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  1. I have been thinking up some interesting plots, and I seemed to have come up with ones that I really like and am pretty excited about. To be straight-forward and honest, I don't like porn without plot. So, there won't be much of that here. If that is all you're interested in, well...this place is not for you. Oh, there will be sex (obviously), but it will not stand alone. Also, with the kinks and such, this can be discussed in PM.

    1. Please let me know when you will be out for a while, and I will show the same courtesy. If I don't? Then, you are allowed to smack with me with the hypocrisy stick...unless I have a good reason and vice versa.
    2. Try to keep up on typos, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and blah blah blah. I want to understand your words, I really do.
    3. No one-liners. I like detail. Give me detail! ^_^
    4. These rules shall also apply to me, as well (obviously).



    Plot Ideas
    Idea #1: To Ensure Tribe Continuity | Khayan Dro is a spirit lion.
    He is the leader - the Rex - of his lion pride, the Mountain Pride.
    They, of course, reign in the mountains. His pride is running
    dangerously low in numbers, and he has not yet found a mate. He
    goes out to search and comes across Your Character (YC). Though
    YC is a human, she is a part of a rival pride, the Forest Pride. He
    takes her, with the intent to change her into a spirit lioness and mate
    with her, but the Forest Pride wants her back just to spite him. The
    goal is to get her to fall in love with him to save his pride and defeat
    the rival pride, but he leaves out the part where he must impregnate
    her because his tribe in danger of extinction.
    Idea #2: Teach You A Lesson Or Two | Khayan Dro is a panwere.
    He is a werewolf and a weretiger, but is the Alpha of the Moon Claw.
    YC is apart of the pack, but she seems to be human. She begins to
    get sick. Her wolf infection wasn't taking affect, and Khayan has to do
    something. He bites her to re-infect her, saving her dying wolf. In the
    process, she also becomes a panwere (it is your choice on whether she
    received another wolf within her or a tiger). The goal is to train her to
    hone her lycanthropy infections, along with some sexy-sexy time as
    they grow closer.
    Plot Ideas
    Idea #1: Two Can Keep A Secret | Adaminna is the Queen of the Seelie
    Fae. But, she has a dark secret. She has been having a treasonous affair
    with the Unseelie King, YC. No one must know. But, like every secret,
    it always manages to come out. Now there are Faerie in both their Courts,
    plotting to kill them. They kill their own kind, as well as each other's kind.
    The goal is to make certain that the other is safe, and - possibly - rejoin
    the Seelie and Unseelie courts once again!
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  2. I'm guessing the strikes mean the plots aren't available anymore? Darn! If the first idea doesn't work out, let me know! I'm very much interested. [:
  3. I will be sure to let you know. c:
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