The Outpost on the Edge of Infinity [Dystopia, Apocalypse]

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  1. Before you post, i'd appreciate it if you could head over to the OOC and read it through. If I see someone post while ignoring the setting, then I will hunt you down and torture you until you apologise. Actually, I'm lazy. I probably won't do that.
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  2. Arc lays on his roof, watching the sky. He wished they would actually DO something against the plague. Ever since he got to Abandon, it'd been nothing but training with weapons with Evan and Nat. Then they left him. He was alone. He was the outcast in most places. He wasn't popular, but his name was known. He was one of those smart kids who would have great grades if they would just do the work. He sighed heavily, missing the days when Evan, Nat, and himself would explore the area around the town.