The Organization of Men in Suits

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    Alice got out of the shower and quickly dressed. When she left her home, she was wearing casual street clothes, a green t-shirt, black jeans, and converse.

    She wouldn't stay in those clothes though, as soon as she got to the building where she worked, she would change. Alice worked in a seemingly normal building. It was a skyscraper with the words "New York Avenue Bank" in large bronze letters in the front. It was just that, just a bank with some offices on higher floors.

    What wasn't normal though, were the rooms that lay in floors 8 all the way up to 12. That was where the real offices were. Their operators who took calls from clients, their agents who trained and socialized, the other offices were clients would come fill out paperwork.

    That was where Alice would go into a locker-room and dress in her black pant-suit.


    Jason sat in Kyo's office with his feet propped up on the desk. He was going through some of Kyo's paperwork, taking pictures of important pages with his phone and sending them to someone at the HQ.

    He couldn't help but feel bad. Kyo was a nice guy, a fantastic agent, and a caring brother. He had no idea that his little sister was one of the people he was trying to capture. Jason wondered what he would do if he ever found out.

    Jason quickly put his phone away when he heard the doorknob turning. Kyo stepped in and stared at him blankly. Despite their ages, Jason was less mature than Kyo, and far less serious. Maybe it was their jobs, Kyo's serious job, Jason's easy job. It was Kyo who was doing everything though. Jason didn't have to work to keep HQ and identities secret, he had Kyo do that himself. With the information he gathered, all Jason had to do was make slight alterations.

    "Why are you in my office and why are your feet on my desk?" Kyo asked, hitting him with a binder.

    Jason threw a stress ball at his partner. "First question, I'm your partner, I can come in when I want. Second question, I feel like it," he replied.

    Kyo rolled his eyes.

    He grinned, his eyes shimmering. "Anything new buddy?"
  2. Alarm clocks sucked. Axel rolled over and groped blindly for the offending object. With an open and heavy palm, he let it fall gracelessly onto the device.


    He was almost asleep again when a spot under his pillow began to vibrate. His head jerked up and his right hand delved beneath the pillow to grab his cell phone. He sighed. That secondary alarm was a pain. A HUGE pain....but it came in handy because when he looked at the time, he was out of bed faster than it took for him to think the phrase 'oh shit!' He vaulted out of the bed and went straight to his closet. On the floor were two chests: one for underwear and one for over-wear. The stuff hanging up happened to be the more important things.

    He was in and out of the shower in almost no time flat, dark hair matted against his face and cheeks. He was often told to get his hair cut; shoulder length hair wasn't exactly kosher for the work that he did. But he was never one to give up his hair. It looked cool.

    He put off towel-drying his hair in order to don his usual clothes: gray tank and long black cargo pants, equipped with suspenders. People his age always gave him crap for it but he didn't care. It looked badass and the women never complained. He put a pair of black gloves in one of the many pockets, along with his wallet in another. Barefoot, he trekked across the soft white carpet to hunt for his boots.

    Tugging them on, he grabbed the towel he walked out in and roughly dragged it back and forth over his hair. After three minutes, he cursed his efforts and ran a comb roughly through his short tresses. Sometimes he hated his hair but he'd never cut it. Axel walked over to the full-body mirror and checked himself before leaving his studio apartment, keys and black helmet in hand.

    Now, people would love to know, what the hell he did for a job. Going on the man's time and property dressed like a teenager at age twenty-four and riding a Kawasaki to a corporate building wasn't exactly...job material. Axel smirked as he pulled on his helmet. He had just spend time combing his hair. He didn't need it looking like he just rolled out of bed...

    He weaved through traffic, a song in his head as his right heel tapped its foot-rest on the side of the bike. Traffic wasn't as hectic that morning and so he made good time getting into the city. The building he worked at was every bit a corporate building as any other. The building had a cover name, too. He never really cared for it, though, since the first seven floors weren't his area of business. He was with the higher ups on the eighth to twelfth floors.

    He pulled his bike into a spot and lowered the kick stand. He removed the helmet and shook out his hair, taking a comb out of one of his many pockets and made himself presentable. In the car park he made a bee-line toward the elevator. Some of the bottom floor workers were there and he bid them good-morning. He didn't know any of them personally and none of them really knew him. It was just as well, but he didn't care either way.

    He bypassed the first six floors like he usually did, people getting in and out of the cab along the way. They all worked in semi-formal clothes, if he really categorized it. He exited on the seventh floor-- that was where the public elevator stopped in any case. Across the hall, where the 'emergency' exit was located, he walked through the door and through the storage entrance immediately behind it. Inside, there was another pair of elevator doors.

    Going up one more level, he finally got to what he knew was 'work.'


    Everywhere he looked, men and women were dressed in black suits and ties. It was difficult at first to tell the men from the women because all of them wore pants. And some of the men, such as himself, had more hair than necessary. Every single day for the first six months that he worked with the O.M.I.S. they tried to get him to wear that stupid standard issue black suit and tie get-up. He hated unnecessary formal dressing. Made him feel awkward and chafed. Ties sucked especially. Eventually they just left him alone and he dressed however he wanted.

    Axel shoved his hands into his pockets and began whistling, stopping every so often to say something to passing employees.

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  3. Wind, 5 miles an hour heading East. Heat levels normal. Slight C-effect, adjust one notch. Atmospheric Conditions, perfect. All clear, fire away. The bullet left the barrel, heading down the sight, hundreds of yards away. Over two hills, a creek, and in between several groves of trees, but it made its mark. The deer fell, a low crash in the deciduous forest surrounding Tyler's private cabin.

    "Nice shooting, Jack. As always." Tyler grinned, getting up and brushing off the terrain from his jacket, lowering his hand to give Jack a hand up. "How were my measurements?" Jack asked, impatient as ever. With a sigh and a wave of the hand, Tyler dismissed the question. "As good as ever, Jack. You don't need a spotter under normal circumstances, you hardly ever do." Rising up, the rifle slung over his back, Jack slugged Tyler on the arm, marching back towards the cabin. "It's time for me to get to work, you have it?", asking with even less temperance. Tyler grinned, expression brimming with charisma, his mouth leaking as he began to laugh. "Only the best for you, it's just inside, black carbon case." Nodding his thanks, Jack hastened his expression, marching up the trail to the cabin. Tyler with a grin began to pull his blades, navigating the forest path towards the fallen deer. "Going to be some good Venison!" he yelled back.

    It was exactly where Tyler had described, grabbing it and placing it into the back of his ordinary looking black sedan, Jack approached the path to the main road with gaining speed. In under a half an hour he returned to the city, driving into the private bank parking lot, grabbing his case and entering up through the elevator systems. With the use of his left knuckles, he cracked his neck, stretching it to the side as he watched him ascend the city heights through the elevator. Departing and entering the security access doors to the upper limits.

    He was right on time, arriving in the lockers to quickly move into his suit, always kept loose, and only partially for comfort. The meeting room was not yet filled, more of a general lounge with round cushion seats and silver displays. Taking a seat nearest the wall, he placed the case along a table, unclasping the grips and opening to expose his new purchase, a large satisfaction entering him.
  4. Alice was sitting in the lounge drinking a Mountain Dew when she saw Axel pass by. She smiled and, in a teasing voice, said, "Well it looks like that civillian who thinks he works here is back!" She stood and walked over, smiling at him warmly. Alice patted his back. "You know I kid," she told him.

    Being one of the youngest assassins, Alice found that she was less serious than the others. She couldn't help joking around sometimes.

    Alice loosened her tie. "Hey, you're making me feel un-cool," she told him. She took another sip from her soda. "Anyway, today seems like a slow day. For me, at least. I haven't gotten a job all day so I've been loitering." She looked up at the clock to see it wasn't even noon yet. Alice shrugged and smiled again. "It's still early though."
  5. "Well it looks like that civilian who thinks he works here is back!"

    Axel looked to his left to see Alice. Alice was a young girl. She was one of the youngest, next to him. Well, that he knew of. She was only two years younger, making her twenty two. She wasn't bad-looking. But certainly not mean looking. Other women around HQ were just...super nanny material. Whip those kids into shape and have them fear her in no time flat. Alice was okay. Her, he could talk to when he was bored out of his mind.

    But really. Civilian?! Please... He opened his mouth to let her have it, when she cut in, patting him on the back. Short ass woman.

    "You know I kid," she said. And he knew that. Just that she hardly ever gave him the chance to toss a comeback. She loosened her tie. "Hey, you're making me feel un-cool."

    Axel smirked. If she hadn't been such a pushover about uniform then it wouldn't be such a problem. Just look at him. He came to work in whatever he felt like. Well, not really. They told him to come in whatever he was most comfortable in. He came in this and they told him that it would be his uniform from then on. They even bought six identical ones. He wasn't sure whether to feel disturbed or impressed. But he was comfortable. He got to wear cargoes everywhere [save for functions where he tried his damnedest to avoid them. Suits ITCHED!] so he was fine.

    Alice took another sip of her soda. "Anyway, today seems like a slow day. For me, at least. I haven't gotten ajob all day so I've been loitering." She looked up at the clock. Axel knew what that was like. The clock sometimes could never move fast enough. "It's still early, though," she added.

    He raised an eyebrow. "And they still let you out into society? You without something to do is a ticking time bomb of insanity." He raised a hand to scratch behind his head. "I need to find someone for you to harass so they'd give you work to do..." Axel made a show of looking around nervously. If anything he was going up to the boss to find a job anyway.
  6. Alice smiled, looking down. "I'm not that much of a danger to society, am I?" she asked innocently. Though, she knew the answer to that question. She'd start pulling a few pranks if she didn't get a job soon. Alice looked at him, pretending to be offended. "And I don't harrass people!" she argued.

    She looked around as well. "Eh, the boss should get something for me soon." Alice smiled at Axel with a mischevious glint in her eyes. "After all, they didn't hire me to just wander around the office."

    At that moment, Alice's cellphone beeped with a text message. She took it out and checked who it was from. "Hmm, Kyo," she muttered, flipping her phone open.

    'Lunch?' her brother had sent. Alice shook her head and spoke as she typed a reply. "He asks everyday and everyday I give him the ssme answer," she said, "He doesn't seem to get the point though." Something about Alice's tone sounded almost resentful, but her face remained emotionless.
  7. Axel gave Alice a dubious look, not deigning the question an answer. That woman was a bio-hazard to society! The boss should find something quickly.

    He snorted at her belief. "If they hired you to wander around, it was a waste of money," he deadpanned. He rolled his eyes when her phone beeped.

    "He asks everyday and I give him the same answer," he heard her mutter. He raised a brow. Determined man, whoever it was. He knew, by personal experience, that when Alice made up her mind, it was near impossible to change it. Poor bastard.

    "Anyway," he cut in, turning away. "I'm going to look for a job like a normal person." He continued his walk toward the main office.

    "I'll see you sometime later."
  8. Jack marveled at the gun that lay below him. An Arctic Warfare Super Magnum, courtesy of the British Accuracy International. Tyler had outdone himself, it was even a .338 caliber. Jack could honestly not ask for better equipment, the rifle even held the longest range kill thanks to a corporal in the Iraqi war. Along side it were numerous attachments, tactical bipods and even a tripod, flexible rails, camo kits, and even several scopes of several uses. The carbon case was definitely necessary for protecting the equipment, the price Jack had paid was such a steal, even more so now that he saw some of it went to this case. "Tyler you bastard, I owe you for this." An ear splitting grin pierced his mouth, pulling off his sunglasses to view the equipment unhindered. Turning and announcing broadly, "someone tell me why we don't have a range installed on site!"

    Shutting the lid to the case, he secured its integrated locks and brought it with him as he marched slowly out of the room, pulling from his shirt pocket a thin crested piece of paper, the boss' insignia. New orders, another day. Leaving for his office, Jack knew he was taking too much pride in his new weapon.
  9. Alice rolled her eyes a little and said goodbye to Axel.

    She wandered around the office more before she got another text. She was ready to call her brother and yell at, until she saw that the message was from a private number. Usually, those were messages from the boss or from clients.

    'We've got a job for you' the message said, 'Meeting room A3 NOW'

    Alice smiled a little and began a brisk walk to the meeting room. It was on the same floor as her, so it only took a few moments before she went in and saw the boss himself seated with, she assumed, the client. "This is Alice, she's new. Don't be fooled though, you won't be disappointed with her work," the boss told the client.

    The client was a short, stocky man, the kind you could tell held grudges against many people. He wore a blazer over a white v-neck and khaki pants, as well as large sunglasses. "As long as she gets the job done," the client said. Alice noticed he had a somewhat Italian accent.
  10. Jack strolled around into the office, watching the office door close after a younger member entered only a short minute before. He knocked twice, opening the door and entering, still holding the carbon fiber case. Closing the door behind him, he laid his case down, straightening himself and sitting down opposite the boss and beside Alice.

    Looking at the client, Jack noticed slightly features to his face and his outfit, clearly a man of wealth, potentially disrupted by his issue during a time of leisure, otherwise he would be wearing business attire or a shaded outfit as some more discreet clients preferred. Turning his gaze back to the boss, and then to Alice beside him, he asked the most important question.

    "Ready for orders, sir. I assume this is our client, and this is my partner?"
  11. Alice nodded to Jack in greeting as he entered the room. She was now in serious-mode, traces of her earlier playfulness were gone as she awaited the details for her mission.

    The boss nodded, "Yes. I know we usually have independant jobs, lone assassin things, you know. But this job may require assisstance."

    He leaned back in his chair, examining the two agents. The boss wondering if he had made the right choices, pairing a young assassin with an older one. Sure, the young woman could use advice, but what if she was one of those stubborn young people?

    Finally, he went into the details. "Our client here is having... We'll say political troubles."

    The Italian man interrupted, "The only politician in this situation is the guy you need to kill. He slept with my wife and I want him out of the picture."

    Alice almost laughed, but she held it back and remained serious. The boss gave them each a picture of their target.

    "The problem is, because he's a politician, he has some hired muscle. Body guards and security personnel are literally placed everywhere within a one mile radius of wherever this man is standing. So, I don't care what methods you use, you're going to have to pull something clever and pop the guy from a distance."

    Alice turned to her partner, wondering if he had any plans.
  12. Axel was halfway to the big man's office when a text came through to his cell phone.

    'Go to the lockers. Supplies and further instructions there.'

    He raised an eyebrow and unbidden, the tune of the movie Mission Impossible started playin his head. He rolled his eyes at himself but smiled anyway. At least he was close to the locker rooms. It would have been a problem, a serious problem if he had turn around and go back the way he came.

    It took no time in getting to the room and he bid good morning to those inside. He stopped in front of his own locker and keyed in his code. Inside was an extra set of clothes (his personal uniform) and a semi-automatic rifle. Attached to the weapon was a note. After seeing the rifle, he knew well that he was on an assassination mission. But not just any mission. Giving him a sniper's rifle would have been ideal for a standard kill and get lost job. This person he was being sent to kill was someone really high on the list.

    He read the name on the note and grinned. This was going to be fun.
  13. Jack scanned the picture he was handed, looking at the man on it, and he got the feeling he was vaguely aware of who he was, but pushed any further urge to know from his mind. It was always best to detach yourself from your target. Looking to Alice, he met her eyes, which appeared cold and calculating, wondering who she was inside. But there would be time to make evaluations later, not everyone serves in the military, it was only one path to the organization.

    "If the target is a politician, security can vary depending on status, his political branch, and his viewpoints. If this man was running for president, it would significantly increase the chances to get to him, though if he were just a regular senator it would be more relaxed. Additionally the added muscle, he's most likely expecting a close confrontation. But men within a mile? This man is either the equivalent of a cabinet member or higher, or essentially knows we are coming." Jack turned his gaze onto the politician. "I don't care who the target is, but what is this man."

    "Further more, with that kind of protection, we need a plan. Location and time, mostly. If he is a politician, there's always a schedule for his events. What are the next few, we will have to choose one and create the correct order for the evening to get it done. Normally this sounds like something anyone trained with a rifle could do alone, but the positioning of the guards, and the locations he's visiting could make it problematic."
  14. "We can cause a distraction," Alice suggested quietly. "Perhaps... Even send a threatening letter or message. We could point the guards in the wrong direction, though they would be more alert."

    The Italian client nodded his head. "Yes yes, I have prepared a note for your questions." He handed them each two papers with an itinerary on them.

    "These are his sheduled meetings and press conferences for the next month," he said.

    The boss stood up abruptly. "I trust you two have enough information. If you don't, feel free to ask the client more questions." With that, the tall suited man left the room.

    Alice looked at the client. "So, do you know any time of day when this man would be... Unguarded?" she asked.

    The man put a hand on his chin thoughtfully. "Let's see... I don't know about unguarded, but there's a certain time when half of his guards are allowed to go rest, taking shifts. I'm not sure when this is though."
  15. need politician name and descrip DX i wanna merge!]

    Axel reached into his locker and pulled out a jet black bandanna. Pulling a comb out of his pocket, he swept his hair around his head like a turban and tied it down. Looking into the mirror posted on the inner part of the door, he grinned. He thought he looked quite bad ass in his new accessory. Axel read the name on the note one more time.

    Hugh Masters, better known by his street name "Jack Knife," was a drug dealer who backed some of the politicians in the government. He knew of the guy, having a few acquaintances who got their hits from him. He was one of the runners of the drug Dreamer. It was a liquid substance made from cannabis plants kept in below-zero temperatures. The thing was lethal enough to sniff, but for someone to drink the thing was asking to go higher than a crack addict.

    Axel would stay with his cancer sticks, thank-you very much.

    The dark haired man took out his duffel bag and shoved the rifle into its dark confines. Inside was left over ammunition from his last mission. It wasn't his first, this one, by a long shot. He had been sent on more solo mission than he could count. Axel put on his black gloves and flexed his fingers. It was still early in the morning and security around the dealer wouldn't be as tight. Or at least, it shouldn't be. The instructions said to take the guy out before he met with the politician he was backing because the cops would be there waiting on him. It was something not too complicated, but the chaos would be sweet if he just let the man get into a crowd and then off the guy.

    Axel smirked. Sweet indeed. The pert-time sniper zipped his bag and slung it over his shoulder, leaving the locker room with a whistled tune on his lips. He hoped the boss took Alice out of the office before things got hairy on the eighth floor. That would be catastrophic.
  16. Jack flipped through the notes handed to them by the client. "Mr... Guiliermo, is it?" He asked, looking up to meet the clients eyes. Mr. Guiliermo met them without hesitation. "For the purposes of this meeting, it is", he smiled back at Jack. Nodding his approval, Jack reviewed through the notes more. "The politicians name is Tyler Degrasse, senior senator, highly considering candidacy for vice president." Folding several more pages over, he found what he was looking for. "A banquet, held under maximum security at a big hotel, doubtful. His tour of a friendly neighborhood to talk to the residents... cancelled..." the next one on the list struck his interest. "A petition signing, and they will move it from Ground Zero to the airport where he will personally carry it back with him on his flight to DC, perfect."

    Looking over to Alice, he shared his thoughts. "A public signing, easy for confirmation. Can be traced along the way to the airport, security will either be set up ahead of time, and part of it following him. Plenty of ways to get it done, even multiple stagings as backups. Starting at the signing, one on the road, last at the private airport strip his flight would leave from. Three chances?"

    "I think that's all we have for questions, any Alice?" Jack commented to the client.
    "and last, I haven't had time to look over your file or evaluations. What are you trained for?"
  17. Alice had been nodding in agreement as Jack spoke. "I have no questions," she said when he was done. "Out of the three chances though," she began, "I think I wouldn't want to do it near his plane. Airports don't have much surrounding them, like tall buildings and such, so there wouldn't be many places we could take him out from without them knowing."

    She smiled a little. "I guess all we need now is a legit plan and we'll be set to go, the plan won't take long though. Now that we have decided the when and where." Alice stood up. "The how should fall into place soon enough."

    She was going to admit it, she was going to enjoy this job. It was one of the bigger jobs, so she felt as if it was an honour for her to be working it. Though, Alice knew, it was also a test to see how well she could do when faced with a really important target. She would have to do her best. Whether helping her partner ir making the kill herself.
  18. Waiting on you clock.
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  20. Jack Knife was a crazy guy, but he was just as crazy with his knife throwing skills. Axel knew this first hand -- he'd infiltrated the man's gang once. He'd never spoken to Jack Knife but he'd gained the trust of the right hand man. Did all the drug running and sending the organization after the buyers. All he had to do was keep the heat off Jack's right hand and he as golden. It was his gift of stealth and electrical wiring that allowed him to spy on Jack himself to get the man arrested.

    He'd been released, however. The politician he was backing, Tyler Degrasse, had bailed the bugger out. But the case was long and gruesome; Jack had spent the better part of six months to nearly a year in prison before being released. Axel had to fake his own death during one of the operations to get out of the group and prove his innocence. Took a lot to bullshit those guys. Now it was time to remove Jack Knife off the map for good.

    Axel lay prostrate on the roof of an abandoned warehouse across the swamp from Jack's base of operations. The man was wise; he never went anywhere near the city -- the cops -- to hold his meetings and seal his deals. He brought all of his clients to the seemingly dilapidated mill nearly forty miles out of the city. It was a long and tedious drive, sitting on a bike. But the ride was nice. Green eyes trained on the spot between the sights of the rifle, gloved hands positioned carefully around the barrel and trigger. He'd been laying there for nearly four hours, listening to music in one ear and dragging through six cigarettes. He'd tried being a responsible smoker, but it was times like these that made him go against his already halfhearted self pledge.

    The man was having a meeting with his captains. Axel knew them all one by one and would give to kill all of them. But he was only given one target. He'd have to live with that. From the way he saw things being run, the gang would collapse on itself because of the competition between the captains and the right hand man 'Moe' for leadership. Jack Knife didn't have any kids that he knew of so it was prime breeding ground for something of a civil war.

    Axel fought to keep both eyes open as he let out a bored yawn. Now he remembered why he hated waiting in the car while Moe went for these meetings. They took way too damn long.