The Other World.

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  1. In a magical world of Langel. Where there was hope and peace. Children would play and dance. But everything changed on that unforgetful day. The day when the monsters majini came they destroyed the light in the world. And now darkness has come.The monsters looked different. Some were tall even taller than the Volentani a lot taller. Some breath fire some just ripped you apart. Tall short they would kill you with in a hart beat. Some are in the sky and ice. Some are in the earth in the sea as well. It’s hard to tell when one would kill you know. That’s when they have the warrior from the other realm they were told to be powerful then the monsters. They had a warrior but he did not make it. Now it was time for a new warrior and this time. They hope he would save the world. This time they will not fail. And the queens daughter is going to make sure of it.
    the monsters:
    Pics from Onehundred-Monsters
  2. A full year of preparation has finally lead to the journey that would bring peace back to the world. The human warrior known as jasik has been sent to Langel in an attempt to help the valentani fight back against the majini and take back their world.
  3. Chi. the soon to be queen of the Valentain. there maybe -now there is- hope for them. for the new worrior is coming and they will help them. It was something the Princess will see for herself or may it be the last. she was coming with him even queen said no. the princess waited for the warrior when in the thron room. she was wearing an earth like dress that looked like a part of her and the ground her dark hair her eyes golden sky blue.
  4. Jasik made his way quickly through the thick jungle areas toward where he was told he would meet the soon queen. So far he had avoided why encounters with any majini creatures and he hoped to keep it that way.
  5. Chi notice something coming she ready herself for a fight. she turned to see its just the warroir. "What the manhan (haven). you scared me boy." she glared at him with hate. she didnt like humens very much but if there here there here. she just wished she didnt have to bee here with a boy worroir but she just want to see this done and done right.
  6. Jasik gave the chi a polite bow. ”I apologize, I didn't mean to startle you” he said and have a soft smile. ”My name is jasik, i'm here to help you take back your world. Now, how may I be of assistance”
  7. well first off dont bow i hate that" she said with a small pout and blush. "and you need your rest there is a long road ahade of us." she said with a frown. she walked him over to a tree and she jumped with no problem to the top of the branch. "you coming Human" she said with a smirk looking back at him.
  8. ”Right behind you” jasik said running up the side of the tree and pulling himself onto the branch. ”lead the way”
  9. she turned around and starts to jump higher so she can get a better run to the next branch. "You're going to have a hard time following good luck with me." she said and ran to the edge of the branch and jump to the big rock next to the tree. "come on keep up I don't need a human holding me back" she called out to him. the rock would be hard to climb so the only thing was left to jump from the tree top. "by the way if you fell down your dead from the height you would die so sorry if you fall" she said with an evil smirk. she was not going to make this easy for the warrior.
  10. Jasik ran and did a power swing off of a branch toward the big rock. His feet slipped from the side of the rock and left him hanging with one arm looking down at the long distance from his current position to death below. He swung his other arm ontop the rock and pulled himself over. ”That's one hell of a distance” he said giving a small laugh
  11. Not really" she said then walks away to show him where they where needed. "see thoughs dark cloud that is where we are need well You are need anyways" she said with a dark smile. "lets just hope you dont die on the way there but i wouldnt really care if you did die and i would think ths was just for nothing." she turns to him with a frown. "so dont fail"
  12. Jasik nodded at her and felt his competitiveness taking over. ”Lets do this” he said looking out toward the dark clouds. ”Ready when you are”
  13. just ry to keep up, Human" she jumps up to a tree near by with easy and turns around to see the tree is to far for him to jump. "you think youll make it"
  14. Jasik saw that the tree was way too far for him to jump to. ”I'll meet you there” he said looking down at a river far below him. He stood on the edge of the rock, spread his arms, and did an Angel's dive off of the rock
  15. very wired human. she jumps down from branch to branch meeting him on the ground. "human are you alright?"
  16. Jasik plunged deep into the water below, he could see many small fish creatures swimming around him. He looked up at the surface and swam up. He climbed onto shore and began heading toward the dark clouds
  17. hes alive" she said and follow him she couldnt run as fast as she could because she would have lost the human by the time she even started. "humans are so slow" she said out loud. she didnt see it coming one minet she was running the next flying. a majini hit her. and it was one of the the earth ones. "Watch out earth has abiltys this one has posien in it" she said she hold on to her side wich was bleeding. "dont let it touch you" she said.
  18. Jasik pulled a duel bladed sword and small pistol. ”Come on!” He yelled at it to draw it away from chi. He shot it twice in the torso then charged it with his sword
  19. She was shocked at the human. "Stupid" she said softly to herself. the monster charged at him as well.
  20. Jasik stabbed the creature through it's stomach then pulled the blade through it's back. As it fell to it's knees, he out the gun to it's head and pulled the trigger
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