The Other side of Light and love in the Darkness.

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  1. Dirk stood at the gates, wondering where Calvin went, he was right here last year, shaking his wild hair, Dirk walked closer to the school dorm Gold, "same dorm as last time" Dirk Grinned, "This year might not suck..." he said aloud entering his and Calvin's old dorm room, scorches and cracks littered the walls, "sweet..." he muttered laying on the couch... before reading his assignment his new room mate would be Nigel Cracker.... "a nerd...crap..." he said before falling asleep...:fire:
  2. Seele walked though the gates to her school she would be attending this year. She looked around the place to find it utterly unappealing. It looked old and crummy. She wasn't sure what to do with herself. She watched as on older boy entered a dorm room. 'Perhaps he can help me,' she thought. Seele went behind the building to find which room the boy had entered, and then phased through the wall to find the boy sleeping. It felt rude to wake him, but she had know idea what else to do. "Um ser... Can you help me?" she whispered.
  3. Dirk awoke... "um sir, can you help me..." seeing a girl, he sighed, "with what...." he said feeling a sense of Deja vu,
  4. The boy didn't seem so thrilled to see her there... In his room. "I'm sorry to bother you, but I don't know what else to do or where to go. I am new here and I was hoping you could..." she trailed off, feeling terribly embarrassed by the look the boy gave her. Her voice was just above a whisper, hardly enough to hear. She felt like she had to say something to fix this awkwardness. She said the wrong thing, "Let me 'hang out' with you!" She had never once used the term, but had heard it used many times.
  5. He laughed, "Your funny girl.... With you Join the Cotello Mafia Family?" he smiled holding out his hand , standing now his eyes glowing A deep Amber....
  6. "Join the what?" she questioned, taking a step back. What did he mean by this? She looked at the hand questionably. Again she was afraid to say the wrong thing. "What do you mean?" she asked. Her hand was pulling at her side, almost wanting to take the hand. The word "family" made the offer tempting. Her own family was scared of her and sent her away, that was the whole reason she was here. Her fingers began to twitch.
  7. Kol walked on campus after riding forever to get there. It was huge but not as nice looking as the school he just had left. He walked along the path to find two individuals. He over heard the male speak. Kol stepped forward giving a cocky smile. "Yo! Why not be more polite to the lovely lady and just show her where she wanted to go." He paused for a second thinking of how a twerp first spoke to his sister. "You kinda remind me a bit of a guy named Calvin." He knew the story about the kid and kinda figured it'd set the guy a bit off. He gently smiled at the woman. Then looked back at the guy. "Since you're welcome committee why not show me where I will be dorming." Oh was he going to have some fun here.
  8. Dirk glanced at Kol, and laughed... "Sure... first place we'll go is to the battle rink, but allow me to finish here a sec," then moving toward the girl, "Wanna join my Mafia? Tell you what You can answer when i'm done with That," pointing at Kol, "Guy over there..." turning back to Kol, "if I win You join my Mafia A my subordinate...K?"
  9. Kol rolled his eyes. "Really? You're some jerk. Down a woman then you down the new guy..." With a smile he continued. "But wait... you turn back to her and ask her to join a mafia? Who'd want to join a mafia when a monstrosity like you is in it?" Kol began to walk past the man, stopping only briefly "Oh sure... You sound like a bundle of joy." He continued on and head into the school.
  10. "Scared boy?" Dirk said smirking at Kol, "Think you can't win?" Dirk laughed a pleasant sound like molasses, but had the effect of nails on a chalk board it went against natural laws that any on could sound o soothing yet unnerve people...
  11. Kol stopped in mid stepped and turned around to face Dirk. Seeing his smirk, he gave one of his own. "I'd take your challenge but I don't play with kids. It's just not fair." He turned back around and saluted with two fingers. "Catch ya around."
  12. Seele stood watching with hands to her chest. She want sure what was going on. The interaction between the two boys seemed tense. She wanted to say something, but nothing came to mind. The boy who had come into the room seemed against this mafia she was offered. But what was a mafia exactly? From the way the young man put it, it sounded like a wonderful thing with kinship. But the other said the word with disdain. She was confused. "Is it a good family?" Seele whispered to the boys back.
  13. Dirk grinned, "Of course its a good family, might get worse when that lug nut guy joins, but i'll keep him in check!"
  14. Kol busted out laughing. "You can't control shit. Let alone me." He wiped the tears that had formed from laughing too hard. "I ain't joining your 'good family' mafia." What Mafia in this world is actually a good mafia? They all have their perks then again they have a lot of faults too. He shrugged off the thought and just left walking into the building. The guy was an idiot.
  15. Dirk nodded to the girl, and to the guy, "the guys obviously a Atheist... not believing in the Mafia, My Mafia is a Vigilante group we watch for others of our kind from causing trouble for the normal's and 'fix' it..." then with a smirk his golden eyes seeming like liquid topaz, "its a registered school club you get 2 credits just for joining." He motioned to Kol "Afraid of what do you Americans call it? a little kid? wheres that Ego, that arrogance? Coward..." he grinned
  16. Kol sighed. His eyes spotted a baseball in the hall just laying there with no true purpose. Out of Anger he threw it as hard as he could at Dirk. The man stopped it as it almost hit square dead in the cocky guy's eye. A puff of air rolled over the ball and into the mans face. "I'm not a coward. I just don't want to be put on the same page as a self conceded prick like yourself." He paused with a smile continuing to hold the ball in the air. "Plus... I walked away because I didn't want to get angry and leave a bruise on your pretty boy face." The ball dropped to Dirk's feet and rolled to the female. "I'm not atheist nor against clubs. Just Maria's don't have the good intentions they speak of." He stood there in waiting since the man before him wasn't letting him find his way through the school.
  17. Suddenly After staying still for a sec, Dirk was Right in front of Kol A knife inches from his eye, "Mine does, punk." then with a sudden push Kol was slammed onto the ground with 60 times earth gravity (less then Goku.)
  18. "Really? You want to pull this with me?" With his mind, Kol throws Dirk across the campus yard. He sighed hearing a buzzing sound from his phone. He held up his hand as if telling the man to wait. "Hold on... My sis is messaging me." He texted back with a roll of his eyes. She was practically telling him how he was a jerk for just leaving. Kadri also messaged again saying that because of him she was left to deal with the broken hearts he left behind. That left him with a smirk.
  19. Dirk, Using Gravity manipulated himself to land on his feet, then releaseing the gravity on Kol, he grinned , "Sure, Family is important to a Mafia man..."
  20. He rolled his eyes and threw the man once more. Kol reached back to his feet, staring to get annoyed. The man shoved it off again to call his sister. "Sorry Kadri. Yeah I got your text. Yeah Yeah." He continued on the conversation with his sister.