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  1. This is a private roleplay. The OOC can be found here.

    Chapter 1: Ball up that fist, son.

    A heavy atmosphere lay like a thick blanket over The Gravel Pit. It was an anxious feeling, ripe with determination to the point that not even a single soul in attendance wasn't tensely awaiting the signal. It was a windy evening, the wild air stirring up little dust devils and childishly whipping around the lightest pieces of gravel snatched up from the ground. It felt a little like a sandstorm every time a gust of wind snaked through the pit and tugged at clothes and hair. And still, everyone stood their ground while a bead or two of sweat trickled down the sides of their faces, poised and ready to pounce at a moment's notice. There was nothing but the hum of the wind and the beating of their own hearts in their ears now...

    The Gravel Pit belonged to the reigning bosozoku gang and for many years now it had been a custom to hold an annual rumble for the local delinquent gangs. But there were rules, of course.

    "No weapons."

    The voice was surprisingly smooth and boyish, considering the owner's tough reputation. Ueda Ren sat crooked in his seat, one leg draped over the arm, a cigarette between his lips. His dyed blue hair was slicked back, held in place by the gang headband across his forehead. And although his face could have been considered attractive, it was also marred by a lot of scars. Lazy was his gaze as it shifted over those who were in attendance that evening. Eight gangs in total. Some of them were bigger than others, holding more members or beefier fighters. Some were smaller in both numbers and build, but were twice as skilled at fighting.

    If anyone should ask, Ren's money would be on those G-Tech punks. Fighters since they were just babes and for some, the urge to ball up their fist had even been bred into them. Most of those kids there that night were just going through a phase or looking for a hobby. But those from G-Tech, well, fighting was a way of life. Ren knew that much, considering he used to wear that uniform only a few years back.

    "Fight until you can't stand. The last one standing wins," he said behind a puff of the cigarette's smoke. Since it was The Gravel Pit, the rumble would be easily hidden away from the public because of the mountains of gravel and dirt that lined the property, acting like sponges for sound and barriers to block vision. The innards of the Pit held a few smaller piles as well and one large pile of scrap metal and motorcycle parts, though the latter had been put there by the bosozoku who had made this place their little hangout spot ever since the company the Pit belonged to went under. Now it was used for parties and fights like the one about to start and it was Ren's job as current leader to supervise. And so, gracefully, he lifted his hand and as he brought it back down, he shouted, "FIGHT!"

    The sound of rocks shifting and feet scuffling filled the air as some forty odd teens sprung into action...
  2. Kuro was standing at the edge of the so called arena where the boys were gathered to have their brawl. He did not want to be there, he would rather be out somewhere else with a lot less noise and people... and no where right now was more crowded of noisier than the pit...

    As the leader of the Sadaka Fist not showing up would have put everyone that he allowed to follow him in a tight spot...

    "Look at this idiots." he commented over his shoulder as the majority of the boys rushed into a milling melee... the Sadaka Fist got to where they were by choosing their battles and winning them with enough brutality to make everyone else too afraid to try... or Maybe that was just Kuro...

    "Daiki, watch over Momoka, Otsuka, watch over Daiki, everyone watch over me and I'll watch over you. Let's finish this... quickly."

    The banchou was NOT in a good mood.

    Stooping he picked up a handful of gravel to shove into face of the first asswipe that got close enough... "Stick together and GO!"

    He moved forwards like a steamroller and grabbed the first person he met by that hair and then filled their eyes with dirt, forced them to their knees and then kicked them to the ground... The sooner this was over the sooner they could leave.
  3. Leaving was definitely on Daiki's mind. This was his first 'gang fight' and honestly he really wasn't that happy about it! When it came down it though, there was no where that Kuro would go where he didn't have Daiki right behind him. Plus, Daiki called him 'Kuro'. First name basis with his Banchou. It would have made him smile except that he had his hands full with looking after Momoka...

    "Hey. If I'm looking after Hideaki, who is looking after you?" Daiki darted foward after Kuro and keeping an eye on the girl at the same time. He wanted to do as he was told and he wanted to help Kuro. It's what he was there for... He couldn't help those feelings.

    Still there were people advancing on them, on him. Daiki was tall but otherwise looked like a push-over with his natural colored hair that was neatly tied back in a ponytail... He didn't look like a punk. At least until he balled up a fist and swung, laying one of them out in a clean swipe.

    As always though he over balanced, all strength when it was needed and no grace. All grace when grace was needed and no strength. No happy medium ground. A knee was shoved straight into Daiki's gut and he grunted, hanging on that knee for the moment...
  4. "Wait, wait, wait. Why am I the only one addressed by her last name, huh?!" Light brown eyes flashed with amusement, regardless of the overly pronounced pout on Hotaru's lips. Like that, she looked more like a duck than a sulking child but telling her so might just earn you a punch in the face. Well, unless it was Kuro doing the telling. No one who valued their life took a swing at that guy.

    "Bo~ssu!" she whined but Kuro was already walking into the midst of the fight with Himura at his heels. No surprise there! But if Himura was going to stick to the boss' side like glue, then she really didn't have to babysit him, right?

    With a huff, Hotaru bent at the waist a little to tug at the top of her boots, making sure they were snug in place. But as she did so, a fighter came surging out of the crowd, aiming straight for her with fist wound back. In a split second that girl shifted gears. A "hotass" in heels turned into a roaring rocket as she launched herself forward with her head and shoulder down, avoiding that swinging fist, thrusting out her arms to grab hold of her opponent and tackle him to the ground.

    The guy's back hit the gravel hard with an audible WHUMP! and a dirt cloud sprung up around them. Capitalizing on her opponent's loss of breath, Hotaru grappled with him, stirring up more dust and dirt and obscuring their fight from onlookers. But as another breeze raced through The Pit, it swept away the cloud, revealing the humorous scene of Hotaru perfectly executing an armbar and shouting, "Tap out, motherfucker! Tap. Out. Hulk Hogan ain't got NOTHIN' on me!"

    Hidenori had no fucking clue where that Tsukino was at, but it sure as hell wasn't here. But..if he knew anything about that guy, he was probably lurking somewhere nearby. The other two were present as fuck though and that put a smirk on his lips. Three was all they needed to wipe the floor with these wanna be gangsters.

    "Ta-kun." He'd addressed the boy without so much as taking his eyes off of the fight they stood just outside of. "Keep your fights to the edge and be on the lookout for trouble." Hidenori knew he could count on Takumi. They'd made friends on their first day at G-Tech and had been as thick as thieves ever since.

    "Suda. You're the newbie so you're with me. Let's see what you can do." He didn't want to say it, because That Incident was still lingering in their hearts, but he really wanted to see if Kiyoto's brother could even compare. Being in with the Yuushin Boys wasn't exactly a walk in the park, after all. If anyone knew that, it was Kiyoto...

    Striding forward into the throng, Hidenori dodged and weaved a path rather easily. He kept his fists up and slightly apart - a boxer's stance through and through - blocking punches and retaliating with strong right hooks that knocked the recipients flat on their asses, if not unconscious. "Tch! You're all weak!" he shouted, throwing another punch and feeling the telltale pop of a breaking nose against his knuckles.
  5. Momoka was not lacking confidence even as the dust kicked up from the scuffling of the battle at hand. Even so, she didn't mind Kuro's order to have Daiki look after her, he was being a good boss, is all. And she mad respected that. Of course, that didn't mean she couldn't try to prove she didn't need any extra protection. But, focusing on the building fight again, Momo excitedly hopped back at forth in her pink sneakers, waiting for the perfect moment to join the fray. Though, not before sparing a moment to grin at Daiki as he followed after Kuro. Perhaps this would inspire a new chapter in her ongoing BL fiction.

    But oh, they were in the middle of a fight! Something she quickly remembered as an opponent neared her with a drawn back fist and an ugly smile. This low life probably thought she'd make an easy target. .....Momo hated that. Side stepping out the path of the fist, she moved closer to uppercut the bastard's jaw, swiftly following up with an elbow to the gut and a foot to the face after the guy'd fallen to his knees.

    Takumi yawned, hands resting in pockets as he stood with the others, just outside the fight. He looked very much like he'd rather be sleeping right now, and it was pretty much the truth. But despite his expression of seeming disinterest, he was very much focused right now, and he'd never leave his friends to fight alone, not even to gain a nap. "Gotcha," he muttered in response before strolling away to do just that. He circled the brawl, observing, watching people go down as he tried to get a general idea of how long this would last. Upon being noticed and attacked, he gripped an opponent's arm and swung the guy's body weight into another group.
  6. Tsukino, Taiki was late. He wasn't the best and most loyal of the Yuushin Boys. In fact he was down-right absent most of the time. He didn't like the school and he certainly didn't like being in a boy's gang. From an incredibly expensive private school that he practically ruled to being a nobody?

    At least he wasn't that late, arriving just as he watched his 'Banchou' swing into action from twenty or thirty feet away. The boy was interesting. He had a sort of charisma that drew people around him and he didn't seem to mind that. It wasn't like the other gang that he spotted easily, Kuro, Kenzue - the leader of Sadaka Fist was a strange boy that was for sure. Taiki was pretty sure he was insane. Nakano was much more stable.

    And Taiki liked stability.

    "Banchou." Taiki decided that he should join the fray, appearing as it were, next to Nakano's elbow as he watched the boy's fist connect with someone's nose. "I'm sorry I'm late. I've got cold coffees in my bag for everyone us when this fight is over." Someone swung at him and Taiki moved out of the way, tripping the boy with an outstretched foot and then once he was down kicking him in the stomach.



    Three times.

    "Good job, Tanaka-kun." Taiki said with a clap of his hands, bystepping around a particularly hostile patch of people and over to the other. "I've got coffee for later, do you want one?"

    It paid, as it were, to be polite to everyone.
  7. Suda wasn't as big as a lot of the kids there, shorter than the banchou but as soon as they were called they were at his side in two steps. They had only been in the gang for six months, and knew there was a good chance not everyone had accepted them yet... especially since they looked so much like Kiyoto. So they were going to hang around the edge and let the rest beat themselves and each other to a standstill... smart...

    Suda didn't know the other gangs at all... but one this was sure this was a chance to prove themselves.

    "I won't disappoint you."

    As Tamuki, who so far seemed pretty laid back, and Taiki, who didn't seem to have their heart in the fight took care of the first two to make the mistake to get close to them Suda resolved to take on the third... who was rushing out of the melee right at Hideroni. Not if Suda had anythign to say about it!

    She dodged to the side and as the boy pass grabbed the his arm and swung him off course and with a well placed foot sent him face first into the ground flipping to land with one foot on his back and the other on his head to surf him as he slid along the ground. Then a shoe brought down on the back of his head made sure he'd stay down before Suda lightly jumped off of him and stepped back towards her place with a sadistic grin on her face and a glance back. How long had it been since she had been in a proper fight before coming to school... not since her promise...
  8. "Hold still, dammit!" He had an opponent in a choke hold, huffing a little as the guy's feeble struggling made it difficult to watch the newbie at play. And impressive that play was, drawing a whistle out of the leader. "Nice work, Suda. Guess I don't have to worry about you after all, hm?" With a warm smile aimed the newbie's way, Hidenori dropped the now unconscious opponent, turned on his heel, and kept on fighting.

    The further into the crowd he moved, the more violent the fighting grew. It was only natural, considering only spotters and weaklings hung at the edges of a rumble. Cutting a path was growing more difficult with each opponent, but like hell Hidenori was about to give up. This was his chance! He'd take care of that Sadaka Fist bastard and finally earn the title of G-Tech's Banchou!

    The Yuushin Boys leader scanned the crowd for that gloomy face, in between dodging and throwing punches of course. But just when he thought he'd spotted him, suddenly there was Tsukino beside him, appearing out of nowhere like a damn ninja or something."Huh? Oh, yeah that sounds awesome. Thanks, man."

    Glancing back, Hidenori found no sign of his target. At least not at first. But when he delivered a swift and solid right hook to his current opponent, the guy went down like a sack of bricks and there he was, face to face with his nemesis.

    "Heh. Fancying meeting you here, Kenzue." His words were frosty at best, an amused sneer on his lips as he lifted his chin and looked down at the Sadaka Fist leader. His hands, though resting at his sides now with knuckles already swollen and bleeding, balled up into fists at once. Aside from that, it was difficult to tell that Hidenori was tensed and itching to get this long awaited fight started.

    Well, a girl had to admire the punk's determination.

    Dusting off her blue leggings and leopard print heels, Hotaru cast a smug look at the guy passed out on the ground. He hadn't tapped out. Totally ruined her fun. So she'd knocked him out. Served him right!

    With a flick of her auburn hair over her shoulder, she straightened up and marched around the crowd, trying to find an opening, or at least find wherever her friends had wandered off to. Stick together, watch each other's backs. That had been the boss' orders and yet there they were, spread out all over the place.

    Hotaru stopped short as she spotted a familiar face a few feet away. The perfectly executed throw was a dead ringer confirmation. "Well if it isn't Tanaka Takumi. How's life as Nakano's lap dog?" It was a bad joke, a real hard stab at the guy's pride, but hopefully it would get her under his skin because otherwise, she wasn't so sure Tanaka would hit a girl.

    For an instant, her gaze shifted to Tsukino, wondering if they'd gang up on her. Maybe this guy, but not Tanaka. Too damn chivalrous. Not like it mattered. She was pretty damn confident about winning.
  9. "All of you, I don't trust anyone but when it comes you I have to make an exception..."

    Kuro's place was in the centrer of the fight. The chaos of the milling mass of fighting boys was white noise to blot out what lay beyond. He fed on it, relied on it. And with the blood of two more boys on his knuckles he heard a voice, filled with challenge and the right side of him mouth twitched upwards into a grin as he turned, and placed his foot on the back of a bot writhing around with a broken nose to keep him down and as a message to the leader of the Yuushin Boys that Kuro wasn't even started in this fight.

    "I wondered if I'd see you..." he said teeth flashing in the light as his eyes widened in anticipation. In a fight was the only time he could shut out the watcher and it energized him... and now all of that energy was available to kick Hidenori's ass.

    Someone came to interrupt but as they charged a boot to the gut sent them flying back and left them retching in the ground.

    "Do you think you can take me? He asked hoping the answer would be yes. If he could make a spectacle of beating his gang's biggest rival int the ground then he could end this fight, as much as he loved and fed on the chaos it was a waste of time. If he could take out the leader of the Yuushin Boys. No one would ever dare bother him again. "Then face me alone. You and me... unless you're scared..."
  10. Stay close to the boss, those were her orders. How did that work when the boss ended up challenged to a one on one duel by the banchou of their biggest rival? Easy! Make sure their private meeting stayed private, like the tall guy who Suda had seen with the crazy eyes banchou a lot heading for the two leaders.

    "I'll leave you to it boss, if you need me yell." She said before ducking away to appear in front of Daiki.

    "Hey didn't you hear your leader? Private party. If I'm not allowed to help my bachou then neither are you but if you want we could have a private part of our own."

    Her fist slammed into the palm of her other hand with a satisfying smack as she grinned. She had to prove herself and taking out the biggest member of the rival gang would do just that even if he did look a little... soft...
  11. The fight was clearly getting to a point passed weeding out the weaker groups amongst the collection. Takumi had just finished laying another guy out flat when he noticed Taiki at his side. And it was a good thing he'd taken that moment to notice. He wouldn't want to accidentally throw a punch at a teammate. "Yeah... decaf, if you have it." Yeah, he realized Taiki was late but he wasn't one to lecture others on punctuality.

    Ah, but it seemed like any real kind of greeting would have to wait, with one of the Sadakas standing before them now. "Otsuka Hotaru," he said, followed by a tired sigh. Head tilted as he wore an expression of someone who'd rather be dealing with someone else, or anyone else. "Lapdog... that's a weak insult even from you." He muttered, a hand risen to scratch his head as he glanced to Taiki, kind of hoping the guy could take this problem off his hands.

    "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe..." Momo slowly recited to herself as he stood on a gravel mound, index finger alternating between the two unoccupied Yuushin Boys. "...My mother told me to pick the very best one...." Yeah, she realized Hotaru-chan was already there, but it didn't really look like she'd made a pick yet, so why not help her out? "...and you. are. it." The finger has spoken, and it chooses the one called Taiki! "Yosh, let's goooooo!" She called out as she made a running charge for the boy, adding on a loud "ATTACK!" battlecry as she moved into a spinning jumpkick.
  12. Tribs: Daiki had managed to remove his person from the other boy who he'd been tangled up with and had been going after Kuro as always. After all, he sorta almost trusted him and he didn't want to let him down. At least until he was stopped by a very irate angry short boy. "I wasn't going to help. I'm just watching." He brushed a hand through his hair and managed to elbow some poor idiot in the face. "Oops. Sorry..." The tall boy looked embarrassed.

    Vay: Watch??? Sorry??? Was think boy a gang member of simply lost? "Yeah, I'm sure you were just going to watch and not attack my banchou..." the sarcasm ran thick on her words as she massaged her knuckles before someone approached and she froze them on place with a glare. "I"m busy with this giant, go find someone you can actually beat... yeah I thought so." Anger and irritation were in everything from her stance to her voice as the boy turned tail. "So you're not going to fight me? Come one if you're not here to fight why are you here?"

    Tribs: With Daiki's long hair and peaceful expression it was easy to think he was lost. "I am here because Kenzue... I mean, my Banchou told me to be." The boy that Daiki had elbowed was getting back up and coming back for him and he moved, ramming his knee into his stomach and then spinning him away from him and placing a boot to his ass and kicking him face first into the gravel. "It's not that I don't fight... I just don't see a big point. I think we should all be friends, honestly." He gave Suda an open smile.

    Vay: He could fight! that much was obvious. "The point is we're members of rival gangs and rival gangs fight each other. It's not that complicated... UGH." Maybe the boy was just simple... "You know what if you don't want to fight me then maybe you can answer some questions since this whole big fight is just a waste of time I could use to ask them... Did you know Kiyoto Chiko?" it didn't look like this boy knew much about anything but since she had gotten here she had spend to much time trying to assimilate into the gang that beating answer out of people has taken a back seat.

    Tribs: Daiki looked thoughtful a moment and then shrugged. "I'm new and the name isn't of a person in my class, so I don't think so?" The next thought was about the rival part. Until he had started going to this school, Daiki had thought that things like in school rival gangs and weird things like that were something in a comic not in real life. "I just transferred here a few months ago. My parents moved here and it's close by..." And Kuro was here. He wanted to be where Kuro was.

    Vay: "He looks exactly like me, maybe a little taller... but if you've only been here a few months..." dead end... great... "He might already have been dead before you got here." No, she was NOT going to show weakness in front of this boy. "He was my brother and when I find the people who killed him..." she turned away from daiki and back towards the gang leaders, maybe to watch Nakano or maybe to hide from Daiki. "Why are you here, if not to fight."

    Tribs: His brother had died here? That was terrible! Daiki chased the few steps after the smaller boy and made a concerned face, his brows drawing up. "I'm sorry to hear about your brother. I didn't know him. He was killed? At school?" He bit his lip and shook his head. "I'm sorry. That's terrible..." He reached out and patted Suda's shoulder. "Do you need a hug? And oh. I..." His gaze was drawn up to Kuro, watching him face off against the other Banchou. "It's complicated but I feel like I have to be here. I have a duty."

    Vay: "It will be terrible for the people who killed him when I find them." she promised... "And I don't want sympathy, thank you. But I understand duty... The last think Kiyoto would want would be me being here but I have to do this. I have to." there was no choice. "And if anyone stands in my way..." Daiki was nice, way too nice to be in a gang, especially a rival gang. "You're weird, why are you being nice? We should be stomping each other into the dirt."

    Tribs: Taking a step back, Daiki nodded. "I guess... I'd rather not if it's all the same to you. I'm not great at hand-to-hand... I do much better with my umbrella. Well. I'll leave them be but not everyone is as polite as us. If you take the other side, I'll take this one and we'll make sure no one interferes and make sure our Banchou's don't hurt each other too badly... Does that sound like a good plan to you?"

    Taiki's Post

    Now that the offers of coffee were out there, Taiki could concentrate. Was this how it had been before? Making sure everyone had what they needed from him, making himself liked so that he would rise? Probably. It just hadn't been with so many Ruffians. “Decaf. Yes. I've got a decaf in there or two. That's what I drink at this hour too.” Tanaka seemed like a decent sort. Though they were surrounded by girls. So the other gang was full of girls... Crazy girls. One wearing an eye-searingly terrible outfit that Taiki was pretty sure should be illegal or at least not allowed on teenage girls.

    “Good evening, Hideaki, Momoka. I take it your evening has been going well.” A spinning jumpkick? “Interesting choice for your attack.” Taiki went on the defensive. The stupid horrible inhibitor bracelet and earrings buzzed angrily as he tried to block her magically. Nope. No magic allowed! He winced as her sneaker-ed foot landed heavily on his upturned arm. “Is this really the place for a young lady such as yourself, Hideaki-san?” Taiki shoved the foot off, hopefully causing her to lose her balance.

  13. "You look livelier than usual, Kenzue." The fight always brought out the real personality, or so Hidenori believed. And seeing Kenzue Kuro so full of energy only riled up his fighing spirit even more than it already was. "Yeah, I'm pretty damn sure I can take you," he replied and he was grinning with excitement just the same.

    Up until now, he'd been stuck fighting weaklings, the kind so far below his level that he almost felt guilty for it. He'd only ever had Kiyoto to practice with and now... With a shake of his head, Hidenori pushed all thoughts of his friend aside and focused on what was being said to him.

    Was he scared?

    "Scared? ....Don't insult me. I'm not like anyone you've ever fought." The dead serious expression on his face at that point was a clear message to the other gang leader that the time for petty bantering had long passed. He stared Kenzue down hard, calming his mind, slipping into a state that had taken years of practice and dedication toward his art. And then his fists snapped up and his body shifted and Hidenori shouted, "We fight!" before surging forward. When he was in close on Kenzue, he threw a slow, soft right straight to the face. The left hand however came roaring towards the boy's ribs.

    Even from you. Like she couldn't bite harder than that. "Please," the girl scoffed, rolling her head back on her shoulders as she rolled her eyes and when her gaze settled on Tanaka again, there was something very serious and bitter about it. "I was doin' you a favor by not comparing you to That Guy. You know, the hole by Nakano's side you filled?"

    It was bad territory to tred, especially if Nakano was anywhere nearby. Chiko Kiyoto was a touchy subject for even the regular students and Hotaru wasn't about to go cracking jokes involving him. She was a delinquent, not a cold-hearted bitch. And besides, towards Kiyoto she--

    WHOOSH! Momoka flew by her right side, swishing her auburn hair in the girl's tailwind. Still, Hotaru had kept her stance, not even blinking as she stood with her hands in the pockets of her leather jacket. And as the fight between Momoka and that Taiki guy went on beside them, Hotaru took her hands out of her pockets and smoothed down the grey dress that clung to her hips and thighs. Probably not the best fighting garment but she'd fought in worse.

    "Come on, kitten. You're not getting away from me," she finally said and launched herself forward. She darted close and quickly at that, swinging a leg and aiming for the side of Tanaka's head. Of course she also gave him a clear view of her hotpink panties too, though if he let that hit connect, he wouldn't even remember it when he woke up.

    Hell, he probably wouldn't even remember his name.
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  14. He didn't move, taking the blow without a flinch. It hurt, of course and or a second Kuro was worried that he has overestimated himself for this... demonstration. When acing an opponent that stood a chance his tactic was to get into their heads and freak them out so all he did was grasp Hidenori's wrist firmly as move his head, knowing just how to make his neck click. "I'm not like anyone you've ever fought either..."

    Another grin lashed before he stepped away and turned, pulling Hedenori forwards by the wrist and then twisting it and heaving with all his strength. Kuro wasn't the most heavily build boy in the pit but the last boy he had done this to he had managed to throw over his shoulder and dislocate the wrist.

    As was his style Kuro was all offense, and he aimed a kick even before the move was completed before stepping back and slowly, deliberately pulling off his gloves while keeping his eyes on his rival. "If you give up now I'll let you go..."


    The only reply Daiki got was a mock salute and a back turned on his as Suda started patrolling her side. The leaders were exchanging banter and blows now and it was hard not to want to watch, there was one of the few people she had spoken to at G-tek fighting a guy who looked a little nuts and she wanted to help him... but this was his fight. Maybe if he was at risk of serious injury.

    It was halfway around the perimeter that she ran into Daiki again and offered the big guy a half smile, probably the only positive sign of emotions she's displayed all day. He seemed lost in more than one way that guy... but loyal. "So, how did you meet... him?"
  15. Momoka was sure she'd heard something weird the moment before Taiki blocked her kick. Was it like... a buzzing? Did a bee or a fly bizz pass her? Were bees even active at night? No, no, that's not relevant. That buzz sounded more like something electrical. Weird.... But it didn't matter, whatever it was. What did matter, was showing her target a thing or two and having fun while she was at it.

    Taiki pushed her foot off, but the pink haired girl just somersaulted backwards and hopped back up onto her feet. "This is the perfect place for a girl such as myself, Tsukino-kun~." She answered with a grin, pushing up her lenses and moving into a fighting stance as she eyed the boy. He was cute... maybe she could model a character after him for her ongoing drama fiction? "Oi oi, I have a question. You're with the Yuushin Boys, yeah? How come I don't see you hangin' around 'em too much?" she asked. It wasn't her goal to tease or anything, she was legitimately curious.

    Takumi had to admit, to himself at least, the annoyance that arose from that comment. It wasn't the actual comment that bothered him, but that she would actually speak about Him. As for what she actually said, well, he couldn't less if anyone thought he attempting to fill another's shoes, because he wasn't. Plain and simple.

    But back to the issue at hand, that issue being a kick swiftly moving towards the side of his head. He ignored his first urge to block and ducked instead, catching a glimpse of hot pink panties in the process. After the attack, he jumped back, running his hands through dark locks again as he signed. This is why girls like Hotaru were so troublesome... heck, fighting a girl at all was something he really didn't want to do. "Is that really an appropriate outfit for something like this?" He asked bluntly.

  16. Himura,Daiki

    The combat was rough to watch. It wasn't that he minded fighting... Well, alright it was that he minded it a bit against other humans. There were a lot of other things to fight. It was dark and he didn't have his umbrella on him and if anything were to happen... Daiki couldn't bear that thought. In patrolling he ended up crossing paths with Suda again and he gave the 'boy' a smile and tucked a strand of dark hair behind his ear.
    "How?" How could he describe that to someone who hadn't been there? "He was outnumbered against some bad guys so I stepped in. This was before I transferred here, of course." There was a lot less fighters now... "We kept running into each other so... I guess you could say I started stalking him." Daiki blushed crimson, it wasn't really like that. He was trying to protect Kuro! He couldn't really explain it though, he'd sound like a madman!


    The 'oi, oi' of Momoka made Taiki smile widely, he couldn't help it. She sounded like such a little delinquent. Straight out of a tv show or a manga! She was definitely in shape though and rather dangerous. Limber and fast. That was concerning. Such dangerous girls on the other side... At the same time, she was being lead by that Kenzue weirdo. He briefly wondered if they were all complete nutjobs.

    "You've got cute panties, Hideaki-san." He pulled himself into a relaxed but ready stance, holding out his hand. "I don't have to be with all the time, do I? I'm an autonomous person, you see. I don't have to be attached at the hip." Taiki rushed her then, his arm swinging up to her face for a hit as he skid across the rocks trying to get his foot behind her so he could force her down to the ground in the confusion. "Sorry about this, Hideaki-san but you're in my way."

  17. A bit of smugness spread across Hidenori's lips as he felt his left fist connect with Kuro's ribs, but the victorious feeling was short-lived when the boy before him barely budged. He felt cold fingers wrapping around his right wrist and knew too late that Kuro had just sacrificed himself to trap his opponent. This reckless behaviour shouldn't have been so surprising to Hidenori but he had to admit that he was caught off-guard by it at first and that gave his opponent time to follow through.

    Over Kuro's shoulder Hidenori went, though not without a little help from the Yuushin Boys leader for the sake of relieving a little bit of pressure from his wrist. An injured hand was a boxer's worst nightmare, after all. With a hand planted firmly on Kuro's shoulder, Hidenori flipped and quickly withdrew the hand in favor of throwing up the arm to block the incoming kick to his head. He landed on the ground, skidding along the gravel a few inches from the impact of the kick alone, though his strong forearm had safely made it between leg and head.

    Phew~ That was a close one!

    Hidenori was still crouching with his arm up when Kuro stepped back again and slowly the boy rose to his feet. "Flashy... And risky. You're lucky I wasn't using my full strength for that punch." Otherwise, he would have been coughing out a rib or two by this point. But Kuro was right - Hidenori hadn't fought anyone as strong as the boy standing a few feet away, methodically removing his gloves. Somehow, that fact put Kuro in a different light and now Hidenori could think of nothing else, like a kid who refused to eat anything other than his favorite meal. He rolled his hand, working the kink out of his wrist, staring intensely at his opponent while his mind whirred and mapped out moves and counters. Kuro was unpredictable and that sparked a giddiness deep in Hidenori's core. This was the excitement of battle!

    "Round two, here we go," he said as he wagged his finger in the air, signaling an imaginary bell to ring. Then he dropped back into his fighting stance. He'd let Kuro come to him this time and he'd be ready and just as unpredictable. The atmosphere around the two leaders facing off was electric, thick with tension and crackling with talent. Some of the other fighters close by even stopped pounding on each other just to watch.

    Of course he would duck, thought Hotaru as she felt her kick connect with nothing but air. She kept going though, following the movement through, spinning on her toes right back around to face Takumi again. Her auburn hair whipped along with her movement, slapping against the leather of her jacket when her kicking foot returned to the ground.

    She couldn't help but feel unsatisfied that the kick hadn't connected because she'd been looking forward to that jarring jolt, the one that helped quell the roaring fire in her soul. She was angry, always angry. It was always there - the urge to relieve stress through physical means - gnawing at her mind, poking and prodding and driving her into a frenzy when it became too much. Hotaru didn't understand why she wanted to beat on Takumi of all people, but once the notion was in her head, it was like cocaine in front of an addict. It couldn't be refused.

    "Pfft," was her initial response to Takumi's inquiry, quickly followed with a smug little grin stretched across her glossy lips. "What's this? Tanaka-kun is afraid of a girl's panties?" she teased, hands on her hips, head cocked in a most mocking sort of manor. "Don't tell Momocchi or she'll think you're more interested in boys and write you into one of her fanfics." She wasn't exactly answering his question, nor did she have any plan to do so. "Your chivalrous attitude makes me sick. Stop insulting me and fight properly!"

    As she shouted the last bit, Hotaru charged forward again without warning. She caught Takumi around the waist, held on tightly, and lifted the boy off his feet. She took two steps and promptly slammed him down on the ground on his back and with a sweeping movement of one leg, Hotaru straddled his waist, lifting back her right arm, fist balled up tightly and one more movement away from popping him one right in the face.

    Well, yes, her skirt was around her waist now and yes, it probably wasn't the best thing to be wearing in a rumble. But she'd just come from work and was here on her break so it wasn't like she'd had much time to change beforehand, dammit! She stopped short of punching Takumi when she felt a breeze and her face flushed red with realization. "D-don't look!" It was one thing to see a glimpse but the whole thing was embarrassing, even for a girl like Hotaru! And in her embarrassment, she slapped both hands over Takumi's eyes.

    But now she had no hands to pull down her skirt again. Goddammit! "Momocchi!! Help! My skirt! My skirrrrt!" she called to the nearby Momoka.
  18. Hidenori came out of the flip better than he had any right to. The boy was fast and adaptable which was more dangerous than all the strength in the world. This only made Kuro grin wider, as he tucked his gloves into his belt. The gloves were off, physically and figuratively and now it was Kuro's turn to go first.

    "Ding ding."

    He moved to the side, a cloud of dust and gravel spinning in his wake, then he changed direction, coming at Hidenori from a 45 degree angle and dropping low before leaping into the air, a foot thrusting out as Hidehori's face only to be withdrawn at the very last second. Instead Kuro flew past the boy, landing with the grinding sound of a slide and with a shout spun around, the momentum of the turn transferred into a fist heading strait for the back of his opponents head as he prepared to follow up with a flurry of kicks and a calf-level sweep.

    He wasn't going to hive Hidenori an opening. This fight was as good as won.

    The sounds of the fight caught her attention and she turned in time to see the one of the first round and the start of the second, and there was an unexpected feeling... worry. It was hard to tell who was winning and both leaders were in their own little shared world, completely focused on the fight... this would only end when one of them broke and Hidenori was one of the few who had given Suda a chance. True she had been persistent, wanting to learn about her brother's life at G-Tech from the people she had been closest to him but her teeth clenched and made themselves seen as a clenched fist was raised as if she was about to jump on Kuro's back and pummel him, but she couldn't interfere in Hidenori's fight.

    "Stalking huh? It took me months to find and be accepted into the Yuushin Boys. Before then I started fights on my own... not all of them went well." Her hand unconsciously went to a small scar, mostly hidden under her eyebrow but just visible under the dust that had settled on her face. "When I did find them I wouldn't leave them alone or let them fight without joining in... Maybe I'm a stalker too. "
  19. "Ehhh? You've been taking peeks at my panties this whole time? Peeervert~." Momo teased, pointing an accusing finger. But then Taiki attacked again and in her rush to dodge she leaned back, only to be tripped up. Instead of falling back flat, arms flew behind her to catch herself, putting her in an awkward crab-walk position. Now would be a good time to retaliate with a kick, but Hotaru's call grabbed her attention. "Ah, are all you Yuushin Boys super pervs?" She asked before sweeping her feet towards Taiki's legs. Whether the kick connected or not, she shot up into her feet to dash over to Hotaru's side. "What to do, what to do... Oh!" The petite girl quickly moved to pull her hoodie up over head and wrap it around the other girl's waist. "There, now he can't peek your panties~."

    "I wasn't trying to peek at anyone's panties!" Takumi spoke out in his own defense after having been tackled to the ground. "Aren't you being a little hypocritical right now?" He asked, his question directed at Hotaru. "This didn't bother you a minute ago," he pointed out, lashes batting against the hands covering his eyes. This should have been a good opening for a counter attack of some kind, but he couldn't bring himself to try it. Call him chivalrous or whatever, but he had his own code. And what could a man live by if not his personal code?
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  20. Himura,Daiki

    Daiki blinked as the boy told him his own little story and he would have smiled but he was too busy watching the fight between the two Banchou's. "Sometimes stalking them is the only way to get something through their thick, stubborn skulls. There's nothing in them but violence, I think..." Daiki murmured more to himself than to Suda. He didn't know what to think about this entire thing honestly. All he wanted to do was protect Kuro from . . . things. Those things weren't human and he didn't like hurting humans.

    But Kuro seemed to.

    It made him uneasy sometimes but Daiki's eyes never left his Banchou.


    That had not worked out as planned. This girl... She didn't react like Taiki thought she should. Not in the slightest. Hell, she hadn't even blushed when he had mentioned her panties! That always worked to disarm a girl but not this one. He stood there watching her and then chuckled under his breath. "You're strange, Hideaki-san. Cute and strange. If you didn't want to kick my head off, I'd consider asking you out."

    The kick came and it came so close to connecting that Taiki could feel it across his pants! He managed to jump out of the way as he saw it but the air flow from the kick made his jump unbalanced. He landed heavily and skidded on the gravel a bit before his legs folded up.

    The kick HAD connected.

    Now his shins were going to be bruised. At least he didn't have anyone to ask questions.

    "Tanaka-san. Do you need assistance?"

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