The Past Bites {time travel/drama}

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    • I'm not all that particular about post length, and I typically match my partner.
    • If we choose to provide pictures for our characters, they must be real life ones.
    • I'm online to do replies daily.
    • I will be playing both Mahoganys.
    • I'm seeking someone to play younger Mahogany's wife and older Mahogany's assistant.
    • The child(ren) can be non-playable or we can divide them up.
    • If interested, PM me or reply here. I have no preference.
    The Past Bites

    Mahogany Abatangelo is a bitter, eccentric genius from the late 2780's. She's the inventor of several variations of time machines and the only person who has mastered time travel. Mahogany's live-in personal assistant is the only person she chooses to tolerate nowadays. Mahogany has made enemies in recent years, and they've come for her life's work planning to kill Mahogany and her assistant during the heist. During the attack, Mahogany manages to lock herself and her assistant in an old storage room she hasn't entered in years. She finds the very first time machine she ever built and gets it working. Mahogany and her assistant escape into the past just as the door to the storage room is busted open. The old time machine malfunctions and dumps the two into Mahogany's own timeline where they have to face a younger Mahogany, her wife, and their child(ren).
  1. I'm willing to do is
  2. Awesome. Any questions?
  3. I'm not sure if I'm tight but it sounds like a fxf correct me if Im wrong, I'm just tired and I'm just assuming that and I was wondering was it was or not.
  4. Yes, it's fxf. Is that alright?
  5. Yeah it is just wanted to make sure it was.
  6. Alright. Mind sending me character sheets?
  7. Should I pm you and make my character sheet and could it be name age appearance?
  8. Just name, age, and appearance is fine. Yes, send me a PM.
  9. Alright. And since I'm awake now I just noticed something how could Mahogany have a wife then have children?
  10. They'd be adopted or by a donor. There'd probably be other options too since it's set far into the future.
  11. I guess so, so I could assume they could have children it confused me at first so I'm gonna pm you
  12. Yes, lesbian couples can and do have children.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.