The Pacquiao and Mayweather Staredown

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  2. *Stares down Seiji*
  3. It's going to be an awesome fight, though my money is on Mayweather. It's hard to bet against an undefeated streak.

    I'm thinking a technical knockout since he doesn't hit as hard as he used to, but neither does Pacman.

  4. IF the fight even happens. I read somewhere that, in spite of the publicity and the showmanship of the pre-fight ordeal, that the final contracts haven't even been signed yet.

  5. the only winner of this fight?

    the audience
  6. I'm Rooting for Pacman. He got me back into boxing.


    "Top Rank promoter Bob Arum told on Tuesday that he wasn't signing the contract that he received a draft of on April 15 because it wasn't what he agreed to when the MGM, Mayweather Promotions and he signed the term sheet a couple months ago."


    "A dispute between Top Rank, Mayweather Promotions and the MGM Grand was putting the fight at risk. But a late morning conference call resolved all outstanding issues, Top Rank chairman Bob Arum told Yahoo Sports on Wednesday."

    Apparently the contract was signed just hours ago.
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  9. Staredowns are silly.
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  10. Pacman needs to win this. NEEDS TO.
  11. As much as I want Pacquiao to win this fight, I have a feeling they will go to decision and he will lose by a short margin.

    Maybe even split decision.

    He has been off form and just hasn't been performing like the Pacquiao I grew to love and admire. I think his age is catching up to him, and he just doesn't have the same explosiveness now that he used to. I want him to win (preferably by KO), but if I'm really honest with myself, I think he's going to lose.

  12. You got the gist of it. Either it's going to be an early KO for Pacman, or it's going to go the distance and he's going to lose by split decision.

    I hope they're getting their best boxing judges on this. Lord knows some of the past decisions of his have been absolutely utter shit!
  13. I believe in Pac. His technique used to be so fucking pretty to look at.
  14. "Used to" is the operative phrase there.

    I agree. I was never a boxing fan, and usually just stuck around to watch it with my husband (boyfriend at the time) because it was something he and his friends did.

    It wasn't until I saw him knock the shit out of Ricky Hatton that I became a believer and was like "oh my god, this dude is fucking incredible."

    I have been a boxing fan (and a Pacquiao fan) ever since. But just... I think he's fallen quite a ways.
  15. He has. But. IT's Pac ;_;.

    He has to win.
  16. Apparently it is May 2nd :o
  17. ....... Seiji, my bruh, too distracted by how un-Filipino that accent was.

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL-- f'real tho, sounded like a Cantonese uncle, not Filipino uncle.

    Also, Tito Manny's inability to be steel-faced, napakacute-cute niya atsaka ngiti!
  18. I agree. My money is on Mayweather.
  19. my money is on the audience.
  20. I believe you have established that once before.
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