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    Time after time Elias had talked about escaping this hell hole of a town, but never had he thought this day was going to come. Today was that day. The brisk summer breeze came earlier one June morning, the smell of dew came off the grass as Elias quickly placed his and his sister's bag in his hippie van. Echo, Elias sole sister, would be joining him and the rest of a crew on a journey towards New York in search for better lives. Hopefully they would find them.

    "Hurry." Elias said in hushed tones towards his sister as he reentered his step-father's home.

    This place, despite being his residence for many years now, was no home. The oak paneling on the walls were stained occasionally with blood, his blood, from beatings. Some parts in the hallway wall was broke due to his step-father's anger issues. Life here was no good. The house smelled of stale smoke and beer that was long split on the carpet. The hissing noise of the living room t.v. set filled the background as Elias searched his room for any last things he needed to grabbed. He had everything.

    Picking up the last bag, a dark blue backpack, Elias hurried out the door and to his van where his sister was waiting. The van was full of gas thanks to Elias stealing gas from his step-father's car. Throwing his bag in the back, Elias climbed into the front of the newer Volkswagen bus (aka the hippie van). Looking to his sister, he sighed in relief and started the engine. It was quite loud and Elias hoped that his shitty parents didn't wake.

    "Let's get out of here." With that he pulled out of the back alleyway parking spot and hit the road. Their next stop was the abandoned warehouse parking lot out west of town. The rest of the crew lived near there and would be easier and much faster to pick them up there before hitting the highway.

    Elias silently prayed that each and everyone of them was able to escape without problem. This trip needed to stay as silent as possible.

    Passing through lights the van soon pulled into the parking lot and towards the far wall of the old warehouse stood the three other escape artists that would be joining Elias and Echo on a trip across America. The large sized hippie van came to a stop just in front of the others, driver's side towards them. Rolling down the window, he stuck his head out and smiled.

    "Ready for the adventure of a life time?" He asked them knowing far too well if they could they would have left sooner as well.

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    Today was the day, and as Roxy sat at the top of the half pipe, cigarette in hand, she thought over what they were doing. This would be the last time that she sat here, board in hand, surrounded by some of the people she somehow managed to call friends, at 2am. Most nights this was what she did, sneaking out of her window with her board and a bag, smoking, skating and generally relaxing at the skate park. This would be the one thing she would miss when they left, the smell of smoke, weed and blood all too common in their little hangout.

    After a few hours, she up and left. She had her stuff with her anyway, so she didn’t need to go and sneak back into the house one more time. This was it, the big deal. The day everything would change. She rolled a cigarette as she hopped on her board, her 2 bags flung on her back as she dropped into the half pipe, riding off the side and onto the road, out of the park. It was a decent hour or so ride across town to the abandoned car park, so she would get there just before they were meant to be leaving.

    She got there eventually, and dropped her bags down by the others. Stubbing out the last bit of her most recent cigarette under her shoe, she leaned against the closest wall. A yawn escaped her as she lit another cigarette, taking a long drag whist waiting, a small smile growing on her lips.

    When Elias finally pulled up in the hippie van, she smiled, grabbing her bags as he flung open the door for them. “Took your sweet time, didn’t you?” She smirked, winking as she got into the van, throwing her bags down in the back. She stretched her arms as she took a seat, resting her head back for a little moment. “Let’s get this show on the road!” She exclaimed happily as she grabbed her board, wiping the wheels down with her sleeve.
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    Thankfully for Laine's sake, he didn't really have a hard time escaping. His 'boyfriend', room mate, whatever you'd want to call him, was passed out drunk on the couch by the time Laine came home from 'work', allowing him to change and grab the already packed bags with ease. He slipped out into the night, his heart racing, realizing he was finally free from this hell he had trapped himself in. It was him, his friends, and the road, and he couldn't ask for a better situation.

    He found himself standing in a chilly parking lot on an early June morning, bags next to him, leaning against the wall with his hands shoved in his pockets in a desperate attempt to keep warm. He'd light a cigeratte but he didn't want to risk the warmth of his precious hands, just staring at Roxy with envy as a cigarette dangled from her mouth. "Those things kill, y'know, you should give it to me to save yourself the trouble of lung cancer," He said with a playful smirk, just really desperate for a smoke, until the van pulled up. He raised his head, agreeing with the spunky groan of 'finally!', just grabbing his bags and pushing himself off the wall.

    "I feel like this is some sort of dream, Prince Charming coming to rescue us with his valiant steed," Laine snickered, throwing his bags next to Roxy's and hopping into the van, collapsing with a sigh. He seriously couldn't believe he was doing this. He had wanted his entire life to escape, and now, he was finally doing it. It didn't feel real, and it wouldn't, until they were well on their way and the realization would hit Laine like a freight train.

    He propped himself up, scowling when he saw himself on the reflection of his phone screen, using the back of his sleeve to wipe the glitter off his face and neck, but all it did was spread it even more. "I still can't believe we're doing this," he hummed, more to himself than to anyone else, just filling the silence with his purr of a voice.

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