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I enjoy Fantasy, Scifi, Romance, Magical, Modern and much more. I probably can't list them all! If there is something you want to try and it isn't listed here, just ask. I rarely say no!
(okay, because I am so absentminded I forgot to ask if you wanted to just start right off the on my part.)
(( Well, i thought after we posted our character sheets here we'd start the IC with Emmica just arriving at Ivish's castle. If thats ok with you? And we just use this for plotting and other stuff.))
(Okay I can do that! then I'll start the IC now! oh, and here's my sheet!)

Name: Her Royal Highness, Princess Emmica Bernard

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Personality: Emmica is soft and gentle, a perfect humanization of her homeland. She is rather easily pushed around and it takes quite a lot to make her snap. She is also very intellegent, being one of the best book scholars in her whole kingdom. She loves listening to others speak their opinions and then make her own comments, believing peaceful solutions to problems can be found that way. She has a mothering sort of nature about her and at the same time can be very child-like, a quality that people often have a hard time grasping which makes her get looked down upon at times. In the end she is just like anyone else and prefers to keep it that way.

Kingdom: Rindall


History: As a child Emmica was usually sickly and alone, often in and out of illnesses that took a told on her, something she inherited from her mother who died when she was five. Left to nothing but her chambers when she was hit with illness, Emmica lost herself in fairytales and history books, adoring the tales that they weaved before her very eyes. Her thirst for knowledge was unquenchable, and she soon moved from stroies and history to mathamatics and science.

When she became a teenager Emmica continued to study and and educate herself on the world, speciallizing in literature and writing. She became a great debator and took part in many of her father's endevours to imporve life for his people. She took part in many peace treaties and agricultural developments, constantly trying to make her life better for her people.

However, the kingdom was struck with shock when soldiers form Dartith started to march on toward to attack and invade, like they had done to many of Rindall's neighbours. Her father, never having been one for violence or war, say no other choice but to surrender before any of his people could get hurt. Also, in hopes of keeping his daughter from falling to the slums he sent her to Dartith, as a sign that Rindall bowed down in the fight. She believes that she is to be the king's bride but in truth, the letter she is sent with is nothing more than a letter of surrender and a claim that they may use her as they see fit, be it a maid or an advisor...
((Okay :P))

His Royal Highness, Ivish Hale



Ivish is considered cruel, uncaring, devoid of emotion and this is somewhat true. Ivish does not enjoy killing people or enslaving them as most believe, he finds it necessary something he tries to avoid. He is surprisingly quiet and painfully serious, he is very guarded and so few people know who he truly is underneath. He is observant which means hes hardly wrong but when he is he can't stand it. He has a very short temper and hates to be lectured or taught, and although he is illiterate he is strikingly intelligent. Ivish is simply misunderstood, inside hes still the scared little boy who longed for a loving family.

: Dartith


Ivish hated his childhood, his father would beat him and his two older brothers would do nothing to defend him.His Father was an evil man who would beat Ivish complaining that unlike his brothers to whom he would constantly compared, he was weak and needed to toughen up. Ivish's mother died giving birth to him, which resulted in his father and brother's resentment and even hatred of him. When Ivish was just fourteen his father and brothers were killed in battle as they tried to take over another kingdom, they failed and Ivish was forced to return to Dartith only this time as king.

A few days after his fifteenth birthday Ivish was walking through his kingdom when he came across a woman and her five year old child. The woman was dead, she had been murdered by the bandits that plagued the land. The was so small and looked at him with such sadness and fear, that he took pity on her and took her to the castle. There he looked after her and treated her like a little sister, giving her anything she needed. As the girl grew she became his closet friend and was the only thing that could make him smile, and sometimes just for a moment he would let down his guard and she would see how kind and happy he could be.

Ivish loathed his home, it was nothing more than a dark, barron desolate place. When he learned of the beauty and life in Rindall he grew envious and swore he would have it for his own. So now he send his soldiers to slowly invade the kingdom of Rindall, he believes that if he has this beautiful bountiful land, he will have a better life for him and Rue.

Rue "Pixie" Evergreen



Rue is a very sweet child, she is kind, innocent and caring. She is very smart and always speaks her mind. She is hardly ever shy but she's not to comfortable with change. Ivish, nicknamed her Pixie because of her bright and bubbly nature.

: Dartith


Rue lived simply, but happily with her mother in a small cottage in the heart of Dartith. It was dangerous and her mother often talked of leaving and fleeing to another kingdom but they had no money and so they had to stay. Rue had been playing in the trees the day the bandits came, they took whatever her mother had and then killed her before searching for her. She remained silent and eventually they gave up and left, she slid down and ran to her mothers side but there was nothing she could do. She curled up next to her mother and cried herself to sleep, she didn't know how long she slept but when she awoke a boy was standing over her with sympathetic eyes. He told her to come with him and she would be safe and taken care of, she saw in his face he was sincere so she took his hand and followed him back to the castle.

Rue was treated like a member of the royal family, and she came to think of Ivish as a big brother. She spent most of her time by Ivish's side and helped him by reading and writing for him, she tried to teach him but he became angry so she gave up and just helped him. She disliked Ivish's invasion attempts but dares not criticize him.

Dartith was once a land full of life and peace, but under the reign of King Bracken smith, the land withered away to nothing leaving a desolate wasteland. Those that could fled to other kingdoms but most were to poor and were forced to stay. Their crops withered from the harsh soil and few animals remained. As the villagers became desperate they began to steal and attack each other, the land soon became overrun with bandits.
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