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  1. PLOT:
    The year is 2033, and things are grim. A group of higher-ups - executives, CEOs, presidents past and present, and various others of the elite, have destroyed the world as we know it. The apocalypse, one could say. They declared martial law and proceeded on with the largest global nuclear strike, annihilating those seen as unfit for living - the poor, the hungry, the sad, and everyone else not rich enough to buy protection or influence in their society. Something about "a new world order," and if the common people wanted to survive, in essence, they would have to surrender their rights. That only made it easier for the higher-ups to destroy them - at least the commoners were not as combative as they could've been.

    Believing themselves to be the only survivors, the Order has begun rebuilding a world for themselves, filled with greed and hatred.

    But a small group of rebel survivors has made it their mission to undermine the Order and regain their lives as lived before the nuclear strike. The Order is aware of their existence, but lack the know-how and the street smarts, making it difficult for the Order to dispose of the rebel forces.

    You are part of the rebel alliance. It is your mission to assist in bringing down the Order in whatever way possible. Good luck.

    For the most part, there are none. Paragraphs are nice, but nothing too lengthy. As far as language, everything goes - vulgarities and all.

    Uhhh no one has super powers or anything like that.

    I guess feel free to jump in!


    The streets were filthy, but what else was new? Lori was head-first inside a dumpster, her lower half from the waist down flailing somewhat over the edge as she reached inside to feel around. She was looking for anything that could be a weapon. She had learned not to hope for much, but it was possible that a firearm of sorts could be contained inside. The Order, before global destruction, had managed to make possession of weapons an illegality - criminals used to stash them here before they were killed, and Lori was certain that innocent and scared civilians had thrown them out in order to perhaps protect their lives. What a waste that had been...

    Lori sighed and flopped out of the dumpster in defeat. Not a god damn thing... It was time to head back to camp, and she wondered if anyone else had found anything of use.
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  2. Anthony had gotten pretty adept at hunting. Mice and birds are his usual target, not that anything else thrived in the ruins of what was once a bustling city. Today, he has three fat mice thanks to his handmade slingshot. He was a crafty boy, not quite like his book smart sister Tatyana.

    His missing sister.

    Ever since the nuclear strike, he has been traveling with a group of survivors. Although he was on the brink of giving up, he believes that his sister is still alive. It's the one thing he believes in now.

    "Hi Lori." he greeted her as she came back. "I've four mice, quite a catch. What did you get?"
  3. "Not a damn thing..." she sighed, holding out her empty hands. "Did you get those with your slingshot?" She pointed to the mice. "That's pretty amazing. Keep it up!" She smiled. She knew his sister was missing, and Lori had made it part of her job to help him search for her, despite the odds. She was probably dead, but she couldn't give up on another soul.

    (How old is anthony? My character is 25)

    "We should probably get back to camp. The Order will be sending out their drones soon." She put a lazy arm around him and with a wary eye, began back to camp.

    There were about 10 others, most of them young and able-bodied. Those who had been part of the alliance before had either been picked off, one-by-one, or had succumbed to the elements. Blood spatters covered the streets and the walls, carcasses lay in mass graves on the city outskirts, decaying and rotting. The stench had been unbearable at first, but, as with anything, time had made the survivors immune to the smell.

    Camp was nothing but an abandoned building, and the rebels occupied the basement. Most of them were already back, or returning just as Anthony and Lori arrived.
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    Anthony and Tatyana are twins aged 12. I hope you don't mind. :O

    Anthony felt proud of himself when Lori beamed at him. He doesn't want to be a burden to the fellow survivors and somehow, he couldn't bring himself to trust anyone but Lori. He felt as if anytime, they might decide to leave him behind if he wasn't useful enough. He's too young to survive, he heard them whispering. Is that really a bad thing? He wasn't so sure. In a world where everything has been destroyed, nothing is certain.

    "Lori, maybe I should get some more mice." he said quietly. "I won't take very long."
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    "That would be a bad idea right about now, you wouldn't stand a chance out there with those Drones" Castor interrupted as he entered the room holding a bag of scavenged items, he was known for being a good Scavenger. He wiped the dust of his leather jacket and took a seat, throwing the bag across to them "Found some firearms out there...not much but it will do" keeping an old looking Pump Action shotgun to himself "This baby is mine though" He pulled the Pump back making the shotgun click "MMMmmm this could make some noise"
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    Anthony gripped his handmade slingshot and winced as the shotgun clicked. "I've beaten a drone once." he said, although he was instinctively hiding behind Lori. Of course, he didn't want to remind anyone that it was a beaten down and malfunctioning droid. Also that he pushed a rock over it while it got stuck. For Anthony, that was an achievement that counts him as a man. He's definitely not goig to say how scared he was.
  7. Castor laughed a little and placed the shotguns butt on the ground leaning it against his leg "A tiny slingshot and a kid is nothing against a drone" He rolled some shotgun shells around his hands, he was also known to be unfriendly towards others at times
  8. Anthony's face burned in shame. This is exactly why he hated grown ups. They think they know everything. And yet, he wants to be one, so sure of themselves and strong. Had he been a proper adult, his sister could have been safe with him at the moment. He turned on his heel and strode off, stubbornly going to catch more mice before sundown.