The Originals (Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Humans)

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  1. Looking for someone I can role-play to (female), with plot similar to The Originals (Netflix Series)
    If you watched the series that could be even better.

    (If you don't know) Originals are the first ever vampires. They are stronger than regular vampires (Originals created current vampires). Hybrid is werewolf and vampire (Even stronger), and Tribrid is werewolf, vampire and witch.

    Quick summary of I want to do in the story;

    -There's a guy named Dean ,17, s'gonna turn 18 soon. He is a human whom hates wolves, witches and vampires. He's hatred for them is deep as one of the vampires killed his entire family and he was almost killed as well. Werewolves and witches didn't do really anything to him however he still wishes they would be all gone. He is amazing, a true prodigy in Art and it is his passion besides finding out if the daughter of Mikealsons really died. (The Originals faked her death) (Talking bout Luna).

    -On the other hand there's a girl (You name her, personally I like the name Luna), from the Originals family, that was born a Tribrid ( A werewolf, vampire and witch all mixed together). However nobody knows she's from the Original family because she was hiding with her aunt. (When she was born, A LOT of people wanted her dead). So, she came back to the town, just met her father and mother, and of course she hold a grudge against them because they left her (Kind of). When she came back to town she met few people that are now her friends.

    -Both Dean and let's say Luna, have stubborn personality and if they want something they take it. They both are similar to each other quite a bit; however I'd love if you picked her personality, it would be more interesting that way.

    -Somewhere in the story I want them to fall in love with each other, and Dean would become a vampire himself.

    -Luna's family are the only Originals. So her father, aunt and uncle. Perhaps someone from the Original family can be brought back to life and cause trouble... I don't know, I don't know. We obviously will create more ideas as the roleplay continues.
    -Luna is the only Tribrid.
    -Her father and mother are both Hybrids.

    -If you are still interested keep reading

    -So the beginning of the story I'd like to be simple. It's his birthday party, Luna comes with a friend because she wanted Dean and Luna to meet. This could be their only time to be friendly with each other for some time because as soon as he finds out she's a vampire, he won't be very nice to her (let me say this, this way lol) On this party anything can happen to kinda bond them together. They might sleep with each other or kiss, doesn't matter. As long as Luna will want to visit him again. After he will learn who Luna really is, he will hate her and threaten her, however Luna will still be intrigued by him for some reason, so she will want to visit him and run into him often to annoy him (etc)

    Please be comfortable with me and if you want to add something please do, you don't even have to ask me. I want this plot/rp to be interesting.

    Both Luna and Dean will have secrets and they will slowly learn about each other.

    Aaaand I don't want this role-play to be really serious or very detailed, just take it easy you know. But of course a little bit of detail won't hurt nobody.

    Oh yeah nearly forgot, I don't really like being too much sexual in roleplay, I'd rather skip that part. (too cringy lol)
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  2. I love the Originals :)
    If you're still looking I would love to be apart of it.
  3. The plot interests me, but I've never seen the show..
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