The Other Sister

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  1. The Dorton Mansion was really being put through hell that evening as pretty Pamela, oldest daughter to Michael Dorton at age 22, went around screaming orders at the maids, butlers, and even the kitchen staff. She wanted to make sure that dinner that night was going to be absolutely perfect for the company she had invited to dine with her and her family and would excuse no screw ups or even any potential for a screw up.

    "No, no, NO! I wanted the pure silver utensils! We can't have our guest eating like some second class family! Go and fetch the silver and don't you dare come back unless you have the right ones! I don't want to see a single stain on this white table cloth! Everything has to be perfect! If there is even one thing out of place, I will see to it that you are all FIRED!"

    The maids and servants that were in attendance quickly scattered at the threat, a pretty young woman with creamy pale skin, golden blond hair and shimmering blue eyes sighing in agitation at the staff. Pamela narrowed her eyes, the smokey blue eye-shadow making them appear sultry and seductive and ran her fingers through her blond locks.

    "Tonight...will be perfect," she muttered to herself, her eyes suddenly taking on a predatory shine at the thought of the handsome man that will be gracing her house with his presence shortly.
  2. Meanwhile, in a nice car on the way to its destination, a young man of 21 was looking out of a window. His midnight blue eyes showed worry as he had a cellphone up to his ear. "Tell me why I have to do this again Dad?" -"It's for the best. Sorry I couldn't be there to help out, the company's pushing to have you and your sister take up social events for influence despite the fact that Terminal is popular only in the IT relm of business."- Went the noticable aged voice of the young man's father over the phone. The mocha skinned male sighed at his father's explination.

    "I can tell that this is going to be a massive pain in the ass." Just then, he instinctivly put a hand up to cover his left eye in pain. "Sorry bout that, slight pains." -"How bad?"- "It wasn't too bad, just a slight ache." Allen Seiei said while moving his from the covered eye, showing a scar that ran down it. "No worries, I'll be ok." -"Allright. Anywho, I gotta go. Call me if you need a ride home."- "Will do. Later days." With that, he hung up the phone and stuck it inside his trench coat pocket. With a sigh, he rolled his neck around as they reached their destination.

    The driver let him out and he went up to the door of the mansion. "Well, lets get this show on the road." With that, he rang the doorbell.
  3. Pamela perked up at the sound of the doorbell ringing, squealing quiet as her excitement hit the roof. He was here, he was finally here! The man of her dreams! The prince she's been waiting for and knew she deserved! She scuttled over to the parlor in her 5 inch heels, stopping to smooth down her pretty yellow cocktail dress before straightening up and approaching the door just as a butler opened it to invite their guest in.

    "Allen, I'm so glad you could make it!" she greeted the young, handsome man as she shooed the butler away and stood in front of her guest, taking his hands in hers and leading him inside, "Welcome to our home! My father and stepmother will be very happy to see you."
  4. Allen smiled as she led him inside towards her destination. Even though she seemed energetic, he always somewhat liked that side of her. "At first, I thought I got the wrong address..." He said like it was much of a joke to him. To be honest, he expected a large house but a mansion was kinda over the top. Nonetheless, it was a nice place. However, that's not why he was he was nervous. Meeting the parents? Though they did arrange for it for awhile now, it was just the fact that......

    Wait, what was it? With a hidden sigh, he put that thought in the back of his mind and concentrated on the trial ahead. Yes, the trial all couples (either about to be or already one) had to face: Meeting the in-laws?
  5. Pamela took him into the foyer where a tall, muscular man with graying brown hair and twinkling blue eyes sat in the love seat beside a dark-skinned woman with short black hair and golden brown eyes, like sweet honey from the hive. Erik Dorton and his wife, Letty Dorton, both stood at the sight of the young man and smiled welcomingly at him. Erik was the first to greet him, holding his hand out for him to shake.

    "Allen, my good lad, it is a pleasure to have you for dinner," he said kindly, gesturing towards his wife, "I would like to introduce you to my wife, Letty."

    "It's a right pleasure to meet you, Allen. I've heard so many good things about you," Letty chirped as she smiled brightly, "If you could just a few minutes, my other daughter will be showing up soon from work and you can meet her as well."

    "Right because she can never be on time for anything important like MY dinner party," Pamela suddenly sneered at the thought of her step-sister, already beginning to dig into her while in the company of Allen, wanting the man beside her to think lowly of her step-sister.

    However, her father reigned her in with a sharp clearing of his throat, "That's enough, Pamela. There's no need for that."
  6. "Thanks for having me." He said while shaking her father's hand. But when heard Pamela's somewhat spiteful words of her sister, he raised an eyebrow. He didn't know that she had a sister. Oh well, you learn something new every day? "Eh no problem at all, I got plenty of time." And now to tease Pamela. "Though I am curious." He finished with a slight chuckle. "What has Pamela said about me?" He was normally used to having people cling to him, after all, having a little sister that tended to do that after you've been away for a long time would get you used to it or make you run away real fast.
  7. Letty laughed a little into her hand as she and her husband gestured for their company to sit down on the sofa while they themselves returned to their spots on the loveseat, Pamela sitting exceptionally close to Allen while clinging to his arm like a leach; "Oh, nothing but absolutely great things, Allen," the dark-skinned woman replied, "Pamela admires you quite a bit."

    "Mother, please," the young, golden-haired beauty replied with a dramatic wave of her hand, feigning bashfullness as she bat her eyelashes at the young man, "Although, she tells nothing but the truth, Allen. I really do admire you."

    The family talked for a little while, waiting for dinner to be prepared, when they heard the door open and the butler greet the newcomer in a warm voice; "Miss Dante, welcome home!" he said as the light clicking sound of heels echoed through the hall to the parlor.

    "Thank you, Robert. Don't worry about my bag, I'll take care of it," a feminine voice responded just as warmly to the butler as the footsteps drew closer and in the next instant, a young woman to be about the same age as Pamela appeared in parlor.

    She was of the same skin tone as her mother, but her eyes were a hazel green instead of golden brown and her hair was longer and curlier than Mrs. Dorton's. Dante is the younger woman's name and she is Letty's daughter from a previous marriage. She was dressed in a lovely dark blue, cocktail dress that flowed to just above her knees and silver heels. In her hand was a gym bag that she used at work, the tell-tale signs that she had just returned from just there. She stepped farther into the parlor just as her mother rose from her seat to embrace her daughter.

    "Welcome home, Dante," Letty greeted her, kissing her cheek, "And you made it just in time. Our guest has arrived and we were just about to sit down to dinner."

    The new woman turned towards said guest and smiled politely at him, holding back the urge to roll her eyes when she noticed her step-sister glaring daggers at her; "Hello, it's nice to meet you. I'm Dante, Pamela's sister."

    "STEP-sister," the golden beauty retorted sharply, spitting the word out like it was poison.

    "Of course, how could I forget?"
  8. "Konbanwa.....Crap, there it went again. Stupid random Japanese moment. Anywho, Name's Allen Seiei. " He greeted the step-sister with a wave of his free hand. Allen never seen the other sister before but there was something.....different about her. Not to mention the odd amounts of what seemed like hostility coming off from Pamela. Yup, thats right - Allen can somewhat 'resonate' with other people emotions. Blame his mother's side of the family for that gift, he did so often. Mabye that's how Pamela came to admire him. "Or mabye i'm just that awsome...." He whispered to himself, then afterwards, his eyes widened as he realized that Pamela was still next to him.

    "Well, thats it for introductions. Shall we get started?" He said with a slight smile. Truth be told, he was somewhat nervous now. He's been to dinners with families before however, his nut of a father was with them. This might be the first of many times that he's doing his solo.
  9. "Yes, let us eat for I am hungrier than a bear!" Erick exclaimed boisterously, arousing his family up from their seats as they all made their way towards the dining hall, Pamela immediately gluing herself to Allen's side in the process.

    The dining room was quite exquisite with a mahogany table fitted with pure white table cloth, beautiful mahogany chairs and fine silverware. Erick, after pulling the chair out for his wife and making sure she was comfortably seated, sat down at the head of the table. Dante sat next to her mother while Pamela and Allen took the other side. She looked at their guest, though she didn't really 'see' him.

    "So, Allen, how long have you known Pamela?" she asked before her step-sister viciously cut in.

    "There is NO reason for you to be asking him any questions, especially since he's MY guest," the blond sneered at the ebony girl who merely blinked and sighed as if mentally exhausted.

    "I was just trying to be polite, Pamela," Dante retorted.

    "Well politely shut your mouth." The blond then turned to Allen with a sugar sweet smile, "You don't have to answer her question if you don't want to, Allen. It's quite alright."
  10. 'Note to self - file Pamela's reactions to step-sister Dante away for later. Plus they seem like a nice family.' Allen thought quickly as they sat at the table and yet, he still noticed Pamela clinging to his arm. With that out of the way, he preped to answer any questions that might come up. Now starting with the current question, which was a rather good one. "No worries, it's a rather good question though." He said while rubbing his chin with his free hand.

    "For a few months now, give or take?" He answered while looking to Pamela for a quick answer. Eventhough he's known her for quite a bit, he just never realized how long it was since they met. Questions like these were easy enough, but lets just hope that they don't divelge into more personal grounds. Not that he minded however, but most of it is just one big sad story followed by crowning moments of awesome/heartwarming.