The Osborne League

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  1. Osborne, a giant continent ripped asunder under the chaos of the lands. Nations dueling for power. Their war machines and armies clashing. Death, Destruction, and ruin follow in their wake. Contracts are set, material gained and lost, and the common man ripped from any sort of normality as Osborne as a whole is at war with itself.

    A few redeeming Scholars of the elements that lacked the thirst of power united, using their wit to and untapped magical sources to bring an end to armies in the heat of battle. Stomping through the lands to calm the major conflicts. Nations now stand not at peace, but simply a ceasefire as their armies are stifled. The scholars who had stopped the conflict proposed to the nations a way of coming about a system to solve their issues without continuing the major war that was already tearing the land apart. If the nations opposed, the Scholars would have no choice but to crush all armies that stood and start anew with new settlements to rebuild.

    Those that opposed, were destroyed under the magic of the Chancellor, the leader of the scholars. Unsure of what the system that was to be put in place and the threat of extinction, they were held to no choice but to agree. Showing their wary feelings on the what was to come.

    Three years later, the scholars called a meeting with the remaining nations. They had developed a sort of competition for nations to duel their conflicts out with each other without having to cause major war.

    It was called “The League”

    During a match, three specialized contractors would form a contract with a pawn. Pawns despite their name would be creatures and or people of great power that come from all over the continent. Nations choose their contractors and the contractors use the pawns to win. How do they win? By destroying the opposing team's Crystal. A small fragile crystal that lies in the middle of a fortified base.

    From this point on, Osborne will forever change as the contractors use their pawns to shape a whole new world.

    Now, this is an experimental ideal I was playing around with. It draws a lot of inspiration from a game I play a little too much….(cough League Of Legends cough)

    But, I wanted to make a little role play game based around the game. For the most part, this role play does not have to be super serious or super actiony if we don’t choose. Depends on the group of people that come in, but I wanted to leave the world open for a reason.

    I wanted to world build as as group rather then just leave this all to just one person. (I.e ME). Not only to make the world more interactive, but to also to just make a large as possible world. There is an entire continent to play with. Or even small lands surrounding it. I want to play around and forge this arena to suit the players who help make the world.

    Aside from the group world building, I also wanted to mess around with another mechanic that league’s lore talks about. They call them summoners, we shall call them contractors. They’re essentially the same, as the player would be the summoner, your MAIN character would be the contractor. This is where it would be a bit tricky, but instead of just making all characters pawns, why not make a contractor and use a bunch of different pawns. To generalize, your personal character would be someone only you played. That character when then pull from a pool of pawns to then play as in for the game. You then play as the pawn, taking on another character but using them as your contractor wishes. Once the game is over, you go back to playing your contractor.

    From a storytelling standpoint, I think it would be interesting to have both an in game story and a story outside of the game. And things inside and outside the game can influence each other. As each game is played to settle some conflict. Nations and people will fight over it, but a game is a game, and it settles the score. Doesn't mean it won’t cause other conflicts that could happen, but that all depends on what happens.
    As the major war that was abruptly ended had no real ending. Nations still want what they feel is theirs and some heads are going to roll for some sort of reparations. That’s at least a starting point.

    But what do you guys think of the idea? I know it doesn't sound too deep or a whole lot of details, but it’s something that came to mind and I wanted to see if anyone else wanted to toy around with the idea.
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