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The land of Takamagahara has always been populated with numerous youkai, sealed away from the prying eyes of humans. The beautiful, picturesque land has been closed off by a ring of cherry blossom trees, all ever in bloom and unyielding to weather and damage, for a long time. Only youkai may pass through the trees without harm, humans would find themselves unable to take even one step into the perimeter.

It's another lovely spring. the sky is a bright blue, dotted with lazy clouds. The youkai are dancing, and the cherry blossoms are... not blooming? For some odd reason, despite it being the season where the barrier would be at its strongest, the trees that have stood against time are slowly starting to die, but for what reason?

Somewhere, hidden away in the darkness, a mysterious youkai who had long since disappeared from Takamagahara reappears to do what many thought to be the impossible. Sealed underground in the Old Underworld is the great youkai Yamata-no-orochi, its body as big as a mountain and necks as long as the widest tree trunks, it was defeated long ago by the gods and sentenced to eternal repentance. With power like that, surely, the boundary could easily shatter if such a monster were to so much as to just touch it. The world beyond the barrier, the human world, remains blissfully ignorant of the rising chaos inside this secretive world.

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    2. That you are a INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED writer. I would prefer a paragraph at the minimum, but quality over quantity. Nevertheless, everyone likes someone who puts in effort into their writing.

    3. That you post AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. I myself am a senior student, so I understand if life gets in the way of things. If you cannot meet this, please leave a note in the OOC or send me a message if you need a bit of an extension.

    4. That you will contribute to worldbuilding and plot development. I love it when people throw their own ideas into the pot, it makes the story more interesting. If worldbuilding is not your thing, I would appreciate it if you could be a participant in discussing the plot

    5. Take the initiative. There will be no posting order, so please feel free to communicate and collaborate with each other if you would like to branch off or create a subplot.

    6. No SMUT. Violence, gore and all that bloody goodness is alright here, no sexual content allowed. Romance is fine.
  • Karasu (Yatagarasu) - @DoomyCakez
    Botan (Houou) - @Sailor Moon
    Eisei Ruru (Tsukumogami) - @Eruantien
    Eisei Ahru (Tsukumogami) - @Luma
    Norikai Kanayama (Xian) - @Sen
    Miyuki (Tsurara-onna) - @Tarieles
    Katsuma (Kitsune) - @Dante
    Koizumi (Ao Aodon) - @Aka~Kitsune
    Yun (Okuri Okami) - @SaberWolf
    Arakashi (Kodama) - @xLarius
    Kaori Furuda (Kirin) - @Rose305
    Ryuu Furuda (Uwabami) - @Rose305
    Nobuhiko Zaizen (Bakekujira) - @TheOdy23
    Shion (Kejoro) - @Aka~Kitsune
    Masahiro (Hyakume) - @Tarieles
    He Ping (Kirin) - @DoomyCakez
    Aku no Keshin (Tatarigami) - @MadKingJai™
    Yato (Gyokutou) - @Akashi
    Kiyoto Aizawa (Reiki) - @TheOdy23
    Fumiko (Gyokutou) - @xLarius
    Domyoji Kurota (Gashadokuro) - @Crow
    Lady Rokujou no Miyasundokoro (Shiryou) - @Katori
    Kagura / Mana (Maneki-neko / Nekomata) - @Akashi
    Shingetsu (Kitsune) - @Gladis
  • Shuten-doji - Mysterious youkai who had disappeared from Takamagahara many, many years ago, only to return now with the deadly goal to unseal the barrier.

    Yamata-no-Orochi (Ryu) - A legendary and malicious youkai sealed away from the Yamas of the Underworld when it was slain by the god Susano-o.

    Doggugo (Inugami) - A inugami who is unable to take on the form of a human. He loves money above all else, and is known as the banker of Takamagahara. No matter who you are allied with, or what your motives are (even if you're a criminal), Doggugo will guard your money with his life. He also has human money on hand for exchanges.

  • WDih2nr.png

    Beyond the Boundary (境界を越えて) - cherry blossom forest perimeter surrounding Takamagahara on all sides in a circle.

    Ama-no-uki Hashi (天浮橋) - a long road reaching from the west of the border to Sakuraboshi, named after the bridge that was said to be the connector between earth and the Shinto heaven.

    Sakuraboshi (桜房市) - "sakura cluster city", the central location where youkai live and thrive together. It is known as the location of Miya's entertainment hub - Oodoburu (大都振る), and is a hotspot for big youkai festivals and events.
    • Ping's Shop (和平の店) - He Ping's special shop is located down a little path surrounded by trees just east of Sakuraboshi. His home is nearby.
    • Kuraokami's Temple (闇龗神社) - a temple located up a small hill east of Sakuraboshi, is home to many youkai priestesses who worship the god of rain and snow. It is perpeptually cold there.
    • Koizumi's House - located a small walk south-west of Sakuraboshi.
    • Dancing Lotus (舞蓮) - tea shop and theatre. Owned by Botan.
    • Doggugo's Store (ドッグゴの店) - The most loyal banker and money exchanger you'll ever meet.

    Okanyama (王冠山) - northern mountain ranges.
    • Akatsunoshi (赤ツノ市) - the home of oni-kind on the western peak. Is on top of running lava, has plenty of forges in which they make their signature iron clubs.
    • Tenchishi (天地市) - the home of the tengu on the eastern peak. It is a place full of natural hot springs, which the tengu are very proud of.
    • Gajettomēkā (ガジェットメカ) - technology reclamation and home of the Eisei twins. Found under Tenchishi on a cliff face.
    • Okanyama Shrine (王冠山神社) - the home of the mountain deity of Okanyama. It sits on the very top of the middle peak and should not be disturbed.
    • Norikai's Hut - home of Norikai the hermit. Found on the central peak of Okanyama, below the shrine near the middle of the ascent.

    The Whispering Woods (囁く森) - a big forest surrounding the base of Okanyama.
    • Kodama Tree (木霊の木) - a large tree that is the home of Arakashi's kodama friends. Protected and surrounded by magical charms. Although unique, surprisingly does not stand out in the forest.
    • Arakashi's Home - nicknamed 'A Leap Away', sits alone on the south-western border of the woods.
    • Fukuda Household - sits on the north-eastern outskirts of the woods

    Ryugukawa (龍宮川) - eastern river that seperates the east from the rest of Takamagahara.
    • Palace of the Dragon King (龍宮城) - found at the bottom of Ryugukawa.
    • Kicho (貴著村) - a small underwater village near the top of the river, is popular for youkai who like to swim. There are a few businesses on top to trade with.
    • Botan's House - a mansion surrounded by a beautiful garden on the east side of the northern lip of the lake.

    The Cursed Forest (呪われ森) - Although the Cursed Forest only accounts for the center area of the forest, it is collectively named so. A home for malicious and chaotic youkai.
    • Garden of Venus (ヴィーナスの庭) - a ring of maneating but beautiful looking plants that surround the more 'peaceful' outer perimeter of the forest. The only safe spot is by entering from the forest's east.
    • Fist of Fear, Touch of Death (恐怖の拳, 死の接触) - Aku's dojo, located at the heart of the Cursed Forest. Teaches martial arts and a special style of hand to hand combat known as the 'Death Touch'.

    Hayasaka Hill (早坂) - A hill found on the east of Takamagahara across Ryugukawa. It is completely surrounded by gravestones and acts as a burial place for youkai and humans.
    • Hayasakabochi (早坂墓地) - The Hayasaka Cemetery.
    • Hayasakamura (早坂村) - A village set on top of Hayasaka Hill and is home to many undead youkai.

    Rinkorashi (鈴湖らしい) - A huge field full of bright green valleys and meadows. It is home to a rural community and vibrant flora and fauna, as well as fresh water lakes and waterfalls.

    Shinkuro (芯畔) - a large upscale town, home to wealthy people, birthplace of entertainment and trend setting town. The highlight of this town is a well known inn and bathhouse, and is also the tallest building in the town.

    Kinmokusei (金木犀村) - southern village mostly populated by humans.

    Hyogo (標業) - a village home to the Mochizuki clan of the Gyokutou. Found in between Sakuraboshi and Kinmokusei.

    Abandoned Hell (旧地獄)- the old location of Hell, has been mostly emptied of its residents.

  • The following are the allegiance and factions of Tamakagahara. This is a work in progress, more will be added as the plot progresses.
  • Youkai are separated into three main clans or types. In general, they get along well and do not have problems with each other. These are:
    • The Daichi - all youkai that live on land. This includes animals that have grown old and developed mystical powers. This also includes the departed. All souls, ghosts and inanimate objects that have gained life belong in this clan, and are considered Daichi because of their ties to the earth.
    • The Oafu - the 'oarfish', a name used for all sea-dweller youkai or those who originate from the sea, considered to be messengers of the Dragon God. May or may not be true.
    • The Kyuten - the youkai of the wind. Any youkai that may fly can be classified as a Kyuten. Mostly populated by tengu.

    From this point onward they are sorted into clans by species. Tengu are part of the tengu clan. Oni are part of the oni clan. And within those clans, they may be smaller clans that are similar to families.
  • An allegiance. Includes youkai who are for the unsealing for their own personal reasons. There is no de facto leader, although Shuten-doji was believed to be the instigator and formed the idea and the belief that the seal could be undone in the first place. There may be a race to see who is the one who free Orochi first, and infighting among youkai who are for the unsealing.
  • A faction and also allegiance. Populated with gyokutou and Tsukihito (moon people), it is sacred and 'holy' place where mortal emotions are discouraged, and where this purity must be maintained. Those who inhabit it were descendants of the Jade Rabbit and the moon goddess Chang'e. As the Jade Rabbit was her subject, it is the Tsukihito who are considered royalty on the moon, though there are few of them.

    One of the largest gyokutou clans is the Mochizuki, who have since relocated to Takamagahara.

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Hayasaka Hill

Domyoji Kurota
道明寺 黒田

Kurota and his comrade, the Jiangshi FeiFei, were guarding the gravestones of Hayasakabochi.

"Hey, hey, Dokuro~" FeiFei pesters.

"I told you not to call me that, FeiFei," Kurota sighs.

"I think it fits you, Dokuro~" FeiFei asks, "you're acting a little different today. Did you get a girlfriend~?"

"Don't be ridiculous, you little runt," Kurota replies curtly.

"Hey hey~ Dokuro~" FeiFei pesters on, "do you want to sneak away for a bit~ no one comes to life in the morning sun anyways~ undead like you and I prefer the soft, romantic moonlight that makes our hearts go do~ ki~ do~ ki~!"

"We don't have hearts, not hearts that beat, anyways," Kurota replies, "and sneak off by yourself while I guard the fort."

"Eeeeeh?" FeiFei pushes on. "Come on, Kurota, you aaalways say that~."

"Alright, alright, but no going beyond the bridge, and we're going to have to stay near the bridge too, to see if anyone's coming."

"Fine, fine~" FeiFei pouts.

And so they prepare to head towards the river banks of Ryugukawa (龍宮川).

"I brought bread~! We can feed the fishes~!" FeiFei exclaims.

"As I thought," Kurota unleashed a slight laughter as they went downhill.
Eisei Tsuin
[ 衛 星 ] [ 双 生 児 ]

Ahru awoke to find herself snuggled up in her comfy bed. The idea of a bed was still foreign to her: as it was more common to find inanimate objects resting on the floor, or a shelf, or in a cabinet. Even after 5 years, it was still sorta difficult to grasp life as an animate object, let alone a humanoid one. Indeed, today was an appropriate day to look back on such things, as it was their 5th anniversary of becoming "not quite so inanimate."

Looking at her sister laying beside her, Ahru wondered if this sort of occasion warranted a present of some sort. They already shared a lot, so maybe it'd be pointless? Eh; thoughts for later. Quietly slipping out of the bed, Ahru slipped on her usual clothes and made her way to the kitchen.

A few moments later, Ruru stirred in the bed. She felt cold.

Rolling over in the blankets, Ruru stretched across the width of the twins' shared bed and let out a yawn, rubbing her eyes. It was curious to feel that way, still. Something new every day. Something amazing. That was what she'd promised herself, on that day. A thought popped up in her sleepy mind, and Ruru turned to look at a calendar on the wall. Yes; today was her and her sisters' fifth "birthday", at last! Ruru tumbled out of bed and into her clothes, putting them on quickly. Where was Ahru?

Walking out of the bedroom, Ruru saw her sister biting into a tangerine, facing away from her. Tying her hair into its usual ponytail, Ruru crept up behind Ahru, latching onto her shoulders. She stuck her face next to Ahru's, rubbing her twin's cheek with her own. "Good morning, sis. It's an anniversary today, isn't it?"

"Mmph." Ahru just muttered, having a large piece of fruit in her mouth. Instinctively, her eyes checked the room, making sure no one else could see. Even if she didn't mind the face rubbing personally, she had a reputation to uphold as a swordmaiden. However, they were alone.

"Yep," Ahru confirmed, swallowing the food, "5 years. Well, five and fifty-five. Heh, five hundred fifty-five. Math." Ahru enjoyed rambling sometimes, so Ruru let her talk, tapping her cheek again. "Say sis, are we doing presents this year? Most people do presents, I think."

"Presents? Again? We did those just last year." With a bit of a smirk, Ruru let go of her sister, and turned to take a loaf of bread from the cupboard. "But... y'know... I'm sure I could arrange something." She opened the door to their electric refrigerator, powered by a small solar panel outside. Withdrawing a stick of butter and a jug of milk, Ruru went on, "How does this evening sound for celebrations? I'm sure we each have things to do today."

"Works for me. Lots of sword training to do...." Ahru grabbed some of Ruru's bread and began to down it. "A swordmaiden must be vigilant at all times! Ready for danger around every corner!" Grabbing the butter knife, she threw it in a random direction as if to hit a hidden intruder. It clattered to the floor, leaving a splat of butter. "I'm still working on that move...."

Shaking her head, Ruru's face began to relapse from her morning happiness, returning to her normal disinterested look. She went to pick up the knife, wiping the floor with a cleaning cloth. "Obsession eisei. Don't get caught up in your fantasies too much, y'know?" After a moment, Ruru attempted a smile again. "But... hey, if any monsters from the other peak come by while I'm not ready, I'm counting on you, alright?"

"It's more than an obsession, it's a dream that cannot be snuffed out!" Ahru stood tall, trying to look as dramatic as possible while delivering her line. "Besides, if I keep trying, it's only a matter of time. And sure! If you can't trust a swordmaiden to protect you, you can't trust anyone." Ahru wandered up to Ruru and turned around, straightening her hair and awaiting the ponytail-ifying. It wasn't that she couldn't do it herself, it was just way easier to pretend she couldn't and have Ruru do it instead.

Putting down her breakfast bread for a moment, Ruru took a hairband from her pocket and placed at the edge of her mouth. She took her sister's hair into her hands, and began to pull and twirl. In a short time, the ponytail was complete, and Ruru tied it with the hairband from her mouth. "There; all set for the day." She picked up her bread again, buttering it with a clean knife and biting in.

Ahru swished the ponytail around a few times to quality-check it. It passed. "Thanks," Ahru said simply, as she always did. Having finished with her own breakfast, she slid open the door to the back room: a storeroom for treasures and gadgets which, as far as the Eisei were concerned, were the greatest of human technology. Leaning on the wall, still in its scabbard, was her beloved shortsword: X-Nihiro. Ahru grabbed it and fastened it to her waist, peeking back in the kitchen to ask the smarter sister a question. "So I think I'll try and sell something to my puppy today. What do you think a puppy would want? To buy, that is."

Ruru was sipping her milk when she heard the question. Placing her glass down, she thought for a moment. "Why don't you bring her some of last night's dinner? I think there was a good amount of pork chops that we placed into the cold storage. We can just cook again later, it's not a big deal." Peering at the sword Ahru was now wearing, Ruru raised an eyebrow, but didn't comment. The mountain could be treacherous at times, what with the ongoing foul relations between the tribes.

"Oh.... right." Ahru was a little bored with the idea. "I mean. It is what a puppy would want, but I'm not a traveling restaurant. Don't we have anything fun to sell? Like from the human world?"

Raising both eyebrows this time, Ruru nevertheless stood up, leaving her breakfast and passing out the side door for a moment. She stepped over a pile of electronics, such as radios, wiring, and power supples. On a raised table underneath a wide awning, there were several smaller devices that the twins had spent a fair amount of time tinkering with in recent weeks. Picking up one of these now, Ruru returned indoors. She handed the gadget over to her sister, explaining, "Your puppy might enjoy this. She's a guard puppy, right?" Pointing to a pair of large buttons on the device, Ruru continued, "This button records noise, and this one plays it back. Can only do it one bit at a time, so it writes over anything you have on it already if you record with it."

"Ooohhhh. Good thinking," Ahru praised, taking the device in her hands. Setting it down for a second, Ahru gave Ruru a quick hug and rushed off to the door. "I'll be back tonight then. Take care." With that said, Ahru exited and shut the door behind her.

* * * * *​

A bit later in the morning, Ruru exited Gajettomeka, in the direction of the middle peak of Okanyama. She was wearing her usual light clothing, perfect for walking in for a while, and she carried a bottle of water. There was a small mountainside grove, a fair distance away from the house, from which Ruru could rest and gaze up at the shrine atop Okanyama's middle peak.

Upon moving into their home on Okanyama with the other tengu, the twins had been cautioned not to disturb the deity.
But, over time, it seemed like the deity wasn't even there.

Still, for the present, Ruru was content to watch and listen.

Stepping a good distance away from Gajettomeka, Ruru activated her rockets. These shot out of the soles of her shoes, and the palms of her hands, at least while she was under her yokai form. It was a pleasant form to take, especially here in civilized society. Blasting off from the ground, Ruru rocketed up towards her favorite mountain grove. She planned to travel down to Sakuraboshi later in the day, to mingle and shop for a time. For now, though, the mountain was an enjoyable morning companion.​
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|| Location - Sakuraboshi Outskirts~ Ping's Shop ✼ Mentions- Yato (@Akashi)/ Hotaru (@Gladis) / Shion (@Aka~Kitsune ) ✼ Interactions- Yato (@Akashi) ✼ Time- Morning ||

The scent of Sakura and Momo wafted in from the slightly ajar sliding door of the small, one room home hidden amongst a few sparse trees and foliage. Small, yes, but it offered all of the comforts any person would come to love. In the spring and summer, it was kept cool by the shade of the trees. In the winter, it would be warmed by a small fire pit, or the insulated walls that protected it. It was a calm sight, the small hut, only found by following the stone path that led to it from just behind the closed shop just at the top of the small hill. A closed shop, awakened by the gentle breeze that blew the small bells and talismans that hung from the covered porch. It ws a peaceful place, where the wild flowers grew strong and healthy, were the small animals grew fat and lazy from the constant pampering of the owner of this little peace of paradise. Paradise... One would easily compare this tiny valley along the outskirts of Sakuraboshi to be such. The small stream that kept this area alive was the clearest of blues under the morning sun, small fish swimming through and making their way down to the large river in the east. There was a garden that went through the area, decorated with Stones of Taoism, statues and tiny bridges over the stream to keep out of its way. The plants grew happy here, fruits, berries, vegetables of all kinds, which fed the owner and his workers, but he was no selfish man. They were also given back to the community if the time was right, sold right outside the shop window, which was currently closed in these early morning hours...

A noise sounded from the house, nothing more then a yawn and a few footsteps. The owner had always been an early riser, up at the crack of dawn to care for the many creatures that have accumulated around his place of residence. He did not mind of course, being that he had never had the heart to turn away a creature in need. The sliding door to the small hut slid open all the way, revealing a hand the color of snow, covered by a fabric nearly the same tone, if not for the intricate design of sakura blossoms working its way up in a delicate pattern along the soft material of a well made Kimono. The hand withdrew with a delicacy that only a creature of this owner's stature could carry. It came with the terrritory of being what he was. The opening of the door let in that morning light, pushing out the shadows and remnants of sleep in the small home and revealing a figure, curled over a sleeping mat, who was folding it neatly and setting it aside in its designated pile. There were two there, the figure not hesitating to fold the second as well, a soft hum leaving pink colored lips, which tugged up into a gentle...almost welcoming smile. The fugure shifted up, hand moving to brush snow colored locks behind his ear. His hair was brushing along the floor as his sat, cascading down his back like a waterfall of pure white, which only glistened in the welcoming sunlight. It was worn simply, without any sort of decoration, even though this figure seemed to be in more festive spirits then he could possibly have been known for. There was no need for such decoration though, for anything could have easily been lost in that sea of white upon his head.

The birds chirped just outside the open window, which only made the home owner turn. He was immediately greeted with the soft spring breeze and the scent of morning dew bouncing off of his much beloved nature. It blew any stray hairs from his face, only to reveal a complextion of slight femininity, despite his height showing him to clearly be male. His short, straight eyebrows furrowed for a moment, lovely face almost controting into a look of displeasure. Why? What would bother a creature of such...serenity?

"You're running late again..."

Only by a moment or two, but late was late in the pale, bluish grey eyes of this creature. He sighed softly, not out of exasperation, but more out of acceptance of his own folly. Late? How could he of all people be late? He was never late... well, maybe only one or twice in a blue moon, but last time he had checked the moon was a yellow as the honey drizzled onto the Shop's treats... He could know that as well, for a rather odd Rabbit was persistant in telling him the cycles of that odd ball in the sky. It was a bit beyond his own scope of knowledge, but he was always polite enough to listen.

"Ping, when will you learn that staying up all night is never good for business..."

Ping, well only to those who were familiar enough to be his friend. To everyone else he was usually know by his full name, He Ping, or Mr.Ping...or Candyman, or whatever else someone could think of. It did not really matter to him, for they were all refering to the same man: Ping the Lantern Shop owner of Sakuraboshi...currently the late Lantern Shop owner. It was not as though Ping had a watch to tell time, but being alive for as long as he had had given him at least a few skills to be able to guess what time of day it was. The Youkai rose, long graceful form swaying a bit with the gentle breeze that blew his pastel and white robes open a bit. Even if he was dressed rather simply in terms of most of the Youkai that lived here, he still stood out like a sore thumb, as a beacon of white walking along the same stone path every morning. Ping moved rather swiftly, dusting off elegant hands on the front of his robe as he moved outside to the small raised porch. His wooden sandals waited for him there, which he slipped his feet into with little effort except a small frown at the feeling of something between his sock covered toes. He turned, only to lightly pull trailing fabric out of the way of the door frame before he slid it closed.

The Youkai stepped down then, shoes lightly clicking against the stone path. He nonchalantly combed a hand through his long locks, pulling a bit of them to his shoulder if only to analyze them for a moment or two. Clean, as usual, so he simply pushed them back and let them fall in line with the rest of his long hair down his back. He did brush a bit behind his ear again, if only to free his face from the ticklish tyranny of stray hairs. His hands moved down to his waist, where he gave a small tug on his belt, if only to adjust it and assure he was all together, before he finally let his arms fall to his sides, which were immediately covered by long, billowly sleeves.

"I wonder where Hotaru went off to..."

It was only an afterthought as he stepped off, up the small trail that led to the shop. It was a nice little walk, with feasts for the senses in the form of the wildflowers that had sprouted for the spring. Ping always enjoyed the inspiration that they gave. He also enjoyed watching Shion skip along the same gardens, picking a flower or two to add to the small bouquet she had come to place on the shop counter every day. It added a nice touch to the shop, and if it gave Shion a task, of course Ping did not mind. It was always a trouble keeping her occupied, for her wandering nature and daydreaming ways often led to her straying from his eye and going who knows where. Recently by placing her in the gardens, Shion has satisfied her curiosity with the many flowers and creatures that had made their small valley a home.

Hotaru on the other hand, was a slightly different story. It was difficult to really pin point what would keep the child's interest. He was intelligent of course, far too intelligent for a child if you asked Ping, but he cared for the young man anyways... There was not much for a child to do here, neither was Hotaru interested in any of those tasks. He seemed to find enjoyment mainly from actually running the shop or helping to make the lanterns... of course it took some practice to perfect Hotaru's skill with a paint brush, but he got the hold of it after enough trial and error.... The candy was the same way. Hotaru did enjoy making sweets, but with Yato's rather... obstinate ways, one would find it difficult to have creativity with any recipe that he had originally made. It was because of that that Ping usually left Yato to his work...

His relationship with the Gyukuto was an oddity as well, for they had been together for quite a while now. Ping had opened his shop, and not long after that, the young rabbit had shown up. Having known and been good friends with the Gyokuto tribe, Ping had been more then happy to offer the young man a place to stay on his travels...however, where it had originally been a short stay, had turning into an extended period of relatively problemless employment. Ping was more then happy to help, being that his home did seem to be the gathering point for wayword it an injured bird brought back by Shion, to the many Koi he had in his pond...also brought by Shion. This was a place of healing...and Ping was more then happy to welcome anyone in with open arms.

The small path led up for only a minute or two, right to the back door of the small shop. Ping came to a stop before it, pale eyes wandering over the closed door that was covered in vines. Maybe he should have trimmed them like he had said before, yet he had not the heart to do that to the plant. It was growing so healthy, and its leaves were the prettiest shade of green. It made Ping smile for a moment, hand extending to grab the handle and slide the door open. The scent of old paint and ink were the first things to hit Ping, followed by the lingering scent of yesterday's sweets. They usually sold out of them, except for maybe a few Dorayaki if the batter was too bland... He would never dare to tell Yato such a thing though... Making the sweets seemed to be the Gyokuto's biggest passion.

First thing was first. Ping moved into the shop, leaving the back door cracked to let out some of the stale night air. The back room was mainly the art room, where Ping opened up the hatches, keeping them open with that small stick of wood. It let in the light, almost breathing life into a small...rather cluttered area. Pastel paper was all over the place, stacked in piles on the floor, on the small table, the desk in the corner. Half used bottles of ink cluttered the desktop that Ping usually worked, as well as dried paints and crusty brushes... He would have to clean them off course, but Ping left it alone for now as he turned and stepped up onto the raised surface that led to the main shop. The light from the back illuminated the whole shop, except for the closed off portion designated for the sweets shop. Ping figured Yato was in there...there or on the roof sleeping. He would leave the Gyukuto be for now, moving forward to open the large sliding door. He smiled at the breeze it brought in, fresh air billowing his sleeves and blowing his robes about in a dance of playful nature. Ping was moving quickly though, grabbing the newest paper lanterns from inside to hang them up on the porch, if only to entice the customers that were so dear to him. The origami designs he had were too small to be outside in such a breeze, so he kept them in, behind the glass case at the shop counter. The lanterns that hung all over the ceiling danced in the morning air. They only called Ping's attention for a moment before he was moving back to the main counter, hand extending to lightly touch the vase of dead flowers resting for all to see. His very touch seemed to send a spark of energy into the lifeless mass, whose wilting retreated back. Those vibrant colors returned and petals regrew. Rebirth...regeneration. It was Ping's specialty and simply bringing a flower back to life was nothing on the cosmic scale of time which he followed. It did make him smile though, enough that he took one of the flowers and brought it up to his nose, taking a small whif before returning it to its place in the vase.

"Now that that's done... I suppose it's time to wake Yato..."

Ping mused for a moment, but it was no doubt that Yato had been awake this whole time, sitting ontop of the shop as he usually did, waiting for Ping to show up. The Elder Youkai strolled out from the shop then, hands slowly folding behind his back before he came to a stop at the porch edge. He leaned forward body twisting at the waist so he could look up. Those white locks fell like a snow colored water fall, barely dusting against the ground before Ping called up to the other in a mildly sing-song voice.

"Good morning, Yato. Enough laying around. The sweets won't make themselves!"

He was cheery today as he retreated back into the shop, grabbing the broom to start sweeping the floors to make sure everything was ready and clean for the customers they would receive today. All they were missing were their fellow shop mates. He did not worry himself about that. They would show up within the next while. Ping instead busied himself with his current chore, sweeping the dust from inside and along the porch out into the morning air...

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The Dancing Lotus Garden
The sunlight was dancing lazily through the blossoms on the cherry tree that Yun was lying under. There was a slight breeze, just enough to keep her comfortable in the shade. The woman's eyes were only half open as she watched some of the petals float down gracefully from the branches. All in all, it was a very beautiful image that she was thoroughly enjoying. No one was around to bother her and she had a plate of fresh tea cakes one of the bakers had spoiled her with early this morning. It really couldn't get much better than this and it was a fine way to spend the morning before the tea shop opened. There weren't any patrons around and the teas were in the process of being brewed which sent a lovely fragrance into the air around the Dancing Lotus.

Yun reached down to the plate of cakes next to her and bit into one. It was delicious, as always, and the woman was glad that she had the rare pleasure of having a few before they ran out later that day. Her eyes then glanced to her left at the freshly plowed plot of dirt that she had finished about half an hour ago and admired her work. She was supposed to have dug holes for Botan to plant some new herbs, but plowing a new area was hard work. Now that the dirt was freshly tilled and loose, Botan shouldn't have a problem planting. So that warranted a break, at least in Yun's mind.

"Wolves don't dig holes. I'm sure she can manage that on her own." Yun muttered to herself as she picked up another tea cake and ate it in two bites. In all reality, yard work wasn't really under Yun's job description, so she was doing Botan a favor by helping her out since the petite woman could hardly push a wheel barrow let alone push a heavy plow. She had been hired as security at the tea house since some of the male patrons could get a little out of hand with the female performers. Either way, she was sure the woman would appreciate the work that was done, even if it hadn't been completed. After all, she was a security guard, not a farmer.
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[= Location: Hayasaka Hill. Character: Nobuhiko Zaizen =]

Gently Zaizen swam through the waters, his humanoid vassals either swam besides him or flew over head. To others viewing it would simply be the large Bake Kujira bringing forth it malicious misfortune. Yet the King cared very little, for this was his early morning swim and he would enjoy regardless of what peasants thought.

He enjoyed the early cool water on his bones and wanted to enjoy it for as long as he could. One golden eye stared at the one of his swimming vassals that put a scaled hand to its wrist, Zaizen understood that the time for swimming was at a close and that he must continue his journey.

So with that the humanoid like birds and fish stepped out of the water. These creatures made two single file lines as large skeletal whale jumped out of the water.

"The King is now entering this land, rejoice in his presence at his chosen field" The whale started to glow with red energy as it twisted and morphed into the shape of a man. He took his first steps as his clothing formed around him, he stood proud with hands behind his back and walked in front of his vassals as they moved around him in the chance that any would dare attack.

"Do not worry my friends surely an empty field will threaten me not" They moved out of formation and simply walked next to him.

"Now where are we to go?" One of the flying creatures took out a map. With a look of satisfaction it exclaimed.

"To Hayasakamura milord" Zaizen couldn't hide his amusement, his laughter echoed through the plains.

"Such an interesting town, I shall see if their wonders can interest me" He walked forward with his chosen creatures at his side. His hands once again behind his back as he walked towards the hill.
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"What's that doing in a river~?" FeiFei asks, seeing something at the tip of her eye

"A Bakekujira, run back to the grave before you get a good look," Kurota orders.



FeiFei runs far away, back to the hills.

The curses emitted by the Bakekujira could be consumed by Kurota. Kurota would suck the hexonic energy that came his way, until the Bakekujira seemed to vanish from the distance, leaving behind a flash of red energy as he did.

"Well, that is that, or so they say. Although, what would a Bakekujira be doing in river areas?"

He ponders for a bit.

"That red light... it's just like me! That must mean..."

Kurota runs towards where he saw the red light, before noticing a man who had walked a distance. Assuming that it was the Bakekujira, he decides to hide while following him. As he enters Hayasakabochi, he would use various tombstones to hide himself.

Meanwhile, Zaizen would find himself upon Hayasakabochi, a graveyard that quite literally surrounded his intended destination, Hayasakamura. As a graveyard, it was a yard of tombstones, some decorated with flowers, gifts and such.

He would encounter a youthful looking girl. Based on her Qing dynasty attire, pale skin and talisman on her head, she was very likely a Jiangshi, a type of undead, as written in various Chinese texts. It wouldn't be accurate to say that she was a zombie.

"BRAAAAAIIINSS-" she would start with. "Ahahaha~. I'm joking, I'm joking~. Anyways, I'm a gravekeeper over here. Who're you? You don't look like anyone I've seen here. Hayasaka doesn't get too many visitors save for Takamagaharans saying their goodbyes to their loved ones, maybe give them flowers or something to express themselves through the afterlife. So romantic~."

"Is that so?" With a raised eyebrow he judged the Jiangshi and deemed it worthy of the king's notice.

"Well little hopper, you shall be graced with my name, walking the path of Heaven, the one who will rule everything, Nobuhiko Zaizen" He pointed his finger to the sky as if to emphasize his point, he put his hand down as he put it behind his back.

"I seek to grace the town of Hayasakamura with my presence" He started to grin as he looked past the woman in front of him to the town beyond.

"So little hopper, is there entertainment fit for a king there?" He awaited an answer, but found that time would not bend to his will as three of his feathery vassals flew down next to him watching his back.

"Milord, there is a stranger hiding in the tombstones behind you" Nobuhiko chuckled at the news.

"Is that so? I'm sure our new friends shall be an excellent guides, there is no need to hide from your King my guide, I don't think you can sully the mood" He walked past the Jiangshi with his vassals simply flying off towards the town. He gestured over his shoulder for his new proclaimed guides to move forward. He hoped they would be very interesting as he continued on to the town.

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Norikai Kanayama | Location: Okanyama Middle Peak
One thing the Red Horned Hermit always did every day was patrol the mountains. He called it his home despite the fact that he did not need shelter to survive. He didn't even remember the last time he really needed those mortal things, even some youkai needed sustenance and clothing - but he did not. Norikai lived a frugal lifestyle on the mountains, between the two subspecies of youkai and their conflicts. While many people tended to avoid the place, he relished the peace and quiet that came after the storm.

The boundaries he had set up all over the mountain were very useful indeed, especially at night so the tengu and the oni never got too rowdy with each other. To be honest, the Okanyama deity might as well thank him, since Norikai had never really seen the god do anything. But the worse thing to do is to insult and anger a god, and Norikai knew better than to say anything stupid. He kept his head down and went on his way, looking away from the shrine that peeped out from the very tip of the mountain above his humble little hut. Out of his protective barrier he stepped, there stood Norikai with a happy and almost naive smile on his face dressed in his usual questionable clothing that made it hard to tell if he was rich or if he was poor. He lived alone, and he made sure he did not waste anything. Many would think he was lonely, but he had put aside such mortal emotions a long time ago.

He could already tell instantly that something had entered one of his boundaries. The one he had set around a rather beautiful grotto hidden in the mountains, and quite a popular secret spot for many rendezvous and meetings. It really was a sight to behold, so he didn't want to see such a place being destroyed by these volatile and immature youkai, thus leading to the creation of a protective boundary around the location. Detecting youkai with hostile feelings early on upon entry, it would easily allow Norikai to quickly stop them from causing any more damage. He didn't look quite strong, standing at 5 foot 6, but he was in fact quite powerful. The hermit didn't study the Cherry Boundary for nothing.

His first course of action was to head off to the grotto, seeing as someone or something was nearing it. It did not appear to bear ill will, so the hermit was not too concerned, it could just be a neutral oni or tengu, but he knew to never let his guard down and that their reaction to his presence might not be so good.




Dojo Master(Sensei)/Paid Assassin

Himself/For The Unsealing

Lawful Evil

The Cursed Forest
| |
[Fist Of Fear, Touch Of Death]

Early morning training was always a drag for the seven foot tall, chaotic yokai spirit. This was when the youngest and most inexperienced students decided to all rush in at once for a session with their Sensei. Aku appeared to be the evil yokai babies whisperer. They didn't want to learn from anyone else but him. Maybe one day he would hire one of them to take over a class. He couldn't handle the main business priorities and also train the entire cursed forest by himself for too much longer. One day he would find the perfect Prodigy that could handle his techniques and pass on his heritage. Maybe a child of his own. But to have a child, Aku would need a partner... that would come eventually. He knew it would.

Until that day...

"Watch your form and never let your guard down... young one." With a smirk on his face, Aku flipped one of his students onto their back. Hearing the whimper that came from their small body hitting the soft mat placed on the wooden floor. "If you ever want to defend yourself from other yokai and humans... it's best you learn to analyze your opponent." Another flip. "What our their weaknesses... what our their strengths. How can you have the advantage on them." This time, Aku didn't flip the kid. He pinned him down on the mat instead. "You see young one... it's very easy to manipulate your foe into showing all of their cards while you've shown none. Now..." Standing up and helping his student to his feet. "Go and practice some more and remember... keep your guard up." Shaking his head as he went off to see what the other students were up to.

Aku was impressed with a few of his students. They had his Touch of Death technique down faster than some of his older students. Though they of course weren't using actual poison on one another. He was a monster but not a bastard. They used colorful powder that did nothing harmful, but it did coat the kids in colorful colors. Their parents would be upset when they came to get their kids... but that wasn't his problem. They knew what they were signing their kids up for. He stood there and watched his most experienced student, out of the young ones; a Tatarigami girl. She had every move down and also brought in her own maneuvers with each step. His eyebrows rose in pleasant surprise. Something he usually never felt. This young girl had what it took to be a serious threat to those "holy" yokai idiots. Maybe he had already found his Prodigy. Maybe...

"Good job... good job." Aku glided over to the other side of the room. Hitting the giant bell near the wall. "You can all take a break. Only for a few minutes. We are not done and the fight is never over." Staring at the young Tatarigami and nodding in her direction, before sliding past the kids and out to the front of his Dojo. Taking a break of his own.

He took a deep breath of the dark, morning air. Even though it was morning, darkness covered the cursed forest. The only way he knew it was morning, was because the plants weren't up and about. At night was when the unfortunate travels from the other parts of the land ended up missing if they're not careful. It was best to never travel in this part of the land at night without a native of the forest; unless they had the luck of a thousand yokai on their side.

Standing on the edge of his beauty of a building, Aku looked down at the forest below. He loved looking down from the roof of his Dojo/Home. It made him feel powerful and above the world when he did. "One day this will all be mines... I just need this Unsealing to happen." Yes their had been talks about the Unsealing for weeks now and of course Aku was all for it. The only thing Aku had to do was convince a few more yokai to agree to the unsealing and all would go as planned.

With everyone trying to survive the chaos that would occur, Aku would sneak in and take full control. Becoming the King of the Land. As he was suppose to be from the begining.

For now, his little break and daydream was interrupted by a student. Feeling the back of his very expensive robe being tugged on, Aku turned around swiftly and looked down. His extremely tall body blocked all forms of light, if there even was any, from the young yokai's eyes.

The young student wanted to know when he would be able to play with real weapons instead of just using his fists and feet. With a small chuckle, Aku patted the boy on the top of his head. Making sure to watch out for his horns. "If you want to use weapons... you can go learn from someone else!" His eyes glowed bright yellow for a few seconds. "Go, now!" The young yokai ran off with a loud yelp.

"Insolent children... I swear." Fixing his gold and black robe, before walking back inside. "Get back to training! No more lazing about."

NPC: Young Yokai Students
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Collab w/ @SaberWolf

The Dancing Lotus had easily become the local hot spot of Sakuranboshi due to its assortment of high quality teas and basic food items to suit even the pickiest of palates. The establishment had also grown a glamorous reputation within the community for the traditional Japanese theater productions. A few nights a week the place would be filled to the brim with Yokai from every corner of Takamagahara to see one of the season's many plays. One would imagine that with so much going on that the business would have tanked, but the two hundred year old flower is still very much alive, thanks to the elegant, and graceful mastermind behind the whole idea.

"Babysitting you all surely has its downfalls," A sweet voice said, as a beautifully dressed woman descended the steps leading into the main lobby. It was only morning, but this woman looked like she was going somewhere important. She strutted with purpose, never missing a beat and not a single hair out of place. "But it looks like you've followed my instructions, for once." She did a twirl around, smiling in approval at the hints of sakura pink and white that now decorated the place. Every now and again the place would close for a day or two, usually when the season changed, so that they could redecorate the place.

"L-Lady Botan, should we open the doors now?" Kana asked, looking down at the woman. She was a timid girl, but very appealing to look at, and excellent at following orders which is why Botan kept her around. She would fill in for Botan when she was away, or when Botan couldn't be bothered.

"You've worked here how long and you still haven't figured out when to open the doors?" Botan asked, flicking her fan open in one motion and concealing the lower half of her face. With most of the staff watching, and Botan knowing how fragile Kana could be, she zipped her lips momentarily. Just long enough to add in something helpful. "Yes. You may open the doors, Kana. Have Yun help you."

"B-But, isn't she busy?" Kana said, a hint of hesitance in her voice. "I wouldn't want to disturb her."

"Fair enough. She should already have her hands full, so go ahead and have someone else help you." Botan said. She sighed and made her way through a sliding door that led into a kitchen area.

The scent of cherry blossoms filled the whole building, but it was strongest in the kitchen, where Botan had recently finished infusing some of the flowers for their tea. It came in both hot and cold versions, and Botan wasted no time filling up a porcelain mug full of the chilled drink. She expected that Yun would be nearing the end of her work in the garden and should be rewarded for it.

Anything having to do with gardening excited Botan, so she was a little more than eager to see what Yun had done. This garden was her livelihood, where most, if not all of the herbs and flowers that went into their teas came from. It was a lot of work for one woman, which is why she had asked for Yun's help.

"Oooh, Yun! I come bearing gifts," Botan called, her voice more cheerful than ever as she walked outside and across the stone steps. She scanned the area for the raven-haired woman, and saw that the soil off in the distance had at least been plowed. There were no holes dug that she could see, but Botan, being the rational woman that she is, assumed that she had just overlooked them. She continued her stroll through the garden, nearing the infamous cherry blossom tree tucked away in the garden.

Botan's blood instantly boiled when she saw Yun lying lazily underneath the tree. Her face may as well have shattered at the sight, but it didn't display much emotion at all. She walked up to the woman, lush grass bending underneath her sandals.

"Must be nice to lay around all day, watching the sky, not a care in the world." Botan spoke up suddenly, leaning against the tree. "It's almost like I pay you all to just ask questions and day dream."

Yun opened one eye when she heard her employer's voice. When she saw Botan standing over her, she just shrugged and closed her eye again. "I got the work done. You should be happy, the brunt of the work is done for you, as always." The wolf knew that Botan worked hard for what she had, but when it came to physical labor, she was a bit lax. "I'm sure you can handle digging a few holes. That, of course, isn't what you pay me for, after all."

Blue eyes opened once again to look up at the petite woman leaning against the tree. Even though she was small, Yun could feel Botan's eyes burning into her being. Mainly because the resolve of said woman was so powerful, Yun was convinced she could set fire to something with just her gaze, but luckily, not her. Botan needed Yun when it came right down to it. She did most of the heavy lifting around the tea house and if she wasn't there, Yun was sure Botan would have to hire at least ten more people. As Yun held Botan's gaze, the wolf huffed before furrowing her brow.

"Sometimes I wish you'd have let me die, y'know? I don't need a mother."

Botan simply raised an eyebrow at Yun, her expression growing even more bored as she continued on. If Botan hadn't spent the last ten years with Yun she may have been a little upset by the comment, but she did appreciate the honesty, and exhaled deeply.

"Poor you. Life must be so difficult,"
Botan replied, crouching down beside Yun and holding out the drink to her. "Maybe next time I'll just let sleeping dogs lie. But you're here now, so stop sulking about it, Yun." She said, smiling cheerfully. "Besides, you do so much around here that me saving your life worked out for the best."

Blue eyes narrowed before rolling and Yun took the drink from Botan. It wasn't as if she didn't appreciate the life she had. But most times, she wished she wasn't being used as a work horse. Still, being appreciative didn't mean she couldn't be dramatic sometimes, especially since Botan hardly got her hands dirty.

"I suppose you have something else for me to do?" Yun handed the empty cup back to the shorter woman before standing and dusting off her legs. "Or is it possible you just came out to see me on a whim? Miss bossing me around already, hm?"

Yun looked down with the same expression of boredom that almost matched Botan's. The woman never came looking for her unless she had something for her to do and since it was nearly opening time, she assumed that Botan had something, or a list of somethings for her to do. She folded her arms over her chest and waited for her question to be answered.

Botan blinked up at the woman, before shaking her head gently with a small smile. "Nope," She stated, standing up and fanning herself lightly. "You're free to do as you please for the day. Everything is running smoothly, as it should be." Botan said calmly. The last thing she wanted to do was push Yun over the edge, and since she had been hard at work, the wolf could use a day off to herself. "Take a day to howl, or whatever it is you do."

Yun blinked a couple times, a bit surprised that Botan would give her the day off. "That's so unnaturally kind of you." As she walked past Botan she placed a hand on top of the shorter woman's head. "Don't get your feathers ruffled when I'm no where to be found."

With Yun out of the picture, Botan walked over to a small plot filled with bright blue flowers. She knelt down beside them and gently touched the petals. No doubt the others would be needing her again, so she couldn't be gone for long before something went wrong. She couldn't complain though. She dusted off her hands and went back inside, taking a detour back to the kitchen to drop off the empty glass before heading out into the main area.

[bg=white]Kaori Fukuda[/bg]


Location: Whispering Woods

Interaction: ---

Mention: ----


Kaori's Flute
The breeze wafted ever softly through the air, a vessel to the sweet scent of the mountain. The majestic face clothed by the green trees that claimed the land, standing tall over their brothers within the forest below. Between the trucks sprouted a canvas of color, blooming within the dappled rays of the sun beneath the canopy. A land untouched by man, pure by all holy means, a safe haven for both natural and spiritual creatures. Alive in its own right, living, breathing, existing... just as nature should be.

The natural whispers made for a graceful dancing partner to a most peculiar sound; not quite natural but not entirely foreign. It rippled through the air just as smooth as the stream and complimented the rustle of trees. Slipping carefully from the flute of a young yokai, the music weaved its way through the mountain, telling a story. The young yokai sat within the glade of massive trees, crowned by a halo of golden light. Her hands danced along the pale flute moving in gentle time with the whispers of breath from her lips. Her eyes remained closed, lost to the notes that filled the air, letting the forest guide her song. The breeze carressed the tresses of wild hair that rested unhindered upon her back, gleaming like the purest snow. Her skin like ivory and as delicate as paper yet immortal to time's withering touch.

The yokai raised her head, welcoming the gentle touches of the wind, and orbs of blue revealed themselves behind snowy lashes. The young woman gazed into the enteral blue of the sky, watching the wisps of clouds drift idly by, and continued to play her flute.

The yokai felt at peace here, in this distance land far from the place of her birth. The memories of a ravaged land flickered behind the lids of her eyes, causing the faintest hesitation of a note. No... it was peaceful here, no war was raging against the harmony that lay like a silk blanket upon Takamagahara. Yes, far from the blood and pain... why though...

Kaori closed her eyes, letting the rhythm of the music take her away, back into the whispering woods...
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Eisei Ahru
Gajettomekka -> The Dancing Lotus
Ahru stared down off the cliff edge and gulped as her head swirled from the view. This was always the worst part of her morning: getting down. Of course, she'd never admit to anyone that heights were a problem for her.... not even to herself. Swallowing, she backed up and made a running leap off the cliff, feeling her stomach rise from the fall. From the air, the entirety of Takamagahara, save for the mountaintops, stretched out before her eyes in a glorious mix of pink and green. It was sickening.

She'd timed this particular flight once for the fun of it: it took precisely 53 seconds before she could land on the intended path. 53 looooong seconds of getting bashed by the relentless wind and feeling your innards push against your own body. Finally, the seconds had passed, and Ahru slowed her decent with a small plume of fire aimed downwards. "Swordmaidens shouldn't have to deal with stupid stuff like flying," she complained to the empty air, continuing down the path towards a certain tea shop.

After a great deal of travel, Ahru finally arrived at The Dancing Lotus, wandering in without any regards to whether or not they were open. "Greetings, Hot Wings," she proclaimed, noticing the proud bird-human exiting the kitchen. "Where's my puppy? I have something fancy to show her." Ahru held up her mysterious looking recording-box to provoke the sense of curiousity and wonder. True, she'd brought it to sell to the puppy, but a sale was a sale, and the bird could probably use it just as well.

@Sailor Moon


Shion adored the day time which was why she was always up early. Though her early rising was also due to her wandering mind often leading her away from her task or goal and so it had become a necessity to actually wake up early if she was going to reach work at any reasonable time. This mostly explained why the lilac haired youkai was currently sitting within a small field of flowers located just off the path to Ping's shop, plucking the odd flower here and there as she carefully worked on creating a small bouquet. While nimble fingers brushed against a petal before picking the actual flower, lilac hair that pooled around her on the ground appeared as if they had life, the odd lock of hair carefully plucking the occasional flower before dropping it into her lap with the rest.

While a part of Shion was pretty sure she was late...again... her eyes remained focused upon crafting the colourful bouquet, only shifting away when the occasional squirrel or small animal cautiously ran by. Only as she finished did she find her attention straying fully, even her hair stopping in its motions as she let her gaze stray to a nearby tree where a faint cry sounded. She breathed in a quick breath as she gathered herself to her feet, the purple and black dress shifting with her quick motion, any of her hair not in use tumble down to her thighs where it curled delicately. Shion wound herself carefully around the plants, keeping herself from damaging any of the flowers as her hair kept the two bouquets she made safe as she headed over to the noise, light purple eyes blinking owlishly as she came upon a squirrel, curled up on the ground as it appeared to be in pain.

Teeth dug into her lower lip as from a minor distance, Shion crouched by the creature before cautiously reaching out a hand to brush the fur on its head, which while it terrified the small critter, it did not move. Unable to tell if it was simply unable to move away or if it was not that scared of her... A small huff and a nod of her head, Shion reached over and scooped up the small creature into her hands, moving slowly as she stood.

"...I'm going to take you to Ping..."

A faint grin painted itself upon her lips as she softly petted the creatures head, thinking over to the many animals she had ended up bringing to Ping that she had found injured or alone. It took a few more minutes before she gasped, still careful not to move the creature to much, as her head snapped quickly around to face the direction of Ping's shop. Worry twisted over her features before she pouted slightly as she only just realised that she was probably late. Shion took one last look at the clearing before she left in a hurry, though not breaking into a run due to the animal in her cupped hands.

"This happens way to often...."

It did not take Shion to long to reach the shop and on her way she had transferred hold of the small animal to her hair which had been made to hold the creature in a similar manner to how she had previously. Shion loved the strange ability she had as a youkai as while it had its uses in a violent or battle type scenario, it was useful in general and more often than not, Shion used it to her advantage as she never really had to use it for any other way. Now was a perfect example of this. As she approached the shop she paused for a moment to look at the lanterns hanging just above the porch, admiring the different styles and colours before she hurried to the door and stepped inside.

Smiling faintly, Shion snuck up to Ping before quickly wrapping her arms around him in a hug. "Good Morning, Ping". After a moment or two Shion released him, taking a small step back from her brotherly figure before she glanced around. "Is Ya-chan awake yet?" she asked, the shift in her view causing her to notice the creature wrapped safely within her hair. "...Oh! I nearly forgot again..." Bringing the creature before her, she slowly transferred the unwell animal into her hands before she revealed it to Ping. "I found this one on my way here while I was getting some flowers... He doesn't seem very well..." It took a moment before she remembered the flowers, making her mumble as she shifted the animal into one hand carefully as she took the small flower bunches into her other.

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With the doors having recently been opened, many of the regular customers started to file in and take their usual seats. Botan, wearing her best smile, moved forward to greet them and found herself interrupted by a familiar call from one of her more frequent customers. This girl, or woman, was rather easy to spot and was a paying customer just like the rest. While they had a somewhat comfortable relationship, Botan always puckered her lips in annoyance at being called 'Hot Wings', though by this point she was used to the nickname.

"Ah. Hello, Ahru-chan," Botan greets back, as she stops in front of the white-haired girl.

"Where's my puppy? I have something fancy to show her."

Naturally, the words immediately piqued Botan's interest, as she had a small interest in things from the human world. Her eyes went wide and she moved her neck, rather bird like as she followed Ahru's movement with the mysterious device. Botan had a brief knowledge of what it was, and wondered why Ahru only brought the cool gadgets for Yun.

"Let me play with it, Ahru-chan." Botan took the box from Ahru with very little resistance on her part. She set it down on a nearby table, then began pressing buttons. Out of the corner of her eye she saw their hostess, hard at work tidying up a table.

"Kagura, look what Ahru brought for me." Botan had almost forgotten who Ahru really brought it for, but she didn't think on it for a second longer. She waved Kagura over with her hand, eager to show her the strange recording device.

"Ahru, show us how it works, please." Botan said politely, though it still managed to sound like a request.

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[= Character Kiyoto Aizawa, Location: On the road to Sakuraboshi =]

"You and me and the Devil makes three/Don't need no other loving baby~" Aizawa had a song in his lack of a soul as he walked up the road. His boots clicked on the stone road as he made his way to city after his own heart. He had been away from Kinmokousei after a few beautiful deals and that town was dry on potential trades. The glowing light of the morning sun was rising over the delightful little prairie around him, it was enough to put a smile on his face.

Now as he walked on towards Sakuraboshi, he wondered on what sort of favors he can gather as a city of that size would look like a wondrous town full of splendor that everyone would love but he knew full well that it was just glamour, a town like that breed desperation and so many would do anything for a taste of a better life. Aizawa was more then ready to be in the postion to provide.

Further up the road Aizawa watched as a Oni ran down the road, fury in its eyes.

"Are you Aizawa!?" Well it seemed to be a customer, how delightful.

"I'm your huckleberry, what brings you to me?" The creature answered that punching at him, revenge seemingly the answer as the punches phased through Kiyoto leaving him unharmed. The Oni kept swinging but he might as well have been punching the wind for all the good it did him. This amused Aizawa for a bit but he had better things to do.

So with a grab he caught the next punch and twisted the arm until it broke. The Oni fell back clutching his arm, surprise evident on its face.

"Now as much as I like this game, I got better things to do so if you want to live tell me why you are here!?" The Oni shook off his surprise and tried building up its anger.

"My son, he tried to kill someone at Okanyama Shrine, he was caught, they executed him, he claimed that someone in green pushed him to this, he died screaming your name!" The Oni went for another punch but Aizawa answered with colliding his fist with the others punch shatter the bones in the Oni's hand. The Oni cried out in pain and as he wallowed in his despairing defeat Aizawa pulled a purple bead out of coat pocket.

"Well good sir, his wife was dying you see, and this little thing right here would of cured her, but alas the deal is broken, so she should be dead right at this moment such a shame" Corrupting a holy shrine would have done wonders for Aizawa but spreading fear among the Oni was the next best thing.

"Our little business here is concluded so if you see your son in the next life tell him Aizawa sent you, or when your ready use that anger and you'll know where to find me" Before the Oni could reply Aizawa picked up a pebble and flicked it with enough force to bore a hole through the Oni's skull.

The creature fell over as Kiyoto simply dusted his hands off and went back to walking on the road. This was fun, whether the oni would truly embrace his true form or not, Aizawa had his eyes on an ever better game, still he wondered who need the Good Man, he heard of delightful tea shop that attracted the right people that would put him in the right direction. He laughed, really taking in the peaceful scenery as he sang out his lack of a soul once again.

"Come lay your bones on the alabaster stones/and be my ever loving baby~"
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[bg=black]Ryuu Fukuda[/bg]


Location: Road south of Sakuraboshi traveling toward the town.

Interaction: ---

Mention: Kaori, Koizumi @Aka~Kitsune


The rise of the morning sun on Ryuu's head felt soothing after the early morning stroll through the southeast end of Takamagahara. That particular area lay home to the less appealing Cursed Forest, a place he rather Kaori does not go near if he could help it. Better to give her the area where kinder, friendlier landmarks lay and where she is least likely to stumble upon trouble. Ryuu trusted his sister's ability to defend herself but it always put him at ease knowing she was further from actual danger.

The uwabami yokai yawned, baring a set of impressive fangs to the world as he stretched, groaning a bit. The muscles of his shoulders were a bit sore from the day before. Kaori had been insistent on sparring and while he was the strongest between the two siblings she gave him a run for his coin in speed. Ryuu had to go on the defense more than once to block her lightning fast swings and thrusts and his arms grumbled about it later. Letting his fingers dig into the sore muscles absentmindedly, Ryuu let his dark eyes drift a bit, admiring the pretty landscape.

In the distance, the town of Sakuraboshi could be seen, bustling with life. The snake spirit figured a nice swing of sake wouldn't hurt before going over to see Koizumi. Try as he might, Ryuu couldn't seem to avoid ruining his tunic when on his runs. If it wasn't the wild undergrowth tugging at the fabric it was his occasional run-ins with undesirable yokai or curious humans. The humans were easier to deal with, usually transforming into his snake form had them running but if that didn't work some harmless magic tricks would scare them off. The yokai grinned cheekily at a recent memory.

Sighing contently, Ryuu leisurely strolled along the hardened road slowly eating the distance away as the sound and music from Sakuraboshi rose above the chirping of birds and nature. Getting closer made his mouth water, he was ready to taste the familiar warm liquor on his tongue. The thought kicked his pace up a notch, wanting to get there faster.
"Miyuki!" The girl flinched as she stood near the remains of a vase, staring down at her feet. Her eyes moved to look at the surrounding priestesses and the one priest who ran the temple. He looked a mixture of disappointed, frustrated, and sympathetic, and she couldn't decide which one she hated more.

"Miyuki, please let your sisters take care of the temple for now. Go to the shops, buy some offerings and snacks." The older man gave her a small pouch of coins, which she gingerly took from him. She nodded sadly, and quickly exited the temple. She knew they didn't like her there when she was knocking things over and being all around clumsy. She looked around the clearing for the temple, sighing softly. It was another day at the shops. Not that she really minded too much, as she did love going to get snacks and offerings. She perked up a bit at the thought of visiting Mr. Ping's shop. She always felt at ease there, even if she couldn't stay for long because of the heat from the sweet making. With her spirits ever so slightly lighter, she continued on her way, cheerfuly humming.

She enjoyed spring for the colors, and absolutely loved the smell of the flowers. However, spring and summer drained her horribly. Her energy was sapped by the heat, and the fact that she had to keep herself cold so she wouldn't melt. Staying indoors made things much easier to manage. She offhandedly wondered if the human world had some magic device to keep herself cold. It would be absolutely wonderful if they did! Maybe she could venture out once again...

Miyuki shook her head, getting rid of such silly thoughts. Nobody would accept her there. They would all assume she was some dreaded Yuki-Onna and drive her away, just like last time. It was best to just stay within the barrier. She sighed a bit, but her smile didn't falter. In the distance, she could hear a flute. It wasn't often, but sometimes she could hear some sort of music through the trees. She enjoyed those times, it made her walk much more enjoyable. She glanced up at the green leaves on the trees around her, her pace picking up a bit. She wanted to hurry to Ping's shop to get first grabs at the yummy candy.

The sun was out and the sky was clear as ever. The lovely breeze washing over the surroundings, like the ocean over a beach. The birds were chirping and it was quit early in the morning. It was not unusual for the Jade Rabbit to have made the roof of his work place a place to relax. His arms were folded behind his head, while he was gazing at the view presented before him.

People around him, like Shion and Ping, and even Hotaru did not find it odd. Having been around them for such a long time, they were like another family to him. However, he was always on time to help out at Ping's shop. Working there had a positive effect on him. The people there could be considered his second family, besides his parents and his little sister, Fumiko.

Yato did always reminisce about his time back in Hyogo and with the Mochizuki Clan he was the successor to. Having left that place under pequliar circumstances, there was a reason for why he was wearing a mask that kept his identity a secret. Ping was the only one who knew who the Jade Rabbit was, which was not surprising, given the connection the Kirin had with his clan.

People did know that he was of the clan, but not who he was exactly. The news about his 'disappearance' did spread around Takamagahara in a flash. His father was adamant to have him return. Though having been gone for such a long time, his father probably knew he 'ran' away from his duties as the eldest son of the clan head.

During Yato's travels, before he eventually settled down in Sakuraboshi, or rather, at Ping's shop, he had met various of different Yōkai out there. Re-adjusting himself in his position on top of the roof, a familiar voice caught his attention. An all too familiar voice at that. It was not surprising for him.

Even so, Yato was merely waiting for Ping to show up, which he eventually did. Tilting his head slightly towards the direction of the voice, he slightly pushed his upper body up, supporting it with his arm, he twisted it slightly towards the Kirin. "Ping-san." Happy to see him in his kind nature as ever, a smile crept on the rabbit's face.

The Jade Rabbit pushed himself up from the roof, standing there this time. Looking at the blossoming cherry trees in the vicinity, his smile did not disappear. As usual, he was wearing a dark blue hakama, a white montsuki kimono, and over it, he was wearing a black and blue haori, that clearly, because of its patterns, represented the moon, where his kind originally hails from. Let's not forget his fan, which was sticking out from benath the obi, and his katana which was always on him, hanging down from his left side.

Walking on the rooftop, towards the opposite side from the entrance, he gracefully jumped down, his sandals touching the surface ever so swiftly. Yato took his time to walk around the shop until he turned a corner to the entrance for Ping's shop. All he saw in that very moment, were Shion's unique but beautiful hair. 'Shion.' He mentally thought to himself.

A few seconds later, he entered the shop as well, standing a few meters away from Shion and Ping, her back was turned against him. He could see that something was moving around in her hair. 'She brought one more.' Yato did always like her kind nature towards animals. If she could save someone she would, and if she found someone she couldn't save, they would've been brought to Ping.

Shion still had no idea that Yato was behind her. Once the little creature popped out of her hair, she gently grasped it in her hands. Approaching the both of them, he finally spoke up. "I'm awake." He smiled, before his attention was fixated on the little creature. He too, gently stroked its head, its fur. He couldn't help but mentally think how cute it was, but also how defenseless it was.

"You're lucky she found you." Yato glanced at Shion with his charming smile for a moment, before his hand moved away from the creature. It was time to make sweets for some of their customers. "Sweets. Maybe it'll have some after it's healed up." Talking about the little creature, he was mostly looking at her.

||| Location: Ping's Goodie Shop ||| Mentions: Fumiko, Shion, Ping ||| Interactions: Shion, Ping ||| Tagged: @Aka~Kitsune @DoomyCakez @xLarius



|| Location ☬ Sakuraboshi ~ The Dancing Lotus || Time ☬ Morning || Mentions ☬ Koizumi (@Aka~Kistune ) - Shin (@Gladis ) || Interactions ☬ Botan (@Sailor Moon ) - Ahru (@Luma ) - Kagura (@Akashi ) ||


"Aye, wise guy, you think you could play any damn louder? Some of us are trying to sleep over here."

Long, elegant fingers play without fail over the three strings of a black shamisen, black because that was the color that was associated best with its player. Those fingers were fast, as though long ago they had mastered the secrets of such an odd instrument. Away they went, holding a string here or there as the small whale bone pick fluttered effortlessly along. It was a playful melody, maybe because its artist was in more or less of a playful mood, despite the small number or critique he had recieved already. It was true that it was still only morning, but wasn't morning the best time to greet the world with music?

This critique in particular did nothing to spot him. If anything, the music only increased in volume out of the artist's petty nature, yet his form was serene. He was a dark figure outwardly, with skin the color of alabaster. He was long, yet not overly bulked with muscle as most men with a taller stature would be. In fact, he was rather slender, built more for the elegance of performance and the arts then hard work, and it quite possibly showed from his complextion. His long, black locks were tinted with shades of blue, lavender, and even pink, but were only visible with a turn of his head, which caused his thick main to shift about in a display of hidden vibrance. It was a well kept mane, partially pinned up with displays and designs in the form of different pins. They were all flowers, Hydrangea, violets, and lavender in particular to go with this hint of purple he seemed to be sporting today. Bit of gold showed through his dark locks as well, only as small glimmers when the sun hit him just right. Half of his face remained covered though, a bird's mask adorned with a multitude of feathers in Indigo, violent, red, and black. The bit over the nose was polished black, curving downward in the shape of a beak to hide his straight, and dare say...handsome nose. The rest of his face was rather visible, red tinted lips curled in up in a forever devilish smile, as though he understood and thouroughly enjoyed the small annoyance he caused in one man. His jawline was a strong one, which flowed down into a long neck, which only disappeared in his kimono of black, decorated with the same flowers pinned into his head.

"Did you hear me, pretty boy? No one wants to hear that shit this early in the morning."

His critic seemed to have grown in bravery, yet the musician continued to play, that hint of a smile growing on his face to reveal gleaming white teeth. Oh, he lived for the lovely music, as well as a day such as this. The scent of sakura was fresh in the morning air, which blew about to offer the sweetest breeze. Oh, he could write a poem about this beauty.. He had before, even if most of the time they came off too commerical or cheesy. The Young man switched his position a bit, legs moving a bit from underneath him to reveal black sandels. He did not stop playing though, never once missing a note and his tune turned. It became eerier, more haunting much to the dismay of his critic.

"I said cut it out!"

A meaty hand extended and suddenly grabbed the neck of that precious shamisen. The notes grew sharp in a sudden shriek and came to an all out halt, yet where the critic sought to pull the Shamisen out of the musician's hand, he was only let standing there rather dumbfounded, for it did not move and inch. "E-eh? Let go!" He gave a tug, yet the Shamisen did not move. The Musician did not move either, sitting in the same relaxed position, until he raised his head to meet the gaze of the rather forward man.

"My good man, didn't your mother teach you that it's rude to interrupt a musician mid-song?"

The musician's voice was like melted butter, sweeter then honey as golden eyes lifted fully to take in his assailant. Middle-aged Pig with a ruddy face... Oh how easy this would be...

"Well who told you that I wanted to hear your pitiful music in the morning? Musician? HA! More like a hack!."

"Didn't you mother warn you about showing your soggy face in public, Pigsty?" His comeback came automatically, with the sharp tongued wit of even the more eloguent of writers. He said it with a smile, the same honey like voice as before, yet he made no effort to pull his Shamisen away just yet. He relished in the reddening face of his opponent, who snorted in mild shock of such a comment. "W-Why you! I'll have you know my wife finds me very attractive!"

Those golden eyes narrowed with knowing, for his killing blow was coming swiftly and painfully. "Well Of course she would find you attractive. She's probably more of a sow then you are!" Those red tinted lips pulled tight in a devious smile, revealing those white teeth once more. Glimmering gold eyes widened with that devilish nature that this musician seemed to swim with. The Pig did on the other hand was completely agast, snorting and squealing with rage. 'How dare you! I should ring you nec-"

The musician saw little need to let him finish, giving a hard tug to his Shamisen and ripping it from the pig's grasp. He caught the gentleman by his collar and gave him a solid push, no wishing to soil his own attire and with a hard thud, the Pig hit the ground, his squeals of rage only increasing. "Where I would love to tell you more about your muddy sow of a wife, I'm afraid I have other business to attend to."

The young musician rose up to his full eye, dark form hanging over his pudyg opponent for only a moment of two more before he gave a small bow. "But if your wife asks, I know a lovely place where she can get a dress. It won't help her face, but at least it might distract the public!" With his final blow he turned and stepped off with a bit of a kick of speed, the sounds of snorting and cussing behind him.


This sort of morning was Karasu's favorite morning, for the silver tongued yata-garasu took so much pleasure in the annoyance of others. Most of the people he attacked were deserving of such words, but even his own friends were never safe from his insufferable teasing. Speaking of wish, he had a whole list of people to see today. It was part of his usual routine, annoying the hell out of the residents of Sakuraboshi, so much so to the point of possible exile. It was all out of fun, of course, for he hardly meant most of it.

Those that fell under his teasing scope were usually his favorite people. It went in order from the dullest to the funnest. Yes, there Shin of course. What a lovely young kitsune he was, only made all the lovelier when red and flustered from his teases. Karasu maybe enjoyed that the most, unable to stop the chuckle that left his lips just at the thought of how Shin would react to him today. He had quite a few new nicknames up his sleeve...It would be all the more fun to see the execution. Koizumi was of course next on his list, even though teasing her came with quite a bit of danger. She was a difficult woman to crack, but his pokes and prods seemed to hit in the right spot...most of the time. It usually ended with something being flung in his direction though, and much to his displeasure she would grow rather huffy if he was too harsh of her brother Shin. So much work it was to deal with the pair together, but when alone... Karaus would allow himself to be merciless.

The first person on his to-do list today was none other the nthe residential Hot Head herself, Botan. Oh, the lovely phoenix always made things interesting, for the wit she fired back usually brought on a battle of true words. It was pure entertainment at its finest, and accompanied with her famous tea only made the short trek all the more worth it. Down the street of shops he went, bypassing the flirtatious glances of passing women. He relished in them, he really did, for he was a bit of the vain sort. He would offer a smile back on occassion, maybe a wink or two to the most deserving of ladies... But those were few and far between.

He bypassed a few more places, before one in particular caught his eyes. It was the Dancing Lotus, of course. The place stood out like a sore thumb with its vibrant colors and theatrical decoration. Karasu had grown to love it. It was almost a second home to him, and quite a few of the other residents of Sakuraboshi. The Raven smiled, bringing a hand up to his hair and lightly brushing through it. He reached in his kimono and retrieved a small mirror, looking into it to make sure his reflection was just right before putting it away. He let his tongue dance over his teeth, and even went so far as to brush a bit of dust off of his shoulder. He always had to look his best coming to Botan... he did not wish to give her any leverage. Looking his best and finishing his primping, Karasu strolled forward and entered the Dancing Lotus with all of the theatrics he was known for.


"Botan~ You vibrantly pompous bag of feathers and glitter~"

He cawed as soon as he entered, letting the door slam against the wall and lightly rattle the decore so strategically hung. The customer bell rang with determination, but Karasu only hovered in the doorway, devilish smile one of a more friendly nature. He released his hand from the door, ducking a bit as to not hit the door frame as he entered the tea house confines, only to find Botan's attention drawn more or less elsewhere, on the walking shiny Ahru and a weird contraption on the table. He seemed to deflate slightly at that, but turned his head at the sense of movement just to his left. "Good morning, Kagura-chan..." It was a bit less enthusiatic then it had been before, but he still kept his smile as he stood in the doorway.

He attention was pulled to whatever held Botan's attention at the table. An odd box with a bit of a shine that drew his eyes. Those golden orbs flashed with a bit of mischief then, and with a small huff he drew forward, directly behind the shorter hostess. He leaned over her as she was pressing away at the oddly shiny buttons, elegant hands extending as he simply... plucked the device from her very hands. He turned then, holding it up out of her reach to get a good look at the shiny parts.
"Here I am, having come all of this way to see you, and you give your attention to a shiny box." He cooed in a playful nature, holding the box out of the shorter yokai's reach to look at it further. "What even is this thing?" His eyes glanced to Ahru to curiosity as he brought the box down a bit, giving a small tug on one of the button, only to find it stuck in place. 'Hm..."