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    People are going missing... More specifically teenagers are going missing. Those between the ages of 15-18 are living normal lives until out of the blue they are taken. No one knows to where or for what reason, or how long they were being watched ... No one except the people behind it. They see those taken as agents in training and those taken can join the organization and accept this way of life or forever be known as nothing more but a missing person.

    Feel free to ask questions and make any suggestions and more details will be provided of or when people show interest in this RP. This RP will contain violence and death if needed, swearing is allowed but try not to go overboard, don't know if you will have much time for romance but it's welcomed none the less, and more details to come.
  2. It's something I thought of a while ago I'm just now trying to make it an official RP. There are a lot of positions open if you'd like to be a part of it :D
  3. I am here to express interest! ^^
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  4. Noted :D
  5. I am also interested
  6. Cool I'll keep you guys listed once I have about 4-6 people interested I'll move it into the actual RP so we can get character sheets up :)
  7. I am interested. Will we be able to from both the missing teen or "kidnappers" (I guess you would call them).
  8. I'm glad you asked I was actually hoping to find someone who would be willing to play someone from the organization to help sorta say keep the new "Agents" in check. I haven't decided yet if I wanted to create another character yet, I probably will though, but the character I do have oversees the ongoings in this organization. I didn't want it to be just that person by themselves. But to answer your question you will be able to play both a "kidnapper" and an "agent in training" but I'll probably limit the "kidnappers" to 2-3 besides my character. Well 2-3 that are played by people.
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  9. We have 4 people interested so I'll make a character sheet skeleton tomorrow and a thread and put it up. Hopefully by then we'll have 5 and then we'll start. If not 5 I won't keep you guys waiting too long.