The Pack

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  1. Over 1,000 years ago there were magical wolf packs all around the globe. Magical wolves belonged in one of four elements.

    Water which was to the north
    Earth which was to the East
    Fire which was to the West
    Air which was to the South

    They all lived in harmony, protecting their land. However, over the years though humans went to war with these creatures and won, claiming the wolves sacred land as their own. Now the wolves are scattered living among humans, unfortunately they are hunted for their fur so they evolved over time. They can change from humans to wolves anytime they want.

    Can they re-group with the rest of the wolves that are left out there and claim their sacred land once more?

    Starla was trotting along the snow. She stopped to shake her fur getting all the snow off. She saw a city near by and she was so hungry.
    (Her when she's human-I promise you she dosent wear this, she wears a white sweater and jeans)
    (Wolf form)
  2. Enya
    Wolf Form
    Enya sat back against the brick wall, people walking past her heading to work, home or to the bar. Her eyes where shut and her head bobbed to the music in her headphones. The snow fell lightly around her though she never seemed to mind it. She never got cold...and only she knew why. A small smirk curved Enya's lips, her golden eyes opening slowly, staring off towards the out skirts of the city.
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    Wolf form

    7084012083453810122.jpg Human form
    Jason Thorn Would be in his human form walking down the road by himself. He had silver spiked hair and eyes blood red. He had on black long sleeve shirt with black baggy pants and black leather boots. On his waist he had twin blades sheathed. He continued on the road has he saw a small town up ahead to stay for the night.
  4. Ariana {17}

    Ariana was walking back though the small town that she called home. Her family owned the small inn the sheltered the visitors that flowed though the humble little town. She opened the door to the inn and heard the little bell go off. She enjoyed her life, for the most part, even if it was dreadfully boring without fellow wolves to share a connection with. She ran her pale fingers though her fiery red hair and hoped up onto the counter of the hotel and waited to get scolded by her grandmother to "act more like a lady, not a wolf"
  5. Jason would reach the small town and would walk towards the inn and opened the door. He saw a young woman behind the counter has he slowly walked towards her showing no emotion. He got to the counter placing his right hand on the counter." one room please" he said has he waited for the key the money underneath his hand
  6. Ariana eyed the guy and hoped onto the other side of the counter. Looking at the current rooms available. She reached under the counter and picked the key of the hook labeled "Room 6" She held the key in her hand and pushed the guest book towards him "You'll have to sign in here, Name and Address.. I.D is required and the room is $36 a night.." Her voice sweet as she handed the boy a pen. "I'm Ariana, if you need anything."
  7. Jason would look at the pen and took it signing in and then with his left hand grabbed his Id and handed her his id. He then signed in his name " the name is Jason.. " he waited for her to return his id and give him the key to his room
  8. Ariana checked his ID and handed it back to him. "You'll be in room 6, Enjoy your stay." She said with a smile and handed him the key. "hmm.. he's left handed.." She thought to herself as she turned back around to clean up the area. She hummed quietly to herself and looked over at the sign over the door that read "Wolfs Bane Inn, all spirits welcomed" Her family had owned the inn for generations and it was quite the cute hotel if she did say so herself. She honestly couldn't wait to move away from this small town and go on a real adventure.
  9. Jason would nod and take the key and would walk down the hall to his room. He got to room six and then used the key to unlock the door and he sighed has he opened the door and closed it behind him. He locked the door and he sat on his bed and layer his head on the pillow looking up at the ceiling a few thoughts going through his head
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    (Logan, 15)

    (Wolf form)

    Logan sat on a bench, shivering from the cold. His jacket was not good enough to keep him warm.
  11. L U C I A N
    PACK: ? ? ?


    W O L F


    Lucian roamed around the streets trudging through the thick snow rather easily. He wore a black peacoat with its collar tucked out rather then folded back and a Burberry scarf under his light yet warm coat. The male simply had on some jeans and snow boots and let out a puff of smoke, smoking a cigarette in his mouth with hands in pockets. He wasn't as cold as humans, who thrived in the most thickest jackets or clothing that would keep them warm this time of season, as he was a wolf and looked around.

    He seemed to have no wolf features however, had the scent of a wolf only caught by another wolf really. Lucian took a hand out from his pockets coming back his jet black hair, and grabbed his cigarette tossing it off to the side. Human work was quite boring, and hard work--Or Atleast the things he did were and the male cleared his throat from temporary raspiness. As a wolf he has observed the humans for as long as he could remember, and ran from them as he was the prized wolf with beautiful thick fur. Hunters always tried to catch him, he the always left them flustered literally cheating deaths countless times and setting off traps without getting hurt. He was the lone wolf of intelligence and a 'king' as humans labeled him. Lucian as a wolf knew their ways, how to avoid death, and the human society. Now the male was a human who adapted rather quickly in human society.

    However the only way to tell him apart as being the 'king' was his paw-like marking. Not on his face, rather it would move to the side of his neck instead however it wasn't like a human would suspect another human looking being as a wolf instantly without more proof. He was advanced in their literature and writing, and many other human things surprisingly so it wouldn't be easy to point a correct finger at him. Lucian pondered. What should he do now? He stopped at a park and saw kids having a snowball fight before walking off and sitting on a swing from a distance.
  12. Ariana looked around, the boy had disappeared into his room and she grabbed her jacket from the hook behind her and decided to take a walk. As she pushed the heavy wooden door open the cold harsh winter wind blew into her face. The world was covered in a thick blanket of sparkling snow and it actually looked beautiful. "If only it wasn't so cold.. at least it matches my fur." The red head thought. She saw a dark male pass her as she headed for the forrest. Her wolf side was just itching to get out.
  13. Jason sighed and sat up wanting to go out and transform. He opened the window and jumped out landing on the soft snow. He ran straight to the forest and after getting deep into the forest. He scanned his surroundings making sure everything was clear. He then transformed into his wolf form his fur black with that red scar on his left eye. He started to run around feeling free from hiding has a human
  14. Ariana set her scarf and jacket on a low branch in the forrest as she transformed. Her body morphed violently into a large pure white wolf. Her dark eyes contrasting her white fur making them almost demon like. She sniffed the air as she walked along the forrest and stopped suddenly when she saw another wolf running around.
  15. After spending much of his time on the swing watching kids playing snowball fights and whatnot, Lucian stand up and stuffed his hands in the pockets of his pea coat heading to the forest. Minutes passed for the male, about twenty minutes and he was outside town, now making his way through the field of snow following a snowless path that lead him into the forest, only then odd he morph into his wolf form and took a step into the forest, observing his surroundings first before stretching cattily and letting out a yawn and soon going through the three branches exploring in his wolf form nonchalantly.

    But right when he walked, he noticed some bear traps hidden well. That's when the lone wolf approached the trap carefully and dug more snow on it using his hind legs, showing how he insults the hunters who try so hard in catching him. This continued on when Lucian managed to find four more of these harmful traps, setting them off carefully with ease and the wolf had decided to trot off triumphantly. If the hunters came to check, they'd know it was the doing of Lucian.
  16. Ariana's wolf form was blending in well with the freshly fallen snow and she decided rather than to continue to stare at the wolf, she would continue to explore. Her nose was going crazy as she could smell many new wolves around the small town. She'd never met another wolf like her before, well besides her family of course. She kept walking along and followed the trail of freshly laid paw prints, or wolf prints rather. She saw a giant dark wolf that was covering hunter traps and she approached the wolf slowly.
  17. Lucian caught the scent of another wolf around surprisingly. He looked at the direction and crouched his head low, flicking his ears and letting out a low growl, which sounded quite loud despite his mouth being ever so slightly open at the corners, but it seemed completely closed.
  18. Ariana took a step back and then took a defensive poise as she growled back at the giant owl. Maybe she should run.. no he could probably out run her. "Shit.." Ari thought to herself as the white fur stood up on her wolf spine.
  19. Lucian let out a huff through his nose as he trotted away from the wolf he saw. He wasnt even fully growling and that was the beauty part of his minimal growl--It sound defensive anyways and he left the wolf continuing his beloved free strolling. If she tagged along he'll most likely intimidate her again but she wasnt for now thankfully.
  20. Ariana felt shocked that the wolf had just left. Her curiosity got the best of her and she started to trot after the wolf at a distance. She didn't want to back down again. Almost a sly smile appeared on her muzzle as she thought about the possibility of this new wolf.