The Passing Earth

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      Anlem is a medieval land that appears to be suffering from a curse. No one is aware of how or why. Rumor speaks of a court mage felled at the last battle Anlem waged against Kinor, a rival nation defeated roughly 30 years ago. The powerful magician had bitterly placed the curse with her last dying breath, or so they say.
      Curse or no, over the past decade the crops have slowly gone sour and the weather has turned for the worst. Long winters, massive floods, earthquakes, plagues and other disasters have become more common. Coin has become sparse and tension is high between the locals. Times are hard and people are more and more forced to look out for themselves.

      Our Starting city Portsmouth was once a massive thriving port used for trade. Wealthy merchants and people of influence once occupied the city. They were driven out when a great flood submerged half of Portsmouth. Most went out of business or left after losing their homes. The remnants have fallen to the poor and cutthroat, becoming a hub for criminal activity. Bounty hunters and pickpockets are a common find here. The more clever and adaptable locals have turned to scavenging close islands. They raid the neighboring lands and bring back loot to sell in Anlem. Because of this you can find just about anything your heart desires at a reasonable price. However it would be unwise to let down your guard. The folk here are not kind and you are just as likely to be stabbed in the dark and stripped of your possessions.

      A Few Basic Rules:
      1. This is an open species world but keep your characters humanoid.
      2. Magic is allowed as long as it doesn't overpower your character. Use common sense. If you are unsure run any abilities by us in OOC.
      3. Feel free to establish creatures, cultures, NPCs, locations within Anlem and back stories to help flesh out your character and the collaborative world in general.
      4. Do not control another players character or NPC
      5. Try not to metagame
      6. It should be obvious already, but no godmoding
      7. Minimum post requirement is once a week. If you fail to do so we will just skip your turn. After 2 weeks we will write your character out (unless you leave a notice that you are sick or need to go on vacation or something. Just give us a heads up)
      8. No shotgun/ machine gunning posting. This means no multiple posts between two players over a short amount of time, before anyone else gets a chance. This also means no one person should be posting between everybody else's turn. It ruins speed and pacing and effectivly pushes other players out of the game.

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  1. Will be joining, just need to decide what character I want to use :)
  2. I would like to join as well, if possible.

    EDIT: it seems that my character is Galen, the crazy researcher. :bitelip:
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  3. Perfect! Welcome to the game. I'll be home late tonight but I'll try and get another post in after I'm off work.
  4. I cannot wait. It is nighttime already over here at GMT+2 so I'm going to bed for now.
  5. Alrighty, gonna post~

    Don't feel obligated to talk to/interact with my character right away. We can add me to the party proper when the initial interaction is done :3
  6. I sorta have a game plan going on to get our unlikely heros out adventuring to "save the world" if no one minds me taking care of most of the major plot points and conflicts. I still want this game to be very flexible though so everyone can pitch in. I just have an idea for getting the ball rolling.
  7. If it is alright I would like to be a part of this, it sounds intriguing.
  8. I'd be thrilled if you join Neko. Go for it.

    On a side note for everyone, I work everyday fulltime+ (I'm at work on my phone right now) so our posting speed will be about 1-2 times a day give or take. So if everyone wants to keep at that speed it will keep it fair for everyone.
  9. @Neko-Sora999

    OK can I ask you to make a couple edits. Your post is fine but the time in game is mid-day. 3pm latest . Also if the woman you reffered to is Leto, she is stationary. She has been at her store/stall.
    Besides that no worries at all. :)
  10. @KamrenReed

    I just edited, I was confused on the gender of the character who was with the researcher, gomenasai.
  11. No worries. Mythas is a man. Calling him a she gave me a laugh but no harm done. It was a simple missunderstanding.

    I'll be posting later tonight/ morning.
  12. Fantastic, another player. Just what we needed. :)
  13. Side note. I'll add it to the rules when I get a chance. Try not to "shotgun" your posts. That means responding after only one other person has a turn. There are 4 of us now. Try to allow everyone a chance to post. It keeps the game fair and gives equal "screen time".

    If you have a good reason to skip over someone make sure everyone's cool with it. There are moments where quick exchanges make sense but allow the person whose turn it is the choice to skip that turn themselves.
  14. @KamrenReed

    I think we'll all be cool; just using using common sense~
  15. Of course. No rush.
  16. I just prefer people not going every other turn when there are 4 or more people. It would be totally your turn stellar or even neko if they want. So right now posting after 2 other people is good.
    Not a hard rule just a guideline. You know I'm sure. Common sense. I trust you all.
  17. @Erasmus the Stellar

    So it's been a few days and I'm gonna go ahead and post then.
    Let us know if something's happening or you need to be written out for now or something. Hope all is well~


    Hey, regarding:
    Next time you want to do a little building like that just ask in occ.

    For all I've written the character I'm playing could have been really cruel or selfish and wouldn't have been charitable at all.
    As it happens the girl I'm playing is fairly kind so I'll play along with what you have there. But just a note for the future.
  18. Sorry, I didn't mean to.
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