The Outpost on the Edge of Infinity [Dystopia, Apocalypse]

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  1. IC:

    It's been a while since I've been in a good old fashioned Apocalypse RP, so here we go. My take on a post-apocalypse dystopia! This is also my first Jump-In roleplay, so once you read this post, just head over to the IC and begin your admittedly short story of survival! Do not be afraid of character death. There are 500 people left alive, so just take control of another one if you die. I'll leave a counter of living people after each of my posts, though I doubt we'll run out. Have up to 5 characters at any one time. Every time you introduce a new character, I'd appreciate it if you could place an image or description of their appearance somewhere in the post.

    It was 5 years ago today that the great civilisation of Humanity fell. One by one, towns, cities, countries were absorbed by it. We called it "The Plague", to begin with, but we realised soon after that it was much more than that. Now, we don't even need to give it a name. It is obvious when someone is talking about it. Nobody knows how it started, except that it originated in mid-africa, and spread from there incredibly rapidly. To begin with, people just died. But then they started resurrecting. They weren't like the zombies we all knew from media though. They were intelligent. They could work together to hunt. They could think, and create. They had weapons, armour, even nomadic towns. They grouped together to survive, just like we did.

    We had the advantage to begin with, because they couldn't move very quickly for very long. After about 30 minutes of exertion, they crumbled into their base components. They also could not venture out under sunlight, and could not cross running water. But, they had one thing going for them. The ability to swarm silently into towns and settlements under the cover of night and destroy and raise thousands every time. Soon after, they adapted to be able to take down natural predators - Lions, Tigers, other big cats. The thing worked like one giant conscience, a network linking every body under it's command. There was no issues with loyalty, and no matter how hilarious it was to see a rotting human drop their arm while riding a necrotic elephant, they were intimidating as fuck.

    There is now just one civilisation left alive on the entire planet. In a small town built from wood and stone deep in the mountains of Tibet, the last 500 humans live their miserable, repetitive lives of fear and patience. You know you have no hope of surviving for much longer. Eventually, they'll get past the river that isolates the valley, or climb over the peaks that surround the town, appropriately named Abandon. Metal is scarce now, and we can arm ourselves only with what we pick up from the fallen that we've killed. Last week our last trained military person died. It's only a matter of time. We feed on the scraps of flesh the rotting are constructed of. Fortunately, the infection is passed through venom, so as long as we cook the meat and avoid any bite or scratch zones, we should be able to survive a short time. It's surprisingly nutritious actually, for rotting flesh.
  2. Name- Arcturus (Arc)

    Age- 17

    Gender- Male

    Personality- He is quite mischievous and loves to mess around. He is friendly, but sucks at flirting. He sacrifice himself for his friends, if need be. He loves to read. He sometimes is very quiet from depression that he locks inside of himself.

    Bio- He was an average student in middle school when it struck. He had decent friends and decent grades. When it began, he was excited. There was finally something making his life interesting. He was skilled with a katana, so he survived on his own for a while. Then he met Evan and Natalie. They were the same age as himself, but had much more experience. They could use bows, guns, explosives, you name it, they probably did it. He traveled with them until they found Abandon. After a while, Evan and Natalie left the town to survive in their own. They had never been seen since, leaving Arc on his own.

  3. It's jump in so just go ahead and start RPing.