The Palace of Wings

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  1. OOC: (Once again, my iPod has not allowed me to choose what category I want this to be, which really stinks. This will be a fantasy role-play for those that are interested. Enjoy!)

    Meredith rose up from her slumber as the sunshine warmed over her.

    "Today is the big day!"

    Meredith had obviously not known that someone was in the room with her, because she almost jumped out of her skin when they said this.

    "Don't be scared, it's just me silly!"

    Meredith's sister Sylvia came out from her closet.

    "I'm just borrowing one of your dresses to wear to the ceremony."

    Meredith stretched, still laying down on her back.

    "What ceremony?"

    Sylvia screamed.


    Then Meredith remembered. It was her wedding day.

    She dismissed Sylvia and then got up. Now it was time to
    make herself human.

    Not that she wasn't, of course, but that's exactly it. She was, and she wasn't, at the same time. She was a PolyMorph. She was born of a fairy, and a human, so she had long glistening wings. She wished so badly, for just one day, that she could take off her wings, so she could go out in public with no trouble. But instead she spent an hour trying to get them to stay inside her dress. The dress she would be getting married in.

    Another thing she tried to hide, was how little PolyMorphs eat. She practiced by getting a huge heaping bowl of cereal at breakfast. Of course, she couldnt eat it all, so she simply cast a spell so when she put the food in her mouth it simply disappeared, instead of her having to swallow it. She would do the same thing at the ceremony when Jason was there. After breakfast she went back up to her room and prayed that this would work.
  2. Merida sat on the sofa of her parent's home as she played a video game. "Merida!" Her mother yelled from behind her. "You need to go change into your dress!" "But Mum! I hate that dress! It's too girly!" "Merida complained but her mother obviously didn't care as she placed the long bright pink dress on her lap. Sighing, the teenage elf grabbed the dress, entered the bathroom then changed into it. Once changed, she grabbed some pink flats and slipped them on. Then, the 16 year old old exited the house and walked with her family to the palace, where a couple was to be wed.
  3. Damien sighed. Another day, another job, another lovely couple to photograph. Yes, yes, smile for the camera, please. Don't blink, please. Chin up, please. Being a wedding photographer was always a wonderful job, but it was terribly sad to realize that you were never in the photographs. Sure, everyone's happy and you're happy for them, too... but you can't share their happiness. As the photographer, you stand to the side, a smile always plastered to your face in an attempt to encourage your clients to do the same.

    As a half breed in this world of fantastical beings and creatures, the small trickle of magic Damien had was all that separated him from the humans. That, and his remarkably scruffy golden hair, soft and fur-like and sticking up in all directions. No matter how much gel he used, there was no way to ever tame the unruly mess. And then there was his tail, a long, flexible monkey's tail that stuck out of his pants and curled around his leg for convenience. Some people thought it was a rope. These people screamed when it moved. Didn't matter, really, just kind of sucked when he had to cut holes in his nice suits.

    He rode the bus as close as he could to the palace, ignoring pointed stares and whispers. His camera bag swayed slightly as he moved to disembark, and he entered the palace, escorted by a guard.

    "Wait here." The guard stopped in the main hall and stood still, completely ignoring Damien.

    "Ah-- oh, uh, sure."

    ooc: yes, this character is based off of the RWBY character you're thinking of.
  4. Asha (pronounced ahh-sha not ash-a. Though some call her Ash.) Waited impatiently on the bus towards the back, shaking her head at the people pointing and giggling as she fidgeted with the dress she didn't want to be wearing. As the bus came to the stop closest to the palace, She walked forward, trying to get close to the man who was getting off at the same stop. She hoped that the driver would notice she was getting off here too. As she caught up to the man, another man roughly grabbed her wrist as she went to get off the bus behind the photographer, causing her bag to fall from her shoulder and roll down the steps, falling hard onto the concrete. "Hey!" She pulled her arm back trying to get loose. A light brown blur of hair swung through the air as the girl turned to face the man who had grabbed her, a large grin spread thinly across his arrogant tinted expression. She was very annoyed to see that the man was also dressed nicely, hoping he wasn't going to the same place. Though whether or not that was the case, She wanted to get away from him anyways. The look on his face, with his eyes scanning her up and down said that he probably didn't want her to be wearing that dress either. She gave her arm another hard tug, "Let go of me" She demanded as she finally pulled it away and rushed off the bus with him close behind. She didn't know he followed her off, so when she stepped off and a few steps away she bent lightly and knelt down to pick up her bag, him getting in close behind her "Whatsamatter babe, I was just trying to be a gentleman" he said through a large grin as he bent down next to her, placing an arm around her small, hourglass figure, his hand landing on her lower waist, pretending like he was going to help her with her things. She pushed him off with an annoyed look as she grabbed her bag and walked towards the photographer and the guards as quick as she could, trying to ignore the man following just behind her.
  5. Damien turned around at the sound of approaching footsteps, tail flicking in irritation when he saw the pretentious idiot from the bus drawing closer in pursuit of the quiet girl who had been one of the few on the bus to not poke fun at his tail. He looked at the guard who stood there, emotionless and as still as ever, then sighed, putting down his bag.

    "Oy," he called out to the man, whose face froze in a disgustingly vile grin. "The lady doesn't appreciate the attention, so lay off, would you?"
  6. The girl stopped dead in her tracks, looking up from her feet to see the man with the camera in front of her. People didn't usually care enough to get in the middle of things or defend others. A small blush came over her face as she turned to the man who pursued her to see a similarly shocked face, which quickly turned back into an arrogant grin, "'Oy'" he mocked "This ain't none of your business, freak." He emphasized the last word as he gestured to the man's tail, assuming the pestering bothered him by the way he looked on the bus when people made fun of him. "Who are you to tell me what to do?" The man paused and looked between the two, "Don't tell me this weirdo is your boyfriend!" He laughed at his own joke "I understand now, if this is your taste in men. But sweetie, Baby, really. I could show you a real man. Not some, mutant monkey who didn't fully evolve" he continued to laugh as he got closer to Asha, who responded by taking a step back with each step he took forward.
  7. "I've heard it all before, you pompous fool," Damien hissed silkily. "I don't know any real men who'd treat a lady the way you do." He stepped forward briskly, placing himself between the two, face contorted in anger. He didn't mind the freaks and the monkeys and the rest of the taunts - he really had heard most of the insults before - but Damien's mother raised him to be a gentleman. And as a gentleman, there was no way he could stand by and listen to the man harass this girl. Luckily, he was taller than the man. Staring down furiously wouldn't have been as effective if he'd been shorter. His tail lashed behind him like a whip, curling and snapping around with a rage of its own. "Back off, mate," he spat, grabbing him by the collar and raising him up a couple inches off the ground until their eyes were level. The man's feet dangled below him. A cool little thing that Damien could do was a bit of magical illusion. So he made his eyes glow bright red. Kind of like the devil. If he wasn't so pissed, he'd have laughed at the man's expression. "Understand?"
  8. Crystal arrived at the palace gate where she saw some people that looked like arguing. As she neared them, she realized it was 2 guys and a girl. She looked around for another passage she could take to avoid them but sighed when she found none. Deciding that it's no use to waste her time to search for the back door, if there was ever one, she continued walking until she stopped near the two guys. "Excuse me. If you don't mind." she said politely. She smiled and waited for them to let her pass through. When it seemed that they didn't hear her, she repeated for the second time. After the third time they ignored her, her temper snapped. Despite being an ice elemental, she has a relatively short temper. A cold, icy blast of wind blew which forced the two men separate. Taking the opportunity, she passed them. She turned to them and smile. "Thank you." she said before grabbing the girl. "Come. Don't be bothered by these men." she told the girl kindly. Together, they went inside leaving the fighting guys outside.
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