The Other Guys

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  1. Somewhere in the universe, the outcasts are deposited.

    A cosmic janitor sweeps them from their world - from the people who don't understand them - and brings them here.

    Maybe one day, they shall embark together upon a quest to save the universe.

    Ever wondered what happens to all those characters who get rejected by GMs?

    In this alternate thread dimension, we shall bring them together.

    Name: Sable Dragulia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Occupation: Big cat trainer (tiger, lion, etc)
    Current Goal: Sable craves power above all else. It's what drives Sable to move forward.
    Personality: Sable is a polite, soft-spoken intellectual. She rarely shows sign of alarm or distress and often has situations planned out. Whenever confronted, Sable is casual and uncaring. She's manipulative and very dangerous nature. Sable is willing to use everyone around her as pawns to achieve her means. She aspires to "stand on the heavens".
    History: Sable was born an orphan, and was tossed to different monasteries throughout her childhood. She always read about the Kings of old that would conquer nations. It became her mission to be like them. She ran away from the monastery, and found someone that would train her. A few years later, she killed her master as her final test. Now, she travels the world with her tiger.

    Name: Erisilia Moretti
    Obsession: Knowledge.
    General Info: Ersilia Moretti is extremely intelligent. A genious if you will, but she plays it off by acting rather insane. She's a serial killer, but only kills those who she deems to be a nuisance. Not once has she been caught. She must know everything. If someone knows something she doesn't, she will do anything to obtain their knowledge good or bad. If she is right and someone is wrong for a fact she will make a theory as to why it is you are wrong. Not to mention, Ersilia feigns having muliple personalities. However, she feigns the other personalities so well, no one is sure if Erisilia knows they exist.

    Insanity: The part of Ersilia most tend to shy away from. It appears only when she intends to kill or is angry or simply thinks someone is ignorant. It's also how she keeps the cops away and how she stays out of jail.

    Sweetheart: The more seductive part of Ersilia. Used for persuasion, temptation, anything that will help her get what she wants. Her beauty definitly helps with this. Or when she's in trouble and needs to use herself as means to get out of it.

    Genious: Hardly ever comes out. Usually this part of herself is inside her head. She is always analyzing and it's possible she knows more than she lets on.

    Killer: I think this is self explanatory

    There are other personas, its just that these are the most important.

    <IMG src= width="200" align="left">
    Name: Rosemary

    station: guest

    occupation: artist

    obsession: food

    info: Rose is always snacking on something. Whether it be a
    cookie or a piece of candy, her appetite is never satisfied. Her
    artwork usually has some sort of food theme to it as well.
    Although she is always snacking, she has a high metabolism
    and never seems to gain much weight.

    <IMG src= align="left" width="300"> Name: Evelynn Moraine Telamus "Bladedancer"
    Reputation: She is the Fate Guard's on the fly enchanter. Quite the socialite and life of the party she routinely subjugates herself to an intense amount of alcohol holding her own with some of the best in shot glass challenges. Very open and straightforward with everyone unless you have wronged her. When she feels like she has been wronged she will become distant and mildly sinister towards the wrongdoer.

    Royal Blessing: Telamus Pendant of Nobility--Last remaining member of the House of Telamus given its noble position for its history of blacksmithing and enchanting.

    Holy Blessing: Elemental Attenuation--Immunity to elemental harm. Through her constant usage of applying enchantments (intended and accidental) her blood has been gifted with a natural barrier that protects her. The downfall is that with this blessing comes a curse of frailty to her physical form. As a result she is very weak considering she can barely lift a sword through her own strength.

    Magic Blessing:
    Mark of Enigma--These markings laid out over her spine give her the power to apply any chosen single enchantment to an item when added with a substance such as water, plants, or hot coals. Their are blood-filled jewels embedded into her skin in order to connect with her nervous system. Each gem is filled with the blood of a creature from various biospheres. The type of biosphere added in such as the blood of a sea creature shall give a minor boost to water based enchanting. Evelynn's blood acting as a security measure to allow only her access to its powers.

    Legend: Two years ago she experienced the loss of her last surviving family member, her older brother Benjamin to a creature of the night when the small roguish band, comprised of previously incarcerated criminals aided by friends that they had on the outside of the walls that helped them to escape, ransacked their hovel. The hovel burned to the ground when Evelynn became filled with rage and leaving no traces behind. She is suspected of murdering her brother by some speculators especially when the sole surviving witness to the atrocity that recovered her exhausted body had lost his life three nights later in a similar matter.

    The loss of her brother is something she tries to forget but is easily reminded of each time she is requested to make a fire-based enchantment. (Resulting in icy flames instead of heat flames through her sadness.)

    Drink to her own content. More or less as a way to hide behind a bottle from the past. Practice and apply enchantments to items as a way to raise funds for the FateGaurd's coffers.

    Name: Revan Armentis

    Appearance: View attachment 15726

    Renown: Most people see Revan as a person with a bad past. A soul who hasn't be cared for and needs love. Sadly, that is not the case. He's insane, like mental patents in a mental institution crazy, but he manages being mental by doing work and being focused. Most people rely on him because he gets the job done, even though the hysterical laughs and insane remarks. Otherwise the only reason he is mistrusted is because his actions are so unclear that people cannot predict what he does. Unless given specific orders to do something, but he will go about it his own way.

    Equipment: Powered Armour, Dual Laser Pistols, Razer (Super Drug), Morning Star, Artificial Kidney

    Skills: Ranged Combat, Hand to hand combat, Parkour, Concealing weaponry

    Character Motivation: Revan had it, his parents were rich and his future was promising and bright. Too bad not everything was right in Revan's head. He thought that everything was his and no one should own it but him. Why wouldn't it be his, isn't everything owned by everyone. This is what goes through his mind. At first he rushed in and tried to make everything his own, but that didn't go to well. He was in jail for ten or so years, he would have been in for 30 but he had "good behavior." Now he tries to work toward making the government and the world in a better image, his image.

    <IMG src= align="left" width="450">Miss Juliette Trance

    Faction: Shifters

    Notable equipment:
    Trance's Creation: Juliette is a doll maker- creating every little piece herself, though, its not enough to create these dolls- out of loneliness, she created a way to animate them, she can feed these dolls to a rather bulky machine that sits in a room of her humble home. Once transferred, the rest of the power in the house may go out as it works, and brings her creations to life in some form or way. Inanimate objects don't cause much of a fuss, but sometimes, bringing the toys to life causes fires. Usually it is locked into its own storage compartment. The only thing that she has successfully created, she keeps hidden- a small ball of white fluff, without eyes, but having ears and a nose far keener than any creature on the street. It's about half the size of a Pomeranian, and has small, black clawed feet, and it has a small tufted tail. She keeps it hidden in a small roomy pouch that she usually hides in her skirts, under her bed, or will have it sit on her shoulder, perfectly still, so it will blend in with her white hair. The reason she created these machines- especially the last one, was to bring the voices in her head to life- for right now, working on this seems to be relaxing to her, making her more manageable. She lives mostly in her head- too caught up in day dreams and thoughts- and figured that making these things would help her get out of her head, make her dreams a reality. She's not too social- afraid of other people for the most part. She wants to have friends, but she is afraid of the reaction they might have to her dolls and her creation. her single, sole creation might be enough, and she has contemplated whether or not she should just run away- perhaps finding a job creating dolls of the normal variety. She's child-like in nature and searches for a place where it's ok to be herself.

    Notable abilities: While frail in emotional control, Juliette is quick to sync up her emotions to another, either going along and riding on their emotions, or going about trying to fix it. She's a person who constantly seeks to keep the peace, she's more animalistic in her intuition and instinct- listening to her gut and her heart than to logic and reason. She's not adverse to going past the point of being called insane, to do what she thinks is right.

    Motive: Julliette is looking to prove her worth to her people, as a creator and as an asset. She seeks self-worth and a purpose.

    Background: Juliette comes from a family of peaceful people- afraid of making waves or causing any arguments. Peaceful to a point that they looking down upon their daughter when it was found that she was a bit of an activist for those who have sordid backgrounds- from a young age, she wondered about the treatment of those that are seen as lowerclass and uneducated, or purely thought of as untouchable. She studied up on arguments and speeches from Rory, his tolerance and kindness bolstered her views. Finally, at some point, her family distanced themselves from her entirely. She's currently within a problem of her surname- her family wishes for her to drop the name "Trance" and find something else, something she can call her own.

    NAME: Karsikan Alessandro of Clan Lasombra

    FACTION: Underworld


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    NOTABLE EQUIPMENT: a hip flask with an endless supply of blood, and a half cape that shields his body from the effects of sunlight.
    He's a natural adept at the Obtenebration Discipline of his clan, having mastered the fourth tier of it's powers, he shapes darkness the way a potter shapes clay.
    He's reached the second tier of the Dominate discipline, and can plant suggestions in the minds of others, as will as issue single word commands to the weak willed
    lastly his physical strength has nearly doubled since his embrace
    The drawback to all these powers? In addition to needing roughly a pint of blood a night (and he's very picky about the blood he consumes choosing only the blood of virgin maidens) he cannot be perceived through a mirror, nor through any recording device. Paintings and sketches of him however still react the same. His shadow powers are also greatly weakened in open sunlight as well as being more vulnerable than the average vampire daylight. The final toll is that all plants in the same room (or similar distance if outside) wilt on his entering, and die should he ever touch them.

    What he seeks in the lost city is simple, artifacts of power, be they a weapon or an ancient engine that runs more efficiently than any known, though he'd honestly prefer the latter.

    Growing up in the Iwaku Undercity was bad enough, disease killed half before they turned five. Throw in street gangs, opium, pestilence, and a lack of food, it would be fair to say that life there wasn't. Karsikan managed to get by, doing whatever he had to to survive and not really thinking on what that really was too deeply. Until SHE came into his life, at twenty he was embraced into the Alessandro Family of Clan Lasombra. His sire, a woman named Aeliana, tormented him in true Lasombra fashion before embracing him, this both proved his mettle to her, and destroyed any ties to his humanity that would have been left behind. He took to his unlife with a vigor he'd never known when his heart still beat, and over the course of the next fifty years, amassed both wealth, power and prestige.