The Path to Being a Knight

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    Ace was on his way towards the throne room as he had been summoned, letting out a soft sight. Honestly, he did not understand why Prince Salomon kept summoning them, it was as if he was persistently trying to make them meet or something, which he wasn't too fond off. He was more of a fan of being alone, or training. The two swords on his hips were giving off a sweet sound by each step he took, as he looked around and took in the sights of the castle's walls and surrounding areas. He was there to spy, but then again no one knew that, as he had been the new recruit for a couple of days.

    He may be young, younger than the rest as he was at the age of nineteen, but he did not care. He was deadly, this was anywhere far from his first upcoming war. He was a spy, an informant from a different kingdom, and this was just a part of his job. He had been an assassin, and he had also done a lot of other things. Betrayal ran in his name, but he never needed allies. He just needed those he could trust and those he couldn't, those who needed to die for him to move on, and those who needed to survive. In the end he arrived at the throne room, as the guard opened the giant red doors decorated in gold for him.

    His crystal blue eyes scouted around the room to see rays of windows behind the single golden throne with a red cushion, and guards placed at each corner of the room. Red curtains hanging from the windows to frame them in, and the sunlight fighting their way in the room. He brushed some of his blue bangs back, as they were whiter near the tips of the hair, and saw the Prince. He did nothing, he mostly ignored him, as he kept scouting around. It was only the two of them. Had he been summoned so they could talk? What was this?
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    The life of the Prince was not that grand as it seemed. Despite what you may think, being in his position is not all so easy or happy for that matter, than one would expect. Social conventions such as parties were part of the pleasantries required of a noble, one he took little pleasure from; he had little time for hobbies or seeing his people, just doing nothing, but planning and sitting most of his time. It's not that he found that part unimportant or something he didn't wish to do, but even when wishing to keep his kingdom and citizen's safe and content, he was not...Nothing, but living.

    Salomon was a darkened, almost silhouette-like figure in the shadow of his throne , the light from the large windows creeping past the draping red curtains which just touched the throne to create an outline of the Prince. His eyes often stayed closed when he thought, brooding with his chin gently resting on the back of his pale hand whilst he sat on his throne, until interrupted by something of importance. Speaking of the devil, his stormy grey eyes opened leisurely when he heard the all too familiar 'chkk' of the grand doors opening to that reception to the guest, yet this one it came no surprise to him..The Prince called said 'visitor' after all.

    "Ah...Ace," Salo spoke his name relaxed yet no hint of any emotions in his voice that would be common to others such as being happy to see him, not that he wasn't happy, it just didn't matter to him,"I knew when hiring you that you'd be so capable as to not even inquire about this place or how it's run anymore than what has been given, not even asking Hakren, though I can't say I blame you." He gave a quick smirk by that remark, before switching back to his blank expression.
    "Tell me...How do you find this place at the moment?" He inquired himself. Needless to say, the 'Cold Knight' as he liked
    to call him, expressed and talked very little in the past two days they'd been acquainted. It merely interested him to what he thought and his reply seen as he was such a different person to what he was accustomed to, but more importantly, it interested him. 'Hakren should be here by now...' Those words were noted in the back of his mind, yet he showed no signs of it affecting him, like impatience, whilst he waited for his commonly late excuse of a Knight.
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    Hakren Knightly, a loyal yet merciless knight of a kingdom that was ruled by a young prince named Salomon. Hakren was the imperial knight since his teens, his past aren't like other of his ages. Unlike other people in his ages, he has slaughtered countless men in the war zone. At his age of 24, he finally reached to the pique of his knights day or so he thought. These past few years has been a bothered, Hakren always had a suspicious out of the newly recruited knight, Ace, who gained promotion in a flash....

    A sturdy gallant figure was instructing the rookie of knight 101, a role which Hakren really suited for. Everyday it was from his own will that gives the rookie knight training, though a lot of the instructor despise. Many recruits saw Hakren as their role model, a lot of them said that he was cool and level headed. Hakren went to the throne room after giving the recruits practice, it was dark and here lies a familiar two figures which he hated the most, your majesty and Ace.

    Hakren bowed lightly as soon as he saw your majesty, King Salomon. Hakren personally hate Salomon and it can be seen by his action by clentching his fist though nothing to be said since he loyal to one and only his kingdom. Right beside the king is the second person he hate the most, Ace, the suspicious squire who had gained the attention of Salomon, both of them are blend in some way rather they both are a like, a stench of sins surrounded them. "Your humble knight is here, your majesty"
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    Ace's ice cold eyes wandered over to look at the silver haired, slightly taller, man in front of him. That had to be the Prince, and indeed did he hold some sort of elegance to him. It was the same sort of elegance to be expected from a Prince, but at the same time, he could feel a coldness... the same cold feeling that would always be left after Ace. Instead of walking over to the throne, Ace walked over to rest against the wall, his swords making a sweet jingle to his every move, barely looking over to the Prince that was watching him with grey eyes. "If I am in the need of asking someone who holds a less intelligence than myself, then I would rather get lost," Ace answered as his eyes met the grey ones, the cold stare still in his eyes.

    He may be there on a mission, one which had yet to be revealed, but he was not going to become someone's dog, not even for a short period of time, just to please some higher-ups. He may be there for a mission, but he would never just obey someone like that. Ace would rather see his his own death in the eyes. "It is too big. It is unnecessary... and there's too much sunlight. I don't like it," Ace answered bluntly to how he liked the castle, it was too big and too warm. It didn't take long before Hakren, or what Ace considered to be 'The Prince's lap dog' arrived, of course the useless one would manage to be late. That's why they were useless, they were always late.

    "There's a difference... between dog and knight," Ace said to Hakren, shooting him an expressionless glare, before he slightly smirked. "What has this humble dog done to be so late?" Yes, he knew he was provoking, but he didn't like Hakren. The very man in front of him represented what he did not wish to become, someone who just obeyed orders and never questioned them. Instead of wasting more of his time on paying attention to the dog who had entered, his attention wandered back to the spoiled brat that was to be the Prince. "What have you summoned the two of us here for anyway? Unlike the two of you, I actually have important matters to do and the less time I waste on you the better," Ace said, not even caring how rude he may have sounded. It wasn't his problem, if they didn't like it then too bad for them.
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    ((I'm sorry about the late and terrible post...I'm tired and didn't know what to write, so I apologise for that~ ^^;))

    Salomon smirked at Ace's predictable answer. "I guessed as much."

    Before he could carry on with their conversation even he knew that it would become tiresome and pointless within a few more minutes, Hakren arrived in all his belated and 'enthusiastic' glory, only to be shot down almost immediately by Ace, an amusing show to watch.

    "Why indeed," He sighed at the two of them, "It has come to my attention that neither of you seem to care, nevermind participate in disposing of the 'pawns' under your care, Harken. I want you to report and send home any that are of no use to the kingdom or themselves. Abandonment from weak spirits and incompetent minds will be their down fall and are not needed. I'm sure a second point of view can be of use, that's where you come in Ace. If you have any questions of complaints then speak now." The Prince talked about it easily and leisurely as if he were talking about the weather. When he finished, he knew very well that they would have complaints about this matter, and not necessarily about said 'pawn's, but about having to work with one another.
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