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  1. John Powers looked out over his city from a rooftop, a pair of binoculars held firmly to his face in his pale hands. He'd been living in the shadows and fighting crime from it for more years than he cared to count, but the police never seemed to complain. And that was because he didn't hunt down human criminals - no, he dealt with the supernatural.

    Sure, the regular cops did their jobs well enough, but to date, eh hadn't seen any of them stop a vampire attack or put a silver bullet through a werewolf's paw. That was where he came in.
    John, unbeknownst to the humans in his city, had equipped himself with all manner of anti-supernatural weaponry. He had holy water and salt for the unholy abominations, silver bullets from melted crosses to cure werewolves, stakes and garlic for vampires - he'd even kept a pair of iron shackles with him if he ever came across a rogue elf. He had to be prepared, though, in a city as dangerous as his.

    And, while he usually worked alone, this time was different. He needed help. He was going to be raiding a necromancer's den, and if there was one thing he didn't need, it was a horde of a psychotic old man's thralls bearing down on him without someone backing him up. It was to be a small-scale operation, something kept quiet, so he'd only had one other person accompany him. But he'd contacted the best he could. All he could do was hope he'd chosen well.
  2. The brunette had a late start, even when John had called him not too long ago. But he had fallen back asleep at some point. Bedtime was a word Stephen had never heard of, at least not since he was a child. He simply went to bed when he could no longer stay awake and woke up when he simply couldn't sleep any longer. He groaned tiredly, getting out of the bed lazily, not thrilled he had to get up. The lithe bodied male stood up, taking a moment to stretch properly, in nothing but his boxers.

    Stephen got dressed, washed up, fed the cat and then left not bothering to eat. He had never been a breakfast person anyways. Stephen didn't know what it was about playing monster hunter but he loved it. Plus he was helping protect the people in the city but it also gave the twenty-year old something to do with his free time. With no more than a few of his sharpest knives in his belt, he drove off to the address John had told him to meet him at. Once he was there, her parked his truck in the alleyway and got out. After a few moments of contemplating how he was supposed to get to the roof his green eyes found the ladder leading up to the roof.

    He made his way up it carefully, forcing himself not to look down. Stephen was a very fearless person but heights horrified him. After a brief struggle he made it up to the top. The building actually wasn't too high. "Hey, of all places to meet.." He said, seeing John there, sure enough waiting for him. The brunette stood near the ladder, looking down at his truck which was a few dozen feet down. It looked farther than it actually was.

    appearance (open)
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    [i hope this is okay. i have absolutely no idea what kills or defeats a necromancer, so if i'm wrong in some areas just let me know. xD]
  3. "Don't complain about the meeting place. I specifically told you to meet on the roof, so you could have objected at any time you wanted. But enough of that, we've got a more pressing matter to attend to."
    John turned towards Stephen, and handed him a photo of their target. It was hardly prize-winning material, but the face was recognisable, and it wasn't grainy enough to be noticeable. "This guy's who we're targeting tonight. He calls himself Nero, or something like that. As I told you, he's a necromancer, but my sources tell me he's got a few fire spells under his belt for self-defence."

    John then pulled out his phone, and showed Stephen a map he'd loaded, a marker on a building only a block away from them.
    "He's in this flat's basement. It's likely that he's got a few men standing guard, but as long as you destroy the head, you should be fine. Nero shouldn't give you too much trouble either - he works in the shadows, he cant' deal with direct confrontation. What we need to watch out for are his zombies."
    No more needed to be said about the zombies. Anyone familiar with magic knew what a necromancer did, and raising an army of dead thralls was far from impossible for an experienced necromancer. Though weak, their numbers could prove to be quite an issue.
    "Any questions, or are you good to go?"
  4. The younger male decided not to argue as much as he did want to complain. His green eyes took a quick sweep of the face in the photo and he only looked away when the image was implanted in his mind. Spells and zombies sounded just wonderful... Those were things a normal person could never handle, not saying that Stephen was normal. But by now he was pretty well trained though this didn't mean he couldn't die as easily as any other human. Still it all excited yet frightened him. He could today or he could get this done and have it all be worth it in the end. It made him wonder about John and how he felt. He never seemed afraid or excited or well... anything besides serious. But Stephen never blamed him because it was all very serious and these things were never to be taken lightly.

    He looked over the map briefly before glancing up at the other male. He was honestly grateful he could rely on John for all of the information and important things because that was never Stephen's strong suit. "No questions." He answered simply. He was ready to get going now.
  5. "Then let's get to it. He's raising bodies right now - if we do this right, he should be out of magic by the time we get to him, and a few extra bodies is no big deal."
    With no further word, John opened the door to the stairs, and descended down them, not bothering to check whether Stephen was following him or not. The actual fighting wouldn't come until they got to the bottom of the flat, anyway - they couldn't afford to make a ruckus, not in an area where normal people were still asleep. Out of someone who just seemed a little pale, and the oddball armed to the teeth, John didn't have a hard time figuring out who they'd choose to side with in a fight.
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