The Outbreak Nation: The Untold Story

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  1. This is the untold story of my first rp. Which...sadly died. But, I'm bringing it back and starting over. It's going to be bigger, more badass, more gore, more romance, jealousy. More everything. Link to my very first one: The Outbreak Nation: Zombie Apocalypse |

    The New IC: Outbreak Nation: The Untold Story

    It's the year 2014, March 15. Our world gets taken over in a week.We know nothing of it. But...we aren't human...we are mankinds only chance for survival. My name is Liam Coltson, I'm a what you call a Hybrid, for those who don't know what it is, I'm a mixture of Vampire, Demon God and Human. I'm the strongest and the fastest of my kind. I'm calling on all survivors to meet me everyday at noon, nearly the docks near the Manhattan Bridge. I have food, water, and shelter. I will not harm you.

    Hi, I'm Dark Guardian. You're master of emotions and horror and romance. This is a brand new chapter of my first rp. Ok, this is what I need, I need at least 10 people, four, including mine is the main characters. Their is no god mods or anything, no competing with anyone, no changing names and taking control. You want to do something pm me first. I'm not strict, lets have fun and kill some zombies and possibly other people. Oh and you can cuss too just not to the point it's in the mature section. Hope y'all enjoy and agree! :) oh and in order be a hybrid you have to ask me.
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  2. (Looks nice, i will consider joining this)
  3. Hey, you don't need to use this phrases. It's not am actual IC thread. It's a plot and discussion haha. so do you wanna?
  4. So this is like a part 2? The part 2 you've been saying you were going to make how many months ago :P
    I would like to join in, if I may.
    This time I'm back on Iwaku, for sure this time (I know I kept saying that when I was on and off..but I'm serious this time..probably xD)
    Also lets not let this rp die because I really enjoyed the last one. And I have few questions. Your incorporating hybrids into this part, does that mean that any types of hybrids or any fantasy characters are allowed into this? Are you only including vampire/human god hybrids? and, Are you the only one that can be a hybrid?
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  5. Oh my god! *tackle hugs you* Aaahhhhhhh!!! Yes yes! You are so joining! Any type of character you can be. And I've chosen you as one of the main characters so you can be a hybrid. I've missed you so much!! Oh and no, couldn't finish the last one so I'm starting a brand new chapter :)
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  6. Ahah what a greeting :P *hugs back* Thank you, I missed you too!
    Yay a main character! So then I would like my charcter to be half human and half vampire.
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  7. You've gained my attention.
  8. Yay!!!! Then she's granted! Put up a CS and everything hear :) and Kijn.....JOIN JOIN! \^-^/ you'd like it. My first one was really good. Ask my long lost friend :)
  9. Do you happen to have a CS outline?
  10. Sure.
    Everything and anything :)
    Oh oh! And what you are.
  11. And one more thing, just so I have everything right. For Appearance, will you allow pictures, or do you want text? If it's pictures, what kind?
  12. Hun, use any kind of pictures. You can use text and pictures if you want. PM me, I have a special roll for you.
  13. ok I'll have my CS up soon :)
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  14. Name: Amelia Renier

    Age: 19

    Species: half human/half vampire (hybrid)

    Bio: Amelia grew up knowing that she was different than most children, she was stronger, faster, and craved for different things. She had a very privileged childhood, her parents were both scientists so while growing up Amelia had everything and anything she wanted. She never really got to see much of them because they we always so busy with work, which led to her being introduced to the street life and the hangouts.

    She immediately found a group of people who noticed her abilities that were similar to theirs, instead of pushing her aside like her parents and other people her age, she quickly became part of their group. Once her parents found out that she was hanging with other hybrids, they forbid her from ever seeing them.

    This seemed suspicious to Amelia and wondered why her parents did that. To her it felt like they were keeping a secret or trying to prevent her from finding something out that her parents never told her before. So in secret she met up with the other hybrids and tried to find out what her parents were hiding. Most of the time it was hard to sneak around considering her father was a vampire, but she somehow managed once and awhile. As soon as she gets closer to finding out the mysteries hidden within her family, the world gets taken over.

    Personality: She seems to be an ignorant person by assuming that her ideals are better than anyone. She only thinks that way because she thinks logically, only thinking about the best possible outcomes of things. Amelia is also stubborn, sarcastic and intelligent.

    Powers: She can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. By itself, darkness is mostly used to cloud everything into total darkness, she can access a dimension of dark energy that can be channeled to a variety of effects, both as an absence of light and a solid substance: she can also control and manipulate the beings that exist there, create and dispel shields and areas of total darkness, create a variety of constructs and weapons, and teleport herself through massive distances via shadows.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
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  15. Ohhhhh, Liam is going to love her. Just wait till I make my CS ;)
  16. Lemme give this a try! :P


    Born to a rather clean familly, She was always playing in a white cubed room, probing at different instruments and marveling at the plants her parents bought. Her parents had the nasty habit of probing her with various needles and the like when's she's sleeping, watched endearingly at her at a distance and never turned off the lights. Despite these odd habits, She could tell her parents only wanted her to be safe. Sometimes, they allowed her to play outside in a boxed pool for an 1 hour. Exciting!

    The world became the cube, a predictable but comforting atmosphere that she has lived in for all her life. Until one day, the color of the "world" ceased to exist. White was not her friend that day. Instead, black murdered and strangled white to become her new friend.

    She did not like this.

    Days passed, she was hungry. She realized that her parents had gone somewhere. But where? What is there there to this world?

    A month later, desperation pulled her heart and she decided to step outside into this "other" world.


    Surprisingly clean appearance, white bob hair cut and you guessed it, really pale skin. Freckles on her face but a sharp pair of eyes. Blue ones.

    Everything and anything :)
    Personality? Extremely curious and passionate about learning the different properties that makes up plants. Not easily shocked
    Cautious of other people
    Childish in a way
    Not that intelligent yet, but getting there.
    Fear of the color black
    (Thinking about expanding, but I guess this is good I guess?)

    Oh oh! And what you are.
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  17. Hmmmmm..........*thinks*! <3
  18. It's not done yet, I'll finish it later. :) But let me know if it's okay.
    EDIT: Okay, it's done now.

    Name: Lucy
    Age: 19
    Species: Half human/Half succubus
    Bio: Lucy is the complete opposite of a succubus. She's shy, quiet and terrible in social interactions. She usually tries to stay away from people because of that. Due to the fact that she cannot do anything that a succubus can do they treated her as an outcast. No one would care for her or even talk to her. Eventually she grew up to realize she was always going to be alone and left her home. She learned how to keep herself alive though still has no place to live. She wanders around and tries to stay away from any other people. She thought at first that if she learned how to be a better succubus her kind would accept her, so she tried yet she's still to terrified of people to even use any of her abilities.
    Appearance: Lucy has short red hair that ends a little below her chin with messy bangs. Her eyes are green. She is short and skinny, making her look younger than what she is. She wears a tank top under a long sleeve shirt that is too large for her, it usually shows some of her shoulder. She has on a skirt and boots with buckles.
    Extra: Lucy is shy and scared of a lot of thing but she seems to have some bravery, after all she got the courage to leave her home. She is also very smart though her childish persona sometimes makes people believe she isn't.
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  19. So when will we start?
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