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    From the time the universe began and throughout history, there have been countless stories pertaining to the extraordinary. It is often said in these tales that in times of crisis, certain men and women (and sometimes, the unexplainable) are gifted with incredible talents and abilities. From there, they are destined to act for truth and justice, fighting until their last breath to protect the world from threats. However, not all of these individuals take the stand for good. Some choose to use their new abilities for personal gain or to cause misery and chaos. The battle between those who fight for good and those who fight for evil is never-ending: waging on for centuries, destroying worlds and ending civilizations.

    These stories exist throughout time and space, crossing over to every point in the universe: all existing at the same time. Multiple versions of the same stories and events coincide with the different parallel worlds, producing new champions as decisions and choices create new timelines, thus altering the world around them. Every time a new choice is made, or a new idea is presented, an entirely new world is created. Sometimes the champions of other worlds are those who threaten it, and sometimes they remain the heroes they were meant to be.

    This is the story of just one of these worlds. It is a new world, without any decisions or events triggering the birth of its champions. So now, true believer, do you have what it takes to become the hero (or villain) you were meant to be? Lets hope so, otherwise we wouldn't have anything to write about!

    ~ OoC Link ~

    The Daily Bugle, 175 Fifth Avenue, Manhatten, New York City.



    "It's Robertson, Mr. Jameson. I'd really appreciate it if you remembered my name from now on.."

    "Oh yeah. Sorry kid. Name just has a certain ring to it, doncha think?"

    "I suppose. Mr. Jameson, I came looking for a job. A full-time job, I mean."

    "A job? Richards, ("Robertson.") this is just what you need. This is job experience at its best. You wanna be a photographer? Maybe one day kid, but not today. Besides, there's no jobs to be had here. We're all loaded up with employees."

    "No jobs? But you fired Eddie last week! C'mon Mr. Jameson, just give me a chance and I'll show you I can get some really good quality stuff!"

    "Its not a matter of "quality", Roland ("Robertson"). Its a matter of gut instinct. While Brock was a great photographer, he lacked what I like to call a certain "Shaboomity". Meaning that his work came from just the camera, not from himself. A photographer needs to have passion towards his images, otherwise they fall flat and they're boring as hell! Get what I'm saying, Riccards?"

    "... Yes sir. I understand.. But, maybe if you give me a shot? I mean, really, what do you have to lose? If I get you something good, then it might make front page and I'll get a job. If its bad, I stay on as a freelancer."

    "If I say yes, will you shut up about it?"

    "Yes sir, Mr. Jameson!"

    "... You've got a week. If you don't have something for me by next Friday, you can forget about the full-time job."

    "Thank you, Mr. Jameson. I won't let you down!"

    "Now get the hell out of my office."



    Nodding his head at the man, Dylan turned around and exited the room, giving a thankful wave back to JJ as he left. Closing the door behind him, Dylan approached the front desk where Ms. Mabel, the receptionist, was seated. "Hey Lana." Dylan greeted her with a smile as she smiled back. "Oh, hey Dyl. Here to collect from Mr. Jameson?"[/FONT] the older, but still very attractive woman asked. Dylan chuckled a little bit before shaking his head. "Nah, just trying to convince ol'JJ to give me a full-time job, then off to school. You know, average teen stuff." he explained as he walked away. Nodding at Dylan, Ms. Mabel gave him a small friendly wave as he walked into the elevator.

    The moment the elevator hit the main floor of the Flatiron Building, and he walked into the streets, Dylan gripped his skateboard and tossed it to the ground. Quickly pushing himself along the pavement, Dylan made his way down the crowded streets of Manhatten towards Midtown High. It took another half an hour for him to arrive, but thankfully Dylan had gone to the Bugle early. That way, it would allow him to go to school without missing any classes. Upon his arrival to the school building, the inevitable flood of teenagers soon followed. Letting out a deep breath as he pushed the board into the front doors, Dylan was greeted with the familiar sights and sounds of high school life. "ROBERTSON! Do you want to keep that skateboard?" One of the teachers called out as Dylan skated down the hallway. "Yeah." Dylan answered. "Then keep the wheels up, Robertson." Groaning a bit as he was once again told not to skate indoors, Dylan picked up the board and held it above his head as he continued to walk. "Like this?" Dylan called out before hearing the teacher respond again. "You've got it!"

    Once he reached his locker, Dylan was greeted with the ever pleasant sight of a young couple making out against the metal doors. Aw crap.. he thought as he tried to shove them away. Their frantic attempts to have prolonged mutual contact on his locker, frankly, was starting to piss him off. Finally managing to pry it open just a little, Dylan shoved his board inside and grabbed his history textbook, pulling back as the couple moved over and slammed it shut again. Rolling his eyes and snorting in derision, Dylan turned away from the couple and made his way towards Mr. Barne's History class in room 127. It looked like it was just going to be a regular old day, like nothing special at all would happen..

    At least, not for today.
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  2. [​IMG]
    "Brenda hurry up! Your gonna be late for school!" It was always like this in the mornings. Cantina's sister would wake up late, rush to get ready and have Cantina drop her off at her middle school. "I'm coming gosh! You seriously need to start waking me up early sis!" Even if Cathina tried it would be of no use, Brenda was such a deep sleeper that not evening a rocket launcher could wake her up. Laughing softly, Cantina patted her younger sisters head when she finally made her way down stairs and placed her shoes on. "If it helps any, you woke up five minutes earlier then normal, its a new record!" She was teasing her sister but it was what big sister did and it was how the two always seemed to get along. Brenda simply hissed at her and ran out the door in order to get her bike ready while Cathina locked up the house. Their mother left earlier that morning for her job and told the girls to make sure to lock up the house since she heard that there were robbers roaming around the neighborhood. Cathina thought it was silly since they didn't own anything of any value but decided to do as she was told in order to keep her mother happy. "If I'm late to school today, your gonna have to wash the dishes tonight!" A whine was heard as the two girls hopped onto their bikes and rode at top speed towards Brenda's middle school.

    "I'll see you at home after school ok! Mom said she will be home early so don't make her wait." Cantina warned her sister before riding off towards Midtown High school. Today was such a lovely day, the sun was shining, people were being moderately nice, and there wasn't much traffic on her way to school. Things were starting to look up for her and her family now that the mafians were placed in jail and didn't have to worry everyday about paying them off the large debt that bastard left them with. Ever since his disappearance, he was no longer her father but merely an asshole who left his family behind to pay his debt and never said goodbye. It didn't matter to her though, as long as she had her mother and sister, she was happy especially now that she was able to have a normal high school life. With a smile on her face, she picked up the pace and arrived at school at least ten minutes early which gave her enough time to get her books and walk to class.

    Humming to herself, she locked up her bike and made her way towards her locker and noticed a couple eating each others faces across the hall. 'Ew gross...Where the hell are the teachers when you need them..' She found public display of affection to be disgusting and inappropriate, especially when the couples were devouring one another the same way as the two across her. Even though she was a teenager, her hormones were always in check and never had the desire (or time) for such things like a boyfriend or romance. It was probably weird considering that she wasn't bad looking but the thought of getting a boyfriend just never seemed to have crossed her mind. Maybe things would change now that she had more time on her hands but she wasn't gonna put much thought into it. Grabbing the things that she need, she closed her locker and made her way towards her first period, History with Mr. Barne.
  3. [​IMG]

    Waking to the morning sun that peered through the large windows of his midtown high-rise apartment Slade opened up his eyes slowly, he gazed at the ceiling for a minute or two then finally woke up. Heading for the kitchen he opened up the laptop that was on the work table in the living room and continued to the kitchen for his coffee. A few minutes later with a cup of coffee in his hand he sat down on his computer checking his e-mail "Two New E-Mails" the computer said and Slade opened the first up...

    E-Mail 1:

    -From: Boss-


    "Dear Mr. Thompson, I am afraid I will have to terminate you're employment at our shop due to some information that are missing from your file. We were unable to find your middle and high school diploma and finishing academic results and diploma which are required for working with us, please understand that the management has principles and requirements; but for now we need to terminate your employment contract come and get your pay whenever you can. Thank you for understanding and have a nice day.

    Slade was confused at the e-mail "How can my diplomas be missing? Hmm... shit... this means I need to go to middle and high-school again?" he face-palmed "How the hell am I getting myself in these situations?" he returned to look at the monitor and opened up the second e-mail.

    E-Mail 2:

    -From: Ministry of Education, New York, Missing Files Supervisor

    -Missing Files-

    "Mr. Thompson we have found out that you're education files have been destroyed in a recent fire that occurred in your hometown's school. Thus any records of your education from high school have been lost and any attempts of their recovery have failed, due to the necessity of this information and the requirements of your every day employment we arranged that you attend class at Midtown Middle-school, please direct yourself to the school as soon as you can any further information you will find attached in the file of this e-mail. Thank you very much and have a good day.

    He looked at the monitor with a opened mouth and banged his head against the desk "Someone must be up there laughing at me right now." he raised his head up and finished his coffee, returning to look at the monitor he found directions to Midtown High and opened up the attached document that was in the e-mail, printing it on his printer he looked at it and then went to his bedroom to get dressed. He put on his motorcycle jacket and helmet, jeans and sneakers. Returning to the living room he picked up his wallet, motorcycle keys and the document he printed. Walking out of his apartment and into the elevator he shortly reached the parking garage, he unlocked his motorbike and roared out of the parking lot and onto the road. As he blazed through the roads of New York he shortly was at Midtown High School, parking at the parking lot he took of his helmet and held it in his arm, he walked up the stairs and entered the school; he then headed for the principle's office for more information on where he was attending class. He knocked on the glass and entered his office "Excuse me, my name is Slade Thompson I am here because my high school files were lost and I need to re-study?" he said in his deep and ominous voice the principle simply nodded and led him to the class he was supposed to attend, the principle handed him his class schedule and walked off back to the office. "History class? You got to be fucking kidding me." he knocked on the classroom door and entered the door. "Excuse me... I am supposed to attend this class." he said as he sticked out like a thorn amongst the other kids in the class.
  4. [​IMG]
    "Zatanna! Honey, hurry!" Called a female voice from the kitchen loudly. The woman' shame was no other then Zatanna's mom, Sindella, and sindella sighed in a rush herself as she walked to the living room and caught her husband doing magic tricks on the couch in utter frustration."NO NO NO!" He shouted in anger as sindella looked at him and crossed her arms huffing. The woman smacked Giovanni Zatara -who was simply known as Zatara- upside the head and pointed up the stairs."GIOVANNI JOHN ZATARA, GET YOUR ASS UP THOSE STAIRS RIGHT NOW AND WAKE YOUR DAUGHTER!" She shouted. Zatara rubbed the back of his head looking at her and stand up, putting on his top hat."She's late." She said through gritted teeth as Zatara walked--Well, more like ran up the stairs. Nothing was more terrifying than a women's wrath indeed and he surely did not want to anger his wife any more then how pissed she already is at the moment.

    THUD, THUD, THUD. Zatara knocked loudly on his daughters door with a gloved white fist in his suit."Zatanna--Sweetie! Wake up! You're late and your mommy woke up on the wrong side of the bed so don't you dare make her wait!" He warned through the door. Zatanna immediately sat up from her bed and swung the door open--If only she had magic powers like her parents! And she pushed her father aside, before slipping Down the halls and tumbling down the stairs clumsily. The Zatara's didn't have any sleep at all lately--until last night, so no one was in the mood. Zatanna saw heels Infront of her and slowly looked up rubbing her head, seeing her mothers hidden wrath she held in. Her arms was crossed, her feet was tapping, and her fiery eyes were filled with disapproval and rage that was about to explode. But don't forget Sindellas cheeks and ears--Red as a tomato!

    Zatanna grinned up at her mother, attempting to slide back up the stairs and soon her mother raised a hand before pointing her fingers down at her. Zatanna flinched, was she going to get hit? She covered her face jumping back until her mother said."Naelc reh pu!(Clean her up!)" translation?'Clean her up' thought Zatanna and she looked down at her clothes blinking in surprise, She was all cleaned up as if she had just showered and changed and did her morning business and she smiled slowly standing up."Thanks mom!" She said hugging her then looked over her shoulder before releasing her mother."Bye dad!" She said, but Zatara cut her off slightly by pointing his wand at her."Ekat Annataz ot Loohcs!" He said and with a thick cloudy smoke of puff their daughter disappeared. The parents waled over to the living room, and slumped theirselves on the cough letting out an exhausting sigh."Whew...." Muttered Zatara."So exhausting." Said Sindella.

    Damian had awaken and got cleaned up and dressed as fast as he can. He slipped on some fitted yet comfortable jeans and a T shirt as he walked out his room grabbing a black and yellow light jacket sweater. As he walked out his room he shut the door behind him and made his way down some stairs putting his sweater on. He was welcomed by the strong smell of cancer sticks and it was quite a slight surprise that he saw a woman in the kitchen. John probably had another one of his 'lovely affairs' with a succubus and he seemed unfazed that she was merely in lingerie."Hello, Demon Prince." Hissed the female with a satisfactory grin as she bowed. Damian walked over to the counter, ignoring her momentarily before sighing."Hello..One of johns booty call Succubuses." He remarked sharply looking around the counter.Though, the succubus hissed annoyed, the boy did find himself half a watermelon and a note.


    Was what the boy read and he crushed the note tossing it aside before grabbing the watermelon and a plastic spoon and munching it. So he was almost late and constantine couldn't teleport him eh?

    "Oh.. Looks like the little prince is late~"
    The succubus tilted her head smirking. But Damian scoffed."Shut your yap. Your remarks are about as horrible as your reputation and race." Damian chuckled, proud of his wit that never ceased and the succubus crossed her arms angered.

    Damian walked over to a door and kicked it open which lead to a dark basement and walked down the stairs in silence, eating his breakfast. It was then that he saw Constantine on the floor, A chalk on his hand. Constantine groaned as the light from the door hit his face and recognized Damian's footsteps."Ngggh...ugh, What kid?" John said blatantly as he held a cigarette in his mouth covering his face and rubbing his eyes.

    "Teleport me to school, please."
    "I said I couldn't."
    "I say what I mean and I mean what I say."
    "You don't have to pick me up later--I'm willing to take the public bus home if you give me money."

    John stayed quiet as if he fell asleep."God-Father?" Damian's voice echoed."Ugh..I'm thinking." He responded. After a full minute of silence, John rolled himself over his stomach and stand up staggering tiredly and hungover. He staggered toward Damian and almost tripped until the bot almost caught him, to which John regained balance and took out his wallet from his Coat."Shit....How much?" He sighed, voice dry and raspy."75 cents.. I can act like a kid." Shrugged Damian letting out a hand with a spoon in his mouth and holding onto the melon with the other. John handed him 75 cents before finishing the circle on the ground."Stand there." He ordered and Damian did so.

    John seemed to speak in a whole different language and soon the drawing on the ground glowed. He clapped, and Damian disappeared. John then stumbled back on the ground laying there and let out an exhausting sigh."Fucking kids...." He pants letting go of his chalk.


    -- NOW --
    Soon Damian walked down the halls receiving stares as he ate his watermelon and Zatanna walked out from the shadows. Damian bumped into Zatanna and she grinned hugging him."Damian!" She yelled. "Ugh! That's enough Zatara, no one said to hug me--Moreover touch me." He muttered acting older and brooding as usual. Zatanna released him grinning."Sorry--Teleportation?" She whispered."No duh Sherlock... Gee to think you're in the 11th grade with a brain that slow." Snorted Damian."Don't be rude!" Growled Zatanna."I'm not rude, just not you." Smirked Damian as they walked to History class.

    Damian threw his breakfast away and walked into class. Immediately of course, the 'older looking' students exchanged whispers thinking he was some 9-13 year old kid who is so smart and skipped grades. Damian rolled his eyes and was placed seated at the side of the class, not to front or back. Soon Zatanna walked in right after, and sat exactly in the middle of the class. She grinned as usual. She however had no backpack, just books and whatnot she placed them under her seat which had a shelf thing.
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  5. The moment Dylan stepped into the class, something felt off. First off, he was followed shortly by a 20-something year old guy who claimed he was now part of the class. No doubt he was some kind of drop out, but Dylan didn't really pay attention to it. What really stood out for him, was Mr. Barnes. Or, what should have been Mr. Barnes. In his place, was a
    woman (open)
    . "Woah." Dylan quietly gawked as her piercing blue eyes rested on him. A sweet smile slowly spread along her pink links as she lowered the chalk in her hand and place it beside her on the desk. She then began to speak with an incredibly thick French accent. "Bonjour, students. Mr. Barnes is away for the foreseeable future, unfortunately. However, I am here to substitute the class until he returns. My name is Ms. Veilleux. Feel free to call me "Ms. V" if that's easier for you." As she spoke, all of the students in the class would have been in shock. Who and what was she?! She looked more like a supermodel then a teacher. If looks could kill, then the sheer force of her smile would have murdered the entire class. Despite being a gorgeous French woman, Ms. Veilleux seemed totally ignorant to the fact that the boys were daydreaming about her and the girls were busy thinking about if she had any enhancements done to her body. "Before your professor left, he gave me a list of the things you've already learned about. Right now, you're studying Greek mythology, correct?" she asked before the crowd nodded unanimously. "Excellent. Now, I've also been informed that we have a new student. Please welcome Mr. Thompson. He's recently decided to take up studies at Middle Town High again, so please welcome him with open arms. Moving on, we had some projects to get through today, didn't we? Lets get too that then. I'll have to see who we can get to present first. No volunteers? Pity. I'll just pick a name from the attendance list then.. Dylan Robertson? Is Dylan here today?" Ms. Veilleux said before Dylan let out a deep breath and raised his hand to let her know he was there. Perking up, she beamed and asked "Very good! Would you mind presenting to the class today, Dylan?" as she sat back in her chair.

    "Sure, why not?" Dylan exclaimed jokingly as he got up and walked towards the front of the classroom, a piece of paper in his hands. When he got to the front of the class, he turned around and held the paper below his face so he could read it without blocking people's view. The oral project that they had been assigned was to find a myth or legend from Greek Mythology that interested them and provide a short, but detailed synopsis of the story to discuss briefly in class the day you presented. Dylan had the project done weeks ago, but he was one of the last students still left to present. "Please start whenever you're ready, Dylan." Ms. Vielleux said before Dylan cleared his throat and began to speak. "The Story of Arachne, the Weaver. An oral assignment by Dylan Robertson based off the legends of "Arachne, the Weaver" from Greek Mythology.

    There was a young girl in Greece whose name was Arachne. Her face was pale but fair, and her hair was long and dark. All that she cared to do from morn till noon was to sit in the sun and spin; and all that she cared to do from noon till night was to sit in the shade and weave.

    And oh, how fine and fair were the things which she wove on her loom! Flax, wool, silk—she worked with them all; and when they came from her hands, the cloth which she had made of them was so thin and soft and bright that people came from all parts of the world to see it. And they said that cloth so rare could not be made of flax, or wool, or silk, but that the warp was of rays of sunlight and the woof was of threads of gold.

    Then as, day by day, the girl sat in the sun and spun, or sat in the shade and wove, she said: "In all the world there is no yarn so fine as mine, and in all the world there is no cloth so soft and smooth, nor silk so bright and rare."

    One afternoon as she sat in the shade weaving and talking with passers by, some one asked of her, "Who taught you to spin and weave so well?"

    "No one taught me," Arachne replied. "I learned how to do it as I sat in the sun and the shade; but no one showed me."

    "But it may be that Athena, godess of wisdom, taught you, and you did not know it."

    "Athena? Bah!" said Arachne. "How could she teach me? Can she spin such skeins of yarn as these? Can she weave goods like mine? I should like to see her try. I can likely teach her a thing or two."

    She looked up and saw in the doorway a tall woman wrapped in a long cloak. Her face was fair to see, but stern, oh, so stern! And her gray eyes were so sharp and bright that Arachne could not meet her gaze.

    "Arachne," said the woman, "I am Athena, the godess of craft and wisdom, and I have heard your boast. Are you certain you still mean to say that you can spin and weave as well as I?"

    Arachne's cheeks grew pale, but she said: "Yes. I can weave as well as you."

    "Then let me tell you what we will do," said Athena. "Three days from now we will both weave; you on your loom, and I on mine. We will ask all who wish to come and see us; and great Zeus, who sits in the clouds, shall be the judge. And if your work is best, then I will weave no more so long as the world shall last; but if my work is best, then you shall never use loom or spindle. Do you agree to this?"

    "I agree," said Arachne.

    "Very well," said Athena. And she was gone.

    When the time came for the contest in weaving, hundreds were there to see it, and great Zeus sat among the clouds and looked on.

    Arachne took her skeins of finest silk and began to weave. And she wove a web of marvelous beauty, so thin and light that it would float in the air, and yet so strong that it could hold a lion in its meshes; and the threads of warp and woof were of many colors, so beautifully arranged and mingled one with another that all who saw were filled with delight.

    "No wonder that the maiden boasted of her skill," said the people and Zeus himself nodded.

    Then Athena began to weave. And she took of the sunbeams that gilded the mountain top, and of the snowy fleece of the summer clouds, and of the blue ether of the summer sky, and of the bright green of the summer fields, and of the royal purple of the autumn woods,—and what do you suppose she wove?

    The web which she wove was full of enchanting pictures of flowers and gardens, and of castles and towers, and of mountain heights, and of men and beasts, and of giants and dwarfs, and of the mighty beings who dwell in the clouds with Zeus. And those who looked upon it were so filled with wonder and delight, that they forgot all about the beautiful web which Arachne had woven. And Arachne herself was ashamed and afraid when she saw it; and she hid her face in her hands and wept.

    "Oh, how can I live," she cried, "now that I must never again use loom or spindle?"

    And she kept on weeping and saying, "How can I live?"

    Then, when Athena saw that the poor maiden would never have any joy unless she were allowed to spin and weave, she took pity on her and said:

    "I would free you from your bargain if I could, but that is a thing which no one can do. You must hold to your agreement never to touch loom or spindle again. And yet, since you will never be happy unless you can spin and weave, I will give you a new form so that you can carry on your work with neither spindle nor loom."

    Then she touched Arachne with the tip of the spear which she sometimes carried; and the maiden was changed at once into a nimble spider, which ran into a shady place in the grass and began merrily to spin and weave a beautiful web.

    In all of my research sources, the story ends by saying that all the spiders which have been in the world since then are the children of Arachne. They also suggest that perhaps Arachne still lives and spins and weaves; and the very next spider that you see may be Arachne herself. However, that's all just part of the myth, isn't it? Thank you for listening to my presentation.."

    Once Dylan finished speaking, he nodded his head and walked back to his desk. Clapping politely, Ms. Vielleux stood up and said "Tres Bon, Dylan, tres bon!" Crossing back over to the board, she began to write. "Now then, Arachne is a very interesting figure in Greek Mythology. Much like Hercules or Jason and the Argonauts, many people today still recall and speak about the myth of Arachne. She's even thought of as a Goddess in some stories, in which Athena actually gifted her an eternal form, mixing her body with that of a spider to create a centaur-like creature: the upper body of a human, and the lower body of a spider, divided at the waist. Can anybody tell me why the myths surrounding Arachne are so popular amongst mythologists and those who study Ancient Greece?"
  6. Damian grinned at the sight of the teacher. He wasn't fazed by her 'frenchie appearance' at all, he was thinking if something.. Perhaps getting a picture of her and rubbing it on John Constantine the 'casanova's' face would amuse the boy and immediately he raised his hand but put it down upon being forced to hear some kid's project about Arachne....But seriously... Arachne? Damian let out a sigh and listened, maybe after class he can FaceTime john And show him what he's missing out on for not picking him up.

    Zatanna on the other hand was also unfazed. But she couldn't help but feel that it was a Peculiar class. A man in his late twenties retaking high school, Damian who looked like a middle schooler in their class, and a bunch other things. She shook her head and began listening to the student's long story about Arachne and instead daydreamed, thinking of the many spells she read in books and pronouncing them backwards of course, mentally.

    It was clear that most of the class were bored, but once asked a question--no one bothered raising a hand. Be it to avoid awkwardness , nervousness and anxiety, or even from sounding stupid. Zatanna looked over her shoulder at everyone, as she raised an eyebrow before Damian rolled his eyes raising a hand. Once chosen he answered flatly.

    "Myths surrounding Arachne are so popular amongst mythology and those who study Ancient Greece because Arachne and her story teach us to be mindful of the risks women, even extraordinarily talented women, take when they speak out against the established order, the patriarchy in particular--Meaning 'government' for you low brained students.."

    Scoffed Damian rudely before continuing." We are reminded to speak the truth, not out of pride or in an effort to "get ahead", but in the spirit of concern and love." Said Damian as he sketched in his notebook in silence. Everyone looked at him shocked--Still treating him like a middle schooler since he looked like one and the air was filled with silence. Damian looked up."What?" He muttered before going back to sketching and soon revealed his drawing up in the air.

    It was obviously a simple spider with long legs and he explained his answer so that he staring of surprise can stop."My godfather... Or step dad or whatever..." He muttered."Knows her and explained to me.." Said Damian. By know, Damian was serious. John Constantine really did know Arachne but people would think that he merely knows the myth only and slowly the stares stopped.

    Zatanna chuckled, proud of Damian and looked back at the teacher. Damian stand up crumpling the paper and threw it in the recycling bin full of papers in silence from a distance, making it, and walked back to his seat looking back up at ms.V.

    awesome spiderman reference (open)
  7. Slade was about to say something at the teacher but kept silent and simply walked towards the end off the classroom, there was something off with that teacher he couldn't see what but there must be something off. One with a look like her's does not simply become a teacher when everything is handed on a platter to them. On the other hand she is quite the hottie, he wouldn't mind getting a piece of that he thought and smirked. As he walked towards the end of the classroom he saw the table would not fit him so he took the chair and sat in the middle. He looked at the teacher as she talked then he turned towards the boy that was supposed to read. He listened to the story the boy told... he was bright but he missed something. He turned towards the boy "All is great but you missed a few details... Athena's weaving represented four separate contests" he gestured a four with his hand as he continued to speak" between mortals and the gods in which the gods punished mortals for setting themselves as equals of the gods. Arachne's weaving depicted ways that the gods had misled and abused mortals, particularly Zeus' tricking and sexually abusing of many women. When Athena saw that Arachne had insulted the gods, she ripped Arachne's work into shreds, leading Arachne to hang herself. Moved to mercy, Athena gave Arachne life, but sprinkled her with Hecate's potion, turning her into a spider and cursing her and her descendents to weave for all time."

    He said as he made sure that everyone heared him, he then leaned back into his chair "Oh, and the the taxonomical class name Arachnida and the name for spiders in many romance languages are both derived from arachne. Also the tale of Arachne inspired one of Velázquez' most factual paintings Las Hilanderas, in which the painter represents the two important moments of the myth. In the front, the contest of Arachne and the goddess, in the back, an Abduction of Europa that is a copy of Titian's version. In front of it appears Minerva in the moment she is punishing Arachne. It transforms the myth into a reflection about creation and imitation, god and man, master and pupil." he added
  8. As the man spoke Damian listened. Surely, Slade earned a portion of a bit of Damian's respect--And instead of showing it out of kindness -or Atleast showing anything out of kindness- he showed it differently."I was expecting stupidity and silence, not sophisticated and classy talk from a man who looks like he's repeating." Scoffed Damian to Slade whom was sitting next to him yet behind Zatanna. Damian leaned his chair back, balancing himself and couldn't help but stare at the man -who was indeed older then everyone else. So during the lesson he talked."So, why are you here? You clearly know these things." Damian said looking down at his notebook and drawing 'The Batman & Joker', otherwise personally known as his parents who went berserk after his death. Funny, how Damian acted older and above everyone else -even adults at first, unless he thinks you've earned his respect-. Would this be considered 'befriending'? Nah, that was odd. Befriending an adult at school in a way but Damian dismisses that and looks back at Slade.

    "You are full of surprises, what's your name?" Asked Damian leaning back and balancing on his seat again.
  9. Dylan was amazed at the answers being thrown out into the class. The old guy and the little brat seemed very knowledgeable about this sort of thing. With the older man, Dylan could understand why he knew so much. After all, he graduated already and was just coming back for more studies. The kid however... Dylan was still trying to figure out why a twelve year old was in the class, but on top of that, how long ago he had that stick shoved up his ass. The kid was so stuck up and snooty, Dylan almost felt sorry for him. Then, he spoke about how his step-father knew Arachne. Yeah, right. Dylan felt sorry for him as the class chuckled. When the old guy spoke again, it seemed like him and the kid were getting along just fine. "Okay, yeah. This proves the point I was talking about: with so many versions of the same story around, the meanings and lessons that can be taken from them change. Just like how the Grimm Brother's work was changed from being bloody and gruesome to sweet and innocent. Honestly, I think the story tells a cautionary tale about having too much power. In fact, all of the tales in Greek mythology have some kind of power struggle, with the Gods always punishing mortals for claiming they were "better then the Gods". Like its already been said, Zeus had a knack for abusing and violating mortal women, but at the same time, he thought too highly of himself." Dylan explained, looking around as he spoke. "Most of the Greek legends basically have the Gods acting like jerks and abusing their powers just because one man stood up and said "I have something that I can be proud of and nobody else can do it better". Arachne is just somebody who loves her hobby and does it better then anyone she knows, so Artemis really had no right to come down from Olympus and challenge her. The Gods in Greek mythology never take responsibility for their actions and they often get involved with mortal affairs that don't even concern them. While I agree with Damien and Mr. Thompson on their views on the story, its undeniable that the moral of any Greek mythological tale is "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility". The Gods think too highly of themselves and punish people who didn't deserve anything they dished out. Zeus was even responsible for Pandora opening the box, releasing all the evils onto the world. Zeus knew this would cause mortals to suffer, but he did this to get back at Epimetius, who just so happened to be Prometheus' brother."
  10. The classroom was filled with a bunch of odd balls. First the substitute teacher, then a kid and now a grown ass man who, most likely was in his late twenties perhaps early thirties. 'What is the world coming to...' Since Cantina would always spend her time with working and taking care of her sister, she never really paid attention to the people that surrounded her or those that went to the same school. How could she have missed such a strange group of students? It was odd but at the moment she didn't really care for both the lesson or the bickering amongst themselves. In her eyes, she found discussing with each other about myths was utterly stupid and pointless but it didn't seem like the rest of the class thought the same. Instead they continued to talk about Arachne, the meaning behind her story, greek gods, and even some insults here and there. Now she remembered why she never got along with people; they were all so annoying.

    Sighing softly, Cantina leaned forward on her desk that was close to the window and began to draw random stuff on her notebook. It was a habit of hers to draw during class while never giving anyone the time of day and by anyone, that included the teachers. She was a lot smarter then she gave out yet she never really showed it to the world mainly because she didn't care to. As long as she was passing her classes and getting by with high school life, while keeping her family safe, nothing else mattered to her. Ever since the encounter with the thugs from the mafia, she made sure to keep her distant from anyone who dared approach her while also keeping it a secret from everyone. With this on her shoulders, it just made it harder for her getting along with others or even trust others. If her own blood had screwed the family as bad as he did then the damage a person from the outside could be even worse.

    At the moment, Damian was proving that point. Here was a snotty little kid talking down to everyone by acting, well more like stating, that he knows everything and even has the nerve to insult the older gentlemen next to him when he added some information himself. Instead of admiring how informed her was or saying a nice comment, he blunted explained how he figured he was an idiot. Just another high nose snot that felt that he had the right to push others down just to make himself feel better. People like these were the ones she did her best to stay away from since she had little to no patience with them and would probably throw the kid out the window. 'Eh...I need to stop watching those crime fighting shows. Throwing people out the window seems to be the new phases now a days.' Sighing once more, Cantina glanced out the window and watched as some students arrived late for school while others just passed on by without a care in the world.
  11. Slade smirked and continued to look in-front of him "Judging people by their appearance is wrong." he said to the kid and chuckled slightly turning his head towards the kid he looked at him, his face blank and emotionless now "My name is Slade Thompson... I am here because my old school burned down and my files were lost." he then turned to look at the kid that was talking about the story of Arachne "Gods or no gods nobody is above anybody Zeus' ignorance and stupidity led to what's for us to believe his demise. In the end if he kept it in his pants, no trouble would of happen but you see he was a smart god and a combination of a smart god with power does not work well, they grow stupid over time; their greed overrules them and throws them in their abyss. These days I see smart people everywhere, wise mouths and people with fast wits. Maybe, just maybe they are all that; but I have yet to see a person that outwits, outsmarts and wise mouths a bullet." he looked at the kid plainly as he said that and leaned into his chair, he tapped the girl that was in-front of him "Excuse me can you borrow me your history book for a minute, I want to check something?"
  12. Damian scowled at slades little speech. Sound like him, was he referring to himself (Damian)? Damian of course assumed so and with that, Damian stopped leaning back on his seat and rested the side of his head over the palm of his hand, staring at Slade again. He took this as a backhanded compliment. Insult disguised as a compliment--Or a compliment that was supposed to be taken as an insult. Numerous meanings, yet only one can mean that Slade has only seen a person with one or the other out of all three--And Damian may be the first to be capable of all three using it on him in particular to say such things."Well, now you're going to see someone who is capable of outwitting, outsmarting, and wise mouthing a 'Bullet' like you." Muttered the kid and he watched as Slade tapped on his sister figure, Zatanna in silence.

    Soon Zatanna was alarmed by the sudden tapping on her shoulder. She looked over her shoulder and once she looked she realized it was the eldest student whom had asked politely to borrow her history book. Zatanna nodded replying 'Sure' before she looked on each sides of her seat and leaned down to her left side touching a stack of books and notebooks that were placed under her seat. When she felt the history book she slid it off with ease and sat sideways with her legs on the side of her seat, gently placing the book on his lap."Here you go." Shes said lowly.

    The brunette looking girl was quite curious to see what Slade was going to look up and she rested her arms criss cross over her seat quietly resting her chin gently over them for support."So, what do you plan on checking?" She asks grinning. Zatanna was always curious and interested in little things like this and Damian crossed his arms scoffing."Hes probably unsure of his own knowledge and is impatient to see if his own explanation is correct..Its called Undoubtfulness." The kid simply shrugged and Zatanna looked at Damian."Dont be rude Damian. Patience is a virtue, and you should be the last one to talk since you have none. He clearly had an explanation for being here." Scowled the female momentarily at Damian's rude little wise ass."Sure, an 'explanation'. Not good enough. Don't they store files in computers and send the info to the education system where they hold everyone's education files? Not to mention give you a certificate to bring home after graduating highschool?" He retorted blankly. Zatanna sighed as she looked to see what Slade was searching up in sudden interest and blinked.
  13. Slade ignored the kids comment, he did not care for his little insults and backhanded talk... it was under him to talk back to a child so he did not. He nodded to the girl that handed over him the history book "Thank you." he said as he opened the history book, he looked at the girl as she asked him "I am looking for something, a while ago while I was in the military me and my unit were the best in the army... our commander back then said that we have appeared in history books and I was interested to know what they wrote about us." he said to the girl then turned to the boy and lifted the book up, the book showed a picture of men dressed in dark uniforms all with some sort of a skeleton mask on their face waving a skeleton flag and American flag in the background, armed to the teeth with weapons, grenades, knifes and swords. "Again rushing to conclusions, it's wrong for your mouth to be faster than your wit. You seem like a nice kid, but don't give other people bad names because someday it will take only one lunatic to strike you down. It might be a friend even, family aswell... someday someone will get tired of your comments, ridicules and words... then click, click boom. Your gone just like that." he handed over the book back to the girl "Thank you again." he paused for a moment "Oh, I'm sorry I never asked for your name?" he smiled at her, the first smile he gave out today.
  14. Damian listened to Slade yet gave him a careless shrug as he crossed his arms."Or so, they think I'll be gone.." He muttered under his breath. Sulking like a child as he pouted slightly. Damian believed that since he was resurrected, he can cheat death again and again so he didn't really worry. Then the man talked to the daughter of magicians and the girl slightly hesitated on introducing herself, until she got herself together.

    "My name...?" She paused pointing at herself as she began to sit up straight now, with a perfect posture."Zatanna..." She smiled momentarily, as it slowly faded away."Zatanna Zatara." Finishes the young girl almost sounding disappointed in having such a last name. If anything, Zatanna didn't necessarily feel like a Zatara. No magic, just pure human and she daydreamed off to the side just thinking about it before staring back up at Slade and giving him her hand as a friendly handshake."Nice to meet you." She grinned again, letting out a small and kind laugh.

    Zatanna was always a smiley type of girl. Hell, she'll even smile during the toughest situation. People often loved her for that, a truly bright person indeed so it was a good trait of hers not to mention she would sometimes let out small friendly laughs every time she talked and most often avoided conflicts.
  15. Xiang walked in late as per usual. She didn't really understand western mythology. Furthermore, she didn't really understand why most of the western mythology had to involve sex. Not that eastern tales didn't but it was scarce enough. She was still learning the customs of this foreign land of stars and stripes. Xiang didn't know who the woman was, but rather assumed it was a substitute who she didn't give so much as give a second glance. She bowed politely to Ms. V and then sat in a desk as secluded from everyone as possible. Xiang searched around in her bag for her iPod and began to listen to music. She just didn't feel like doing anything today. Who cared what any of the people in this class did or thought?

    Xiang didn't know anyone in the class either which was probably for the better. She remained quiet and didn't look at anyone in particular. In fact, she started rehearsing her bass solo in her head. Today was her band's first official showing. Xiang wasn't expecting anyone from school to go except for the people in the band itself. Eventually, Xiang found herself thinking in a language other than English.
  16. Cantina continued to watch the people that were arriving late and noticed one that look familiar. She couldn't quite put her finger on it but she felt like she had seen her before somewhere and probably had a class or two with her. 'hmm what class....what class...' The poor girl was terrible when it came to remembering name and faces especially since she always did her best to stay away from most people. How ever, her question was suddenly answered when the girl she saw walked into the classroom and walked towards the back of the class as far away from everyone as possible. 'Oh right this class.' It was a miracle that Cantina was able to even remember where she lived! Then again, her memory was affected by her lack of interest in things so if something wasn't worth remembering, she wouldn't bother with it. Thats just how her buzzing mind functioned which always worked out for the best anyway.

    Currently, this class was lacking anything interesting. Most of the guys were gawking at the substitute teacher, the girls were texting away or passing note, and the small group that began to talk about the project of, what was his name again? Damn she had already forgotten. Oh well, the guy who started the presentation were not talking amongst each other. Moments like these made her wish she was doing online schooling instead since this place was just too boring for her taste. Luckily it was almost time for the class to be over and today they were going to be going off on a field trip to a big shot company. She was actually kind of excited about since it was science related and science was her favorite subject and it was the only thing that made any sense in learning. Mythology was a subject she didn't not find useful at all, it was nothing but fairy tales that have been passed down through the ages and didn't really hold any real value. Well not to her anyway.

    The time of freedom had finally came, the school bell rang and Cantina was the first to get up from her seat, grabbed her stuff and bolted out of the class without looking back. 'Finally! We can move along to something more useful in the world!' She would never show it, but she was over washed with utter excitement with the thought of going to the infamous OSCORP and getting to meet some of their most promising scientist. Some of the students however, weren't very excited in going to the company but since it gave them an excuse to not be in school, they took the chance to go.
  17. Slade looked at the girl and took her handshake "Nice to meet you Zatanna." he chuckled "I hope I pronounced your name correctly." he let go of her hand as the bell rang, the students up and left in a instant "Are we going somewhere?" he wondered as he looked at the girl -First day in school and field trip, just my luck I guess- he thought to himself as he got up and out of his seat he turned to Damien "Perhaps you know where we are going? I need to figure out how the hell I am going to get there." he felt annoyed if he had to follow the slow bus along.
  18. Zatanna nodded to him saying her name correctly with a smile and Slade turned to Damian, who stand up stretching."Yeah, we're going to some field trip." He said with an annoyed tone as he was stretching. The kid grabbed his bag, throwing it on and looked at Slade."And yes, that means taking the slow bus. You are us--A student." He growled slightly with a annoyed look."you come inside the bus with us, as a student." Damian explained bitterly as of talking to a stupid person. He walked ahead as Zatanna gave Damian her stuff to put away and he did so, and soon zatanna looked over her shoulder at Slade."Sorry about--Damian. Hes always like that, so don't take it to the head." She grinned walking off."Maybe we can sit together? If you plan on going?" She asks.
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  19. Xiang yawned. She had forgotten all about their field trip to OSCORP. It wasn't something she particularly wanted to miss. In fact, it was something she wouldn't mind learning more about. She recognized one other person in the class. Her name was Cantina if she remembered correctly. Xiang wanted to cause a little bit a mischief. It wasn't like she couldn't really with her DNA. She smiled at the thought. Every part of her mind told her she shouldn't, but what if she couldn't help herself. Xiang walked over to Cantina and tried to remove as much of her Asian as possible. One thing she did like about her powers was that her accent disappeared when she was someone else.

    "Hello Cantina. That is your name, correct?" Xiang kept a straight face, but in her mind she was irritated. She ended up having a heavier accent then she would have liked. And then an idea struck in her head. She could just change her vocal chords to match another. However, that would mean she wouldn't be sounding like herself. She brushed the idea to the back of her mind and decided that it wouldn't matter.
  20. Slade glanced over at Damien not caring much for his words, he looked towards Zatanna as she spoke to him "I don't mind him much to be quite honest, his quirky nature is not much of an issue to me as it is to himself. One day someone will shut it tight, but that won't be me." he glanced at the motorcycle helmet he held in his arm and back at Zatanna "Sure I guess it won't hurt if I do go, and yeah I would be happy to sit next to you." he paused for a moment "Lead the way then." he said and followed her along.
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