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The land of Takamagahara has always been populated with numerous youkai, sealed away from the prying eyes of humans. The beautiful, picturesque land has been closed off by a ring of cherry blossom trees, all ever in bloom and unyielding to weather and damage, for a long time. Only youkai may pass through the trees without harm, humans would find themselves unable to take even one step into the perimeter.

It's another lovely spring. the sky is a bright blue, dotted with lazy clouds. The youkai are dancing, and the cherry blossoms are... not blooming? For some odd reason, despite it being the season where the barrier would be at its strongest, the trees that have stood against time are slowly starting to die, but for what reason?

Rumor has it, a youkai that had once disappeared from Takamagahara centuries ago going by the name Shuten-douji, is trying to find a way to reopen the seal that blocks the entrance to the abandoned Hell...

Welcome to Takamagahara.
Hidden in the countryside away from human cities, this sacred land has been home to youkai and gods since times unknown. Populated by youkai, each unique in their own abilities and personalities, they all live in harmony inside the cherry blossom trees that act as a protective perimeter to their world.

There are several notable landmarks.
Beyond the Boundary - through the seemingly endless forest of cherry blossom, whose scent seems a little too 'magical', is the misty gateway between the Human World and Takamagahara. Miles away from the country mountains is a busy and bustling 21st century Japan, where technology is rife and business is booming. Slowly, they seem to be caring less and less about preserving nature - and that is slowly causing a lot of problems.

Okanyama - a three peak mountain on the north side of Takamagahara. The eastern peak is home to tengu clans, who are currently fighting the oni clans on the western peak for more territory. The middle peak is home to a shrine worshipping the deity of the mountain, and is sometimes considered a safety point among the tengu and the oni.

Ryugukawa - a lake running from north to south on the east side of Takamagahara. It houses the Palace of the Dragon King, and is home and birthplace to many water-dwelling youkai.

Kinmokusei - a small town situated on the south side of Takamagahara. It is home to humans that have strange, magical abilities of their own, and live together with youkai in this land. It is unknown how humans first came to be here, they may have been here before the creation of Takamagahara, or humans who have been accepted by the cherry trees.

Abandoned Hell - location currently unknown. It was once a place where vengeful spirits were sent to until the death gods found it too crowded for it to be used well. Although they have since relocated, few tightly sealed evil youkai were left within its depths, hoping that nobody would be able to undo the magic that binds them in the darkness.

  • Please click on these tabs.
  • 1. To follow all of Iwaku's rules and policies, and also to treat all other players with respect. If you have any issues with each other, please sort it out through PMs or message me about it.

    2. That you are a INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED writer. I would prefer a paragraph at the minimum, but quality over quantity. Nevertheless, everyone likes someone who puts in effort into their writing.

    3. That you post AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. I myself am a senior student, so I understand if life gets in the way of things. If you cannot meet this, please leave a note in the OOC or send me a message if you need a bit of an extension.

    4. That you will contribute to worldbuilding and plot development. I love it when people throw their own ideas into the pot, it makes the story more interesting. If worldbuilding is not your thing, I would appreciate it if you could be a participant in discussing the plot

    5. Take the initiative. There will be no posting order, so please feel free to communicate and collaborate with each other if you would like to branch off or create a subplot.

    6. No SMUT. Violence, gore and all that bloody goodness is alright here, no sexual content allowed. Romance is fine.
  • I will not be limiting what youkai species you can choose. However, you are not allowed to play as named, famous youkai such as 'Yamato-no-Orochi' or 'Tamamo-no-mae'. Abilities are also very open, providing they are not extremely overpowered, I will notify you if there is a problem. Right now, you can have two characters maximum. You may be allowed to create more in the future if necessary.

    NOTE: feel free to create NEW LOCATIONS not listed as a significant landmark if needed for your character's backstory and or current location.

    Name: (self explanatory. You may also provide kanji characters, but keep in mind you don't have to use an Asian name at all!)
    Age: (estimated is fine)
    Occupation: (if applicable)
    Alligiance: (may be self, may be unknown, may be to a god)
    Appearance: (please provide a faceclaim, I would personally prefer anime-style ones. You may also have a worded description, you may also include any alternate forms)
    History: (as detailed as you want. Honestly, it can be anything. They were a princess, they were an exile. They fell from the sky, they came out of the ground. Possibilities are endless!)
  • Shuten-doji - Mysterious youkai who had disappeared from Takamagahara many, many years ago, only to return now with the deadly goal to unseal the barrier.

    Ibaraki-douji - Shuten-doji's right hand. Seems way too interested in Okanyama.

    Yamata-no-Orochi (Ryu) - A legendary and malicious youkai sealed away from the Yamas of the Underworld when it was slain by the god Susano-o.

    Doggugo (Inugami) - A inugami who is unable to take on the form of a human. He loves money above all else, and is known as the banker of Takamagahara. No matter who you are allied with, or what your motives are (even if you're a criminal), Doggugo will guard your money with his life. He also has human money on hand for exchanges.

  • WDih2nr.png

    Beyond the Boundary (境界を越えて) - cherry blossom forest perimeter surrounding Takamagahara on all sides in a circle.

    Ama-no-uki Hashi (天浮橋) - a long road reaching from the west of the border to Sakuraboshi, named after the bridge that was said to be the connector between earth and the Shinto heaven.

    Sakuraboshi (桜房市) - "sakura cluster city", the central location where youkai live and thrive together. It is known as the location of Miya's entertainment hub - Oodoburu (大都振る), and is a hotspot for big youkai festivals and events.
    • Ping's Shop (和平の店) - He Ping's special shop is located down a little path surrounded by trees just east of Sakuraboshi. His home is nearby.
    • Kuraokami's Temple (闇龗神社) - a temple located up a small hill east of Sakuraboshi, is home to many youkai priestesses who worship the god of rain and snow. It is perpeptually cold there.
    • Koizumi's House - located a small walk south-west of Sakuraboshi.
    • Dancing Lotus (舞蓮) - tea shop and theatre. Owned by Botan.
    • Doggugo's Store (ドッグゴの店) - The most loyal banker and money exchanger you'll ever meet.

    Okanyama (王冠山) - northern mountain ranges.
    • Akatsunoshi (赤ツノ市) - the home of oni-kind on the western peak. Is on top of running lava, has plenty of forges in which they make their signature iron clubs.
    • Tenchishi (天地市) - the home of the tengu on the eastern peak. It is a place full of natural hot springs, which the tengu are very proud of.
    • Gajettomēkā (ガジェットメカ) - technology reclamation and home of the Eisei twins. Found under Tenchishi on a cliff face.
    • Okanyama Shrine (王冠山神社) - the home of the mountain deity of Okanyama. It sits on the very top of the middle peak and should not be disturbed.
    • Norikai's Hut - home of Norikai the hermit. Found on the central peak of Okanyama, below the shrine near the middle of the ascent.

    The Whispering Woods (囁く森) - a big forest surrounding the base of Okanyama.
    • Kodama Tree (木霊の木) - a large tree that is the home of Arakashi's kodama friends. Protected and surrounded by magical charms. Although unique, surprisingly does not stand out in the forest.
    • Arakashi's Home - nicknamed 'A Leap Away', sits alone on the south-western border of the woods.
    • Fukuda Household - sits on the north-eastern outskirts of the woods

    Ryugukawa (龍宮川) - eastern river that seperates the east from the rest of Takamagahara.
    • Palace of the Dragon King (龍宮城) - found at the bottom of Ryugukawa.
    • Kicho (貴著村) - a small underwater village near the top of the river, is popular for youkai who like to swim. There are a few businesses on top to trade with.
    • Botan's House - a mansion surrounded by a beautiful garden on the east side of the northern lip of the lake.

    The Cursed Forest (呪われ森) - Although the Cursed Forest only accounts for the center area of the forest, it is collectively named so. A home for malicious and chaotic youkai.
    • Garden of Venus (ヴィーナスの庭) - a ring of maneating but beautiful looking plants that surround the more 'peaceful' outer perimeter of the forest. The only safe spot is by entering from the forest's east.
    • Fist of Fear, Touch of Death (恐怖の拳, 死の接触) - Aku's dojo, located at the heart of the Cursed Forest. Teaches martial arts and a special style of hand to hand combat known as the 'Death Touch'.

    Hayasaka Hill (早坂) - A hill found on the east of Takamagahara across Ryugukawa. It is completely surrounded by gravestones and acts as a burial place for youkai and humans.
    • Hayasakabochi (早坂墓地) - The Hayasaka Cemetery.
    • Hayasakamura (早坂村) - A village set on top of Hayasaka Hill and is home to many undead youkai.

    Rinkorashi (鈴湖らしい) - A huge field full of bright green valleys and meadows. It is home to a rural community and vibrant flora and fauna, as well as fresh water lakes and waterfalls.

    Shinkuro (芯畔) - a large upscale town, home to wealthy people, birthplace of entertainment and trend setting town. The highlight of this town is a well known inn and bathhouse, and is also the tallest building in the town.

    Kinmokusei (金木犀村) - southern village mostly populated by humans.

    Hyogo (標業) - a village home to the Mochizuki clan of the Gyokutou. Found in between Sakuraboshi and Kinmokusei.

    Abandoned Hell (旧地獄)- the old location of Hell, has been mostly emptied of its residents.

  • The following are the allegiance and factions of Tamakagahara. This is a work in progress, more will be added as the plot progresses.
  • Youkai are separated into three main clans or types. In general, they get along well and do not have problems with each other. These are:
    • The Daichi - all youkai that live on land. This includes animals that have grown old and developed mystical powers. This also includes the departed. All souls, ghosts and inanimate objects that have gained life belong in this clan, and are considered Daichi because of their ties to the earth.
    • The Oafu - the 'oarfish', a name used for all sea-dweller youkai or those who originate from the sea, considered to be messengers of the Dragon God. May or may not be true.
    • The Kyuten - the youkai of the wind. Any youkai that may fly can be classified as a Kyuten. Mostly populated by tengu.

    From this point onward they are sorted into clans by species. Tengu are part of the tengu clan. Oni are part of the oni clan. And within those clans, they may be smaller clans that are similar to families.
  • An allegiance. Includes youkai who are for the unsealing for their own personal reasons. There is no de facto leader, although Shuten-doji was believed to be the instigator and formed the idea and the belief that the seal could be undone in the first place. There may be a race to see who is the one who free Orochi first, and infighting among youkai who are for the unsealing.
  • A faction and also allegiance. Populated with gyokutou and Tsukihito (moon people), it is sacred and 'holy' place where mortal emotions are discouraged, and where this purity must be maintained. Those who inhabit it were descendants of the Jade Rabbit and the moon goddess Chang'e. As the Jade Rabbit was her subject, it is the Tsukihito who are considered royalty on the moon, though there are few of them.

    One of the largest gyokutou clans is the Mochizuki, who have since relocated to Takamagahara.

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And away I fly
Silent wings basking in the twilight.
Under the light of the moon I spread my feathers
and sore beyond the boundary

separating our two worlds...



"I have gone by many names in my life, but the simplest is what I am essentially."
カラス - Karasu - "Raven" ☬

"Mm... If I am called any, it might be behind my back..."
☬ Thief
☬ Lazy Bum
☬ Wanderer

"Ah, I have quite a few of those as well..."
☬ The Shadowed Wanderer
☬ Traveller of the Inbetween

"How old do you think a Youkai can become? Far older then you will ever imagine, Little One."
☬ He stopped counting after his 6th century


"I assure you that I am 90% male..."
☬ His human form is that of a male

"Said to be a sign of the Divine will of Heaven, while serving as a symbol for mischief..."
ヤタガラス - Yata-Garasu - "Three-Legged Raven"


Yata-Garasu, or the Three-Legged raven is essentially a Youkai tasked with delivering messages from the Spirit Realm to the Human Realm. These messages only sent to the most esteemed of people, have been taken as a divine will of Heaven, but are usually simply the answer of a Youkai, or Spirit, to the person worshipping them. They always come with a price though, for a small item (a shiny button, a small ring, a bracelet) will always come up missing after meeting with the Yata-Garasu. He is an often misunderstood Youkai, for his dark colors and mysterious ways would often allign him with what could be seen as bad.




"My Job was simple, but now with so little humans coming to our shrines, I have been a bit out of work."
☬ Messager - Carries symbols, gifts, and answers to the mortal realm and back to the spirit realm ☬

☬ To earn money other then just stealing from humans, Karasu works as a street preformer and wandering artist. He does poetry, stories, and plays music ☬


"When so many want to believe you are bad, why would I allign myself with anyone other then myself? In this age it is the weak, who rely on the friendships and bonds of others, that find themselves at the bottom."
☬ Himself ~ Neutral ☬





"I believe I have been called a bit lanky by the chosen ones who have come to dislike me..."
☬ 6' 0" - 182cm ☬


"Ah, there is that term 'light as a feather'..."
☬ 167lbs - 75kg ☬

Hair Color
"I pride myself in having strong, soft locks. I try to maintain a lovely appearance most of the time."
☬ Raven black, ambred to violent with blue tips ☬

"I don't do much to it other then let it grow..."

☬ Long and Sleek; his hair probably reaches almost to his Navel in straight, layered locks. It looks almost effortless in its stylings, being that he tends to just wear it down. On occassion, you will find it pulled back and pin out of his face, tied up in a high or low ponytail, or braided with a few wildflowers. He does also enjoy head pieces and shiny things to be in his hair as well, which explains why his head is usually adorned with intricate detailings from silk ribbons, to gold and silver, to the simple flowers ☬

Eye Color

"Someone once told me that they are the color of warm honey. The sorts of things young girls will say when they are infatuated..."
☬ Less warm honey and more like liquid Gold. His eyes glitter like the expensive stuff, but will fade to black when he is in his Raven form ☬

Distinguishable features

"What isn't distinguishable about me, Little one?~"
☬ Upon his back, perfectly centering his spinal cord, is the tattoo of two bird wings ☬


Personal Style
☬ Karasu tends to be more a fan of the Kamakura era style of dress, even more so a partiality to the flaboiancy and grace of the women's garments. His outfits are always a flash of blatant, almost intimidating peacocking with bright colors usually ranging in variations of Purple, Blue, Gold and Red. His base color is usually black though, being that he finds it all the more beautiful against his naturally pale skin tone. When in the comfort of his own home, Karasu tends to dress slightly on the more scandalous side, not minding revealing a bit of himself for the sake of comfort. When in public, you will usually see him dawning a decorated mask (Seen in his profile picture above) Which usually shields his actual looks from the public. The mask is useful when he transforms into his Youkai form, for it shapes his entire head and beak. His likes to carry accessories, be it decorative fans, an umbrella of sorts, or anything cute and slightly feminine. ☬




☬ Mysterious ☬

☬ Playful ☬
☬ Mischievous ☬
☬ Cunning ☬
☬ Eloquent ☬
☬ Curious ☬
☬ Flirtatious ☬

☬ Secretive ☬

☬ Tricky ☬
☬ Obstinate ☬
☬ Passive Aggressive ☬
☬ Dishonest ☬
☬ Lecherous ☬
☬ Vendictive ☬
☬ Vain ☬




"I can do a great many things as a Youkai...I pride myself in that..."
☬ Illusion Manipulation ☬
Karasu is known for his tricky ways, and his abilities highlight this will his power of Illusion. He can make you see what he wishes you to see, if only to trick you out of something that he wants from you. This power stemmed from how he would pass on signs to the mortals, but now he simply uses it to play games and pranks on his fellow Youkai if he feels so inclined.
☬ Traversing the Inbetween ☬
He may not be able to control shadows directly, but he can travel through that small void that they offer and appear somewhere else. His is not very strong physically, so it helps to be able to easily flee those that are set to harm him. It is one of his main forms of travel, an in the human realm, it makes it rather easy for him to avoid detection, as well as offer mysterious disappearances.
☬ Winged Blades ☬
If physical attack in a necessity, Karasu does have a few tricks up his sleeves, most notable being his wings. When used for attack, he will allow his Youkai wings to sprout from his back. In this form, his wings are as strong as steele and virtually indestructable. His feathers, like individual blades work in one to fight off his opponents. They can be used for the defensive as well, blocking enemy attack with a shield of steele
☬ The Thousand Blades ☬
When threatened, Karasu can shoot his razor sharp feathers from his wings, piercing his enemies with an onslaught of deadly, flying daggers.
☬ Weightlessness ☬
You could say that Karasu hardly ever walks, due to the fact that he has been graced with the ability to fly. He is usually an inch or two above the ground at all time, black kimonos lightly dragging against the ground as he makes his way around. Walking is just such a waste of energy....

"I am a lover, not a fighter..."
☬ Karasu tends to avoid phsyical altercations, due to his dislike of phsysical activity

☬ Pretty, Shiny objects... He enjoys his reflection in them ☬


☬ Poetry, mainly Haiku ☬
☬ Shiny Things ☬
☬ Flight ☬
☬ treetops ☬
☬ music ☬
☬ Beautiful Women ☬
☬ Handsome Men ☬
☬ dancing ☬
☬ games ☬
☬ tricks ☬
☬ Salty Sweet Treats ☬
☬ Napping ☬
☬ His Reflection ☬

☬ Obnoxious People ☬
☬ Know it all's ☬
☬ Losing a game ☬
☬ Ugly People ☬
☬ Bitter Treats ☬
☬ Bright Light ☬
☬ The Heat ☬
☬ The Cold ☬
☬ Naivity ☬
☬ Spoiled goods ☬



Much of Karasu's history is built around rumor and lore, and that is the way that he likes it. He is a solitary creature, wtih no other Yata-Garasu that he can call family. It is said that he was born from Twilight, with the unity of the Sun and the Moon signifying a peace between the night and day and true love. Karasu will not say much on it, but if pestered that is the story that he will tell. He is a creature of the twilight, and his powers always seem to be the strongest in those few minutes of strange light. You will often find him gazing upon the moon with longing, while shielding himself in shade from the sun's rays. Still, his past is particularly a mystery until you come upon when he started traversing and delivering messages to the mortal realm. Many Youkai make this journey, but it seems that the Raven is one of the fastest Youkair out there. He served his masters well, but was always fond of a small, shiny reward in exchange for his services.

The mortals came to know him as the signal of the divine will of the Gods, being a Raven would always be present whenever they recieved their gift; however, there was always a bitterness left on a mortal's tongue, for the Raven would always take something small from them in return. Because of this, when a mortal was expecting a sign, they would often leave small, shiny things for the Raven to take. A small button, a single coin, small things that the Raven could marvel upon with glee.

With the decline of human spirituality, there became a decline in the Raven's work. Karasu now finds himself as a simple wanderer, often found in the trees sleeping among the shade, or simply travelling from place to place. Nothing else is really known about him other then that, but his mysterious ways continue to be a topic of discussion. Is he to be trusted? What is he really about deep down inside. No one really knows, but that is where his true attraction lies...

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"I- I chose it myself!"
Miyuki || 美雪 || Beautiful snow

"Sometimes people call me different things..."
Yuki, Snow, The Lady in White

"Oh, um, I don't know..."
Around a thousand years

"I am not one of those Yuki-onna!"

"I tend to the temple and buy things for my sister priestesses!"
Priestess of Kuraokami

"Whatever my Lady wishes."
Kuraokami, but doesn't ignore her own wants and desires. The priestesses claim Kuraokami is against the reclamation of the abandoned hell, thus Miyuki is as well.

Many people describe Miyuki as soft-spoken and kind. She is warm, and enjoys helping others in any way she can. Of course, her Lady's wishes are always first, but she loves to help those in need. She will never turn away anyone from the temple, especially on a cold winter's day.

She can often be found in the village, buying things for herself and her priestess sisters. They especially enjoy flowers. She is one of many priestesses, but is usually sent away by them because she tends to be clumsy. She does help keep the place clean, but she can just as easily track in dirt and knock over vases. She is a bit self conscious about herself, and hates to make mistakes.

Miyuki is incredibly trusting and a bit naive. She is a hopeless romantic, and wishes that some day, her prince will come sweep her off her feet. She daydreams often about scenarios, to the point she can sometimes convince herself that her imagination is the truth.

Because of her similar appearance to the murderous Yuki-onna, she does get defensive when people mistake her for one. She will quickly correct them, sometimes loudly, and sometimes she will break down crying if they keep insisting she is one. She doesn't leave the Cherry Trees much because the humans are often afraid of her. She hasn't been outside in a very long time, but she doesn't care to leave anymore.

Snow and Ice Manipulation
Temperature Manipulation
Can turn herself into a pile of snow or a puddle, and can reform herself
Is literally made of snow and ice

Baths/Lots of water (she will melt and die)
Hot weather
Drinking liquids makes her sick

For such an innocent individual, Miyuki has had a moderately dark past. She came into being long ago, and has never experienced being human. She was created when a man peered out of his window, and contemplated the winter, while lamenting his loneliness, which is how all Tsurara-onna come to be. Miyuki was created, and she did what all of her kind do: she married the man. She was a faithful wife, who cooked and cleaned for him. She was the best wife anyone could ask for. However, as all of her kind do, she left during the spring. This was so she would not be caught using her abilities to keep herself cold and pinned as a yokai to be killed. She warned her husband she had to leave, promising him she would return to his house come cold autumn. He told her he would wait, and she left him.

When cold autumn came, she did as she promised, and returned to the house. Upon returning, she found he had a new wife, and he admitted he didn't trust her to return. With tears in her eyes, Miyuki fled the house. While her husband chased after her, she caused icicles to fall and kill him, punishment for not trusting her love. She left the village, and wandered the countryside until she found Takamagahara. She joined the priestesses of Kuraokami, and has lived there ever since.
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@Sen I gotta join this xD. I don't like anime much but when it comes to Youkai I love it oddly lol.

CS Reserve.

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I scored another member for us! Dante will be joining us and I will be reserving A Kitsune and a mystery character for mine for now...^^
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B o t a n
Princess of Birds


"Who really keeps track anymore?"
At least a thousand, but appears in her early twenties

Lady Botan
Princess of Birds


Owner at Dancing Lotus, a cozy tea shop by day and a theater by night. Their menu tends to be on the lighter side, serving various snacks and exquisite teas brewed by Botan. During the night it transforms into a theater, showcasing a variety of talents and plays. The theme tends to change weekly, depending on what Botan wants.


H o u - o u

Those that know of Botan would call her hardworking, elegant, and somewhat intimidating. These would all be accurate descriptions, as she prides herself in her ability to run her theater and tea shop flawlessly. If one happens to catch her on the rare occasion that she isn't hard at work, they would find she isn't all that nice. They may even call her 'snobby', and a little on the passive aggressive side.

Despite her negative traits, she is rather calm, unless something happens to go wrong within her business. She can be quite accommodating, maybe charming if the right man or woman stumbles along. Even so, Botan has seen it all and not much impresses her anymore. She'd much rather throw jabs while hidden behind her silk fans than waste time getting to know someone.

Of course, if one approaches her with the utmost respect then Botan may be inclined to humor them for a short time. She has been known to be quite giving under the right circumstances, but that may be a trait of her nature, as Hou-ou are said to be pure of heart and driven towards peace above all else.

Personality Traits:
Mild Tempered

Fashion Sense:
Botan wears only the finest silk kimonos. Her hair is more often than not dressed up in some sort of fashion with intricate hair ornaments and is very rarely seen worn completely down. She will always have two silk fans on her person, fit for smacking heads and shielding her smug smiles.

Bamboo Seeds


Poor Fashion


While Botan doesn't participate in any theater productions by the Dancing Lotus, she is skilled musician, most notably with the Biwa and Kugo. She is also skilled in the art of fan dance, and acting.

Botan has quite the green thumb as well, with a personal garden in the back of the shop for different plants. She plants and harvests the different plants herself, and then infuses and brews them herself.

Botan would also like to call herself something of a photographer. After she discovered a camera that had washed up on a riverbank she grew a fondness for photography. During her free time, she takes great joy in capturing different Yokai through out their day to day lives and hanging them up around the tea shop, calling them 'works of art.'

Naturally not everyone agrees with Botan's sentiments. Some of her victims find the pictures embarrassing, but Botan ignores any complaints and continues on with her life.

Special Abilities:

W I N D & S U N

Fire Proof - Botan is resistant to fire due to her natural affinity to it, though in bird form her feathers give her a resistance to all sorts of magic.

Wind Dance - Botan's fan can create fan shaped blasts of wind, that can slice, lift, or create small tornadoes capable of causing destruction. In Phoenix form, her wings become the catalyst for such attacks.

Hou-ou sense - Botan can sense when and where there is danger. Her natural instinct is to flock to where there is peace, and flee from trouble. She does not, however, always do the latter.

Ohisama - Botan summons what could only be described as a 'mini sun' and casts it forth, incinerating any and everything in its path. It is a last resort technique.

Tears of Denial - Botan's tears have strong healing properties, but she wouldn't shed a tear for just anyone.

Halo -
Botan can summon a barrier similar in appearance to the halo around the sun that can deflect all sorts of devastating attacks. The barrier is quite bright, and is capable of causing a temporary blinding effect after a few seconds of staring. Is also extremely hot to the touch.

Little is known about Botan, except that she descended from a place high in the sky. She, and those like her, are seen as symbols of peace and prosperity. The sight of a phoenix, while rare, is said to bring joy and happiness to all, as it is a sign of the beginning of a new era. Some view the Hou-ou as divine spirits and other celestial beings. Botan couldn't confirm if any of this is true, but she does feel more at home when not faced with any real conflict. so she has mostly kept to herself over the years.

The Houou is also known for it's abilities to rebirth itself, so while not technically immortal, Botan can come back many times. This change usually occurs after she has exhausted all of her power, or if a fatal injury has been inflicted. She will burst into a pile of ashes, and in a few days, a baby chick will be found in its place.

Botan will be reborn as a child and over the course of several days will go through an accelerated aging process until she reaches adulthood. She has been reborn around ten times over the course of the millennium, and retains most of her memories from the 'previous life'. Only some of her weaker memories are lost, but they can be triggered by random events. This is both a gift and curse, but mostly something Botan has made peace with.

"Hmm. No one immediately comes to mind, sorry." *Rolling her eyes* "Yun? Well, yes. She does hang around the shop sometimes." -In reference to Yun

"A very interesting palate that one has. Her work is so beautiful." -In reference to Koizumi.

"A flighty girl. She reminds me of a petal in the wind." -In reference to Shion

"There's nothing negative to say about the little one. I love his fans, but he must know so, as he often gives me first pick." *laughs* "I guess I feel a little special."- In reference to Arashi

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Otherwise known as
Ao Andon.

Ghost lady

Koizumi is very old...but she says that she lost track so that people cannot ask for her age.

Clothing designer (prefers to create kimonos and yukatas)
self employed




Hair colour:

Hair style/Length:
Waist length and straight
Typically pulled over her right shoulder

Eye colour:
Royal Blue

Skin tone:

Normally, Koizumi likes to wear yukatas and kimonos which bare brilliant and elegant designs as she is not to fond of 'modern fashion'. More often than not she creates these for herself. Though she understands and does wear more modern styles when it is necessary though these items are usually restricted to the occasional dress or jeans and a elegant top of some kind. Normally, her clothing always involves shades of blue and often involves red in a smaller way as she loves the passionate colour as well (that and its the colour of blood...). When she does actually go outside, she will wear these things with a pair of heeled boots and a simple item of jewellery here and there. Though she old wears silver, not liking gold of any kind as she believes it doesn't match her.


(Youkai Form)

While taking upon her Youkai form, Koizumi simply adopts more monstrous features. Her skin becomes a deathly shade of white, as if chalk itself while her markings, like fragile crack lines take over every inch of skin. Within this 'cracks' in her skin a eerie blue glow resembling the flames that are apart of her, seems to exist as if waiting to escape from her form. Her hair looses its neat and tidy, straight style as it begins to curl and wave in random places till it gives her a haggard look. Horns sprout from her skull, an shade of black, as they twist backwards to point behind her but slightly towards the sky. Blue eyes remain the same but gain a look of insanity in appearance, a coldness to the blue depths. Her clothing, while usually fashionable, in colours to suit her skin tone and style, switch into a faultless white yukata where the sleeves end slightly past her now changed hands. Where fingers, normally painted and prim were, there are now claw like talons where the digits have lengthened and became refined and deadly tips, the skin of her claws fading to a light blue. Her normally light pink lips lighten to a frail shade of pink as her teeth blacken and become rows of shark like points, not hidden by the large Cheshire like smile that crosses her expression when in this form. Blue fire wraps and floats eerily around her ghostly form, followed by faintly seen black wisps of 'fear' that she feasts upon. She doesn't appear to touch the ground in this form, being a Youkai created from mass human form.

Meeting Koizumi for the first time, she appears as if a calm, rational and elegant woman who has a sense of manners and decorum. However, while this is certainly a part of her, it is primarily shown as a cover up for her more monstrous self. So while she is certainly someone that is quite elegant and calm in her mannerisms, she is quite easy to switch to the violence and blood loving Youkai she developed to be. Koizumi pretty much loves fear, as it is a prime part of her existence, and it often drives her to cause and create fear for her to consume almost instinctively. A while ago, back when the human realm matched the Youkai in time, she adopted a younger brother and she underwent a 180 switch as she adores Shin and wants to be a good sister and so settling from her more vicious and bloody ways (though she pretty much is unable to hide this for to long). Nowadays she is simply acting as a highly over protective big sister to Shin, wanting to protect him from anyone and anything even if he is older now. Her temper can be quite short, meaning she tends to snap into her more hostile and angry behaviour quite quickly, though the result often ends by her throwing large and heavy objects and the cause of her rage. Koizumi enjoys playing games and messing with people to make up for her change in ways, often causing fear in this way even if there is enough around regardless of her actions. She also strives to create 'beautiful things' as she puts it, often being quite dedicated to any projects or creations she works upon. In this sense she is a perfectionist, easily burning anything she creates which falls short and will often sulk in result. Being a creature created from fear she doesn't understand all emotions easily, even after her long existence and often she feels quite stumped and confused by somethings, though again this often leads to minor bursts of anger or humiliation. Koizumi is a very possessive and protective person in general.

Tea (though she is picky about flavour)
Pretty and elegant things and people
Listening to peaceful music
Collecting art and artefacts
Fear (especially causing it)
Her Little Brother - Shin
Lanterns (for the softer and dim lighting)
Designing and crafting clothes.

Bright lights
Day time
Loud music (Rock, metal etc)
Sour tastes/foods
People getting to close or harming her brother (she is overly protective)
People taking or even touching things she owns without permission
Humans (other than for their fear, she is not a huge fan)

Designing and creating (clothes)
Trying new flavours of tea
Scaring people (massacres to get the 'best' fear counts here...though she hasn't done this in a long time)

As a creation of fear she doesn't exactly fear anything. Though due to her closeness to
Shin, her little brother, she would fear loosing him.


Blue fire ~ The blue fire is someone Koizumi (Ao Andon) is known for. She can has a high control over the element, able to summon it and manipulate it. It has a higher temperature than normal fire and so she generally is careful when and where she uses this. Koizumi tends to leave small floating wisps of this flame across her home and from these she generally knows what is going on inside the property as she retains a faint connection to the flames.

Illusions~ Koizumi's range of illusions is limited as she can only cast illusions of people that show them their greatest fear. This is powered by the willpower of both herself and the target of the illusions. So if the target's willpower is superior to her own, then they will be able to see past the illusion though it may exhaust them. If her will is superior then the illusion will be cast effectively over the target. This consumes energy and focus from Koizumi so using it on targets one by one is better than over a group.

Fear ~ Koizumi as a creation and being of fear, consumes fear from those around her which empowers her. When she is consciously consuming fears from around her it occasionally appears as dark wisps around her before fading. When not using the fear she consumes she tends to store it away in case she ever needs a large amount of energy to fuel her abilities or something else. The fear she consumes also is channelled into shifting her 'aura' which seems to induce slight feelings of fear in people around when used consciously.

Enhance Strength/Reflexes ~ Koizumi has above average physical strength though it is the less used of her abilities as she is often reliant upon the above two instead. The most common use of this ability is when she is angered by someone and ends up throwing objects at people in a violent manner. She has slightly above average reflexes.


Shin - 'Little brother'. - When she originally met Shin she was not a huge fan, in fact upon finding him (well actually, he followed her around, she just passed him off to be cared for by someone). However, as time went by she slowly grew attached to the little kitsune. He is her previous little brother who she is quite protective of.

Karasu - 'Insane Birdie'. - While Koizumi considers him a friend, she is confused by the fact she if often reduced to blushing by him. Though in result, she is often attacking him in some way such as throwing objects at him or using fire to destroy things around.

Kaori & Ryuu - Friends - Koizumi fixes clothes on occasion as well as creating and this is how she met the siblings. Strangely, despite her horrible social skills, she considers them friends. Due to them being younger than her, she feels a slightly need to act protective of the duo, slightly similar to how she is with Shin. Out of the two of them, she is able to talk easier with Ryuu. She also likes them for the fact they would protect Shin.

Arakashi ~ A Youkai she often has meets within Botan's tea house. He is a friendly character and Koizumi enjoys chatting and drinking tea from the tea house with. She is definitely fond of her 'tea buddy'.

Botan ~ The owner of her favourite place other than her own home. The Tea house. Koizumi adores this tea house above anything because she is quite picky about her tea and only this tea house has appealed to her. Koizumi also does some business with Botan, often making kimono's for her and sometimes the theatre portion of her business. Koizumi considers Botan a good friend.


While 'Ao Andon' became known during the Edo Period when the game hyakumonogatari kaidankai began, Koizumi was created a long time before after a natural disaster hit and fear was at one of its highest points with a large group of people. Fear collected and gave birth to Koizumi herself, who at the time was still a young being who had not yet developed entirely. So for a long time she found herself following her instincts, sensing where fear was at its highest and appearing there to consume it but not interfering in mortal affairs.

This way of life for Koizumi lasted a very long time. She remained nameless, travelling and appearing where her instincts led her. Though over the years her personality evolved and she became her own person day by day. She was curious about the humans she had watched and appeared in the shadows off for so many years...but she was also bored. Koizumi begun to interact with the odd human here and there, be it using her abilities to a single target for his or her fear, showing them their worst nightmares and fears till they broke down and were unable to rebuild themselves. Leaving the odd person behind as a husk of themselves, never leaving evidence of her presence or showing herself in the process. Koizumi had no intentions of letting these humans know of her.

Over the years she found that fear can be stronger or weaker depending on situations and that the strongest, was the fear a person held before death. So on the odd occasion, she found herself even attacking humans... her instincts driving her to get the most fear she could whenever there was not large enough groups of it around to attract her. Koizumi felt no problem with this and even now does not. This eventually led to appearing, in an unearthly way, before the odd human to strike a deal...where she would help them with their enemies or situation if they provided a good opportunity for her to cast and create fear...being that she got to kill or not.

During the Edo period, when the hyakumonogatari kaidankai game was created, she found an amazing opportunity which spiked her interest. She would appear after the 100th lantern had been blown out, after they are properly scared themselves with ghost stories she found that the idea of appearing herself as a ghostly creature hilarious. So, Koizumi became known as 'Ao Andon' due to the humans naming her such, which only made getting fear from this medium so much better. However, it meant that humans began to avoid blowing out the 100th lantern because that was when she appeared...Which meant she kept to making small deals with the odd human to continue collecting fear. In this period of time, it was a Daimyo called Ikki.

He kept his deal with her and her existence a secret and she did the odd job for him if it, in some way, let her create fear which she was storing up and consuming. Eventually, on one job she was at a small town, which by the time she reached, was set ablaze. Shocked, but loving the fear of the situation, she was stunned when a small child ran into her and had a death grip upon her kimono. Especially because the child had fox ears upon his head and a tail. When she tried to leave, he followed and so after leaving the town she asked him why he followed her and if he had anyone to go back to, which she simply got a shake of his head as a reply. So, she took the kid back to Ikki and handed him quickly over to the human where he became 'Shin'.

It took a long time for Koizumi to get attached to Shin, thinking of him like a brother as she does now. In the beginning she kept well away from the kid and wanted to have nothing to do with him, not understanding children at all but the kid was persistent. It was actually due to Shin that she took the name 'Koizumi' as he eventually came up to her and asked what her name was, to which she told he she didn't have one as Ao Andon was simply what the humans named her. The child came up with the name Koizumi and she took it, not entirely caring at the time. He would bring her crowns of flowers and come to her when plagued by nightmares and over time she simply could not avoid him, quickly seeing him as a little brother.

The years with Shin and Ikki passed and eventually, Koizumi confronted Ikki about Shin's occasional odd behaviour and his dreams as the child Youkai was often left with Ikki when she travelled or vanishing for periods of times. The human said it was nothing and she, though doubtful of him, decided to accept it temporarily as Ikki had a task for her in a far off town where an enemy of his resided. It was completely relatively quick however during her departure of the town she came across Shin, who should of been back with Ikki. The child summoned flames and slowly everything around them was burning, something that stunned Koizumi. Shin was eventually calmed and unaware of the situation, but Koizumi had already become aware of Ikki's brainwashing and control over Shin...

Koizumi did not tell Shin anything, the two of them simply returned back to Ikki's home and she told him to pack his stuff while she went to speak with Ikki. Angered by the actions of Ikki towards Shin and how he used the child Youkai, Koizumi killed the human who was alone at the time as he did not meet her in front of other humans because he did not want anyone to know of his deal with a Youkai. She returned quickly to Shin and packed her own stuff before leaving with him, heading to Takamagahara where she owned a home that she stayed in whenever she headed to the place of Youkai during her travels in the human realm. It was quite a large compound and home but slightly run down when she first attained it but since returning she has long since fixed it up and used her spare rooms to rent out or such. Since heading back there with Shin so long ago, she has not left. Trying to be a good big sister, Koizumi has calmed her ways and took up her old hobby of crafting clothes which she made a business from. (Though she mostly only works when she wants)



Koizumi's home just outside of the Youkai city. When she first returned the place was a mess but she has long since fixed the place up. It is a large traditional like compound with a lot of free space that Koizumi sometimes allows others to stay in. At night, the whole place is lit up by lanterns scattered all over, the rooms belonging to Koizumi lit up with blue lanterns, giving it an ominous glow.
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Because the term has been applied to several different concepts in Japanese folklore, there remains some confusion as to what the term actually means. Today, the term is generally understood to be applied to virtually any object that has reached their 100th birthday and thus become alive and self-aware, though this definition is not without controversy...

According to this... a tool, after the passage of 100 years, would obtain a spirit, and a Tsukumogami is a result of this change or mutation...

Eisei Tsuin
[ 衛 星 ] [ 双 生 児 ]

h i s t o i r e

"An experimental dual-partition satellite orbiting Earth for 50 years,
this pair of Tsukumogami awakened in half the time
it would usually take for their kind,
due to their twin natures."

Set into orbit during the Cold War (1947-1991), the Eisei Tsuin satellite was launched with the hopes of detecting and preventing nuclear strikes. Due to the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 banning potential orbital weaponry, the satellite was reclaimed and decommissioned. Neglected for years, lying desolate in a storage chamber, the satellite's two halves each manifested a Tsukumogami youkai spirit.

Much of these spirits' knowledge about the world was gleaned from the outdated records inscribed within the satellite's data storage. Each of the spirits took on a personality akin to the duties of the satellite half they sprung forth from. Having watched the world from above, and now spurred forth by the spiritual fire of their being, the youkai easily found their way to Takamagahara, and now have settled in as residents of the fair land of cherry blossoms.

The "life" of youkai was strange to these newcomer spirits, but they were received well and taught much. The powers that emanate from them created a stronger bond with the Kyuten youkai clan, and so the satellite twins make their home upon the eastern peak of Okanyama, where other tengu reside. Their relatively short existence has, so far, been fulfilling to them. Nevertheless, all good things must end far too soon. The stirring rumors of the youkai who would wrest apart the gate to "Abandoned Hell" are causing worry and tension. And now, there seems to be further strife growing among the mountain clans, which not even prayers to the mountain deity can withhold.

Today, the satellite twins operate a technology reclamation outfit, based in their home and named "Gajettomēkā" [ガジェットメーカー]. They harvest electronics from the human world by traveling Beyond The Boundary when possible, bringing back devices with which to tinker. As the clouds of war circle on the horizon, as the paling leaves of the cherry blossom trees dry and crumble one by one, and as youkai turn on youkai in the night, the twins do their best to eke out a worthy existence.

Eisei Tsuin
[ 衛 星 ] [ 双 生 児 ]

a p p e a r a n c e


faceclaim: Isla [Plastic Memories]

At first glance, the satellite twins appear ghostly artificial in nature. Their skin is pale, and their long hair white as bone, tied into a very large ponytail with thick bangs. They have eyes of scarlet, which grow more vibrant when excited. Their faces are as emotional as any other youkai; perhaps even more so, for some. They have no difficulty in displaying authentic reactions to match their feelings. For ones born from something so man-made as a satellite, it's a small wonder they have such amazing personalities.


Atop their slim but strong frames, the satellite twins wear clothing that is reminiscent of a human student's sailor suit, coupled with the athleticism of exercise gear. A white base matches their hair, and orange, black and red highlights complement this. The twins wear shorts for freedom of motion, and their tops have detached sleeves, which offer protection while retaining flexibility. On their feet, the twins wear running shoes, and of course, they go barefoot in the house.


Other youkai have difficulty identifying which twin is which, even after long association. Gifted with identical appearances, the twins sometimes even cause mischief, in good fun. They have wondrously similar behavior, nervous tics, and idle animations. The only way to know one twin from her sister is to speak to her. The personality encountered within will, if one is lucky, make known her identity.

Eisei Ruru
[ ]

t e c h n i c a l . m a n i f e s t

Name: Eisei Ruru [ 衛星 ルル ]
Age: 55 (as Youkai, 5)
Occupation: "Tech Guru" @ Gajettomēkā
Allegiance: Eisei

  • Ruru wishes to feel secure. With the knowledge that she spent so much time as a satellite, lonely in space, with no company but her sister, she never wants this to happen again. To this end, she aims to surround herself with admirers.
  • Ruru wishes to be the master of her own fate. This is an existence which the twins enjoy, and it may soon fall out from beneath them. What can she do to prevent this from happening?
  • Ruru wishes to fit in and become normal, not an outsider. With so many different types of youkai, why is this proving to be so difficult?
  • Ruru is the more down-to-earth sister of the two. She has a clear head and a bright mind. She's the one who comes up with most of the technical details on how to construct or dismantle a device in their shop, but Ahru will quite often be ready to supply these instructions just as well.
  • For Ruru, it's important that she has specific details on how to approach any situation. She will spend time gathering information and creating a plan. Unfortunately, this doesn't always work out for the best, especially in social situations.
  • Ruru is more silent than her sister, and less willing to enter social interactions of her own accord, especially if she has insufficient data on the intended subject. Instead, she'll pace around in small circles, trying to analyze the person from afar.
  • Ruru likes investigating strange things. This includes artifacts of youkai or human culture, strange occurrences in either of the two worlds, or even other youkai themselves.
  • Levitation.
    Can ignore gravity and hover.
  • Radio.
    Can communicate with her sister over long distances.
  • Combine.
    Can attach devices to her body to gain new functionality.
  • Data storage.
    Can eat floppy disks to learn new knowledge.
  • Solar Energy
    Builds up internal energy in sunlight. This energy can be spent to fire lightning bolts, supercharge her speed/reflexes, and electrically charge her body with voltage that can potentially paralyze an opponent.
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Other stuff....

Color-code: #00ffff

(Pure Cyan)

[fieldbox=, #00ffff, solid]
  • Name
    Eisei Ahru [ 衛星 アル ]
    "You can call me Ruru if you want~"

    "I'm 5. But technically 55. The experiences of 55 years, that is. But yes, both 5 and 55."

    Human-tech Smuggler, Spy, "Assistant Tech Consultant" @ Gajettomēkā
    "I run a shop and.... stuff."

    "In the end, it's me and sis'."
  • Ahru hates being told what to do, and rarely listens to or respects authority. Although she may sometimes follow a competent leader.

    Ahru enjoys success and status. Generally, influence and authority are her goals, and she spends most of her time doing what she can to further Gajettomēkā as a business. This often involves leaving for the human world in search of the greatest "new" technological discoveries, while occasionally sabotaging technology from other sources. Being an outdated satellite, Ahru tends to prioritize similarly outdated technology.

    Ahru likes getting along with close friends, though she may be pushy and critical of their flaws. While she couldn't care less about strangers, Ahru is extremely defensive of close friends.

    Ahru is very much for humans entering the world of the yokai. She misses the technology that existed outside the spirit world, and blames humans for abandoning her. Not only would technology be introduced by breaking the barrier, but humans would also enter and likely start a war they would lose.
  • Unlike her sister, Ahru tends to act on gut-feelings and emotions. Her plans often change on-the-fly, and she may take actions on an impulse. She's also considerably less wise than her sister in most topics. Even so, because of the long-distance communication with her sister, she can usually fake the wisdom she lacks.

    Ahru tends to be more social than Ruru, though she prefers spending time with friends over strangers. She also doesn't mind the uncertainty of meeting new people, and often dives in headfirst, "testing their meddle."

    Ahru enjoys taking big risks with big rewards and has no issue running in headfirst. Her free time usually involves thrill-seeking and often dangerous activities, especially if there's something to be gained by it.
  • Eisei Ruru
    Her literal other-half.
    "She's like the other me.... that isn't me."

    Candy and pastries, but especially pie and cake.
    "Mmmm, ecstasy...."

    Twin confusion
    Twin-related chaos.
    "Ruru's a pretty cute nickname for me, don't you think~?"

    Fun to watch from orbit, and even more fascinating from the ground.
    "If we're lucky, maybe we'll be hit by lightning!"

    Adrenaline-filled activities, and anything less mundane.
    "Danger is another word for adventure!"

    Both mechanical and digital tech.
    "It's mostly my sister that understands how it works though."

    Dry Humor/Sarcasm
    Bad puns and odd jokes no one understands.
    "The best puns are the 1s written in binary."
  • Idle Chat/Smalltalk
    Talking for too long, or about mundane topics.
    "Getting bored. Bye."

    Love, romance and smut.
    "Nasty face-chewing. Lip smudging. Whatever you call it, knock it off!"

    Tall People
    Other people who point out their height difference.
    "The next time you pat my head, I'll fry your hand off...."

    Human beings and those aligned with them.
    "Abandonment. Neglect. Ignorance. Why would I like them?"

    Those who know, or pretend to know, everything.
    "Ruru doesn't count. She actually does know all that stuff."

    Quick Resolution
    Any fight or conflict that is dealt with easily, by friend or foe.
    "You could insta-kill the thief. What if a confused friend tied your hands to this chair? Hypothetically."
  • Sword-fighting
    Wielding a shortsword, Ahru occasionally enjoys challenging other people to duel. She'll often claim that someday she's going to grow into an elegant swordmaiden. While dueling, Ahru typically refuses to electrify the blade, considering it cheating. She will, however, use the electricity to move and attack faster.

    Ahru likes venturing into the human world to smuggle technology back into Takamagahara. Usually this technology is outdated and neglected.

    Criminal Investigation and Spying
    Ahru loves to act like she's an expert vigilante and master spy. Her abilities would imply she'd be excellent at both tasks, but her lack of yokai-related experience and wisdom makes her extremely ineffective.
  • Stagnation
    Ahru wishes to someday grow to be tall and elegant. The possibility that she may remain short and young forever stands against this goal and haunts her from time to time.

    Ironically, Ahru is terrified of high places, despite being able to levitate. She reasons that the ground offers more versatility in movement and stability for her to rely on. Plus, she can't float very quickly.

    Most little crawly creatures freak Ahru out, and she tries to avoid them.

    Losing Ruru
    Ahru heavily relies on her sister and considers Ruru as another part of herself, as they were before they became yokai. The thought of losing her, by death or otherwise, is terrifying.
  • Levitation
    Can ignore gravity and hover.

    Can communicate with her sister over long distances.

    Can attach devices to her body to gain new functionality.

    May disrupt most electrical devices at will.

    Spy Camera
    Has photographic memory, can zoom vision in to see a massive distance away, and can share her own vision with her sister.

    Solar Energy
    Builds up internal energy in sunlight. This energy can be spent to fire lightning bolts, supercharge her speed/reflexes, and electrically charge her body with voltage that can potentially paralyze an opponent.
  • Rapid Correction
    Continuous revision as one actively speaks.
    "Yes, definitely! Probably. Well, maybe. Most likely, yes."
    "Seems good. Or fantastic. Wait, you said what now?"

    Dramatic Flair
    Confident, quotable advice and declarations, even when uncalled for.
    "Toss aside the odds: we make our own odds! Welcome to team 100%!"
    "Push past your fear and welcome a brighter tomorrow!"

    Hates most mundane situations. Will show active disinterest and zone out when bored.
    "I'm leaving, this is boring. I am bored."
    "What were you talking about for the last five minutes again? Or ten? At least ten."

    Phrase Bombing
    Small, quick, and fast sentences, phrases, or fragments that still get the job done.
    "That'll do. Not bad. Could be better, but still. I'll take it."
    "Come on. It'll be fun. Some problems, sure. We can handle them though."

  • Karasu - Pretty Bird
    Botan - Hot Wings
    Eisei Ruru - Ruru
    Eisei Ahru - Ruru
    Norikai Kanayama - Stupid Human
    Miyuki - [Not met]
    Katsuma - [Not met]
    Koisumi - Taylor
    Yun - Yum/Puppy
    Arakashi - Chip
    Kaori Fukuda - Pinhead
    Ryuu Fukuda - [Not met]
    Nobuhiko Zaizen - [Not met]
    Shion - Split Ends
    Masahiro - [Not met]
    He Ping - Candy Man
    Aku no Keshin - Aku ("This guy scares me....")
    Yato - Easter Bunny
    Kiyoto Aizawa - [Not met]
    Fumiko - Bubblegum Bun
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"You are a fool to near me."

Domyoji Kurota
道明寺 黒田




Kuroto is about 170cm tall and is slender in build.

Kurota is a silent, stoic man who likes silence, since he himself is dead. Of course, that doesn't mean that he's easy to irritate.

Kurota may be selfish, but he is selfish to his desires and the desires of his allies, not just himself. He is well aware that he is powerful and already dead, so he chooses to do life-risking feats for any allies he has without blinking an eye, seeing that there is no life to risk. He'll do anything to lead a peaceful and healthy life.

And by anything, I mean anything. He can also resort to extreme, risky things for that, such as opening the gates of hell for a his own feast.


True Form:

"Nothing in the cosmos can sate my hunger!"

The Gashadokuro is a being of terrifying power. Traditionally, they are 20 to 30 metres tall. However, Kurota is able to reach a whopping 50 metres in height. It is born from the union of a hundred skeletons that cannot pass into the afterlife due to the grudges that anchor them to our plane. The Gashadokuro trudges on, seeking humans and other beings to feed on in order to fuel its body with the power of grudges. Its body is destined to burn out and fall to pieces, rattling into the afterlife.

The Gashadokuro is known for their monstrous strength and impossible appetite. A legend once told of a princess who conjured a Gashadokuro who smacked all in its path away.

Apart from forming naturally through collective vengeful skeletons, the Gashadokuro can be conjured by a high-levelled necromancer with knowledge on Oriental magic.

Undead Physiology - Kurota is invulnerable to diseases and such. Also, much like other undead-like yokai, when his body parts are seperated from his main body, they can still move and rejoin like nothing ever happened.
Combat Capability - Kurota has some skill in combat.
Partial True Form conjuration - Kurota can partially conjure his true form, such as partially transforming his arm into that of his true form.
Grudge Feeding - As a Gashadokuro, Kurota is fueled by grudges, and feeds off them. He can also feed off curses that originate from grudges, sometimes outright consuming the being or object that emits this curse to power himself.
True Form - In his true form, he is fully skeleton, his false flesh now flayed from his body. In this form, he cannot feel pain, and has a great size to topple all. Pierce damage does not phaze him one bit, but heavy amounts of bludgeoning damage can.
Partial Regeneration - he can regenerate his false flesh just fine, and can easily regenerate as long as his bones are not seperated from his body.

Kurota was once conjured as part of a great war from a hundred skeletons, in an effort to fight off enemy troops. He literally ate and swallowed the enemy, and was most indestructable. However, after victory was claimed, he proceeded to devour more - even the ones who were on his side - until there was nothing left to consume.

After a while, Kurota gained better control and a better mind, allowing him to assume a humanoid form - more compact, one might say. Living for eons, he soon realises that his lifespan is ready to burn out, so he moves to Takamagahara, specifically the Hayasakamura, a village that served as home to all kinds of Undead Yokai. Hayasakamura(早坂村) was a village on top of a hill, circled by a sloping series of gravestones known as Hayasakabochi (早坂墓地). The hill itself was called Hayasaka (早坂). There, he, along with a youthful Jiangshi named FeiFei, work as Gravekeepers for the Hayasakabochi. The yokai that emerge from Hayasakabochi will become citizens of Hayasakamura. Kurota's motivations for working as a Gravekeeper was to drain the grudges of the undead so that he can prolong his lifespan, but he can't prolong it long enough and is only slightly delaying his death.

Soon, he hears word of hell preparing to break loose and open. He believes that if the gates of hell are open, he can drain the vengeance and grudges released from him to prolong his lifespan for another few centuries. As such, he wishes to learn more about it.

Other Information:
At the start of the RP, Kurota's closest and only friend is a youthful Jiangshi named FeiFei (菲菲), but he doesn't openly express it. She is child-like in nature and tends to the grave with him.
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I'd like to reserve a wolf, an Okuri Okami, if I could :3
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Katsuma (Self Controlled) 勝間 (自己制御)++

{tab=2}二 {/tab}

AGE || 800+​
SPECIES || Kitsune​
GENDER || Male​
ALLIGIANCE || Himself​
Katsuma was a trouble free mischievous soul from the moment he was able to stand and walk on his own. Born to a loving beautiful and wise mother as well as a cunning and charismatic father who even briefly achieved some form of unity and kinship between many of their kind. His father was a natural leader and smooth talker to even other youkai living around the large forest known as Sasayaku Mori, the place Katsuma had called his home and playground of sorts. Leading for easier interactions with the Neighboring Tengu and other Youkai.

The young Kitsune showed great power from a very young age able to sense the smallest and slightest of changes or movements in his surroundings to having the ability to bend the nature and vegetation around him and lastly creating a fire with the color of snow out of nothing and with simple noticeable ease as if these gifts came as simple as breathing did. While the gifted young fox was adventurous and seemed content. He was alone. His kind were not the sort to group in large numbers or form the strongest of bonds with. Venturing out on his own he even saw his own parents less and less which was only natural as he knew they would always stay close to him and would be simple enough for him to find when he so desired. While he was alone in his travels and small tricks or ventures he would soon come to meet one who he could truly call a friend and a Tengu of all things.

One calm eventless morning Katsuma slept on a large branch of one of the ancient trees that lined the Forest where the sounds of the lands activity drowned away from his open ears to rest with ease until all of a sudden he was struck by that of another body. A winged body of a beautiful young member of the neighboring Tengu clan up in the mountains, casting him from his resting spot onto the forest floor with her crashed on top of him. Angered at first Katsuma would quickly change his sight on the one who interrupted his slumber and would form a strong bond and getting his first real experience of both another youkai and a true friend whose company he could barely conceal his enjoyment of. He would find a true friend in the one named Kiyasa Otori.

While his times with his friend influenced him greatly and led him to explore more of the villages and clans outside of his own woodland sanctuary he soon returned home to a terrible sorrow. His mother had grown greatly ill from unknown causes and in search of help his father had left and travelled all along Takamagahara in search of anyone who could provide a solution. Unknown to him the help he would find would be less genuine and more malicious than he appeared and the Kitsune should have known. The help was given by that of a soul dealer and as soon as the deal was done it was only days until Katsuma's father would pass after rejoicing for the new found health of his mother. This lose would wound the both of them but there was more to this deal than a simple soul. A seed of corruption and darkness laid in Katsuma's mother as her health did not come from simple innocent means.

It would take time for Katsuma to recover but in time he would return to his friend and continue his life. His life darkening even with the joys of the more explored world around him, he would come to the sudden loss and disappearance of Kiyasa as she would never appear at the foot of the mountains or at the places they would meet along inside the forest and after many days Katsuma would realize he was forgotten and while his heart would harden he would keep along with his life as their were many fruits still to be had and sights plenty to hold his interest in more than simple friendships now a days. Every time Katsuma would leave his home he would find a woman who caught his eyes and his attention for the brief passing moments of his travels.

Decades would pass and soon his mother would find a new mate, a new man to love, and through their union a child was born that would change Katsuma just as strongly as Kiyasa. He now had a sister who upon looking at her, he would love dearly for the rest of his days. Giving her a small blessing as he held her tiny hand. "May you find your own path in this beautiful world and lay safe knowing of my promise to protect you until I lay rest. My dear little Lumari"

The two were nearly inseparable and Katsuma quickly became a guardian for her in a way that he never knew he could be. Almost unbearably protective of her he would keep her at his side through any and all sparks of life travelling. Years would pass but one last tragedy would strike while Lumari was still only a child. The seed of darkness that had blossomed in his mother inspired fear, paranoia, and jealousy for that of her own daughter. Both being gifted with their own magics and sorcery it was becoming clear how gifted Lumari truly was and this soon drove the woman to imagine the unthinkable. Katsuma as observant as he was soon caught onto a strange feeling when around their mother. She had been acting strange around the two of them on more than one occasion leading to his suspicion from his new overprotective nature. One night in search of his sister, mother, and Lumari's father he walked silently down into a deep depression of the forest where at the bottom laid his resting unconscious sister surrounded by a variety of objects and items that only stung and poked at his alerted nerves. Some sort of ritual was taking place and soon he found his mother at the center of it all. Discovering she had grown mad with jealousy over her daughter's power and was now ready to take it from her directly, along with her life. Landing down between his sister and the woman who gave birth to both of them Katsuma confronted her and found the truth behind all of this and her intentions. Hearing this he had enough and slaughtered both his mother and Lumari's father who had agreed to go along with the plot in a violent rage. Scorching the land around him before removing his sister to safety. Ever since that night the magic from his mother and the taint within it seems to linger within the forest of his origin.

When his sister awoke she had no recollection of what had happened and over time Katsuma would drift away from his sister. The last words of his mother a curse on his very soul. Preaching that he would one day be the cause of her demise in place of the great love he held for her. He would watch her from a distance and visit her on small occasions letting her grow into her own being no matter what that may be. The truth hidden from her and the sins of his crime laying on his soul all for the sake of his sister. Never being more than an arrows distance away.

Katsuma would return to being the free spirit he once was and enjoy the fruits of the other villages and grand sights of Takamagahara. Mainly staying primarily in his own land and keeping away unwanted company which along with the eery effects of his witch of a mother's death would soon spawn many tales and stories of the forest and the white fox that lived within. Strange untraceable sounds, rumored missing persons wandering off into these woods to never be found again and other such tales.

{slide=2 |center}

Katsuma (Self Controlled) 勝間 (自己制御)++

{tab=2}二 {/tab}

AGE || 800+​
SPECIES || Kitsune​
GENDER || Male​
ALLIGIANCE || Himself​
Calm, Playful, Flirtatious, Carefree, Confident, Curious, Protective, Patient, Mysterious, Cunning, Friendly, Agile

Guarded, Territorial, Secretive, Sly, Deceitful, Lazy at times, Cocky, Stubborn, Sarcastic, Cautious, Can be cold or cruel at times
Nature/ Plant Manipulation

White Fox-Fire Manipulation

Enhanced Senses and Speed - Canine Physiology

Able to shift forms into a fox or a human at will - Shapeshifting

Possesses all nine tails

Minor Illusion Manipulation (Which helps add to the rumors of his forest)

Life Force Absorption - Almost will never use this ability except on those who offer their power or energy to him as he has witnessed the evils of his sister


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Katsuma (Self Controlled) 勝間 (自己制御)++

{tab=2}二 {/tab}

AGE || 800+​
SPECIES || Kitsune​
GENDER || Male​
ALLIGIANCE || Himself​

Lumari - Sister
Kiyasa Otori - Childhood Friend
Yato - Friend
Ryuu & Kaori - Friend

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「法海 金山」
the red-horned hermit

"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power."

Name: Norikai Kanayama
Age: Immortal
Species: Xian (Dixian), Former Human
Occupation: Full-time Hermit
Allegiance: Against the re-opening of the Abandoned Hell. Outside World (former)

- The Devil Hermit
- The Red-Horned Hermit of Okanyama
- Weird Guy on the Mountain


+ laidback | + polite
* stubborn| * traditionalist
- holds grudges| - secretive

Norikai is a young man who is gentle at heart. He is polite and has the mannerisms of someone from an age long past, speech patterns are also very archaic and bookish. However, because of this, he is unable to adapt to modern society ever since he left that world behind. He always seems to be the slowest at understanding new technology and philosophies, and doesn't understand the excitement of discovering something new. He is very friendly towards youkai, but slightly hostile towards humans - however, he does not have a problem with residents of Kinmokusei.

He often finds himself misunderstanding others because of the changes in behavior and has a hard time understanding slang. Most of the time he is found wandering aimlessly around Takamagahara, or living frugally inside a hut based on Okanyama. He questions why youkai and human have such a fragile relationship, and hopes to fix this. Despite his stubborn and very traditionalist nature, he is hardworking and is willing to work with others.


Hermit Art: Manipulation of Boundaries - A result of Norikai studying the Cherry Blossom Boundaries in an attempt to understand how he was able to pass through without being a native resident of Takamagahara. His manipulation allows him to slip 'in between the worlds', opening up portals and connecting them to turn up in places. He is able to 'set' boundaries, and is how he protects his home from being destroyed by the tengu and oni war, as only he and those he wills are able to pass through the boundaries he creates. As a peacekeeper, this is also used to keep two parties apart and render them unable to harm each other. However, as he is not a full Celestial, his boundaries are subjected to breakage of a more powerful force is met with them. He is also unable to have several people pass through his portals, as it saps away his strength very quickly.

The Hermit Arts - A variety of spells that are generally studied by hermits to transcend into a higher being. Like a wizard, he is able to cast many spells if need be, though he mostly relies on healing and light spells.



Norikai was once and still is a practitioner of Taoism, and through his studies has spiritually transcended into a Xian. More specifically, he is a Dixian, an Earth Immortal, giving him a truly immortal body with no need for food, water, clothing or shelter. Earth immortals do not leave the realm of earth. These immortals are forced to stay on earth until they shed their human form. He believes his duties - and his key to becoming a true Celestial - is to help Takamagahara solve issues between humankind and youkai, so he serves as a mediator if need be.

No one is quite sure how he came to be in this world. It was known he was once a human being from the Outside World who was somehow able to cross through the Boundary. He had come to seek peace and quiet, they said, to find the perfect place to begin his hermit life and learn the ways of the Tao. Over time, he became an ageless almost-celestial, and has made the middle peak of Okanyama his home.


While Norikai doesn't hate anyone in particular, and although he is an almost-celestial, he has formed interpersonal relationships with many citizens of Takamagahara.

Eisei Twins - He has trouble understanding them, as they are born from very modern inventions. He finds them hard to relate to, and often needs some of their terms explained to him - and even then he still can't grasp the meaning of half of they're saying. Although he is somewhat awkward with the two, he doesn't dislike them, and tries to be as friendly as he can be as a fellow mountain dweller. However, he does not go out of his way to meet up with them. Norikai is aware that Ahru is not quite fond of him as a former human.

He Ping - A youkai Norikai respects very much as a pacifist and a fellow vegetarians. Norikai does not have much money on him, but often visits Ping's shop and browse around, finding interest in old items that remind him of the past.

Botan - A fellow tea enthusiast, though they are not exactly friends. He tries his best to aid her when she is reborn once in a while.

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Added Locations for player-made places and also updated cast. Please feel free to make NPCs if we need them too :o
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Added Locations for player-made places and also updated cast. Please feel free to make NPCs if we need them too :o
I need to mention something D:

In the cast list, my character is listed as "Eisei Tsuin". I apologize if the character information was unclear... "Eisei Tsuin" literally means "Satellite Twins", which is their title, in a way.
My character's name is listed at the bottom of my CS post, so her name is actually "Eisei Ruru".
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@Sen I made some minor changes to Botan's CS, if you wanna look over it and tell me if I should change anything.

Also, I made it so that Botan has a camera and has candid photos of different Yokai hanging up in her tea shop. :3 Is this okay?
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Everyday Attire:


925 yrs.


155 lbs.

Security at the Dancing Lotus

Herself, not for the re-opening of the Abandoned Hell

Okuri Okami


Yun tends to be a bit on the quiet side, and keeps a lot of her past to herself. She doesn't make a habit of forming personal relationship because unlike most common wolves, Okuri Okami hunt and live alone. When not working she spends most of her free time outside in the open as much as she can. Yun is loyal and keeps her word almost too literally, and once someone earns her trust, she will do almost anything for them. When speaking, she gives her opinion bluntly, honestly, and never sugar coats anything to anyone. This sometimes makes her come off as cocky or arrogant. Though Yun comes off a bit intimidating, she shows that she cares in very small, but obviously out of character, actions.

Since Okuri Okami are known for their ferocity, some youkai are a bit intimidated just because of what she is, hence how she attained her occupation at the Dancing Lotus. She would not hesitate to kill anyone for no reason at all except for the fact that they looked at her in the wrong way. Since she prefers to feed on humans, she makes regular trips to the human world in her youkai form. Some humans revere her as a gift for escorting them through dark forests and leave gifts for her outside of their home. Because of this, she tends to pick and choose her prey carefully, having an odd fondness for humans. Though she is discouraged by the fact that the humans are destroying the forests and nature in their world.

Increased strength, senses, and speed. Adept swords-woman.

Night Stalker: Shrouds her in shadow when stalking her prey. Does not need to be always used at night, but can only be used in dark or shadowed areas.

Piercing Gaze: Since Okuri Okami only attack when their prey turns to look at them, this ability is used when they do, to stun them momentarily and to keep them from fleeing.

Blood Rage: When Yun feels she's outnumbered or cornered, she will spill her own blood which will increase her strength and ferocity exponentially. She will fight her way through her enemies until none are left standing.

Yun doesn't have a good recollection of her first couple centuries of life, but she remembers being cast out of her pack when she was very young. Because of this, she was forced to learn how to survive. Yun learned the hard way how and what she was supposed to eat. As a young, naive wolf, she had a hard time hunting and surviving on her own. Not until she reached such a severe level of starvation did she stalk her first human that was walking through a dark forest.

From then on, she hardened her emotions and honed her skills to become an efficient hunter, as well as a very hard, dedicated worker. Since she lived most of her life alone, she tends to keep it that way. Only interacting with others if absolutely necessary.
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