The Outbreak

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  1. Jamie was seventeen when it happened. On that day, he had been enjoying his final summer before he left for college by sitting with his laptop, browsing through Reddit. On the New page, he saw a new thread. 'Vampire-like creatures have been spotted in many South Carolina towns,' it read. Figuring it was off of the Onion or something, he clicked on it, half-smiling.

    The linked to a news article. Sill thinking it was a joke, he only skimmed it, but then he played the YouTube video that accompanied it. It showed these...monsters, running at people. Their mouths were bulged, as if their teeth were too big for their mouths, their eyes crazed and bloodshot, and their bodes mangled and disfigured. They looked like something out of a SyFy movie, and Jamie again thought it was a joke or a hoax. That was before he saw one of the monsters attack a person, tearing through their chest with clawed hands. He saw bones, heard screams. The camera shook, pointe down at the asphalt of the street, and ten Jamie got the impression that the person was running by the jerkiness of the footage. Then, the camera fell, landing on its side and pointing to a young man, pinned down by one of them. It tore through his chest, and soon the man was silent. Then, the monster broke past his ribs and ripped out the heart, biting into it viciously.

    Jamie turned away, pale and feeling like he might throw up. He grabbed his laptop from the couch, glancing over at his father's bedroom door. The drunk wouldn't know what was happening until tomorrow, at the earliest. He wouldn't notice that Jamie was gone until the weekend. He unplugged his laptop and went to his bedroom. He tossed it and a change of clothes into his backpack, his mind awhirl. He lived in South Carolina.what if his town was one where the vampires were seen? Swallowing thickly, he threw his phone into his bag. Once he was sure he had what he would need, he went to the kitchen and grabbed the keys to his car and a box of cereal. He didn't know why he grabbed it; it was all the food that was in the house, aside from cans of green beans, which he would not touch.

    Heart beating as fast as a rabbit's, he went to the front door. He was not going to stay with his drunk of a father while there were vampires in the state.

    Gotta find Aunt Kay, he thought. His aunt was his father's stable sister, who would know what to do. She lived in Nevada--all the way across the country--but she would know what to do.

    He opened the cupboard beneath the sink, reaching past bottles of cleaner and old glue traps to a small metal box. Inside was Jamie's college fund, around two thousand dollars.

    He shoved it to the bottom of his backpack and ran outside, unlocking his car and throwing his bag into the passenger seat. Starting the car, he drove away in his dark green sedan.

    He needed to get away, and fast. Who knew how close those things were?

    -----Based off of The Before by Emily McKay-----

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  2. Adam Yauch woke up at 5 am, every, single, morning. He was a 50 year old man with a short gray beard. He sat up slowly, looked at the clock and realized he was late, but for what exactly? A minimum wage job at 7-11 that barely got any customers? What was the point? He lay down in bed and turned on the TV. What was on it caught his attention greatly, he sat up eyes wide. *man-eating vampire-like creatures are going crazy all over the eastern shore* A video that had the YouTube symbol in the lower right played, showing people being eaten, the clip ended as soon asone of those things went down for a bite of a pixelated bunch. Damn these edited clips by CNN, he knew there was more. He looked it up on YouTube, after watching, he closed his laptop.

    He slowly walked to his closet, grabbed some clothes and thre them in a travel suitcase. Adam packed several other things as well, Bread, water, first-aid andhis iPod and headphones. "Hello? Mom, Im coming up there, there has been some kind of infectious disease going around, I dont want to get it."
    "Ok honey, Ill be waoting here for you."
    "thanks ,a, be careful, and safe until I get there."

    Adam knew what was going on, he had seen it on TV and in the video games. He got in his new car, and left.
  3. After he had driven a couple miles through town, he pulled over and focused on calming himself down by taking deep breaths. His hands were shaking. Bracing them against the wheel to make them stop, he took out his cellphone, searching through the contacts for the one person who mattered most: Dylan.

    He called him, though he knew that if it wasn't past noon during summer break, he wouldn't be awake. Of course, he didn't answer. Jamie got his voicemail.

    "Hey, baby," he said once he heard the beep. "Things are all going to've gotta see it, on the news or whatever. I'm going to Nevada, where my aunt lives. But if you want to come, meet at the West Branch Park...I'll be there until one. you..." Jamie hung up, and then looked at his phone a long time.

    Once he was ready, he drove to the park, listening to the news on the radio.

    *From what early reports we have, the 'vampires' are people like you and me, but mutated from an experimental treatment for cancer. These people have been seen in Charleston, Rock Hill, and Columbia, but are spreading in all directions. They seem to be impervious to bullets...*

    Another person chimed in. *So they're zombies?*

    Before the first man could answer, Jamie turned off the radio, feeling sick again. He didn't live too far from Columbia. And if those things were spreading, he needed to get Dylan away as soon as possible.

    He pulled into the park, shoulders tense as he surveyed everything, terrified by all that had been happening.
  4. Adam was beggining tothink that this was all a big joke, until he had to pull into th egas station for gas. He pulled up next to the pump and walked up to the door. When he opened the door, a bell rang. 3 people staggered towards him groaning. "Hi, I would like my gas pumped please." But when they reached ligh the saw that they weren't humans at all. The first one tried to grab him, but he grabbed stuff off the shelf and threw it at the thing. he went to the back and got a glass bottle of YooHoo, drank some of it, then broke it over the aisle. he walked over to them and started stabbing them in the chest. They wouldn't die. then a gunshot came through the window and into one of their heads.

    After all of them were dead, someone walked into the store, gun out and pointed. "Come out and let me see your hands!" Adam walked over to him,
    "Please, I just want gas and then I'll leave."
    The guy looked at him like he had snakes crawling out his butt. "Do you even know?"
    "Of the vampire thing? Sort of."
    The man lowered his gun, "we're getting gas, but Im coming along with you, but where you're going is the wrong way my friend."
    "Everything 5 miles from here is infected or burning."
  5. Ethan ran through the streets of South Carolina and sprinted towards West Branch Park. After just witnessing his whole family being killed, the 12-year old had managed to escape those 'things' through a window and rushed to the only park he knew the directions to by memory. He collapsed, terrified and confused, next to a dark green sedan.
  6. Adam and the stranger reached the burning town. "My mom lives here."
    "Not no more pardner, she gone buddy, might as well turn around and forget your momma, I left mine, I kno whow it feels."
    His country accent was rather annoying. All Adam could do was cry. "Come on, let's go, Ill drive." said the country man. They exchanged seats and drove all the way back to the gas station, since Adam was in a rush they didn't have time to gather supplies the first time."Water is the most useful thing, it can be used as a gun suppressor and a refreshment, plus it never goes bad." Adam took his word for it and gathered as many water bottles as he could into the trunk of his car. They took the back seats out for space for chips and non-heatable stuff.
    "I work at a 7-11 in my hometown, I can get us some more stuff."
    "Sounds good, let's go and get out before more of them thangs come." then they set off.
  7. Jamie was waiting in his car, feeling an eerie sense of dread filling him. He had turned on the radio again, despite common sense saying that he sent need to be even more scared. *These things seem to be targeting teenagers, isn't that right, Dr. Pelvenski?*

    *There is no solid evidence...but from witnesses and their reports, the mutated people seem to be, yes. And, only a few of those that are attacked become mutated like them...* Jamie turned off the radio, jumping when he saw a figure running towards his car. Thinking it one of them, he almost turned the key in the ignition, until he saw that it was just a little kid. He reached over, throwing open the passenger side door. "Get in!" he shouted, seeing figures down the road, praying they didn't see them.

    Elsewhere, Dylan had just woken up, thinking that it was still too early to be up. He threw the pillow down over his head, squeezing his eyes shut before he decided to check his phone. He had a message from Jamie. He listened to it, becoming more and more worried as it went on. Not bothering to change out of yesterday's dirty clothes, he went to the front door of his house. His parents weren't morning people either, and were still asleep. Grabbing his cane and hat, he left the house, moving as fast as he could, counting his steps as he walked so he wouldn't get lost.

    Back at his car, Jamie looked around desperately. Hopefully Dylan got his message, and was on his way. Jamie knew he should go pick him up, but if he treated him as anything but normal, then Dylan wouldn't go, no matter what. He had to come by himself. Even if he was blind. "Hurry up!" Jamie growled, to not only Dylan but to the kid and himself.
  8. When they arrived at the 7-11 the police and paramedics were there. They drove up to the store, nobody in site. "Let's go." Adam pushed, "keep the car running doors open just in case." They crossed the Caution tape and stepped inside. They heard crying from the back, they nodded directions to split up to either sides of the store. Adam found the crying man, a police officer who had been bit in the leg. " pssst, over here." Adam called. "He's been bit." The stranger got to them,
    "We have to kill him." he said.
    "NO! PLEASE NO!" begged the cop.
    " shhh! more of them will be attracted! Cover his mouth."
    The cop started squirming and Adam stabbed him with a broken bottle. they took his pistol and ammo, "c'mon, these things are probably all over this place, grab things on the way out" Adam grabbed a bunch of water and bags of chips. The stranger got himself a Slurpee and ransacked the candy aisles. "really?" questioned Adam.
    "Don't be a dickhead now, won't be a long time until we can act like kids again."
    They loaded the car and topped off on gas once again. Wouldn't hurt to find a diesel truck, Adam thought. "What's your name by the way?"
    "Call me Jay."
    "Im Adam." They turned at the same time to see a beast headed towards them, Adam went to stab it but Jay held him back. "What're you doing?"
    "If they're not after us they aren't our problem." The beast was fat and had glasses with a broken lens, it wa sjust wandering the streets that are now empty.
  9. Jumping in the stranger's car, Ethan buckled his seatbelt. "They're coming! GO!" he managed to scream, frantically watching the beasts get closer.
  10. Jamie shook his head. "I can't! I need to wait for Dylan!" Still, he gunned the engine and locked the doors, just in case. As the monsters--vampires, zombies, whatever--got closer, he looked down the road in the other direction, towards where Dylan would come from. The creatures or closer, and Jamie got more and more worried. Then, he saw him. Feeling relief washing through him, he let out a sigh before saying to the kid, "I'll be right back..."

    He ran from the car, sprinting towards his boyfriend. Thank God he was alright! As soon as he reached him, Jamie wrapped him in his arms, startling him. "Hey..." Dylan said, his pale blue eyes focused on a spot just above Jamie's head. "What's happening?"

    "I'll explain on the way. But right now we need to go!" He grabbed Dylan's hand, leading him back to his car. While he jumped in, it took Dylan a while to get the door opened, having to feel for the handle. But once he had the door shut, Jamie had raced down the street, just as the first of the monsters reached where his car had been.

    Easily, Jamie drove to a nearby 7-11, knowing that they needed food. Outside was a running vehicle, two men, and one of the monsters, which turned the moment it hear the car. Immediately, Jamie felt himself getting covered in a cold sweat. How was he going to do this?
  11. Before Adam back up to get into the car anothe rone came down the road and stopped. Adam raised his gun to shoot the monster that was now headed towards the newly approached car. "Only one shot to give, make it work." Adam whispered to himself.
    "If you even dare shoot that gun, Im leaving ya here."
    Adam didn't answer back, instead, he pulled the hammer back. and fired, he hit the zombie in the back of the head and watched it fall. When he heard Jay pulling out he turned the gun on him. Then fired again, hitting Jay in the stomach. The car stopped and he ran to it. When he got to it Jay was hunched over wincing in pain. "I wasn't letting you leave with the gas and supplies, not in my car." He aimed the gun at his head, and fired.

    Adam then approached the vehicle that pulled up. "Is everybody here okay?"
  12. Jamie looked at the man with mistrust and fear in his grey eyes. Dylan, in the backseat, hating to be left out of things, put on a self-assured smirk and looked at the new voice, or where he thought it was--to the left of the man's head. "You just killed that guy," Jamie said, about to just drive off. "Have you completely lost your mind? This isn't the apocalypse!!"

    Dylan unhelpfully said, "It's not? From what you told me on the phone it was."

    Jamie ignored him and continued. "Why? Why would you just kill someone like that? Like it's nothing?!" He ran a hand through his hair, certain that this man was mad and that he should just find another gas station.
  13. "He started driving away with my car and my supplies, he killed my mother by burning the town down. Payback is a bitch. If you want supplies there are a lot of those things in there, I can help you clear them out, but it won't be easy." Adam turned around and took Jay out of his car and pulled back up to the gas pump.
  14. Jamie stared at the man in shock. His eyebrows pressed together, he glanced over at the kid, biting the inside of his cheek. "What do you think?" he asked him, still shaking. He looked over at the man, and heard Dylan saying, "Jamie...we need the stuff. Who knows how the rest of the world is?" Even though Dylan couldn't see him, Jamie nodded. He stuck his head out the window. "Wait...we Please..."
  15. Annabelle stumbled down the streets of South Carolina. She was dizzy from hunger. She couldn't remember the last time she ate. Her loose fitted sweater was covered in blood. She wasn't too sure if it was hers or theirs. She didnt really care either. She wore a skirt, knee high socks, and combat boots. Her hair was tied up in a loose bun. Annabelle was from Florida originally. Actually she was from the town that this strange virus, mutation thing came from. She dragged a pick axe behind her along the road. She had stolen it from a nieghbors shed. She fought hard to get here and she wasn't stopping now.
    "Food....gotta get..some food." She mumbled to herself. She saw what looked like a 7-11 in the distance. Hope flew inside of her. "Please dont be a mirage." She whispered speeding up her steps. She ducked behind the dumpster as she saw two vehicles outside. You could never be too careful.
    Annabelle slunk foreward around the corner to get a better view. People! Uninfected! Finally! She wasn't sure how long it had been since she had seen another normal face. She wasn't sure how to make her presence known with out getting shot. She had seen the gun in the mans hand along with the body of another stranger sprawled, still bleeding on the pavement.
    Annabelle stayed where she was but called out to the others. "Hey! Don't shoot okay!"
  16. The people said they needed supplies. "Fill up on gas, I clear out the gas station and call you inside when it's clear." Adam was walking to the stoor when he heard a female voice call out, "Hey! Dont shoot okay!" Adam reacted and pointed the gun in the direction of the voice. "Come out! Where are you?!"
  17. "Put the gun down and I'll come out!" Annabelle replied waiting for the sound of metal hitting pavement. She had traveled so far and she was not going to die now. Not at the hands of some trigger happy man.
  18. He lowered the gun, "come out hands up! we can't risk our supplies and lives over some girl that might have a gun."
  19. Annabelle slowly walked out from behind the building. Her hands were up, pick axe hanging upside down, loosely from her hand. "I'm just getting food is all...just need some food." She explained. It was clear she hadn't eaten in a while. Her skin was pale and she looked like she was weakening. "Once I get what I need I'll leave." She compromised. She wasnt sure who these men were but she would say whatever they needed to hear to get what she needed.
  20. The girl came out with a pick axe in her hand dangling upside down, sh ejust wanted food. Adam turned back to the other two. "We should let her join us."