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  1. Heya...
    Idk if ppl even read my pernter requests but I'm back with another one!! On this one I want to be the dominant male.... So yeah. Its just a classical rp bad boy x good girl.

    Your (your character)best friend is throwing a house warming party and The biggest bad boy and the most popular one at school is going. You've had a crush on since the first time you saw him, but you knew that you'd never have a chance with him, plus he was a Plyer so you didn't really expect anything. You were at the party and your friend went upstairs because she got a bit drunk, that's when you see your crush...staring at you?
  2. I'm interested and I'd love to join this rp ^•¥
    Would you want me to pm you?
  3. Sure!
  4. Interested! ♥
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  5. Cool! Go ahead and pm me if you want or wait for me to pm you
  6. I don't know if you still want to do this one but i'd love to do this one or one like it with you
  7. Its cool, roleplaying with different people changes the rp a lot, so I'll never get tired if doing the smae rp over and over again XD ill pm you
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.