The Outbreak Nation: Zombie Apocalypse

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    In Manchester, England. A virus went pendemic all over the nation, that the scientest invented and tested on soldiers. One of the soldiers name, Pvt. Allen Collins, refused to become a puppet and wanted to resign from the military but instead the Board of Commison, poisoned Pvt. Collins food, and used him for the experiment called The XVT-Virus. Once started and was injected with the virus, Pvt. Collin suddenly woke up during the middle of the prosedure with a horride scream and tried to break out of his restraints. One of the scientests tried to cover the soldier and was immediately attacked and was torn apart by the once human soldier. The infected soldier, along the people he infected, ran and chased everyone on the Base. They screamed and jumped on the other soldiers and tore them about with their sharp teeth. There was nothing the soldiers could do but run, hide and try to defend off the infect people.

    In the hospital on the Military base, hooked up to an IV and half-naked on the bed with bandages rapped on your arms and your shoulder. Lights are flickering in the room and everything is dead slient with a cold chill of dark and death.

    Name: Clu Fix
    Height: 5'7"
    Body Type: Atheletic
    Gender: Male
    Born: January 30, 1993
    Bio: Born in Manchester, England, raced by his Aunt named Aunt Elise, child hood wasn't all that good for him, lost his mum in a car accident, father ran off on him when he was 4 years old, joined the military at the age of 18 and is a Sergent Major in the 36th and Echo Company, Sniper and Infantry Squad.

    48 Hours After The Outbreak.

    Clu Fix suddenly woke up with a serious headache and severe odor. He looks around and doesn't realize where he is at, he looks down and see's all these tubes in his body and a bandage rapped around his arm and on his shoulder, the first thing that popped up in his mind was "What the fuck is all this?". He sits up and a sharp pain shoots to his shoulder and he muffled a slight scream of pain, he grabs his shoulder and rubs lightly. He starts to pull of the tubes and tries to get up but instead falls and hits his face on a table and lays flat on the floor. "AH FUCKING SHIT!" he screams as he tries to get back up. He feels weak and hungry and his legs feel very numb, he looks around while still on the ground and spots a backpack that has his name on, he starts crawling as steadily as possible, moving things out of his way to get to his bag. He finally gets to his backpack and reaches for the bag, grabs it and pulls it down, not knowing that the bag is open and a Soda falls and lands on his face. "Son of a....*sighs* can this day get any worse than right now?!". He grabs the Soda, opens it and starts chugging it, feeling the burn running down is throat, the liquid drips from his lips and down his cheek. "AHHHH...that was good...what's that?". He looks in his bag and pulls out a folder, as he gains his strength he gets up and sits on a chair, he opens the folder and begins to scan the papers inside. "XVT-Virus?" he says ciriously still fliping throught the pages.
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  2. Name: Eclipse Moon

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 189

    Body type: Brawny

    Gender: Male

    Born: Decembder 10, 1992

    Age: 21

    Bio: Being lifted into Manchester From the U.S he would be told to eradicate anything that moves. He accepted this mission just as well the responseibility of finding surviveors.

    After the chopper had left he would look around the now eirily quiet base, he would draw his K12 semi automatic pistole from it's holster just as he began to scan the area he is in. " Looks like nouthing is here.... It's just way to quiet...... " Just as he said that a infected would jump out from behind a corner, he would raise his pistole towards the undead freak he would aim straight for it's head as he pulled off a couple of rounds bothe hitting it square in the face dropping it right there, blood falling from the back of it's head laying there twitching uncontrollably.
  3. After discovering the bag, Clu Fix heard several noises, that sounded like gun shots "BOOM BOOM! BOOM BOOM!", "What the hell was that?" Clu Fix exclaimed walking toward the window, he pulled the curtain to the side and looked around outside but sAW nothing. Clu Fix turns around, walks to the backpack and picks it up. He walks over to the door and looks out through the window of the door, and sees nothing still just lights flickering, things all over the floor, "I think....yeah....I should bring some sort of weapon....uhhmm..AHHHAHA!". Clu Fix grabs this knife from under the bed on the floor, and walks toward the door and turns the door knob and counts to 3 with his eyes closed.."1....2....3....GO!". He pushes the door wide open, with the knife raised high above his head but nothing happened, "Where is everyone? What happened here?" He walked silently along looking to see if he can find anyone around luck so far, he walks toward this stair rail, looks over and looks around and spots the person dressed in a MP (Military Police) Uniform just walking around, slouched over, dragging his feet. "Hey sir!" Clu Fix yells while running down the stairs and runs toward the MP and stops to catch his breathe, "Thanks god! I though I was alone in this place. Do you know wha....". Clu Fix stops talking as the MP turns around to face Clu Fix, the MP wasn't just not ordinary MP but he was infected, "What the fuck?" Clu Fix said under his breathe, steping back from the infected MP "Sir? Are you ok?" said Clu Fix trying to keep his distance from the infected, the infected lunched at Clu Fix and Clu Fix swung his bag and hit him across the face and the infected fell on the floor, Clu Fix looks at the MP "Sir?" he gently walks toward the MP that is on the floor, he lightly kicks him with his boot, the infected jumps up with a scream and grabs his boot and Clu Fix falls to the floor "LET GO, SIR! FUCKING LETTING ME GO NOW!!" Trying to strugle away from the infected MP Clu Fix draws out his knife and starts stabbing the MP in the hand, body, arms etc but not dying "What the fuck aren't you dying!" The all of the sudden he remembers this movie Shawn Of The Dead and 28 Days Later, and lunches the knife above his head and aims for the infected MP's head and swings down into its head and the MP suddenly stops moving. Laying there on the floor covered in some blood from the infected MP, Clu Fix gets up and checks himself off to see if he his ok "No bites, no scratches, we're good!" he said batting himself down. He stares at the MP and sees a .45 and 8 clips on the MP and a M4A1 with clips as well with a big green military bag full of stuff with it. Clu Fix grabs the weapons straps it to his belt picked up the M4A1 and the bag and walked out the door and started searching for survivors. "First I need to see where the gun shots went off at."
  4. Eclipse would kick the now redead body over to check for any supplies. " Nope none right yet. " he would say as he would keep goinf he would spot a lone walking what seems to be human. " HEY! YOU!! " He yelled as he would look around to see if the coast was clear of any walking dead..
  5. "HEY! YOU!" Clu Fix heard from afar, he stopped in mid step and scanned the area and saw someone walking toward him. His first reaction was thinking that his mind is playing tricks on him so he ran and hid behind a car with his rifle on the hud pointed at the moving person "STOP! OR I WILL FIRE! STOP AND GET ON THE FLOOR WITH YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD!" screamed Clu Fix with worry of what is yet to come. But it wasn't stopping so he yelled one more time, "I SAID STOP FUCKING MOVING OR I WILL KILL YOU!"
  6. Eclipse ducked down behind a lone dumpster as he yelled out, "I'M A FREINDLY I MEAN YOU NO HARM I'M JUST HERE TO SEE IF I CAN FIND ANY SURVIVORS AND ERADICATE THE INFECTION!!" Eclipse poked his head out from behind the dumpster with his pistol drawn and ready to fire if necesary.
  7. "STOP! OR I WILL SHOOT!" He yelled with nervousness, "I'M A FREINDLY I MEAN YOU NO HARM I'M JUST HERE TO SEE IF I CAN FIND ANY SURVIVORS AND ERADICATE THE INFECTION!!" said the unkown man. Clu-Fix sighed in relief think that he was the only one still in Manchester alive. "Son of a bitch! I almost killed you!" He got up from under the car and started hustling to the unknown man. The male didn't seem like he was from around here, he was brawny build, about 6'1", in his early 20s, equiped with a K12 Semi-Auto Pistol with about 5 clips on his belt, "Shit, dude! *sighin* what the hell is going on around here? Where is everybody?"
  8. Eclipse looked around just incase any of the infected decided to run out at this time. "Well they are either dead or dieing due to the virus that was released into the air by some dumbfuck." He would say to the what looks to be military soldier. " All I know is I accepted this mission so I can go home early. " He then holsterd his weapon as he would pick up his Nano-Com that seemed to be hooked to his ear, " One survivor found sir! Age around early 20's, atheletic build, height 5'7", weighs around 170-180 pounds, must be a military soldier here in Manchester, sir!" I have allready made contact with the infected adn they are hostile! I reapeat they are hostile! "
  9. As he stands there listening to the guy talk on his Nano-Com, realizing that the unknown male is American, turns around and starts tredding along the road searching around and scanning the streets,. buildings, everything but sees nothing as usual. Clu-Fix sits down on the side of the road wondering and talking to himself "Where's mum, my girlfriend...are they gone? Could they be dead or like those things now?" A little tear slides slowly down his cheek, but trying to hide it so the American can't see him shed a tear and found out that he's weak and not strong. The American stops talking on the Com and turns toward Clu-Fix so he gets up and wipes his face off and starts walking toward the American.
  10. " You have any family or significant others you would like to see if their ok? " He said as he looked to the Solider. " Oh by the way im Srgt. Eclipse of the 34th battalion Bravo team. Well not really a team when it's just me. And you are? "
  11. "I'm Sergent Major. Clu Fix of the 36th and Echo Company, Sniper and Infantry Squad. it's family lives in the heart on England which would be London, England in the city. I'm sure they are ok..." says Clu Fix trying to hide the concern look in his eyes. And turns around and walks the other way "Where to next Sarge?"
  12. " I have to clear out this area before i can move on so if you would like to you can help me. " He said as he drew his weapon once more checking his ammunition and his clips on his belt. " Allright i'm set and ready you need anything? "
  13. Name: Yvonne "Eve" Jundter
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: "That's a dumb question..."
    Body type: Healthy, strong, thick, curvy
    Gender: Female
    Born: November 30, 1993
    Age: 19
    Bio: After everyone started freaking out and eating each other's faces (and NOT in the "hey I wanna have your babies let's make out" kind of way), she seeked refuge, finding it in an abandoned warehouse which she made zombie-proof and turned into a fortress, underground tunnels leading to and from necessity suppliers (super markets, army surplus stores, etc.). She put out a radio signal every day, hoping that radios still worked, telling any survivors her location and hoping she wasn't alone.

    She sat alone in the corner of her warehouse at the short table, a teaset set out and organized and she hummed gently, passing time with tied-up incarcerated zombies at each seat. She smiled politely, pouring a grey-ish tea into each of their cups and setting out plates of black lumps of cookies. She spoke to each of them, her loneliness making her hallucinate a bit. She hated being alone. She hated it with a passion. If she had no one to be around, it made her go a bit insane, and being absolutely isolated for more than 2 days just made her lose it a bit. She wasn't completely gone, she still knew what was what, who was who and who to shoot, she just missed having people to talk to. The loneliness scared her. She had put out her radio advertisement again today on every wave frequency, wishing someone would hear, wishing it would get through to anyone. She was tired of Zombie Tea Parties.
  14. Name: Corvo Zulu
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 150
    Body type: muscular, thin, athletic
    Born: August 3rd, 1996
    Age: 16
    Bio: Corvo was born in the outback of Australia. He was trained spiritually and mentally, then after gaining status and knowledge from city folk he flew to America, where he was immediately taken into the government to be highly trained as a spy and a hitman assassin. He was sent to Asian countries and cities, to deal with gangs and terrorists. Most recently he was sent to Manchester, England to see what he could find out on the super soldier project they were doing, to see if he could record whatever they had going on to use on American soldiers. It was a blur to him what happened since the outbreak, but he was landed in the hospital completely unconscious.

    Corvo awoke with a startle. "The hell....." he said to himself. He seemed to be in a hospital, but where was everyone. He noticed the needles that were stuck in him and immediately yanked them out. He flexed his muscles to make sure that they were still completely accessible. He rolled out of the bed, and landed on the floor. He wobbled to stand due to how weak he was. He made the assumption that he must've been in this hospital for days to be this weak. He immediately looked for weapons. He knew that something had landed him in this hospital and he was almost positive he would probably have to fight it shortly. He got up and looked around pulling drawers open. He found a few needles, which would work perfectly for makeshift knives. He then found scissors which would be even better. He tucked the needles neatly in his pockets so he wouldn't stab himself while trying to take them out. He kept the scissors in his hand and slowly opened the door. He was urged to yell and ask if anyone was there, but that wouldn't be the smartest thing to do at the moment. He held the scissors tightly and moved down the corridor in a crouch.
  15. Name: Kate Rasti, but friends call her Jay.
    Age: 16
    Height: 5' 6''
    Weight: 125
    Body: Muscular, skinny
    Bio: Kate is a young girl who can shoot almost any gun, but favors the sniper's rifle. Her dad used to be in the military, and kept many guns, knives, and other things around the house. When everyone started to turn into walking dead creatures and infected her father, she took all she could and ran. Even though she was born in the U.S., she was nothing like them. She keeps to herself mostly. She has jet black hair and deep blue eyes. She loves to be outside, and is very tanned. She is now on top of an old military base, shooting anything that had fury in it's eyes and moved. She had been visiting England to say hi to her mom, but when she got there, the infection had taken over almost everything, so she took refuge here.

    "One down, ninety nine hundred, ninety nine trillion left to go." She mumbled to herself as she shot a bullet straight through a middle-aged man's head. "If only I could find someone else." Her radio buzzed, but she figured it was another robot talking about a safe place, so she ignored it. She heard voices and flipped her scope around. Two men where talking on the other side of the wall. "Survivors..." she breathed. Excited, she forgot to check behind her. A low growl surprised her, and she dropped her gun. It hit the ground with a loud clang. She flipped around and saw a half-starved dog eyeing her hungrily. She smirked. Another little dog. She pulled her knife as it charged at her, and she missed. It caught her shoulder, it's teeth sinking into her armor. She struggled as it dragged her towards a ramp down to the ground. 'At least it doesn't have my skin...' she thought as she grabbed her bag when the dog dragged her past it. She pulled out a flare and lit it, scaring the dog away. Satisfied, she went and picked up her rifle, then threw the flare behind her. Then, with a cautious hand on the trigger, she got to her knees and scanned the area. All she could see was the two men.
  16. Name:Lyle Konliss
    Body type:Skinny
    Backstory:Regular unique set of skills except engineering and a scruffy dog.
    Appearance:about 5'9 brown scruffy hair,dirty clothes,dirty shoes. green eyes.

    Lyle sat at his dead mother's feet. She was shot by the police or something. Lyle kneeled down and gave her a kiss. He wasn't afraid of her turning. Since there was a bullet in her noggin lyle knew she was gone. He stood and wiped a tear from his face. He checked his bagpack and whistled for his dog. Sire was brown German shepard. He was fully grown and still very young. Sire came running to Lyle licking his face and jumping. Lyle heard gunshots and qucikly ducked.. The boy hid under one of the hospital beds gripping his beloved dog tight.
  17. Kate decided to check her surroundings before confronting the two men. She opened the door to the building, only to find all the dead bodies she had forgotten about. Cautiously, she stepped around them and walked in. Her shoulder hurt, but there was no cut or bite, not even a scratch. 'That stupid dog probably popped it out of joint.' She thought as She called out, "Hello? Anyone who isn't a walking zombie creature?" 'No one's going to answer, quit asking.' she thought to herself. She walked forward, then stopped. Something was out of place. She clicked her gun to it's holster on her back and unlocked her knife from its holster for easy reach. "Hello? If your a survivor, please say something. Anything that shows your not infected." She squatted down, hoping not to scare whoever might be there, yet still be ready in case her visitor wasn't human.
  18. Lyle held his breath as someone entered. Sire wagged his tail excitedly wanting human contact. He grabbed Sire and held him close. Once he realized the person was friendly he crawled out and whispered. "Over here." He beckoned sire to come as he stepped towards the girl. He held his hands up in defence. Sire growled loudly at the girl.

    "Easy Boy..."
  19. Name: Lorenzo DeRosier
    Age: 21
    Hieght: 5'4"
    Wieght: 140 lbs
    Body Type: Average for someone with his situation
    Date of Birth: April 10, 1991

    Bio: Not many know anything about his past as he is quiet and keeps to himself, but he prefers it that way. He keeps his talents with weapons a secret, though he prefers daggers, katanas, and snipers.

    "Why are there so many of them already, the outbreak here has just begun but it's like these people have been like this for years." He swiftly cut the group trying to cirlce him down with his katana, and began to run for the outskirts of town. He was alone, everyone he knew and cared about were gone, zombified monsters he had to rekill. As he reached the outskirts of town he rememberd, "Hey there's a store with a old ham radio that still works. Even though I'm not a people person, I have to get help and maybe save a few people in the process." So he got to the store and over the radio he said, "Anyone out there, I am here to help, if you can here my voice reply back and I will get to you as fast as I can."
  20. "Oh, hi." Kate stood back up and gave a slight wave. "I'm Kate. Are you ok?" She gave a smile, hoping not to scare the kid away.She felt her radio buzz again, and this time pick it up. An unidentified voice came over, "Anyone out there, I am here to help, if you can here my voice reply back and I will get to you as fast as I can." Kate's heart skipped a beat. Someone out there has another radio! "Yes, this is Kate Rasti. As far as I know, we are not in need of assistance. I am here with a young boy, a dog, and two men who have no idea we are here, at least as far as I know, outside. If you like the idea, you can come here and join us, team up. Over and out." She clipped a small device to here ear to transmit any more messages to her ear instead of the handheld radio. She walked over to the boy and pat his dog. "Nice dog."
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