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Should we have people roleplay villians?

  1. Yes, I think we should.

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  2. No, let them be NPCs.

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  3. Other. [Explain in OOC your reasoning, please!]

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    • Planet Earth, a place where humans and only humans roam and inhabit.

      Or so people were led to believe.

      Unbestknown to the human species, other creatures also inhabit their beloved planet. Magical, mythical creatures. Yes, the ones that you hear in fairy tales, read about in novels, and see on TV. They aren't just figments of our imaginations anymore. They exist in the same place as you and I. Now, here's the true question: How come we haven't witnessed these creatures? Caught a glimpse or two of them? Well, let me give you the true answer. Besides some of the creatures ability to blend in very well with humans, there's someone who makes sure that the creatures stay in their own world and don't interact with the human world, which is joined together by a portal located somewhere naked to the human eye. This person is called Guardian of the Human World.

      Being the Guardian of the Human World is a job that has existed for centuries and has always been a solo job.

      Until now, that is.

      The original Guardian will be joined by five more. But why the sudden rush of new Guardians? The human world should only need one, right?

      Well, that's suppose to be right.
    • What a nice little story that was, huh? Now, let's get to the actual plot of the roleplay.

      So five people who are extraordinary in some sense are all going to be sent a motification, most likely in their mail. It will inform them that they are now Guardians of the Human World and tell them where they all should go, which will be The Pentagram (more information later).

      From that point on, my character, who would be the Keeper of the Guardians of the Human World, or just Keeper/Keeper of the Guardians, will train the new Guardians. They will go on missions/quests trying to keep peace in the human world while learning new things in between. It's quite the sandbox roleplay.

      I do have a bigger plot, but I'm not sure if I'd like to share that now or later on in the roleplay. Up to you guys.
    • To the secret hideout! [plays Mission Impossible music]

      The Pentagram is the Guardians secret hideout and, for some, or maybe all, their home. On the outside, it looks like a normal apartment building and most would pass by it without a second thought. But this building is actually very special to those who are very special themselves. For example, Guardians. The building has a certain aura around it that pulls certain people towards it, wanting to know what's inside. At the doorstep, a pentagram will slowly appear on the front door, only visible to those certain people.

      When you step inside, you'd be puzzled for it looks exactly like the inside of an apartment should look. There isn't anything special, besides the cool, spiral stairs right when you walk inside. There is a long hallway with another door at the end, same irresistible aura. As you travel down it and reach the door, open it up, you realize how much larger it is than you thought was humanely possible. It looked like a large study room. Possibly a training room as well. There are shelves of books that are floor to ceiling and a large space occupied by a wooden table. If moved, it'd make a nice training area.

      It's where the Keeper of the Guardians lives.
    • This is where I'll put important things about people and our characters alike. For example, if someone's going to be inactive. Another is if a character has a love interest in someone. Any new updates to anything. Etc., etc., etc.
    • Rules aren't fun, no. But without them, there would be no order.
      1. Wait until you're accepted to post.
      2. First come, first serve.
      3. If you have any ideas, questions, concerns, don't be afraid to shoot me a message or discuss with someone else. We're friendly here~!
      4. That being said, don't fight in the OOC. It is a no-fighting zone.
      5. If I'm ever gone for too long, SHOOT ME A MESSAGE OR SOMETHING.
      6. I would appreaciate a paragraph per post (minimum). You can do more, just don't go overboard and start writing novels.
      7. If you're having a Writer's Block [WB] crisis and are struggling to punch out a paragraph, that's okay. As long as your post is something that someone can respond to/moves the story along and it doesn't happen often, I'm fine with it~.
      8. If things ever get too intimate, fade to black or take it to PM.
      9. Have fun, you guys! Create twists, bring drama, grief, and love, and always keep it interesting! Anything can happen in Modern Fantasy.
      10. Failure to follow these rules will result in a (few) Warning(s) before a Kick Out.
      [Insert a real life picture/GIF here, please!]
      Full Name: [First, Middle Initial (optional), Last]
      Alias(es): [What they are known as. Ex: The Thief, The Planner, etc.]
      Age: [Self-explanatory]
      Gender: [Also self-explanatory]
      Sexuality: [Once again, self-explanatory]
      Species: [Maybe they aren't fully human or human at all. Give a bit of info on their species]
      Personality: [Doesn't have to be extremely detailed. It's fun to figure each other's characters out~! Can be a list]
      Strengths: [What are they super good at?]
      Weaknesses: [What makes them weak or that they are weak in?]
      Talent: [One thing that only they can do. Ex: Stealing, Coming up with plans, etc. It should go with their alias(es)]
      Power(s): [If you're not fully human/not human at all. Maximum is three. Nothing too overpowering]
      Bio/History: [What were their lives before becoming a Guardian? Doesn't have to be extremely detailed/Optional]
      Anything else?: [Quirks, Hobbies, Likes & Dislikes, Fears, etc.]
    • Keeper of the Guardians of the Human World
      1. Arthur M. Finnigan ~ M ~ 18 ~ Wind/Air Elf
      Guardians of the Human World
      1. Open
      2. Open
      3. Open
      4. Open
      5. Open

    Full Name:
    Arthur M. Finnigan

    Keeper of the Guardians, The Wind Whisperer

    Looks 18 years old


    Panromantic Bisexual

    Elemental Elf - Wind/Air Elf
    An elemental elf is able to control one and only one element. A Wind/Air Elf is able to control anything that is involved with wind/air.


    +Fast learner
    +Very agile and swift
    +Quick thinker
    +Leader skills
    +Good under pressure

    -Brute strength
    -Loved ones
    -No wind/air
    -Too independent at times

    ~Can control wind/air.

    ~Same as above.
    ~Can also use the wind/air to 'fly'


    Anything else?:
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