be leaving soon,
    and settled into her seat, pulling out a spell book to study.

    In her free time, she liked to read, but seeing as it was sixth year, she needed to study more.
    It was going to be a difficult year, and all the help she could get would be good.

    Siren sighed. It was still early, but she wanted to go to bed already.
  2. Malfoy sat alone in his compartment, the door was half open. He was staring out the window, lost in thought. Which was how he spent most of his days-since he was inducted into the death eaters, and assigned the task of killing Dumbledore.
    "This plan is damned rediculous." He thought to himself.
    Suddenly all he could see was black-and it hurt to breathe, so Draco refrained from doing so. Until he couldn't hold his breath any longer, he exhaled-and it didn't hurt as much this time. Then he could see clearly again, and what he saw was luggage shifting by itself-and the luggage rack seemed to have alot more weight on it.
    "Nice try Potter, I'm not some simple minded fool. And, you sir are no James Bond." He told himself, and he plotted a way to strike at Harry before he could slink away like a coward. A group of students had gathered at Malfoy's compartment because of Harry's distraction.
  3. Siren noticed a commotion outside a compartment a few doors down from her.
    She got up and went to look curiously.
    Siren noticed it had something to do with Draco Malfoy, so she immediately went back to her own compartment;
    she was way too embarrassed to talk to him.
  4. About an hour and a half later, the train began to gradualy loose speed. Malfoy kept his eyes on the spot in which Harry sat so still. He prepared himself to attack if Harry tried to leave before the train stoped. Draco wiped the sweat from his forehead-the train covered it's last few feet, then came to a stop. All the students began leaving the train.
    Malfoy pulled his wand out of the leather holder strapped around his ankle-moving as little as he could possibly manage.
    When the last few students had filed off the train Malfoy stood up and started for the door. He slid open the door, and placed one foot across the threshold. In one fluid motion, Draco spun around, aimed at the area of the luggage rack where Harry was hiding, and shouted "Patrifucus Totalus!" The invisibility cloak got snagged on the luggage rack, and Harry became visible as he fell rigid to the floor.
    "Didn't your mother ever tell you it's rude to eavesdrop Potter? Oh that's right-you were still sucking on her tit when the Dark Lord killed that Mud-blood whore." Malfoy barked at the still petrified Potter. Draco stomped on Harry's nose-then spat on his face before turning and leaving.
  5. Siren had already made her way up to the school, and was at the Slytherin dining table.
    She'd taken a small bag with her, and was reading a book while she waited for the feast to start.

  6. Malfoy walked into the Great Hall, looking over his shoulder. He sat down across from Siren.
    "There still dragging out the sorting eh?" He asked the girl across from him, soon after realising she probably wasn't paying attention. She seemed to be pretty invested in her book.
  7. Siren looked up blankly at Malfoy.
    "Oh. Yes. I suppose."
    She turned her attention back to her book, but then stopped.
    "I do hope the food is here soon."
    She put a hand to her slim stomach, and it growled.
    She laughed.
  8. Malfoy gave a soft sort of chuckle.
    "I'm afraid you'll just about starve waiting for this ceremony to be over-plus we still have the long winded speach from that air-headed bafoon." Draco sneered, as he stared hard at the food, hoping it would appear if he only glared long enough.
  9. She smiled at him.
    "He does talk quite a bit. I never listen. In all honesty, I would like to just eat and go to bed."
    She shrugged.
    "It's not ever interesting, what he has to say, anyway."
  10. "You know, I allways wondered." Malfoy began, with a slight smile on his face.
    "Are the beds in the girls dormortories comfortable-I've always wondered, because the beds in the boys dorm aren't." He finished, still smilling.
  11. Siren stared at him for a moment before replying.
    "Well, not quite as comfortable as home. At home, I have a feather bed. Here, they're nice. Soft, at least."
    She shrugged.
    "I just like sleeping."
  12. "I don't like sleep, so much. It's just that I require a half way decently comfy bed. The cots we have in the boys dorm may be suited for the Mud-bloods, and other common whelps. But, you and I. We deserve the best." Draco insisted. He broke out into a slanted sort of smile.
    "I know I recognize you, but I can't recall your name. What is it again?" Malfoy asked the girl.
  13. Siren smiled slightly at him.
    "My name is Siren."
    She closed her book and the food appeared.

    "I'm so glad the food is finally here!" She called out, filling her plate.
  14. "Well Siren. It's nice to formally meet you." Draco said, before placing food on his plate and began eating.
    "Oh damn I'm sorry." He said after swallowing the first bite.
    "Do you know my name?" Malfoy asked her politely.
  15. Siren looked up.
    "Well, I'm pretty sure I do. Everyone does. You're Draco Malfoy."
    She smiled.
  16. "I didn't want to assume, that would be pretentious." Malfoy smilled.
    "Which would be so out of character for you! You little prick!" An angry voice growled from behid Draco.
    Standing there with a broken nose was Harry. His nose had stopped bleeding, but his shiry and robe was covered in dried blood.
  17. Siren looked at her plate and ate slowly.
    She kinda did everything slowly.

    She watched out of the corner of her eye, the fight going on.
  18. "Potter." Malfoy sneered in the usual way he said Harry's name.
    "That look suites you." He chuckled. He stood up and faced Harry-staring him down.
    Much to the shock of Draco, Harry promptly turned and walked away. Malfoy was perplexed, and his face showed it.
    "Can someone show Mr. Potter to the hospital wing, that arse kicking must've made him disoriented." Malfoy shouted out, as Harry sat back down beside Ron and Hermione. Malfoywalked around the other side of the table and sat next to Siren.
    "Can you believe him, calling me out then slinking away like a coward." He grunted.
  19. Siren looked over at Malfoy, then at Harry.
    "He shouldn't have come over here at all, unless he was prepared to fight."
    She shrugged.

    "I'm not on anyone's side, though."
    She filled her plate up again.
    "I'm just hungry."
  20. Malfoy stared at Siren, mouth slightly open, and a puzzled look on his face.
    "Why am I talking to you?" Draco asked himself aloud before getting up and stormin off.