The Pentagram.

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Would you like to be a Guardian?

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  1. Hello there!

    This is going to be a Modern Fantasy roleplay. Writing level would probably be Intermediate.

    Let's get down to the plot.

    Humans aren't the only things on planet Earth, oh no. There are other creatures, mythical creatures. But they have a world of their own. And the only thing that connects the two is a portal located somewhere in the world.

    So why haven't the humans seen such creatures? Because there is a person who adorns the title of Guardian of the Human World, humans know nothing of the magical, mythical creatures. This person's job is too make sure that humans stay oblivious. In this case, ignorance is bliss.

    For years, it's been a solo job, until now. Four somewhat ordinary people have been requested to become a Guardian. Why would the human world need four other Guardians? It's safe enough with just one, right?

    Or so we thought.

    Now for the breakdown.

    Basically, four people who have extraordinary skills or something along the matter will get notes saying they've been requested to become Guardians of the Human World. From there, they will be trained and complete missions/quests with the original Guardian, who would be Keeper of the Guardians of the Human World at that point.

    There is a bigger plot, of course, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to share it just yet. Other than that, it's mostly a sanbox roleplay.

    Intriguing, yes?
  2. Oh, very much so! I am quite intrigued! Count me in! :)
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  3. Yay!

    I forgot to mention that the title, 'The Pentagram', stems from the secret place - their headquarters - that everyone will meet at.

    It's called The Pentagram.
  4. I loved it. Can I join?
  5. Of course, of course~!

    That's two people interested, which leaves the two other spots. I'll wait to see if anyone else is interested and, if not, I'll make the OOC and it's first come, first serve for the last two spots.

    Thank you guys so much for showing interest, by the way! I'm quite proud of this roleplay idea and glad others like it as well. :3
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  6. You have my interest.
  7. Another person!

    That leaves the last spot. While I wait for someone else, I'll start on the OCC so it can be up and ready and you guys don't have to wait so long. c:
  8. Thank ya very much!~
  9. Does anyone know how to use tabs in a post???

    And I might extend it to five Guardians since I just checked the poll.
  10. Definitely interested in this! I like the idea, it's a very cool stance to take - standing in both worlds, but in the end not truly a part of either..

    Okay! I'm getting carried away already. Before I commit myself any further though, question time! These missions that you mention: can you reveal anything about the nature of them? If the guardians keep the fantastical world a secret to humans would it be safe to assume that the problems these missions seek to right come from the 'other' side? Do creatures from this other side try to break through and is this what we would be guardians against?

    I get the setting, and really like the idea of it. I just don't see exactly what our role within this setting might be.

  11. Yes! That's what the missions are about. You see, not all of the monsters are good, obviously. So they try to keep them in their own world as to not cause any havoc in the human one. Of course, not every mission is going to go smoothly. But we'll have methods of alternating or erasing witnesses' memories, if need be.

    I might add more to it so it's not just one thing and has a bit more depth into it. Like, them exploring and gathering things that might help them in the long run. That can be something of discussion since I do want everyone to be able to pitch in and shape this roleplay in a way that'd be comfortable for them. :3

    Ah, there's so much interest~ ^^" The roleplay might be first come, first serve now.
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  12. Great, that pretty much deals with everything I was wondering. And it always makes me happy to see someone who's interested in the ideas of all of their players when making a world/story!

    You've definitely sold it to me. Eagerly awaiting OOC!
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  13. Hopefully you won't have to wait for long! My goal is to have it up sometime tomorrow.
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