The Pandemic: Outbreak

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  1. Rachel woke up one day for school and noticed her mom sitting on the couch watching the TV intently. She finally asked about what she was watching. "Just staying updated on the outbreak of the Neruexe virus that's spreading." Her mother said. Rachel remembered hearing about this virus and it's nasty 3 stage symptoms. Stage 1consisted as harmless symptoms including, fever, headaches, night sweats, vomiting, and a mild cough. Stage 2 had more violent, but usually not fatal symptoms including dizziness, a more violent cough, frequent vomiting, a higher fever, insomnia, and paranoia. Stage 3 was the most feared stage of all because of it's high fatality rate, The symptoms included, coughing or vomiting blood, internal bleeding, systematic infection, delusional behavior, fluid in the lungs, coma, insanity, and almost always death. Rachel applied the hand sanitizer and was on her way to school, but little did she know that life was about to change dramatically for her.
  2. Zaki was at the dining island shoving his homework into his drawstring backpack, when his brother walked around the island "Careful, little broder, ya know dey 'ave dis outbreak of Neruexe out dere." he said gently.

    Zaki didn't react instead he stared to shove his spirals and pens into the bag more violently.

    His older brother, Bat, sighed knowing the reason for the sudden change in mood in his brother.

    More like adopted brother, Zaki was adopted into the family a month or two before the outbreak but both of their parents were killed by the virus.

    "Here just take this, I rader you be safe than sorry."

    Zaki took the hand sanitizer as he tied a neckerchief around his nose and mouth, working as a mask.

    With that he headed out to the school.
  3. Rachel entered school in a crisp sailor outfit complete with boots, since it was chilly for September. She met up with her BFF, Sammi. "Hey, girl, what's up?" She muffled through her mask. Rachel told her all about the TV broadcast this morning. "That one, they say that the cure will be produced soon, but I for one am not too sure." Sammi replied. As the morning announcements played, all she could think about was that rumor that Marianna had caught Neruexe. She remembered Marianna and how she always wore her sailor outfit from when she attended Capstilla school district. "I hope that Marianna alright." she thought to herself as she took notes in class, but how could she concentrate with the pandemonium about Neruexe? She took notes anyway, hoping to pass the test next week, if Marianna could live till next week.
  4. Zaki arrived late to the school, unlike the other boys who were dressed in uniform he wore his black kimono and traditional Japanese sandals.

    He walked into the classroom without apologizing for his tardiness he continued on to his seat. His black and golden eyes flashed anger between his dark blue and blonde bangs.
  5. Ace Archer smiled as the bell rang, signaling the end of first hour. Art class was next, and that had always been his favorite class. The teacher was a short older woman, with a soft spot for people who enjoyed film and theater. She was usually pretty sweet. He entered her classroom, and instantly sensed that something was wrong. She usually stood by the door and greeted the students as they came into the class.Today she was nowhere to be found."Mrs. K?" he called out nervously. The room was silent. He looked at the clock to make sure he'd been on time. He was. Ace walked farther into the room. "Mrs-" a loud and angry snarl cut him off. He looked to his left, just to see Mrs. Kosuda lunge out of the supply closet. She sped toward him with rage, her hands open wide, ready to attack.
  6. Max walked down the hall towards the science room which was just across from the art room. He adjusted his rebreather and thought about skipping school the next day. The virus was just too scary. An enemy you can't fight with your hands is a deadly one.
  7. Hannah thought that Neruexe's cure would be discovered soon, but her hope faded when a stepsister, Taila, died from it. All she could think was, "Will this ever end?" every time a news story was heard about it. She headed to her Literature class with Miss Hartson, who had a soft spot for Steven King. She entered the classroom only to find it in a dilapidated state. Suddenly, Miss Hartson rushed out to try to attack Hannah, Hannah used what she learned in martial arts to stun her and ran out of the school, thinking that she could get away with skipping school for the day.
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