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  1. This is the first rp i made on this site, don't kill me.

    The Order
    The world of Zarin was once a world war and suffering. The 3 empires that ruled it were constantly fighting, bringing despair to the people. The South Empire spreads across a large landmass of mountains and deserts, has over 10 million people. The South empire thus has the largest army, however infamy, disease and poverty strikes it's citizens.
    The West Empire has a large archipelago of a thousand islands, some bigger than others. It is by far the wealthiest, however slavery is common in the West, where the rich rule over the slaves for proffit. The North Empire was the largest, richest and most populated of the 3, spreading through islands, desserts, forests and snowy mountains. However, an event known as The Opening struck Zarin, where in the middle of the North Empire a large hole was made in the ground. From it, powerful magical creatures called the Zinfaxi emerged to destroy humanity. The other empires did not help the North, for it was already too strong, and the creatures destroyed most of it, spreading to the other empires like wildfire, the horde of monsters couldn't be defeated.

    That was, until a man named Kal-Garal, an estranged emperor from the far east came to Zarin, flying on a majestic creature called the Skywing. Kal had magical powers beyond imagination and managed to push the Zinfaxi back to their hell-hole. Thinking the Zinfaxi were defeated, Kal proclaimed himself the Emperor of the North, and rebuilt the once-great empire. The ground was burned and plagued, so he rose the castles to the sky, thus forming the 7 floating castles that made the North Empire what it is today. He made portals between the 7 castles and between the great cities of the other empires. Kal also formed a society called The Order, with men and women skilled to perfection, to ensure balance in Zarin. However, Kal wasted most of his magical powers on such fantastic tasks, and the hell-hole opened again, this time more and stronger zinfaxi came for the world. Carl summoned an army of Skywings, which all breathed down ice on the hellhole as Kal fought off the zinfaxi. He died so that the hell-hole remained frozen forever, and the Skywings flew away from sight.

    Kal remained a major figurure, worshiped as a god by everyone, be they man, emperor or a member of the order. The Order lived on, for 300 years, with no problem. Their secrecy masked their real power, no nation dared question their decision. Many smaller hell-holes opened in Zarin but they pose no real threat, a regiment of solders could easily defeat the zinfaxi there.

    However, a few months ago, The Order left for an uncharted island in the East, and never returned. Aedan Heathyard was the last remaining member of the order, he assumed the Position of leader and declared to the world that the Order is accepting new members.

    You have decided that you are capable of joining the Order, and are ready to show this broken world what you're made of! But are you truly ready? Ready to join the most strongest and bloody society in this world?

    Character Card

    Your Character card shouldn't be too complicated. Although there is magic in this rp, your character had no way of knowing any, so keep that in mind.

    Character sheet example

    Weapon of Choice:
    Appearance (Real life or anime or whatever pic is fine. If you have no pic, try to explain the apperance):
    Bio:(short and sweet, you can explain more in the IC)
    Reason for Joining the Order:​
  2. Name: Aedan Heathyard
    Weapon of Choice: Longsword
    Just like in the pic, he's quite tall and wears the same outfit, except the cloak is white and has a black hourglass symbol on it, the mark of The Order.
    Personality: Aedan is quite authoritative, considers himself high and mighty, mainly because he was born from nobility. He expects people to bow to him when he meets them and talks to impress. He only speaks freely when he's with other members of the order. He's a good leader, a good strategist and a good liar, but his greatest flaw of all is him being too cynical and sarcastic.
    Bio: Born to wealth and power, second only to royalty, Aedan had developed skills in both diplomacy and war. His older brother was the heir to Heathyard castle(one of the floating castles), and he always lived in his shadow. After many incidents of Aedan trying to show his father what a good and deserving son he is, Aedan left his old life behind and, through many connections and bribes, joined the Order. When all the members left for the far east, he and another member were left to represent the Order's authority. That other member eventually was assassinated, and his old comrades never returned, thus making him the leader of the Order.
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