The Path of Promise

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  1. The Fortress of Storms in a pure color of bright red, stood high on the borderline between the territory of humans and demons. It's sadistic spirals stretched out into the sky, and the texture of hardened rock covered the entirety, leaving no reason to have windows or a view out. The border was necessary, to be sure humans wouldn't dare to cross over or they would be killed on sight mercilessly. Even worse, captured and taken down deep into the dungeons for torture.

    Lilith was on guard today and found it an unpleasant as well as a degrading task considering her stature. Unfortunately, being that she had already finished her bounties, she was left no other choice. She grimaced as a demon soon approached her coming from the other side.

    "What the hell were you doing over there, traitorous bastard!" She demanded of him as she aimed her scythe to his scaled neck, pushing onto his skin as he stopped midway, his eyes stricken in fear. "Well? What do you have to say for yourself, pitiful low-level demon?"

    The lips of his snout quivered, stammering over an answer, "I, I, di-Ah, Lilith. Didn't know you'd be on guard.. today.. Uh, ee!" He squealed a bit as she pushed harder on him. Her patience was wearing thin and his gibberish wasn't helping. She snapped at him, cutting him off, "You weren't meeting with humans were you? Hah! You know how much that riles me up. I would love to slice you down if you don't tell me the truth this second!" With that, she pushed even more, deadly hitting his vein slightly as the blood began to run down.

    He screamed, "All right, all right! I was getting famished. I went over to snack on some humans.. Ever since the Order had told us not to-" The scythe ran cleanly straight through his neck, in a beautiful but devastating swipe.

    Lilith watched the head tumble as she slammed the end of the scythe on the ground, a small smile stretching across her face. "Idiot." She said to the headless body and kicked it hard enough to fly over across the border. "If you like eating humans so much, you might as well become one of them." She lifted her scythe up and began to head back to the fortress in hopes there was something better to do than this.
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  2. Cadas tried to kep his mind alert as he was making his way along dirt trail leading to a town mabye half a hour up ahead. He was surrounded by five other rather intimidating men, who were paying rather little attention to their job, and a merchant riding in a wagon full of goods. "Talk about paranoid, does this guy really need so many people guarding so little supplies?" One of the group members questioned. "I could easily take anything that even tries to come close to this thing." Another boasted. That line got a laugh out of the group, whether at the man or with him Cadas did not know. He simply stayed quiet and ignored the them all, valuing his life more than a poor joke. Trying to keep himself from being agitated by the fools but wasn't succeeding very well."Of course hes going to have so much protection, this is how he makes a living and the border to the Fortress of Storms is nearby." Cadas defended the merchant in his mind, although not voicing his thoughts. "How in the world did it end up like this." he wondered although already knowing the answer.

    Cadas had set off on his quest to the path of the land of the dead after hearing of its weakening defenses. Not being all too prepared for what he would go through however, he had not brought much food or money along with him. He had thought it would be better to bring little money so his parents had some insurance since he couldn't help his parents out on the farm while he was gone. After some time had passed he had to start finding jobs to have enough money to keep his stomach decently filled while also making decent progress towards his target. It sounded easy to him, that is until he actually had to do it. He took any jobs that would have a decent pay and didn't take much time. Eventually though he grew tired of his slow progress and decided to take a riskier one, defending a merchant and his goods to the next town. Putting it shortly it was a mercenary job. Cadas sighed at the irony of his life. His brother had died doing mercenary work and now his younger brother was doing the very same work to bring him back to life. "At least its a good job." he argued with himself. It let him make progress towards the path and make money at the same time, it wasn't exactly an opportunity he could turn down easily.

    Cadas was woken from the world inside from the merchant suddenly shrieking along with the idiots cheering and jeering at the same time. He led his eyes wander towards the group who was looking at something with intense focus, which was quite unusual for these people. Following the gaze of his comrades he finally understood what all the commotion was about. It was a demon. The creature had a unique appearance to that of most others, at least what others Cadas had seen. It stood around nine feet tall, a rather muscular build, dark red skin, and a single eye, the other one missing with only a dark hole in it's skull remaining. "Lucky me, i was just starting to feel hungry." The demon taunted. As soon as the demon confirmed that it had no intention of being kind and offering them tea, Cadas drew his sword from it's sheathe at his waist. The others had beaten him to the punch and already had their weapons drawn and were charging at the creature, the merchant turning around to get farther away from the action then he already was. "I hope these guys are as strong as they say they are." was the last thought that passed through his head as he followed after the blood-lust filled men.
  3. Lilith sneered as she entered the fortress, the lobby loomed over all of them with the high ceiling and stretched opening. The demons quickly looked down as she passed, a silent hush falling over the room. It was dark and gloomy as always, spare a few lights hanging about to brighten some parts, but it was best sought out for the fortress to be like so. Not many demons enjoy bright light, and even some can perish from it.

    She didn't enjoy coming into the fortress, and hated seeing the weaklings cower upon her entrance. She knew that she was feared among many of them, and that's the way she liked it. She couldn't stand speaking to anyone, and even the thought of any new requests or updates from the Chief, made her dread the meeting.

    The Chief was hurriedly writing away in a log among other thousands of papers that lay about the stretched desk. A cat demon, always inquisitive and burrowed into his work, he proved himself worthy enough to keep the position for many years. His golden eyes flickered as he saw Lilith approached and sighed deeply. A shiver went up him, knowing it was best not to get on her bad side, considering she had killed the last Chief that had crossed her path. He cleared his throat and put down his writing utensil, and straightened up, acknowledging Lilith, "Dearest Lilith, how has guarding been? I know how much you hate the task but-" He stopped mid-sentence as a glare flashed in her eyes.

    "Chief, I know there's nothing new. So give me one of the Lieutenant's missions. I'm sure I'll get it done quicker than he ever will." She interrupted him before he could finish. Her fingers lightly tapped the handle of her scythe, waiting for his response.

    The Chief's tail flicked nervously and he stumbled with his words, "Ah, well. Uhm, that. Yes. He's already taken them. He crossed the border uhm." His ears went flat as Lilith neared closer to him. "Speak. Clearly." He could only nod at her request and continued, his voice raised at a much higher pitch than usual. "Lieutenant Razel has taken the latest mission. He was suppose to go to one of the human villages across the border and speak to them about taxes that have risen for the demon kind. But he's already taken the last boarding pass. I don't have a spare one for you." He gulped. "The Order will kill you if they catch you without one."

    Lilith laughed at the thought of the Order trying to kill her. "Ah, Chief!" She exclaimed a devious grin stretching across her face. "The Order has no power over me." She frowned and knit her brows together, "If anything, they should be the ones killed not me." Scoffing, she walked away from the blanched Chief, astonished by her brashness. He could only shake his head, feeling for once in his life happiness that the Order was still standing. He couldn't even imagine how living would be if all demons were like Lilith. Then again, she was nothing like them. A dark heart full of rage and revenge, a blood lust to kill anything that defies her. That, was who Lilith was.

    Making her way out of the fortress and to the borderline, she stared at the other side sensing Lieutenant Razel not too far off as well as other humans close by. Seems like he's gotten himself in a sticky situation. Hmm, what's the punishment for failure? She mused as she walked nonchalantly through the border and toward the direction where she sensed him.
  4. "So you're going to fight back huh? Thats fine i like working for my food." The demon said before smiling and charging at the large group with zero hesitation. "Is he insane?! He is outnubered six to one!" Cadas was simply amazed by the demon's confidence. "He doesn't have any weapons either, this might be bad."Confused and nervous Cadas felt his body slow down unconsciously. He was lucky he did as one of the men was launched back by a strong punch to the gut by the monster. The man flew back and hit another person, causing him to topple over right in front of Cadas. "Shit this is bad." he said as he looked at the two. The victim of the monsters strength wasn't able to process what just happened and had the wind knocked out of him and the one unlucky enough to have the man land on him was shoving him off. Cadas took one last look at the two hesitating and charging the single eyed menace again.

    Even after his show of strength the rest of his group still charged at the monster with no fear. Swords, axes, hammers, maces, bodies, they were all a blur in front of Cadas' eyes as they were launched in the direction of the monster. You would think with such a large body it would be hard for the demon to dodge, it wasn't. He dodged a good amount of attacks entirely, only getting slight scratches from most others. The demon was able to get a couple attacks off even while being attacked from almost all angles, which was impressive in and of itself. Factor that in with his insane strength and Cadas would have run for the hills if not for the help. Adrenaline was pumping through his body and most of his thoughts weren't even registering. Luckily the advantage in numbers really helped, restricting the movement of his enemy. The group quickly learned to work as a team, covering the openings in the offense when one of them was pushed back by the demon's strength. His body knew by instinct to attack limbs weakening any power the monster had but had trouble keeping defense and offense balanced, he was mostly worried with the attacks that were randomly aimed at him. Soon however this was not as much of an issue as he grew accustomed the the monsters speed of attacks, which were slowing down due to the multiple injuries, which he had now received a fair amount, and his body growing tired.

    "We can win this!"
    Cadas grew excited as the realization hit him. The whole group started realizing this and became even more aggressive. This however would prove to be a mistake. Growing desprate the demon used most of it's strength in one sweep to knock down a portion of the surround, ignoring the incoming hits. Nobody on that side expected it, including Cadas himself, and were knocked down by the heavy attack. Cadas only had a moment to react to the attack and luckily his body was quick enough to dodge back a bit before being hit by the attack, softening the blow for him. Even though the blow was softened he was still knocked off his feet hitting the ground. His body started to hurt immediately after hitting the ground and he had gotten the air knocked out of him. It took him a moment to realize what had happened so he was slower to get up than the others. When he looked up the demon was already off running towards the border with the remaining men on his tail.

    Cadas was confused, they had chased the monster off, why were they still going after it. One look at the men answered the question for him though. "These people live to fight." was what he was told. Any feeling of connection towards these men soon left him and all that remained was a bitter taster in his mouth. He got up and cleaned himself off being covered in dirt from being introduced to the ground by the demon. After a few minutes of waiting around the fighters soon returned with looks of annoyance. Their victory had been snatched away by the demon's quick feet is what he had guessed. He wondered how the monster had gotten away half-dead but he guessed when one was running for their life they were quite quick. After a bit of time had passed the merchant returned, obviously paranoid that a demon had shown up and was quite nervous. Before beginning to head towards the town like before Cadas took one last look towards the direction of the border."I hope i don't have to fight another demon anytime soon." was the thought that passed through his head as he remembered the demon.
  5. Lilith hardly took a few steps before she noticed a large figure running towards her. She squinted her eyes, trying to see who it was and could only smirk when she realized it was Lieutenant Razel.

    "Razel, looks that you have failed your mission!" She shouted to him. He slowed down, a smile coming across his face. "Are you going to slice me down then Lilith?"

    She gazed at Razel, as he neared her. "You're not worth the breath Razel." She said, putting her hand out. "The pass and mission scroll." He scowled at her and gave her what she wanted. He stopped beside her and looked down, his towering stature shadowing her small height.

    "Careful, small one." Razel said, gleaming. Lilith turned her head, instantly her hands gripping the staff of her scythe. "I'd put that away if I were you. You'd be better at making conversation with the humans. You look so human yourself without your pair of wings." He laughed and tried to dodge an attack from the scythe that slammed where he was just standing, the power of it breaking the ground apart. Lilith glared at him, her eyes ablaze.

    "You still have a ways to go, despite your blood." He turned away from her then and waved off.

    As much as she wanted to see him dead from the cut of her scythe, she disdainfully knew he was right. She looked over at her scythe and back at him. His shoulder was bleeding and a deep cut had gone through. Frowning, and with a flick of her wrist the scythe disappeared in midair and she began walking to the direction he had just ran from.
  6. Once satisfied with the fact he didn't see any other demons coming he turned around ready to head off. The merchant was ready also but there was one problem, the rest of the group. The others were already starting were already starting to rest and set up a camp. "You have got to be joking, were already close to the town and i need to set up shop before tomorrow morning." The merchant complained after seeing the poor sight. "We're tired from having to travel for so long, it won't hurt to rest for a bit." Said one "That and we saved your life." replied another. The merchant obviously wanted to get going as soon as possible but gave in to the groups request. "We really should get going before it gets too dark." Cadas thought but his sore body soon made him want to agree with the mercenaries. As much as he hated too he also wanted to rest. Before going off to the join the fools however he gave the merchant an apologetic look and quickly began helping out.

    The small camp was set up quickly with so many people out and the last thing done was the fire being started. As Cadas looked around the camp he saw one of the mercenaries was already asleep, or knocked out, he wasn't quite sure of which. "I'm jealous either way." he thought to himself and sighed. As he glanced around he noticed how the sun was already about to set. This automatically made him notice how cold it was getting and made him wish the fire would get stronger soon. "It's already Autumn....Things will get difficult once it's winter...." Cadas shook his head trying to get rid of the thought."Nows not the time to be getting depressed, i just need to focus on saving Silvius."he encouraged himself. Everybody was grouped up around the fire, trying to warm themselves. Obviously with the fools around the serious mood that there was before was completely obliterated by them and their fun-loving nature. The jokes began and the group even managed to get the merchant to crack a smile once in a while, Cadas however had his mind elsewhere.

    As Cadas let his eyes wander they eventually ended up in the direction of the border. He was about pull his attention back to the group to suggest moving on but he thought he saw movement. His whole body stiffened and his eyes were locked on whatever was out there. As time passed the figure began taking shape into that of what looked like a human. "Thank god..." was the only thought that passed through his head as relief spread throughout his body. After registering there was no danger he got up and went to go meet up halfway with the person, everyone else not noticing. As he began getting closer he noticed the person was a woman who seemed to be around her twenties. He was confused as to why somebody like that was around here but that's it. "Are you alright?!" he called out as he made his way towards her, worried that she might have been attacked by a demon.
  7. Upon seeing the human man coming to meet up with her, she had the urge to slice him down for even daring to speak to her. Lilith had hated the way humans interacted with each other, finding it repulsing conversing in such a friendly fashion, especially to a stranger. She grit her teeth, and tried to control the hatred boiling up inside her.

    She stared him down, and eyed him warily. He looked fit and strong, but weaker than any other humans she had came in contact before. He was quite young, which left Lilith with a rotten taste in her mouth. The young ones were always so bold, and she had a liking to destroying their hopes and dreams so early on. She heard chattering off in the distant, probably other human companions of his and decided now would not be the best time.

    She kept silent for a bit, and acknowledged him, her voice devoid of emotion. "Where is the nearest town?"
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  8. Cadas was surprised and confused by being answered with another question. He stared at the woman for trying to figure out what was going on in her head but soon gave up. "There's a town about half a hour to the north. " he answered, even though he was still puzzled. "Are you alright though? I mean there are demons around here." he tried asking again, still curious about why she didn't answer before. Cadas' mind went back to seeing the red demon for the first time. "That one sure was aggressive..." hethought. "I wonder if demons have different types of personalities." The question crossed his mind. Cadas knew of demons like everyone else, however he had never really met one until today, only heard about them. His mind being filled with thoughts and questions, Cadas soon forgot that he was talking to the woman and that his "Companions" were nearby.
  9. Her brows furrowed as the man blabbered on, finding his presence an annoyance. She ignored his quandaries, thinking that humans were nosy and cautious like frightened little imps. Smirking at her own comparison, she walked away from the man and headed in the direction that he had pointed out to her. Unfortunately, that brought her to the camp where the rest of the comrades lay about, eating and having a good time.

    They were silenced by her presence and gaped at her with huge widened doe like eyes. She only glanced at them for a second and put a hand to her mouth. "Humans reek so much." To think that demons were more revolting that humans, that was another matter, humans had more disturbing and sweltering manly smells coming from all crevices. Lilith couldn't help with her keen sense of smell to take this horrifying mixture of aromas in.

    A hand grasped onto her wrist and she glared down at the large bulky man. "Where you going sweetheart? It's a very danger-" He wasn't able to finish his sentence as she sent him flying into the air where he toppled over a brush and landed roughly on it. The rest of the men stood up with a look astonishment and awe of her strength. The flames flickered harshly and grew as she turned toward the rest of them, her glare taking the men aback. They went to grab their weapons slowly but Lilith took a step forward to them. The warning was obvious and they stopped their advance immediately.

    "There, now." Lilith said softly to them, letting the words seep into their minds, "Rest easy." A glittering smile spread through her face as her eyes deepened in red.
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  10. Cadas was still lost in thought unaware of what was going on. Taking a moment to look at the moment to examine his surroundings he noticed something, The woman was gone. "Where did she go?" he wondered while looking around. Finally he noticed that she had gone in the direction he had pointed her. If shes heading towards town the others will notice. Just imagining what would happen was painful. "Hey, wait up." he said catching up to her as he finally got to the group. What he feared would happen did though. One of the men grabbed her by the wrist "Oh boy here we go...." he sighed as he thought he knew what would happen next. However the reality of the situation was not as he had expected. One moment the man had hold of her wrist and the next, he was in the brush farther off. "That did not go as expected." Cadas was surprised by what he had witnessed. If not for the shock he would have laughed and thanked her for what she did.

    Everyone responded to the woman with fear, even Cadas was feeling a little nervous around her. He snapped back to reality however when the mercenaries went for their weapons. He was about to stop them when they stopped from the woman taking a single step forward. "Looks like she can handle herself." he thought and couldn't help but laugh even though he tried restraining himself. "Sorry about this...." Cadas' voice trailed off realizing he didn't know the woman's name. "Anyways we should be going." he hurried toward the group not wishing to cause any more trouble and not noticing her now blood red eyes.. He tried pulling on one of the men to signal they should get going but he showed no sign of noticing and didn't budge. "Come on, we've caused enough trouble and we need to get to town already." he whispered to the man, still no sign of acknowledgement from him. He was just about to say something to the rest of the group but then he noticed they were all in the same state. "What the world?" he wondered upon seeing the odd sight.
  11. Hearing the man behind her suddenly laugh, Lilith had the urge to turn around and end his life right then and there. That someone so naive was close to her, was itching her blood lust. She played with the idea of after finishing her mission, she could have some fun with the human a little longer. Lilith felt a surge of excitement go through her, the thought of killing a human was the best feeling in the world. She mulled over and broke out of it when the boy came closer to examine his comrades.

    She crossed her arms, smiling slyly, "They were enjoying my presence here and couldn't help being entranced by my beauty." Her eyes went slowly back to normal but not before stating, "Let's have you all pack up and head to town. I expect you to be my escorts." They nodded unanimously and went back to their normal obnoxious ways, rushing to get everything packed up.

    Lilith turned away, her nose twitching again from the smell and began to walk to the town disregarding the others. She heard them yell, "My dearest lady! Wait for us! Please, don't leave us." She silently listened to the desperate plea and found it amusing how easily seduced humans can be.

    She glanced back at the overly friendly man and narrowed her eyes. Oh, I can't wait to see all of you prettily cut up. She turned her attention away from them and continued her stride, remembering some faces when she was a child. How similar they were to the young man, so enthusiastic, so ready to jump to any conclusion without thought, so ready to rip out the wings of a poor young demon child. She scrunched up and shivered from the memory, her back aching as if she could feel it being torn out once again. She grimaced, her anger getting the best of her. I will make this town run red, every single town, and the entire human race with it. I'll make them suffer just like I have.

    "Lady! Wait" The cries were distant now. Her eyes gleamed red in the darkness, her power overcoming her as she desired to take out her scythe. Being near these damn things always gets me on edge.. She noticed something in the far distance, coming into view. She stopped halfway, and lowered her head down. The figures were all cloaked in black and silver two eyes gleamed in the shadow of the hood, following Lilith's every movement. The Order, I was going to begin wondering when they would arrive. She pondered as she took out the boarding pass and threw it over to them, the jade stone landing before their feet.

    "There. You can leave now and let me do my mission." Lilith said starting to feel uneasy. The Order wasn't one to be talkative but not so many of them would gather here to retrieve a boarding pass. It was a vast organization, the peacekeepers between humans, demons, and spirits. As much as Lilith despised it, even she had to follow all the rules of the Order. Their strength all together would surpass her in mere seconds.

    The figures only stared at her, not picking up the pass at all but there were harsh whispers bouncing about them, probably discussing in their own language of whatever it was. No, Lilith didn't like this one bit. She readied her hand, at any moment to unveil her scythe in case of an attack. If she was going to die, she damn well was going to take one of these things down with her.
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  12. Cadas continued to examine the men as she woman gave her explanation as to what was going on. Entranced was one word he would use to describe the men, by her beauty though, he was skeptical about. As soon as she mentioned being her escorts though, they flared to life like never before. The group shot off in every direction gathering all the supplies they had laid down earlier in an almost desperate manner. As if playing to his thoughts, a man ran by with one their bags in his mouth. Before he could question further on the matter however, she walked off. Realizing that he himself did not his bag he quickly rushed to get it and chased after the woman who was walking at a fairly fast speed. As he wondered who in the world she was, his thoughts were interrupted by the yells of the men behind him.

    These men were definitely were acting how Cadas had expected them to be, however the extent at which they did worried him. One moment they were completely in a trance and the next they were doing her bidding as if it was the most important thing in the world to them. The desperate cries of the men still rang out behind him as he tailed the light purple haired woman. His first guess was that the woman had used some sort of magic on them but he had never heard of a human using such a spell before. Cadas stared at the woman's back as he followed her, as if expecting that to somehow give him the answers he wanted. His ever increasing questions were soon interrupted by the appearence of a group of hooded figures. "What in the world?" he questioned the situation in his mind. "More strange people? What next?" Cadas wondered, fearing the answer. Something about the people gave him a nagging feeling that he knew who they were. "The Order" was the simple answer.

    Cadas immediately glared at the hooded figures as soon as confirmed who they were. These were the people that would get in his way if he was found out. These are the people that keep the dead from returning to where they belong. Cadas thought of them as the enemy. No matter what they were doing was for the good of mankind or not, he did not care, he only knew they were in the way of his goal. He had a good idea of who, or rather what, the woman was when she was stopped by the order. The order would not stop a human for no reason and the strange event that happened to the mercenaries earlier only fueled his suspicion. She was either a spirit, which he found unlikely, or a demon. Seeing as he knew little about demons he opted for the latter. She spoke of a mission, which seemed to cause some talk between the group but they did not budge. Cadas thought that things would be fine until the woman looked like she was about to attack.

    "My lady, we should get going to finish your mission." Cadas said, although he wasn't quite sure why. Whether it be to avoid bloodshed, help the woman, or out of spite towards The Order, he was not sure what his reason was. "Do not worry, she has not caused harm to human nor spirit." he told the hooded figures, hopefully convincing them to let the two pass. Cadas did not know what was going on but he knew two things for certain, this woman was on a mission, and The Order was keeping an eye on her for some reason. Before continuing he shot the woman a look that said "play along" so she would not cause any future problems, or at least thats what he hoped would happen. "I'm terribly sorry about this but we must get to the town soon, we were meant to be there much earlier but due to some problems we were slowed down." Cadas apologized to the silver eyed figure. After doing so he quickly grabbed the woman's hand and dragged her off before anything else could.

    Before they could even take five steps however, the two were stopped by a familiar yelling. "Lady!" he heard a chorus of men shout as they approached quicker. Never before had Cadas been so frustrated. "These fools manage to mess up everything." he thought angrily. Before beginning to come up with a lie for this occurrence Cadas shot a dirty look at the woman. "This is one of the issues i was talking about earlier, this merchant and his mercenaries." began to explain. "They offered to escort my lady to the town up ahead but fell behind due to becoming tired, it seems they have now caught up." Cadas said. He couldn't help but stare at the figures as if that would make help make them believe what he was saying was true.
  13. Lilith found it harder to breathe as she stared into the soulless eyes, her body was getting tense and she couldn't even move a single muscle. Damn, I can't even unveil my scythe. She scowled at the figures who were now slowly approaching her and she moved her lips to detest but no sound came out. The whisperings became louder, the voices echoing inside her head in an alien like language. Must.. get.. scythe.. Darkness began to shroud around her while the eyes began surrounding her, the whispers turned to shouts. Soon her eyes went heavy, the breathing ragged and she gasped sharply every now and then. Lilith's eyes deep pure red glimmered as she tried to gather her strength and will. Her fingers began to loosen, she was so close but suddenly, the figures warped back to their positions. She felt some type of pressure on her hand and soon she was being forced to move out of her own will. The whisperings ceased, darkness gone, her body back to normal, and the light of the moon now shining their path.

    She heard murmurs bouncing about, the voice of the human possibly speaking, she thought. The human.. She snapped out of it and shook her head and she immediately pulled her hand out of his, giving him the same glare that he gave her. She pushed him behind her and with the flick of her wrist, the scythe appeared in her hand. Grabbing hold of it with both hands she aimed it towards the figures, determined to protect herself.

    "What do you want from me? I haven't killed a human since my latest bounty." She demanded of them as the other humans finally caught up to the two, amazed and in shock of what they saw before them.

    The figures whispered more but in a tongue only Lilith could understand. She grit her teeth as she heard the familiar words. "Your death would please not only us but of human, demons, and spirits alike. You have shown yourself to be a tyrant with your power and we find you a threat to the Order."

    "A threat? Is that so?" She sternly said in response. "Well, let's see if I can kill the infamous lackeys of the Order." A wicked smile spread across her face. "I would love to hear how you scream."

    They were silent as they watched her, eying her fighting stance ready to attack if anymore advances were given. Again they spoke, the thousands of voices bouncing off one another, "You are not worth our time and you know that we can destroy you in a blink of an eye." Lilith narrowed her eyes as she thought of the possibility. "This is a warning Lilith. Kill another human, demon, or even spirit: We shall hunt you down. That is all."

    The figures vanished, leaving no trace of whether they were even here or not. Lilith stood straight back up and stared at the now empty spot. She knew their purpose of intimidating her but that was not enough to stop her from doing what she must do to eradicate the world. It was her destiny, she believed, and even if she did fall to the hands of the Order, her death would not be imminent. She flicked her wrist again and the scythe disappeared. Lilith breathed in heavily as she put her hands on her hips and closed her eyes. She looked up at the moon, thinking to herself there was still plenty of time left in all the world.

    She looked at the man who had interrupted the meeting and frowned at him. If he hadn't had interrupted.. what could've the Order done then? Her brows furrowed as she stared at him. She heard of many demons speaking of the main tool the Order uses to cease any dangerous actions from beings. A mind control spell unbreakable, only the Grand Master was able to dispel but even then that was rumored to be false.

    She shook her head, a bitter feeling left from meeting with them, thinking how low they would go to use her powers for their own purpose. Bastards..
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  14. Cadas' attention was soon turned away from a quick tug on his hand. He soon that he had still had his grip and almost immediately the blood started rushing to his head. He immediately began to shake his head in an attempt to clear away his embarrassment, it wasn't the best time to be distracted. Suddenly he was pushed by the woman after being glared at, promptly he landed on his rear due to not expecting the action. It was only a second that his eyes had been taken off the situation but a second was all too long it seemed. The moment his eyes were facing in front of him once again, he saw a completely different scene. The weaponless woman who he had been dragging just a moment earlier now carried a giant black scythe, which Cadas found intimidating even though he had worked with them many a time before. The agricultural tool was now pointed at the hooded figures by the woman. "Is she insane?!" he wondered, he had believed that they were pefectly fine and now she had drawn a weapon on them.

    Cadas would have liked to have been surprised this woman was a bounty hunter but ran into a problem, her personality made it seem extremely logical. "Great, i was hoping she didn't attack people and now i found out it's her job."he whined to himself. As if in answer to his questioning of her sanity from earlier, The figures began speaking to her in a different language, one he still did not understand. The woman surprisingly answered in the new language this time. Left out of what was going on completely Cadas was left with only one option, try to figure out what in the world they were saying. Obviously he had no luck but it kept him from doing anything that would cause further damage to the now insane situation. Soon however the group vanished as quickly as they had appeared. Cadas was surprised when the woman turned to him and began staring. He did not know how to respond what was going on, soon soon however he didn't have to as the woman began shaking her head in a rather furious matter.

    Not desiring to needlessly question her on her odd action, he decided to focus on what was bothering him. "Who exactly are you? I doubt the order would appear before us unless you were an issue." Cadas questioned, the woman was not going to brush it off as nothing or ignore him. The thought passed through his mind to just leave her be but she had messed with his job, that and the fact he was curious did not help."I'm going to regret getting involved with her but oh well." he argued with himself, although lack of sleep caused him to be less cautious.
  15. "Wow Lady that was amazing!" Her fist clenched as the mesmerized humans jumped and jeered at her. She sighed. If only the Order didn't demand my head for killing somone. "My name is Lilith." She hissed answering the question of the boy. "The Order has nothing to do with you, stay out of it." She turned her head to the other men still shouting.

    "Shut it will you!" She yelled at them. "Damn you humans can be so obnoxious. Go on, get to the town." Gleefully, the group did as she said and scurried to the direction of the town. Lilith on the other hand, went over to the human who clumsily fell to the ground before and lifted him up by the collar of his shirt.

    "You're not like your other comrades. Though I admit I would love to see the end of your life right now but unfortunately I can't go around just killing anyone anymore." She scowled at him and let him back down on the ground roughly. "Your face is familiar though.." She pondered on that thought, trying to remember the last time she had seen such structures.

    Her face darkened as a wave of recognition hit her. She looked down to the ground, her heart pounding from the anxiety, and her face torn in pain. "There's.. no way." She said aloud all to herself, trying to deny the possibility.

    The memory flashed in a second the moment it all became clear. She began walking away from the boy, in a daze as she reminisced. She murmured softly, a flick of pain in her voice, "Silvius.."

    The human companion she had forced herself to travel with years ago because of the bounty on his missing partner. She loathed his company every second but found it necessary to get closer to the whereabouts of his confidant. He was a mercenary, one of the best she had to admit she's seen in their kind. While traveling together, she couldn't wait for the exact moment to kill him anymore. She attacked him, shocking her as he laughed and fought back despite he was getting badly wounded. This only made Lilith more angry, hating to see he was enjoying his demise. On his back to the ground, his hands held up she could still hear him chuckling, saying, "You got me! As expected of the all mighty Lilith." A smile gleaming across his face.

    Lilith went to put a hand to her face, hiding her shame of all the emotions that were bubbling up in her from the distant memory. Damn him. Damn him. Damn you and your human ways!
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  16. "It certainly was amazing..." Cadas agreed, just not in the way fools had mean't. "Lilith huh?" he repeated, the name seemed familiar but he would have remembered a demon like her. "Thats not-" As he was about to refute her point he was cut off by her shouting at the men. Cadas watched as the men ran off exactly as told, as if a dog following orders from its master. As he watched the last man disappear off into the distance he felt a tug on his shirt. When he turned his head int the direction of the pull he felt his feet leaving the solid surface of the earth. He was being lifted up, the woman was strong, that he could confirm. "Why thank you for the compliment, i would rather not be compared to the,." Cadas was somehow able to joke in the situation even though he was nervous. Maybe it was due to the fact that he was nervous that he could, nothing was know for sure. He was glad that the order had existed for once but that was the only thing he would give them credit for. "My face?" he echoed as he was let down onto the ground.

    Suddenly, as he was looking at her, her face darkened and her previous threatening face was now lowered to the ground. "There's no way? What in the world does she mean?" he wondered. Lilith began walking away from Cadas, almost as if in a trance herself. The moment he heard his brother's name was as if he had been punched in the gut, he staggered backwards at the mention. Before he knew what he was doing, Cadas was already catching up to the woman. "How do you know my brother?!" he questioned the woman, louder than he had expected to, while grabbing at her shoulder to stop her from walking away. He instantly regretted his decision upon seeing Lilith's state. Cadas quickly let go of his grip on her, ashamed of lettings his emotions get to him. "How do you know my brother?" he questioned once again after stepping back, while also being quieter than the first time.
  17. Being bombarded by questions, she recomposed herself and scoffed. Lilith looked away and her steps were hardening even more on the ground as the rocks broke loose from her footing, power surging around her the more angry she got. "Your brother was a fool, Cadas. That's how I knew him as. A pitiful fool." She said to him and stopped in her hurry, glancing over her shoulder. "You look so much like him.." She whispered her eyes starting to glitter. Her composure easily starting to break away now as she gazed upon him, seeing Silvius within the face of Cadas. She turned away from him again, taking in a breath to calm herself. She was done speaking and set her mind to heading to the town. She ignored any comments Cadas would bring up to her along the way.

    About half an hour later, the town came into view. It was a very small village, not many humans residing there due to the fact it was close proximity to the demon border. The houses were made of old oak wood, sturdy enough to hold throughout the many attacks that had happened throughout the years. The villagers were disheveled but healthy otherwise and eyed the two warily as they passed, some in awe by the strange dress Lilith had on. She admitted a Victorian dress nowadays would be considered an abnormality, but what does Lilith care of the recent fashion? She dressed as she pleased following her motto to do whatever she desired.

    "Madam Lilith!" Sighing at the whiny voice, Lilith turned toward the voice. "There is a inn around the corner! We have already set up rooms. Of course you shall be sleeping with us tonight." Her eye twitched at the news and went straight to the mercenary and stared him down. "I will be sleeping by myself, tonight. Understood?" He nodded endlessly, "Yes, yes! Madam Lilith needs her own room! I shall tell the others!" And off he went back to the inn, his voice loud enough you could hear him reciting Lilith's commands.

    Lilith followed suit and walked into the inn, immediately releasing the men from the entrancement, leaving them dazed and wondering where they were. So noisy. The inn was sparse, besides the mercenaries in the corner confusingly starting to drink away their refreshments and the bums who gathered around at the bar. She walked up to the counter, a hairy gray bearded man greeting her.

    "Lilith, room for one." She said blandly, opening up her hand and motioning for the key. He grumbled and took it out and put it in her hand. "Second floor to the left." Scowling at the man before she left, she went up the stairs and into her room. She was certainly happy to be alone for once since the start of her mission.
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  18. Cadas stared at the woman unsure of whether she was going to answer or not. The silence was soon broken by a scoff from Lilith. He wanted to defend his brother, to yell at her for being a fool herself but he could not bring himself to do so. He was confused as to how a demon had know his brother, an aggressive one at that, but still showed such emotion. The glance back however was what hurt him the most, her eyes shined in the moonlight due to what he thought to be tears starting to arise. He wasn't prepared for what she was about to say next though. The moment she noted the similarities between the two he instantly felt a pain like no other spread throughout his chest. "I already know that all too well." was the depressing thought that ran through his mind. "Yeah.." was the only word he managed to choke out as he fought against the rising tears. He felt sick, his stomach lost all hunger, his head began to instantly hurt, and his nose already becoming clogged.

    It took him a moment but soon Cadas noticed Lilith walking off again towards the direction of the town. He had no intention of questioning her anymore that day so he just let her go. Giving himself a minute to let things process a bit, he soon began to go the direction she was, although slower than usual. It seemed that the woman had no intention of talking to him any further than she had already anymore. Cadas was thankful for this as he doubted he could bring himself to say anything anyways. His mind was spinning and he had no idea how to deal with all that had happened today. The walk to town was only a half a hour but it felt like much longer, with all that he had learned, and his tired body, it felt like an eternity until the two were at the town. The only thing that kept reminding him that this was real was the ache of his body and the lonely figure walking in front of him.

    Once they passed through the gate of the town it felt like he had entered a different world completely. Cadas took a quick look around the the area, his eyes meeting the old wooden buildings and a handful of people roaming the town. He was surprised by the number of people that were still awake at the time of night but it soon faded. He had no interest as to inquiring why as his only thought was sleep at the moment. Cadas was annoyed upon hearing the call of one of the fools that had gone ahead of them. He paid no mind to the conversation the two held. His legs moved only by the remaining thought that a place to sleep was nearby. Entering the in Cadas noticed a large amount of noise coming from one of the corners of the inn. It was the mercenaries. After noting their bothersome presence he began to ignore them and headed towards the the inn keeper. He quickly paid for his own room and headed towards it.

    As soon as he got to it Cadas collapsed onto the bed. He was completely drained of all energy, physical and mental. Before he fell asleep he recapped the day inside his head. His job, the fight, meeting Lilith, The Order, and Lilith knowing Silvius. If someone had told him the day before that something like this would have happened he wouldn't have beleived them. This however had happened. As sleep soon overcame him one final thing passed through his mind. The image of Lilith with eyes shining in the moonlight as she restrained any tears. "Lilith huh?" he said repeating her name one final time before closing his eyes.
  19. Alone at last Lilith sighed, putting a hand to her face and tried to wipe off the exhaustion from the events of today. This was only going to be a collecting mission, not including all of this crap. She staggered over to her bed, in complete darkness and laid down on it, grimacing at how rough the sheets were and for once wished she was back at the Fortress of Storms, at least there high quality was available.

    Her fingers traced the fabric as her eyes stared into the vast darkness. She heard footsteps after a few moments and the sound of a closed door. She sensed another human of course and thought it was probably Cadas. There's was no one else checking in and the mercenaries were out drinking away for whatever reason. She sat up and looked at her door blankly, almost as if she can see him in the other room. His smile came into her mind and angrily she threw a pillow at the door so hard it busted, fluffs of feathers spurting out in the air. "Silvius." She said quietly as she watched the feathers fall, the color of white making her remember the snow which prettily fell that night.

    Burrowing herself within the pillow and sheets she yelled into it at the top of her lungs, "Damn you Silvius!" She shut her eyes, trying to block the tears welling up in her eyes and let herself, just this once, be lost in her thoughts and memories.


    Her eyes widened when he patted her head, the soft touch from the usual rough hand had surprised her. She looked up at him and was speechless at what she saw. There was no fear in his eyes, no pity, and not a glimpse of any type of prejudice she was used to from the many humans before her that had dared lay eyes on her. He stared back at her, his eyelid softly blinking away the snow flurries that landed on his long eyelashes. The deep brown eyes looked upon her with care, observing her facial features in every aspect. He stopped patting her head, and moved his hand down, using his fingertips to slightly caress her cheek. In an instant, her eyes flared red and she slapped the hand away during the same time she jumped away from him, her face slightly flushed.

    "What the hell Silvius!" Lilith exclaimed as her hand moved and out came her scythe. She gripped it tight and slammed it in front of her, hiding her embarrassment. She looked about her, and saw that the men were still asleep, trying to enjoy the short rest as much as possible. She heard a slight chuckle escaping the lips of Silvius and glanced at him, giving him a wary look. "You're too cute, my dear demon Lilith." She aimed the scythe at him, another laugh escaping from the action, as if he was expecting such a response. "Why are you awake? Shouldn't you be resting?" She angrily shouted at him. He only smiled at her, pushing the scythe away with his fingertips. "I was worried about you of course." His retort made her scowl but she pulled her scythe back to her and looked out into the distance as she did before.

    In the corner of her eye she felt him get closer to her, his long brown hair blowing from the winter wind. She tensed up, feeling uncomfortable with him nearby and began to regret ever meeting him. To think a demon would be a comrade with a human made her sick to the stomach but she had learned to deal with it, necessary for the bounty of his former partner. Which yet they had no traces on and for many months have traveled together for far too long. She had revealed herself as a demon to Silvius which to her surprise he knew that she was ever since they had met and found it easier now to act as she normally has. Even so, this relationship was odd and abnormal for her and despised any moment she had alone with him.

    Hesitantly, she turned her head toward him and found him staring at her once again. Lilith could only narrow her eyes as he continued before he broke the silence by laughing once again. "Lilith," he said breathlessly from his outburst, "There's something I have to tell you. You might not like it." She turned to him and frowned, "What is it now?"

    A smile softly lit his face, he looked to the ground and like a little boy kicked the snow with the head of his foot shyly. He looked back up to her, as she stared, watching his foolish movements. "I, think. I think I love you." He gleamed at his sudden statement, excitement had rushed through him and happiness as he realized he finally had the courage to say it. Incredulously, she gaped at Silvius. Before she could say a word, a deafening yell had came from the camp.


    Lilith gasped from her slumber, the sun was blindingly shining bright into her room through the window. She sat up, her breathing heavy as she calmed herself. She reached up to touch her face instinctively, feeling it wet from her tears. Cursing herself, she wiped them away and looked out at the window, squinting her eyes to block out the light. She got out of bed and dressed herself as quickly as possible, without any thought and trying to escape the past that seemed to follow her. Running down the stairs and out into the town, she headed to the council building, the mission scroll in her hands, determined to leave this dreadful human town and her memories along with it.
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  20. Cadas slowly awoke to the blinding light of the sun and the feeling of grass on his back. Slowly he got up and glanced around the area he was at. The grass spread as far as the eye could see, like that of a sea of green. The only things that disturbed the color of the area were that of the rocks spread throughout the area. "This is...." Cadas recognized the area but he didn't know why, his mind was hazy. "Hey, hurry up already! he heard a young voice shout. Cadas turned towards the direction he heard the shout and was met with a familiar sight. He was not surprised by the sight of the young boy far off in the distance. "I can't Silvius, you're faster than i am." A younger boy complained while being covered in sweat in panting. "I never did manage to beat him in any races." Cadas said as a smile crossed his face. It was a dream, he had already somewhat known that as he saw the area. It had been a while since he had dreamed. "Damn that Lilith, making me dream of the past." he said, though there was no resentment in his voice and the smile was there as powerful as before. "You'll never be able to become my subordinate if you're this weak." Silvius scolded Cadas' younger self. This caused the boy to pout and start running towards his brother again. "There!" he stated once he had caught up. Cadas couldn't help but start laughingas he saw the scene unfold, seeing how much pride he had as a child was quite entertaining. Even though he wanted to experience his past more he knew he shouldn't. After taking one final glance at the two children he close his eyes. "one...two...three..." Cadas counted in his head.

    "...four...five." Cadas finished counting and opened his eyes. The room he had slept in was fairly small and not all too clean, he wished he had noticed it the night before. That probably wouldn't have happened however, seeing as he could barely keep his eyes open when he had come in."I'll definitely bring you back." ‚Äč he promised his brother silently. Cadas lay in bed for a moment as he tried to convince his body to move, it did not work very well however seeing as it still wanted to sleep. He sighed and then made a quick jump off the bed from his back and landed on his feet. "Damn, i was up too late last night." Cadas groaned. He soon collected his supplies and headed out the door. Taking a glance around he only saw the group of mercenaries, passed out from being drunk, and the innkeeper. Having no intention to wake the fools Cadas was about to make his way out of the place but was stopped when he remembered something. "Excuse me, has Lilith left already?" he asked after walking towards the counter the old man was standing at. "Her? She left around ten, twenty minutes ago." The gray haired elder replied. Cadas quickly thanked the man and quickly went to search the town.

    The town was small and filled with few people but it still would be a pain to try and find Lilith. "I might as well go get my pay while im out." Cadas decided as he walked around, keeping his eyes out for both the woman and the merchant. He was in no hurry so he took his time while searching. "Why in the world would she come here of all places?" Cadas wondered, not knowing much about her mission. Soon enough he spotted the old merchant he had been guarding the day before. Impatient upon finding one of his targets he jogged to the man. Upon the merchant seeing the man's face, he instantly knew what he wanted. "You want your pay i'm guessing?" the merchant questioned. Cadas' only response was a nod. "Here you go." the man said as he dropped a puch of money into Cadas' now outstretched hand. After receiving the money he quickly examined the amount, which upon doing so he realized there was less then he had been promised. Cadas didn't want to argue over the man, this was only a little less then what was agreed upon. He also knew the reason, they had gotten to the town extremely later than they were supposed to.

    He was about to head off when something caught his eye, a small necklace with a shard of silver attached to the front.. The merchant immediately noticed his gaze. "Two silver." the man said giving his price. "One." Cadas replied trying to bargain with him. Two silver would have only made a tiny dent in his funds but he still didn't like to spend too much. Eventually after some short arguing between the two Cadas gave in for the cost of one silver and fifty bronze. " Lilith better appreciate this..." he groaned unhappily. The necklace was meant to be an apology for upsetting her but he didn't expect a thanks due to her terrible personality. Now the only problem was finding her. He figured he would find her eventually though as she did somewhat stand out, putting it lightly that is. Thus he once again began his search for her.
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