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  1. WARNING: You've already been warned.
    "Bullying drives some into a corner, it drives them to believe that the worst choice they could ever make is the better, for they do not deserve to live. They are too ugly, too stupid, too weird or just unique. They are driven by the ones who wish them bad. But what would happen if you, a bullying victim, took your life to later wake up at the exact same spot to notice that you are now a ghost, bound to watch your family and friends cry out in agony for their loss..."

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      Welcome to the world of the Outsiders.
      If you have any questions concerning the role-play post it in the signup thread
      If you have made a character for the role-play be sure to read everything in this post or else misunderstandings will easily be made and you might not follow the plot throughly, so read everything to make sure you understand and follow the role-play's story and plot, but most of all settings.
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      Every child goes through a hard time growing up, they make friends, they fight and they make enemies. But what seems to follow them until the day they die is jealousy and envy. No one is perfect and that's why hatred exists, to never let us be completely pure.
      Year 2017 was the year that most people took their life between the ages of 16 to 24, bullying drove them all into a corner, made them feel all alone and one day it all was just too much. And at the time dying seemed like the only opinion to get away from it all, leaving their families to cry in agony for weeks or maybe months.
      But dying didn't give them peace. Instead they all realized when they opened their eyes after dying that they now would live through the same thing again, for they were now haunted by their pasts as ghosts that wonders the earth, unseen by those who are still alive. They would see their own burial and they would see the pain in their beloved peoples eyes. They would regret their decision, but what they had done would not come undone. For now they would see how their families would tackle the loss of one who fell victim to bullying. Now they would see the eyes of the people who made them take their lives, they would see how it affected them, how it would turn them wicked and how they would fight to recover. But in the end they can never forget the last day they saw those pair of broken eyes that had lost the will to live.
      The afterlife is a second chance, for the bullied to see life in a different light, but recovering from their pain isn't easy, accepting that their decision of taking their own life was the wrong one and that fighting was the right one. So now they are trapped in this place between life and death. They are ghosts walking among the living but to never be seen by the living. But there are those who see them, for they aren't alone. There are those who have been ghosts for a longer time than they have.
      Those who also had taken the choice of suicide.
      It's an unspoken rule in this ghostly life that one day if your heart truly understands the pain you caused for the ones closest to you and that you should fight instead of giving up you will be freed, you will be reborn.
      You get a second chance at life.

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      Iwaku rules apply.
      PG-15, no sexual acts will be seen in this role-play, or else! D< (act out these in private chats instead of being publicly displayed to younger eyes)
      Be nice to everyone and show respect to your fellow role-players.
      Be as active as possible.
      Try to get your grammar as correct as possible.
      Put emotions into your posts since that's what will keep this role-play from being completely boring and grey.
      Ask me questions if you have any.~
      If you haven't finished your character within one week I will give you a warning, if another week passes without any notification to why you haven't finished your character you are not a part of this role-play anymore.
      If a character is made I expect you to use it within three days after it's done.
      If you've finished a character after reserving a post for quite some time post a new message in this thread that you're finally finished.
      If you're going to be absent for couple of days please post it here in this thread as soon as possible.
      Enjoy your time in this very dark and emotion-packed role-play.
      And please do remember that anime pictures aren't allowed in this role-play, that is to keep this role-play as realistic as possible. Thank you for understanding.
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      I'll see you on the other side dear friend.
      Here the ones that have left us are stated

      and those who have been inactive for longer than 2 weeks
      Yes I will make your character disappear so be active
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      Date: November 6th 2017
      Weather Outside: Snowing
      Time: Noon
      Location: Park, in the middle of a city

      Remember that not everyone dies on the exact same day, so only a few can be "newly" dead.
      Everyone somewhat exists again in this place when they die, they can see their funeral in their dreams, like they are haunted by their funeral.
      No one lived in this city before they died.
      We all are invisible to the living, but the living with a so called "psychic connection" can feel if there's a dead near them, they will treat you with respect and care so don't worry.
      The weather doesn't apply to us, the rain, the snow falls through us but we cannot walk through walls, that's why doors and floors creek. For the house lets us in, but only when doors are unlocked.
      Our past haunts us, we cannot escape it nor can we ever forget it.
      Hallucinations of the past will happen and they will feel real to the point you forgetting that you're already dead.
      But sometimes you will see glimpses of what's going on right now, for your family, friends or for the one who made you take the decision.
      And we outsiders do not age

      More information on page 2 and 3 in the signup thread which will probably be added here soon^^
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      Well only after they have started to appear~

    Did you read everything?
    Good now go ahead and role-play to your heart's extent.
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  2. Astonishment...

    Is what Marcus felt when he had awoken. This was not his room, nor was this his aunt's home. Marcus slowly sat up, the blanket slowly falling of his body only to revel his bare chest. The room was boring, no posters, all white, not Marcus's style. He shook he head and got out of the now cold bed, swinging feet over he stood up and stretched. "What a night." He mumbled to himself. Lewis stumbled all the way up to the window, and opens the blinds that has covered them. He then, saw himself, not what was outside.


    It all came flooding back to him, his dead mother and father, his two years of despair, and his attempt to take his life.

    These were all the emotions that flooded Marcus's scared mind. "I'M SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!!" He screamed.

    Lewis went silent, he strained his ears to hear a sound, but nothing, he had expected his aunt to burst into the room with a belt and threaten him with it. Unfortunately, there was nothing, complete and utter silence. Lewis took a deep breath, trying to comprehend what has happened, but there was nothing, no breath, no hearts beat, no warmth, he had no idea.

    "I-I s-shot m-myself, r-r-right here." He said as he pointed his shaking finger to his temple.

    There was no way under the heaven in which he would not die from such a shot, but here he was. Maybe it was a dream, all a dream. Maybe his father and mother were alive also, maybe they were on vacation here in this house and he had just had a bad dream.

    Unfortunately, Marcus knew that was not the case. Deep inside him, he knew that there was much more to the story, he knew what he had done to himself, and what had led up to it, but he was here. He was alive, but not breathing, he could move and think, but there was no heartbeat.


    That was the only question on his mind. That one word vibrated through body, and created a pit in his stomach. He had grown up with the teaching that the dead were conscious of nothing, yet, he was here.


    That was Marcus's current felling. "I'm alive, no heartbeat, no breath." He mumbled to himself.

    Where was he? What was he? These were questions that let he wanted answers, but who was here to answer it for him, he had not mother, no father, nobody. He had made the choice to take his life, in an attempt to end his suffering. But he was still here, he was forced to carry that psychological baggage that he had tried to run away from. He had killed himself for nothing, he had killed himself only to wake up here, in a place he had no knowledge of.

    He had killed himself...only to shove that same pain he had felt, onto his loved ones.
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  3. Riane:

    As soon as Riane realized that what she was looking at was the sky through rippling water, she sat bolt upright, screaming. She spun her head frantically left and right--yes, it was still the world. She screamed again. The thing she feared most about committing suicide was the possibility that she might fail, and end up maimed or paralyzed, or in an asylum under suicide watch. "Buh-buh-buh-buh...but I can't still be alive!" Especially since she wasn't feeling any pain from a broken, but apparently not dead, body. She wasn't feeling anything at all, but in her terror and shock she didn't notice that yet. She scrambled to her feet, then realized that she shouldn't have been able to do that.

    That's when she saw...

    Her body. Bobbing lifelessly in a shallow eddy among the rocks, it was every bit as broken as she thought it should be. Arms and legs with compound fractures, a rib protruding through a hole its jagged end had torn in her shirt, a caved-in skull partially shrouded by ribbons of swirling hair. Most of the blood had washed away by now leaving her skin as pale as marble, but there were still a few trailing rivulets of pinkish red in the water.

    She stared at it in horror and mounting revulsion. She'd hoped her body would be this thoroughly destroyed. Most of her death-fantasies leaned toward particularly violent and gruesome ends; taking a shotgun blast to the face, being hit by a train or semi truck, being stabbed dozens of times. Nothing would be too terrible for the prison of flesh that chained her to this world. Everyone else hated it, why shouldn't she? She should have been glad...except she was still here looking at it.

    " stupid, worthless no-good disgusting little--" she shouted. She wasn't supposed to cuss, but right now there wasn't anyone around to stop her: "piece of shit!" Hatred erupted in a white-hot explosion. She started kicking and stomping at the body, as if she could kill it again. "I HATE YOU! YOU CAN'T EVEN DIE RIGHT! YOU CAN'T EVEN DIE! You can't even die! ...can't even die..." Riane's efforts failed to make so much as a splash in the water, but she didn't notice that as she burst into sobs. "...can't even die...can't even die..."

    She crumpled to her knees, or what would have been knees if she still had them, bawling uncontrollably. Riane couldn't tell how long she'd stayed like that, crying and moaning 'can't even die' over and over again, but it was cut short by the sound of a dog's bark, and a human voice.

    "Over here."

    Riane jolted, then staggered to her feet again. Being still alive was bad enough; having to deal with people would make it even worse. She scrambled for the rocky shore to try and find a place to hide. That was when she noticed the oddities. For one thing, she couldn't feel the water, which should have been cold. For another, it offered no resistance to her movements. The rocky riverbed should have made for awkward footing, but for some reason it didn't. The rocks didn't quite support her; instead, she felt an odd kind of drag as she passed through them. Well, not felt exactly...yet somehow, the ground under the rocks did support her, even if it seemed a little spongy, like walking on a mattress.

    She looked over her shoulder. To her great displeasure, they were already there: a team of paramedics, walking up to her body, carrying a stretcher, accompanied by a policeman with a Belgian Malinois. Riane froze. It was much too late to hide now!

    "Oh my god..." a young EMT said, clearly new to his job. He looked like he was about to throw up, start crying, or both.

    "Kids are the worst," the cop said sadly, shaking his head. "She had her whole life ahead of her..."

    "My whole life ahead of me? Why do you think I jumped?!" Riane snapped before she could stop herself. A few seconds of electric fear--

    " you ever get used to it?" the EMT asked, looking to the veteran cop with wide eyes.

    "Nope. Fuck. I have a granddaughter about that age."

    --before Riane realized that they could neither see nor hear her. She watched as they grimly, yet tenderly fished her body out of the water and placed it on the stretcher, before covering it up. Each face was a taut mask of barely controlled agony.

    "Oh why do you care?! You'd have never even noticed me when I was alive! I bet you all used to beat up kids like me in school! If you knew me you'd be laughing your heads off right now! No! Just leave it to rot! Feed it to your, your, your...your fucking dog!" Heedlessly, they lifted the stretcher and started picking their way through the rocks back toward whatever path they'd used to get down here. Riane burst into tears again.


    This time, her crying was interrupted by a strange pulling, dizzy sensation. She found herself on top of the bridge, right at the spot where she'd jumped. Her abandoned bike was now cordoned off with yellow police tape. Several cop cars and an ambulance were congregated there, with lights flashing. And Mom's car, parked not too far away. "Nonononono, I don't wanna be here right now!" Riane said, then ran for her bike. Her hand passed through the handlebars, generating a hint of the odd resistance she'd felt from the rocks before. She took off running, as fast as she could.

    She stumbled to a stop, panting as she entered town. A bus, headed her way, picking up speed. It's worth a try, right? she thought, stepping out in front of it. Whoooooshhhh. A bit like a strong wind, except that it blew through her. She staggered a little...but no death this time, either. Sadly, she made her way back to the sidewalk. So, what, am I a ghost now? 'Is that air you're breathing?' she thought, quoting Morpheus from The Matrix. "But this makes no sense!" she protested. "If I'd had a brain tumor, and lost half my memories and faculties and stuff from having, like, half my brain damaged, how can I splatter my whole brain all over the river and make a full recovery?! It doesn't make any sense! I should be dead! Really dead!"

    But...I'm not. So I guess the scientists were wrong. So now what? I can't really be tired, that's got to be just my mind thinking I'm supposed to be because it's used to having a body. What do I do now? Go haunt Kari and Natalee and all their friends? 'Boooooooo! You shouldn't have been such jeerrrrrrrks!' No. I'd have to go see them again to do that. Go looking for The Light?

    Riane shuddered. She'd read a bit about 'Near-Death Experiences' and the like, and one of the constants was that, when you came out of 'the Tunnel' and met The Light, you had to go through a Life Review, where The Light showed you your life up to the moment of your death. "No thanks, I get it: I completely sucked at life. You don't have to show me," she said, just in case The Light was listening. Yeah, The Light was definitely not something she wanted to see any time soon. Sure, the stories said The Light was non-judgmental, but that just meant it would be like one of the school counselors, pretending to be that way. Because, if it could really look at her life and, say, Elon Musk's or even Danae's in the same way, then what was the point of a 'Life Review' in the first place? The last thing in the world Riane wanted right now was to be judged, especially by somebody who was literally so perfect they glowed. Nopenopenope, no thank you!

    "If it didn't hate me, it would let me die. The only reason to keep me alive is so it can kick me around for fun, just like Keri and Natalee and Danae, only worse. Or maybe it'd reincarnate me as somebody else who gets punished for my bad karma, and wouldn't that suck? So I stay away from The Light then. Just hide. Don't make any waves. Maybe it won't notice me..."
  4. Oscar

    What stared back at Oscar no longer terrified him. He watched his reflection in the mirror, which eyed him back. The reflection was even paler than himself, almost blue in fact. The veins on his face and neck were a dark blue and his skin looked shiny. It used to horrify him. The sunken, red eyes and leaking mouth were enough to make Oscar cry. That was until, he realised that it was his only reflection that looked like his drowned corpse. He blinked, finally pulling himself up from staring at his dead reflection.

    It had been a week since Oscar drowned. A cold feeling in his lungs made him open his eyes. As he stood up, thinking he had just made a trip into the woods to think things over, or get inspiration. "
    Oh my Lord!" Oscar saw a figure floating in water, which was being highlighted by the moonlight. His first instinct was to scream, "Help!" He panicked before he caught a glimpse of the bodies blue face. He stared in disbelief. Was that, him?

    Memories flooded back of what Oscar must have done. The pills, Oscar remembered swallowing all those pills and jumping into the water. Then what was he? Oscar looked down at himself. He was standing on squishy grass, his converse not getting muddy. His jeans were dry and his blue, button up was still attached to him. Oscar then looked at his own hands, which were perfectly pink. Not blue like the corpse. Then was he a ghost? Oscar had read about spirits in his books and believed in them. Oscar looked back over to the body, deciding he should, look. Oscar felt tears well in his eyes as he walked into the water. It wasn't cold, and didn't seep into his shoes. Oscars brows furrowed as he walked across the rocky floor to his own floating body. He attempted to touch it, but his hands went through his corpse. Seeing yourself, and not your reflection was odd. Oscar cried a little as he saw his own marbled face.

    For a week, Oscar had been wandering the streets of a snowy city. He had tried hard to communicate with others, but it seemed like he didn't exist to them. Occasionally, he thought he saw some people shiver if he got too close to them. A part of him wanted to go back to the forest of his death, but something inside of him prevented him from going. Plus, Oscar wasn't going to deny he liked being around people. In fact, Oscar almost hoped somebody would see him. He'd like to converse with somebody, maybe?

    No. Oscar stood up and grumbled, not wanting to stare at his dead self. He did not want to converse with somebody. What if they made fun of his voice? That's how he ended up here in the first place. If conversing with people was as good as it was made out to be, then Oscar wouldn't be dead.

    Miserably, Oscar looked out the window to the city which had quickly became home. It was finally the afternoon and Oscar decided he had nothing to loose by going out into the snow.

    Oscar loved the cold. He no longer could feel it, but snow still looked beautiful. He made his way into the park, which was white. Oscar stared at the small specks of snow, collecting into the mass. He walked through it, watching his feet leave no trace. In fact, he could lay down in it. And that's just what he did. Oscar admitted a long time ago he never really grew up, and this proved he really didn't. Oscar sat in the middle of the park, amused by the fact that his hand didn't disturb the perfect snow. Oscar sighed, sort of missing the feeling of the ice freezing his hand.

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  5. He couldn't really remember how long he'd been wandering the city, but Devon knew it had been a while (more than a while, nearly two years actually). Not that he cared about how long he'd been a wandering spirit. Every time he thought about being a "wandering spirit" brought both a grin and a dour expression on his face in quick succession. On the one hand, the supernatural was real; on the other, he was a supernatural entity and hadn't wanted to be one in the first place to be honest. Not to mention, the first few days of being a ghost was so hellish that he almost believed he had died only to wind up in a hell crafted just for him. Not like that all; he still remained on Earth.

    Strolling past a window, Devon saw the face of his corpse. If only he was joking. There wasn't much to be afraid of when he looked only at his front. Some wayward specks of blood on his white button-up, paler than usual skin, blood pooling around his neck, hardly anything worthy of shock. It was the back of his head that brought a grimace to his face; exit wounds were never pretty. As he stood immobile, staring at himself, the living walked through him; some shivered when they did whilst the rest did not.

    Staring at his corpse-reflection was vain. He looked no worse than he had before, and his actual appearance most of the time was the same. Devon attempted to smooth out the curls in his hair to no avail. He could still straighten up his clothing though and did so. Dying in his best clothes was such a hassle. Nobody else had died in black slacks and a button up like he had, and none of them wore leather boots either.

    He walked past the storefront to one of the city's parks. The landscape was blanketed in white as the snow continued to fall. No one playing in it or lounged around, it was far too cold for that. Devon couldn't feel the chill and it seemed like another young man he spotted sitting on the snow couldn't feel the cold either. No traces of footsteps, no winter jacket, and absolutely nobody perturbed by someone playing in the snow in this weather.

    Ah, he must have been a ghost as well. Introduce himself? No, certainly not. Introductions meant talking and that wasn't exactly what he'd consider his strong suit even after so much time for practice. Perhaps Devon would just prod him in the side. Shoving his hands into his pockets, he walked without difficulty or disturbing the snow towards the other. Standing beside the other calmly, falling snowflakes passed through him. He used the tip of his boot (clean and dry, one of the only good things about not having to deal with weather) to poke him gently.

    Even ghosts and solitary people like himself got bored sometimes.
  6. Kazuki slowly opened his eyes, He realized he was still in his room. He slowly stood up. '' What the....i am suppose be dead....what.....w-what...!'' he screamed, turning around i a circle then looked at the window. I hung myself. I died didn't i?! '' What the hell i died!'' he slowly looked at the door, wondering if his parents. '' None coming....t-then...t-then i must be dead?! '' He finally said. He wondered if his parents were still here, if they were still after all... ''How long have i been dead?''

    He slowly reached for the door, not sure what will pop out or what will happen. The hallway was completely dark, only light came from his ceiling fan which seemed broken which was the same fan he hung himself from. He slowly looked around as walked down the stairs. Just as he thought his house was abandoned, his parents left the house the same year or year after he died. When did they leave and how long ago have they been gone. He wondered what other neighbors were if they were still here. Maybe they left like his parents did.

    He slowly reached for the door, and slowly opened. He wondered where did his parents lived now, maybe they went back to Japan? It was likely they did...after all he is from there. He slowly stepped down the stairs and there was a puddle right in front of him, it was dark outside but he was still able to see his reflection. He looked at his face, it looked undamaged maybe his real face was only on his dead body. '' I-I don't what to do now...where do I go....I am dead after all so what can I do.....I am just like one of those zombies ghost in those horror movies looking for a host. '' He knelt down, looking at his pale, ghost face....he slowly sat down, clenching his ghost colored legs to his chest. He finally said it. '' What have I done....!’’
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  7. Riane:

    Uh-oh, Riane thought, feeling the dizzy pulling sensation start again.


    And she found herself...

    "NO! I don't wanna be here!" home, standing in her bedroom. She ran through the door, down the hall, down the stairs.

    "It's my fault!" Danae sobbed. "It was me!"

    "No, honey, don't think that way," Mom said, sitting on the couch with Danae and holding her tight and mirroring her tears. Dad was home now too, hugging his daughter from the other side, doing his best to keep a stoic expression. It's not your fault dear. How could it be?” Dad said. Danae opened her mouth, but hesitated. Before she could summon the will to speak or decide not to, she was cut short by a new burst of sobs. “You couldn't possibly have known she would...”

    “You know what?” Riane snapped, unheard. “It was you! Maybe Mom and Dad might have been OK with having a loser daughter if they didn't always have you to compare me to! With you around, how could they ever want me? And who was it that gave them Replacement Child—the one they wish they'd had instead of me? Oh yeah, that would be you too, wouldn't it? Even now that I'm dead, it's still gonna be all about you! 'How can we make poor widdle Danae feel better?' So why can't you just be happy? You won! You all won! You're the perfect family all of you always wanted!” Riane spun around to turn away from them, unable to stand the sight of them anymore.

    Bursting into a wail of anguish, Riane ran at the wall, wishing she could slam herself into it, do some more damage, finish herself off. Pain would be good too. She deserved it for being such a loser. Instead, she flew through and landed in the yard, stumbled and kept on running. She didn't hear the thump that startled her family, and wouldn't have cared if she had.

    There was nowhere to run to of course, just away, as far away from that house and the people in it as it was possible for her to go. As exhaustion started to set in, she still pushed herself. Even if I can't be killed, maybe I can run out of energy? Then poof, no more me? With that hope before her, she gritted her non-existent teeth and forced herself to keep running, completely indifferent to her surroundings.


    “No!” -gasp- I'm not -pant- going back there! I'm -gasp- not ever going back!” I'm not breathing any air, there is no spoon, and I'M NOT GOING BACK!, she thought, willing herself to break free of the dizzy-pull, and keep going until there wasn't a 'Riane' to keep going anymore.






    This time, the dizzy-pull was a long, stretchy cosmic Bungee jump through a swirling vortex of greys and hints of prismatic color, ending in...

    “Huh?” Riane said. She was in a city she'd never seen before. There were snowdrifts on the ground. Either she was somewhere way up north (or maybe south—the seasons were opposite on the other side of the equator, right?), or space and time were a lot more...malleable in her current state. It didn't seem like Heaven or Hell or the Elysian Fields or anyplace like that. It looked like a normal human city, with people and shops and cars. Did I get away?, she wondered, feeling a lift of excitement. Maybe It won't find me here, and I can just...wander around? Watch and see if people ever get their act together, or if they wreck the world? There's worse things that could happen, right?

    She started to explore the new town she was in, until she came across a park. There she saw something that brought her up short: two guys, not dressed for the weather. One of them was sitting in the snow, but not in the snow; there was no indentation formed by his body. Instead, he was simply interpenetrated through it. Another guy was next to him, gingerly poking at him with a foot.

    Other ghosts? They can see each other—that means they can see me! Riane thought, feeling a chill that had nothing to do with the weather. Okaaay, I'm just gonna walk away, nothing to see here... She wrapped her arms around herself, trying to pretend to be cold. If they thought she was a real person, maybe she could get away before they noticed her...
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