The Passion of Desolate Paradise

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  1. Well I'm looking for a romance RP. I don't want it all to be wham bam we're done sex through and through, I like a plot but also, sex is welcomed and encouraged. XD

    Allright well Story line sort of goes along the lines of...

    A group of college students are on a peace corp missions trip on a small aircraft when it goes down. The group of students, other missionaries and the pilot crash land into the sea. Without knowing how many survived or got out, the current has pulled the group apart. My character, Natalie wakes up on the shore the waves lapping at her feet. She doesn't know where she's at, how she got there, or where the rest of the group are at. When she comes to, she realizes she is stranded on a very large desolate island that was on the way to their point of destination. She could possibly never see the rest of the group ever again, even if they are alive or worse, she could never be found and go back home.

    Natalie panics at first, later realizing there is nothing going to come from her panicking. She sets off in search of others. Much to her horror she stumbles upon another classmate. The man she had admired from afar since grade school. (This would be your character) Natalie helps him come to his senses and wants to disappear when things get worse and yet another stranded is found, the object of her hatred, Libby. The kind of girl who picks on the underdog, all through high school. Natalie is far from ugly, she isn't paper cut thin. She has a body, curves that blow the mind and a chest and rump to declare she's all woman. Libby had caused her anguish since the sixth grade. Now stranded on an island with the two people she would have least wanted to be with, what will happen? Will others be found? Will they be saved? Will she sit around and live a nightmare while Libby sinks her teeth on the only available man around?

    If interested shoot me a pm for more character bio on Natalie or the others :3 If you wanted to change it a bit, add some more stuff in there, go ahead and speak your mind, i'm open to it.